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Furnace oil fired steam boiler
The round design oil gas boiler has a economizer installed at its top. It uses exhaust gases waste heat to increase feedwater temperature.
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Yongxing SZS has a top-quality furnace oil burner. It helps to attain highest thermal efficiency at lowest fuel consumption.
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Our LHS design has a compact design and provides ease in maintenance and installation. It has fully automatic system manageable by a panel.

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Yongxing Furnace Oil Fired Steam Boiler Quality

Yongxing boiler group provides futuristic furnace oil fired steam boiler designs. We are China’s certified steam boiler manufacturer and supplier with over 40 years of experience. Our oil fired boiler prices are more affordable and reasonable than others.

We have condensing furnace oil fired steam boilers. It condenses the water content in the flue gases and uses it to reduce fuel consumption. Moreover, our oil burner has a robust design, constantly providing heat to the fuel.

We have different types of oil fired furnaces and boilers. It includes the SZS series, WNS series, and LHG series boilers. The designs are 100% safe and provide more than 25 years of service life.

Furthermore, our oil steam boilers offer wide fuel compatibility. It can run on diesel, heavy oil, light oil, natural gas, LPG, etc. Our dual fuel heating systems give you the option to choose between fuels.

At Yongxing, we also entertain custom design orders. We understand your unique requirements. Therefore, we have a team of engineers ready to design an oil gas boiler as per your requirements. Plus, we provide free installation service to our worldwide customers. It means you can save up to $4000 just by buying from us.

We guarantee your and your facility’s safety by providing 100% safe oil gas boilers. And we promise that our boilers will maximize your facility’s profits.

So, don’t even waste a minute and send us an inquiry at your earliest convenience.

Oil Steam Boiler Manufacturers
Oil Steam Boiler Manufacturers
Oil Steam Boiler Manufacturers
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Furnace Oil Fired Steam Boiler Detailed FAQ Guide


Tackling sky-touching fuel prices is a serious challenge, especially when running furnace oil fired steam boiler. In such cases, opting for an oil fired boiler with the lowest fuel consumption is a wise decision. But more things are emptying your pockets other than fuel prices. What are they, and how can we save our money? Let’s understand everything about a furnace oil fired steam boiler and its prices.


What Is A Furnace Oil Fired Steam Boiler?

A furnace oil fired steam boiler is a type of industrial boiler which uses oil as a fuel to generate steam. These boilers are available in three series: WNS, LHS, and SZS series. When discussing its design, it has a firm round drum structure.

Oil Fired Boiler Diagram
Oil Fired Boiler Diagram

In these boilers, you need to heat water to generate steam. When comparing oil fired boiler prices with gas boilers, furnace oil boilers are pretty economical and efficient. In these boilers, oil works as fuel, which delivers highly efficient results in producing steam.

Here we’re explaining the features of our furnace oil steam fired boiler:

2.1 Design

These boilers have a three-pass feature with a horizontal furnace ignition design. The oil gas steam boiler uses an economizer to heat boiler water, and the superheater produces heat steam and pipes and fittings connected to the equipment.

A feedwater system, a steam system, and a fuel system are all part of the boiler system. The boiler’s feedwater system delivers water to the boiler and automatically controls it to match the steam requirement.

2.2 Oil Gas Boiler Accessories

It comes with the following accessories.

      1. Tank For Oil: You can store the oil you wish to use as fuel in the tank.
      2. Filter: Filter works to scrutinize out residue and rubbles.
      3. Pump For Fuel: According to oil fired furnace working principle, the fuel pump controls the heating system of oil.
      4. Combustion Chamber: As the name suggests, it helps to flare up the combustion chamber.
      5. Drum Cylinder: Drum cylinder helps to generate heat.
      6. Oil Burner: The oil burner ignites the oil we use as fuel.
      7. Condenser: Condenser helps cut down the expenses for saving fuel cost of oil steam boilers.
      8. Valves: The furnace oil fired steam boiler valves work to connect the boiler pipes.
      9. Chimney: Last but not least, the chimney’s function is to emit all the exhaust gases from the boiler.

Diesel Oil Fired Steam Boiler Accessories

2.3 Advantages

Here we have the advantages of diesel oil fired steam boiler benefits details.

