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Fire Tube Package Boiler

Famous Fire Tube Package Boiler Designs

Packaged Fire Tube Boilers
Our packaged boiler comes with all auxiliaries and requires installation only. The stainless steel and cast-iron designs ensures your boiler tubes reliability
Package Boiler Diagram
Our packaged fire tube boilers offer convenient and cheap maintenance. It can achieve high efficiency while making sure you are 100% from accidents like boiler explosion, tubes bursting, etc.
Package Boiler Specifications
Yongxing LHG fire tube designs are famous for their small size and large steam generating ability. It offers super easy installation and has corrosion-resistant boiler tubes.

Yongxing Package Boiler Certifications

  • Certificate
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 2
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 3
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 4

Fire Tube Package Boiler Quality Guarantee

Yongxing boiler group has provided effective and reliable heating solutions since our foundation. We follow the quality standards from buying the raw materials to creating the final product. Before supplying our products in the market, we perform inspections to ensure that it meets the standards of an ideal boiler.

Our top-quality fire tube package boilers have many small tubes submerged in the water vessel. Additionally, the gas passes through the same tube two to three times. As a result, maximum heat transfers from the gas to the water in order to maximize steam generation.

We have stainless steel and cast-iron designs. Both are highly corrosion-resistant. Therefore, they last for a long time than other manufacturers’ boilers. We also have highly skilled engineers available for installation, maintenance, and repair.

Additionally, our fire tube package boiler price is more affordable and has more safety equipment compared to others. So, get your hands on the market’s best fire tube package boiler in less than minutes.

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Fire Tube Package Boiler Manufacturer
Fire Tube Package Boiler Manufacturer
Fire Tube Package Boiler Manufacturer
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All You Need To Know About Fire Tube Package Boiler

Looking for a ready-made steam boiler for your industry? You should buy a fire tube package boiler because it comes with all the components and auxiliaries directly from our factory. They may be the best boilers for you as they require very little maintenance and are very easy to use.

Packaged fire tube boilers are one of the oldest designed boilers and have been proving their worth since. Below is all the information you might need to know about these high-efficiency boilers:

What Is A Fire Tube Package Boiler?

A fire tube package boiler is a type of boiler in which flue gases flow in the tubes. These tubes submerge in the water enclosed in a vessel. It is called a package boiler because its parts are put together in the factory, and the boiler comes as a whole package. A package boiler is a single unit that already has embedded mountings, accessories, and control systems.

Fire Tube Package Boiler Diagram:

Package Boiler Specifications

Fire Tube Boiler Parts and Functions

A fire tube package boiler has a shell that consists of a combustion chamber at the bottom, a water vessel in the middle, and a steam space at the top. A fire grate for burning is installed at the bottom near the firebox.

After the combustion, the waste gases leave the boiler through the chimney at the top. The coal ash goes in the ash pit located at the bottom of the firebox. Moreover, the package boiler has mountings and accessories installed for its secure operation. Some of them are:

  • Water level indicator – Shows the current water level in boiler.
  • Pressure gauge – tells you about the inside pressure.
  • Safety valve – Prevent overpressurizing.
  • Steam stop valve – Stops the steam flow.
  • Manhole – Allows a person to get inside the boiler’s body.

Fire Tube Boiler Working Principle

At first, you feed the fuel to the grate. A tiny spark of electricity ignites the fuel, and it starts burning. Additionally, draft systems provide fresh air for better combustion. The combustion creates hot flue gases that flow in the boiler tubes. The hot gases in the tubes heat the water increasing its temperature. Eventually, water converts into steam. The generated steam can be used for heating or power as per your requirements.

Boiler Fire Tubes

Features Of A Fire Tube Package Boiler

This type of package boiler needs a little space for combustion. It has a high heat transfer rate and has a compact design. Moreover, they consist of several small tubes that provide an excellent convection rate. Another plus point of these boilers is that they require less manpower than water tube boilers.

The fire boilers use either single pass, two pass, or three pass mechanisms to suck the maximum heat from the flue gases. It means that the gases circulate in the fire tubes one to four times. Due to this method, maximum heat transfers to the water. In addition to that, its maintenance is easy and cheaper compared to the water tube boiler.

Package Boiler Parts And Functions

Applications of Fire Tube Package Boiler

Fire tube boilers have applications in many small-scale and large-scale industries that require less power. Following are its applications:

  • Railway stations
  • Marines
  • Small hydroelectric power plants
  • Chemical processing factories
  • Textile industries
  • Sugar mills

What Fuel Does Fire Tube Boilers Use?

The fire tube package boilers use different types of fuels for generating steam. According to the fuel they use, there is a slight difference in the boiler’s efficiency. They use:

What Are The Single And Double Fire Tube Versions?

The fire tube package boiler has versions according to the number of tubes. These versions are called single and double fire tube versions. Let’s take a further look at the versions of the fired-tube boiler.

