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The AAC autoclave is an essential steam curing equipment in building materials’ production process. Our company’s single-socket autoclave is a product carefully designed with a lid on one end.
When designing, we carried out finite element analysis and calculation on the autoclave’s main pressure components to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the single-socket autoclave and improve the service life.

  • Capacity: Customized
  • Fuel: Saturated steam condensed water
  • Application: Rubber products, wood drying, building materials, anti-corrosion treatment, heavy metal smelting, medicine, etc
  • autoclaved aerated concrete blocks for sale
  • Industrial Autoclave Kettle Boiler 0.4mpa-2.5mpa autoclave Machine Steam Kettle


There are many classifications of autoclaves. The number of autoclave doors can be divided into double rear ends autoclaves and single rear-end autoclaves.

It is a single door autoclave, a product with a lid on one end, which is carefully developed and designed by our company to introduce advanced international technology.

When used for pressure steam curing of insulation materials, rubber products, cement, aerated blocks, etc., the hydrothermal reaction of CaO—SiO2—H2O can be completed in the autoclave, which is very convenient.


The structure of a single rear-end autoclave is straightforward. It consists of an autoclave body, an autoclave cover, a valve instrument, support, and a safety accessory, and a steel rail and steam distribution pipe are laid inside.

During R&D and production, we always put customer needs first. Based on the principle of thinking for customers, we also specially set up a sealed vapor protection cover and a hydrophobic cover in the autoclave, which significantly improves the autoclave’s service life.
Good design and advanced production technology make it widely used in high-strength gypsum, rubber products, high-strength glass, wood, medicine, chemical, and other industries.

FJZCS Single Socket Autoclave

AAC Autoclave Designed Features

1. The single-socket autoclave has a door open at one end, and the autoclave entering and exiting the autoclave are both at one end, reducing the land use area.
2. The use of pressure gauges, thermometers, safety valves, and other valve instruments makes it convenient for workers to observe the autoclave operation at any time.
3. Your AAC Autoclave can customize according to the actual situation to meet customers’ needs for multiple purposes.
4. Simple installation and long service life.
5. In addition to the conventional steam distribution pipes and guide rails, Yongxing single rear-end autoclave’s inner parts are also specially equipped with a sealed steam protection cover and a drain cover.FJZCS Single Socket Autoclave
6. Our autoclave body support is provided with three types of fixed support, movable support, and end superior support, which can better adapt to the autoclave body’s thermal expansion and contraction, ensuring the regular operation and use of the end-end autoclave life.
7. Yongxing autoclave door is a movable quick-opening structure. It is equipped with a safety interlocking protection device, which avoids the hidden danger of misoperation and ensures the safe operation of the end-type autoclave and the operators’ safety.

8. Yongxing carried out ANSYS finite element analysis and calculation on the autoclave and its accessories, which improved the autoclave’s service life.

Single Socket AAC Autoclave Technical Data Sheet

Model Body diameter Rated length Rated



Rated temperature Rated pressure Design temperature Work medium Total length L(m) Width(m) Height (m)
(m) (Mpa) (℃) (Mpa) (℃)
FJZCS 1.0-1.65xL Φ1.65  










1 183 1.1 187  









Saturated steam, condensed water

L+0.65 2.619 2.595
FJZCS 1.3-1.65xL Φ1.65 1.3 195 1.4 198 L+0.65 2.619 2.595
FJZCS 1.0-2.0xL Φ2.0 1 183 1.1 187 L+0.9 2.965 3.225
FJZCS 1.1-2.0xL Φ2.0 1.1 187 1.2 192 L+0.9 2.965 3.225
FJZCS 1.3-2.0xL Φ2.0 1.3 195 1.4 198 L+0.9 2.965 3.225
FJZCS 1.5-2.0xL Φ2.0 1.5 201 1.6 204 L+0.9 2.965 3.255
FJZCS 1.3-2.2xL Φ2.2 1.3 194 1.4 197 L+1.3 3.288 3.43
FJZCS 1.5-2.2xL Φ2.2 1.5 201 1.6 204 L+1.3 3.288 3.43
FJZCS 1.3-2.4xL Φ2.4 1.3 194 1.4 197 L+1.56 3.154 3.917
FJZCS 1.5-2.4xL Φ2.4 1.5 201 1.6 204 L+1.56 3.154 3.917
FJZCS 1.3-2.5xL Φ2.5 1.3 195 1.4 197 L+1.56 3.254 4.017
FJZCS 1.5-2.5xL Φ2.5 1.5 201 1.6 204 L+1.56 3.254 4.017
FJZCS 1.3-2.68xL Φ2.68 1.3 194 1.4 197 L+1.754 3.28 4.143
FJZCS 1.5-2.68xL Φ2.68 1.5 201 1.6 204 L+1.754 3.28 4.143
FJZCS 1.3-2.85xL Φ2.85 1.3 194 1.4 197 L+1.754 3.58 4.493
FJZCS 1.5-2.85xL Φ2.85 1.5 201 1.6 204 L+1.754 3.58 4.493
FJZCS 1.3-3.0xL Φ3.0 1.3 194 1.4 197 L+1.8 4.537 4.66
FJZCS 1.5-3.0xL Φ3.0 1.5 201 1.6 204 L+1.8 4.537 4.66
FJZCS 1.3-3.2xL Φ3.2 1.3 194 1.4 197 L+1.9 4.74 5.131
FJZCS 1.5-3.2xL Φ3.2 1.5 201 1.6 204 L+1.9 4.74 5.131

Superior FJZCS AAC Autoclave For Different Industry

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Customer Cases

The Yongxing boiler was exported to Kuwait with four 21-meter autoclaves.
After being introduced by a friend, the customer chose the autoclave of Henan Yongxing Boiler Group. After in-depth negotiations, the customer not only purchased 4 autoclaves but also purchased a 4 ton fuel oil steam boiler to export together. The cooperation process went very smoothly.
The general manager Jacob said that the quality of Yongxing boiler is very good and the price is very reasonable. I am very happy to cooperate with you. If the company expands, I will continue to purchase your products.

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