      1. Neatness: Diesel oil doesn’t contain impurities; that’s why it doesn’t block the burner’s nozzle.
      2. Cost-Effective: Commercial oil fired steam boilers are more cost-effective than other boilers.
      3. Longer Lifespan: The oil fuel steam boilers are long-lasting and have longer lifespans than other gas boilers.
      4. Better Efficiency: The diesel oil steam boiler has better heating conductivity and higher heat transfer efficiency.
      5. Low Viscosity: The low viscosity of the diesel oil steam boiler makes it simple to materialize and burn.

2.4 Applications

Have a look at the furnace oil fired steam boiler applications to find out where you can utilize these boilers to generate steam?

      1. Pharmaceutical industries.
      2. Food and beverage.
      3. Farming industries.
      4. Paper-making industries.
      5. Rubber-making companies.
      6. Textile industries.
      7. Chemical industries
      8. Printing and dying.
      9. Wood processing.

2.5 Fuel

When talking about oil gas boiler fuel, it uses residue from crude petroleum. It helps produce gas oil, kerosene, diesel, paraffin, and gasoline that you can use as fuel for these boilers.

How Does A Furnace Oil Fired Steam Boiler Work?

Industrial boilers are famous for their energy efficiency and huge steam generation, which power your industry activities. They are water-filled vessels that use a fuel source to generate steam. This steam then pipes into several tubes that link to various pieces of industrial machinery.

The steam energy supplies power to the machinery, making it a cost-effective alternative for businesses to power their operations. The water vessels and the heat source have separate compartments. The metal rods link to the water vessel and then to the heating aid in creating steam.

After that, the furnace oil fired steam boiler collects the steam in a dome and condenses before releasing it from the boiler. It raises the pressure, and the resulting energy aids in powering product manufacturing processes in industries.

Are Furnace Oil Fired Boiler Designs Safe?

The design of oil gas boilers is entirely safe to generate steam on a large scale. To study their design, you can find oil fired boiler pdf manuals available on our website. Our boilers provide 100% safety from explosions and other mishaps

Let’s find out the details about the furnace oil fired steam boiler’s design that makes it safe and secure.

1.     No Need To Pressurize Oil Fired Boilers

Steam heating systems require a certain amount of pressure. The boiler doesn’t fall under extreme pressure with heating the fuel inside. It eliminates the possibility of dangerous explosions and removes the need to monitor and regulate system pressure levels continuously.

2.     Capable Of Operating At Higher Temperatures.

When it comes to heating efficiency, the operating temperature is critical. Furnace oil fired steam boilers heating systems can operate at higher temperatures because hot oil has a higher boiling point than water. Furthermore, thermal fluid systems can operate at these higher temperatures without the additional pressure built up in natural gas fired boilers.

3.     Large Furnaces Improves Ignition Efficiency

Our oil fired boilers come with large furnaces which offer a better combustion efficiency. These boilers are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, that’s why you can always consider opting for these.

What Is The Best Replacement For Oil Fired Boiler?

When discussing the best replacement for oil fired boilers, you can opt for natural gas boilers as a suitable option. Let’s find out how it can be a suitable replacement for furnace oil fired steam boilers.

·       Natural Gas Boilers

Natural gas is more environmental-friendly than other forms of energy and is highly combustible with a high energy-to-heat ratio. It is also relatively safe to store and has distinct advantages over other fuel types. Natural gas contains non-combustible gases such as nitrogen and carbon dioxide.

Due to this, the cost of emission control is lower than oil fired boilers due to the absence of particulate matter. Let’s find out what makes natural gas boiler the best replacement for oil fired boiler.

Natural gas fired steam boiler

      1. Contains Higher Hydrogen Content

Natural gas can easily mix with air, allowing complete combustion without producing smoke. Natural gas contains higher hydrogen content than coal or fuel oil, at more than 20% by weight.

It is a significant issue because, during combustion, hydrogen combines with oxygen to form water vapor. When producing steam, water vapors diminish the heat from combustion, thus, lowering overall efficiency.

      1. Cost-Effective

Natural gas helps cut a significant cost consumption compared to furnace oil fired steam boiler. Since the gas units do not cost as much as oil, it cuts the cost of fuel that you use as fuel. Also, it makes the natural gas boiler an economical alternative when we compare it with fuel oil furnace prices.

      1. Environment-friendly

Natural gas radiates a no-to-little amount of flue gas after ignition and doesn’t generate harmful gases at all. Since natural gas is a neat fuel type, we can consider it environment-friendly as it doesn’t produce toxic pollution.

What Is The Cost Of Oil Fired Boiler Replacement And Installation?

