BHG250P Gas Boiler Burner Manufacturer With High Performance

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Detail: BHG250P Gas Boiler Burner Manufacturer With High Performance

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  • BHG250P gas boiler burner manufactures with high performance combustion systems

BHG250P Gas Boiler Burner Manufacturer With High-Performance

boiler gas burner is a kind of industrial burner. It is different with home use gas burners, normally the capacity should begin from 120kw or more and the shape should be as our picture.

Here, BHG250P belongs to a dual-fuel burner. It means that except for Natural Gas, it is fine to work with light oil. It installs with long gas burner tubes. Also, you can see it configured with a gas valve, oil pump and etc. You need to pay a little more than a natural gas burner. while you get two functions but pay one time.

Technical and performance characteristics:

1, Single and two stage operation (big/small fire);

2, Adapt to any type of combustion chamber;

3, Air and gas mix in the burner combination;

4, By adjusting the combustion air and burner, can get the best combustion parameters.

5, Remove the mixed cell directly, no need to remove the burner from the boiler, maintenance is convenient;

6, Use servo motor to run first, secondary airflow control; Pauses burner, air door closed in order to reduce heat loss in the furnace;

7, You can choose a leak detection gas valve group;

8, Use a flange and an insulation sealing ring connected to the boiler fixed;

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Customized CE approved Industrial Gas Furnace Burner For Asphalt Plant

BHG250P Gas Boiler Burner Manufacturer With High Performance

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