Single Fire Tube Version

As the name suggests, the single fire tube package boiler has a single fire tube. The hot steam flow in one single tube. It means that water surrounds only one tube. They generate steam up to 35t/h at a temperature of about 200 degrees Celsius. The pressure of the steam varies from 0.5 to 40 bar(g) with a power of 22 MW.

Double Fire Tube Boiler

This version of packaged fire tube boilers has two tubes immersed in the water. The heat transfer takes place from two tubes. Due to the one extra tube, it generates twice the steam at twice the power at the same temperature and pressure. In other words, it creates 70t/h steam at 44 MW at 200 degrees Celsius and up to 40 bar(g) of pressure.

Is Fire Tube Boiler Better Than The Water Tube Boiler?

Well, the answer to the above question depends totally upon your requirements and the installation site. Let’s say that you want a high-efficiency boiler with less power at low costs; a fire tube boiler best fits your requirement. On the other hand, you should go for water tube boilers if you want high-pressure steam and high-power output.

The core difference between the fire tube boiler and the water tube boiler is their design and construction. Both have a unique design that makes them the best boilers according to the customers’ requirements.

The following table provides a comparison between fire tube boiler and water tube boiler:

Fire Tube Boiler

Water Tube Boiler

In a fire tube package boiler, the hot gases flow in the tubes sink in the water. In a water tube boiler, the water flows inside the tubes surrounded by hot gases.
They generate low-pressure steam These boilers generate high-pressure steam
The efficiency is less than the water tube boilers They have greater efficiency than fire tube package boilers
They have a lower steam production rate They have a higher steam production rate
These boilers are mostly internally fired They\se boilers are mostly externally fired
They are difficult to construct They are easy to construct
Fire tube package boilers have lower footprints Water-tube boilers have higher carbon footprints
These boilers have a low risk of explosion than a water boiler They are much more likely to explode due to high boiler pressure
Suitable for small spaces such as homes and small factories It is ideal for industrial purposes or power plants
They are easy to maintain due to their small size than water tube boiler Complex maintenance due to large size
These boilers have a low life expectancy Lasts longer than a fire tube package boiler

What Are The Disadvantages Of Fire Tube Package Boiler?

Although packaged fire tube boilers are small, cheap, and easy to install, they are not perfect. They have some disadvantages too. Following are the drawbacks of fire tube boilers:

  • This type of boiler has a low steam generation rate.
  • The handling of load fluctuation is not easy.
  • Because the heat transfer does not occur through radiation, heat transfer efficiency is very low.
  • Fire tube package boilers take more time to fill the water tank than to increase temperature and pressure.
  • They are very prone to explosions in case a large amount of water and steam gathers in the tank.
  • The generated steam pressure is not very high compared to water tube boilers.
  • In fire tube package boilers, the volume of the produced steam is low.
  • It works at a maximum pressure of up to 20 bar.

Why Is Fire Tube Package Boiler Not Suitable For High Pressures?

In packaged fire tube boilers, the tubes and the water are in the same big vessel. Due to this design, it is pretty hard to generate steam at high pressure. That is why it takes more time to create high-pressure steam. Moreover, there is a very high chance of explosion at high pressure. It is because they do not respond well when encountered with high pressures.

Also, the area and the pressure are inversely proportional. In simple words, the larger the area, the less the pressure. As the water container is large, the pressure of the steam generated is not very high. Moreover, the surface of the boiler fire tubes is in contact with less volume of water. So, the heat transfer rate is low, due to which it is not suitable for high pressures.

What Is The Reason For Providing A Blowdown To A Boiler?

The main reason for providing a blowdown to a boiler is to eliminate the impurities that may hinder the operation. It helps control the parameters to reduce corrosion, carryover, and other problems. If you fail to remove contaminants, they may result in system foaming, priming, and other faulty operations of the components.

Blowdown is basically removing contaminated water collected in the mud drum. The water may contain undissolved solids or bottom sludge. Regular removal of this contamination ensures the efficient operation of steam generation. There are two sources of blowdowns:

  • Bottom Blowdown: It removes the solid impurity collected in the bottom of the fire tube boiler. Getting rid of the solids prevent foul heat transfer or tube failure. It is usually done once a day.
  • Surface Blowdown: It is the elimination of contaminants that are floating or suspended in the water. The quantity of the suspending solids depends on the quality of the water. The more the number of impurities in the water, the more surface blowdown it requires.


After reading the above article, you should have a basic idea about the fire tube package boiler. If you are in search of a reliable, low-pressure boiler, then you should opt for the Yongxing manufactured fire boilers. They are reputable producers of fire boilers in the market that are eco-friendly, cost-effective, and efficient in their operation.

Fire tube boilers are the most refined boilers suited for low pressures and small-scale power plants. They circulate the steam more than once in the tubes for maximum heat transfer rate. Yongxing fire tube package boiler price is lower than the market.

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