Considering oil steam boiler prices is wise, but what if the installation costs you a considerable amount. Yes, whether its replacement or installation, it costs you a large amount. So, let’s have a quick overview of that.

The oil steam boilers vary in size and shape. Therefore, the installation costs differ too. However, generally speaking, a small oil gas boiler may cost you up to $2000. In the case of replacement, the engineer will present a $1500 bill.

While replacing, you must consider that some oil gas boilers are irreplaceable. So, you have to select a new place when installing a new one.

Coming to our main question, the medium-sized industrial oil steam boilers will cost you up to $3000. The installation price is directly proportional to the oil steam boilers’ size. Considering replacement, it costs $3200 to replace the furnace oil fired steam boiler.

The large industrial oil steam boiler has a slightly complex installation process. Therefore, it costs $3800 to install a new one and $4000 to replace it.

Table For Cost of Oil Fired Boiler Replacement And Installation

Oil Gas Steam Boiler Installation Cost Replacement Cost Time Required
Small oil steam boiler $2000 $1500 1 day
Medium-sized oil steam boiler $3000 $3200 1.5 – 2 days
Large oil gas steam boilers $3800 $4000 2 – 3 days

The boiler’s installation isn’t child’s play. It requires experienced engineers to replace or install a boiler. The installation engineer must understand the oil fired boiler diagram and install it as per its design. An inexperienced individual may cause damage to the boiler’s system while installing.

For that reason, it costs you decent cash. If you think it isn’t affordable, we have a back door for you. Yongxing boiler group is one of China’s top oil steam boiler manufacturers. We provide free installation service for all our local and international customers. So, you can save up to $4000 just by buying from us.

What Are The Oil Fired Boiler Prices?

The oil fired boiler prices vary as per the boiler types, specifications, auxiliaries, etc. Therefore, providing an exact price range isn’t possible. If you want the actual price of an oil steam boiler, you can send us an inquiry and let us know your requirements. We will come back with an exact price for you.

However, in general, the oil fired steam boiler prices are:

Oil Fired Boiler Types Oil Fired Boiler Prices
WNS Furnace Oil Fired Steam Boiler $10000 – $20000
SZS Furnace Oil Fired Steam Boiler $6000 – $60000
Vertical Furnace Oil Fired Steam Boiler $3000 – $10000

All the above prices are negotiable and highly dependent on your industry requirements.

Is Furnace Oil Steam Boiler Noisy?

Commonly, the furnace oil steam boiler is known for its noisy operation. Undoubtedly, its operation is a bit noisy because it burns oil, produces hot gases, pumps feed water, etc. However, it isn’t as high as people imagine it – especially in the case of an industrial boiler.

So, what’s the noise irritating people this much? Well, the large noise is due to inefficient installation, and a fault in the oil fired furnaces and boilers. It’s essential to recognize the noise and diagnose the boiler’s problem accordingly. Here are a few problems causing oil steam boilers to produce noise:

1.     Clattering

The clattering sound emitting from the oil gas boiler is usually due to loosened components. Mostly, it comes out from the control panel as its constantly in access. Therefore, tightening its screws may solve your problem.

2.     Grinding

Oil fired boilers producing grinding noises isn’t a good sign. It tells you that some parts are worn-out and require replacement. In this case, you must shut down the boiler and use it after treating this problem. Usually, boiler bearings get worn and need replacing.

3.     Knocking

The knocking noise emits due to trapped air bubbles inside the lines. In order to get rid of this noise, you must bleed out the lines. It means draining the boiler lines to let out trapped air. We suggest asking a professional to repair your boiler.

4.     Whistling

The oil fired steam generator producing whistling sounds is a sign of a problem in airflow. A furnace filter allows air and, with time, gets dirty or blocked due to dust or any other issue. Therefore, it starts producing shrieking or shrill whistle sounds. To get rid of it, clean the furnace filter or buy a new one.

Verdict – Where To Buy Furnace Oil Fired Steam Boiler?

Apart from running costs, the furnace oil fired steam boilers cost you on installation and replacement. Firstly, you must buy from a trusted oil gas boiler manufacturer to get a quality product. Secondly, you have to consider installation costs and find the cheapest one.

In order to tackle both problems, we suggest buying from Yongxing. We won’t just provide 100% safe and reliable products but also offer a free installation service. It means you will save not only on the discounted boiler’s price but also on installation. So, it’s a win-win situation from every angle.

Plus, we provide oil fired boiler PDFs that include specifications, operation manual, and design features. So, get yourself one right now!

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