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Best Models Of Gas Fired Boiler For Sale

Gas Fired Steam Boiler Price
Yongxing large gas fired boiler for sale comes with a large capacity tank. It produces high-pressure 100% dry steam in a very short time. Plus, our gas fired boiler operation is relatively cheaper compared to other gas boilers.
Gas fired boiler cost
Our oil/gas fired steam generator has dual-fuel compatibility. It can burn oil and gas providing you an option in case you don't have a stable fuel supply. Besides that, our gas fired boiler prices are low and more affordable than others.
Gas Fired Boiler Prices
Yongxing vertical gas fired boiler for sale has a vertical structure for convenient installation. It can run on natural gas, LPG, light oil, heavy oil, etc. Moreover, our gas fired boiler maintenance is easier and cheaper than others.

Gas Fired Boiler For Sale Certifications

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  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 2
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  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 4

Gas Fired Boiler For Sale Quality Control

Yongxing boiler group’s state-of-the-art quality inspection department ensures the boiler’s safe operation. As China’s best gas fired steam boiler manufacturers and suppliers, we only provide you with the best products.

Our gas fired boiler for sale gets the same attention. Yongxing has pioneered 100% leak-free design to provide you peace of mind work. The overall gas boiler body has a stainless steel design, offering 100% safety from corrosion and explosions. The same goes for thermal efficiency. Our gas fired boiler efficiency reaches 94% in the best condition.

With the passing time, a gas fired boiler maintenance becomes important to keep it in the best conditions. Otherwise, it loses its performance. To keep our gas fired boiler for sale in the best condition, annual maintenance is crucial. Plus, maintenance prolongs its operation lifetime.

While most gas fired steam boiler manufacturers provide a lifetime of a maximum of 20 years, we offer more. Our gas fired boiler for sale provides service for more than 25 years if maintained well. So why invest in low quality?

Yongxing supports you in every way even at a buying price. Our gas fired steam boiler price is relatively cheaper. Furthermore, we will give you a free installation service as a buying gift. So, wait no longer, gather your requirements, and choose a gas and lpg boiler that suits your facility best. Almost forgot to mention, we offer custom-design gas boilers to match your industrial needs.

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Gas Fired Boiler For Sale FAQ Guide

What can be an economical solution to generate than a gas fired boiler for sale?

There is no disbelief that we need a perfect heating system to generate steam. Natural gas steam boilers are a suitable solution that provides steam when we need it. But, it can be even better when you do not have to pay a heavy amount in electrical boilers bills.

So, why not avail a gas fired boiler for sale to save on cost and for long-term fuel cost saving?

What Is A Gas Boiler?

A boiler is similar to a large furnace or fire that you can control with your thermostat. It looks like a closed vessel that steam or vapor produces by heating water or another suitable liquid. The steam subsequently releases, and you can use it for various functions like boiler-based power production and other industrial uses.

natural gas steam boiler

 1.Uses Of A Gas Boiler

The gas boiler works as a heater to produce steam for the industries and buildings. The way how a gas fired steam generator is suitable for:

  • Central Heating

Once you turn on the boiler, it pumps the hot water through radiators. Radiators provide a consistent source of heat for central heating. If you avail of a gas fired boiler for sale, you can utilize it for industrial usage.

  • Generating Steam

The other job these gas boilers do is produce steam on a large scale. It works by heating a water container or a tank until it reaches a certain temperature. Once you see that the temperature is the same as you need, the water droplets turn into steam vapors.

2.Types Of Gas Fired Boilers

So, we have a clear idea about what is a gas boiler, now let’s find out the types of gas boilers.

These boilers are famous as regular or traditional gas boilers that provide sparkling steam for all types of industrial usage. This gas fired boiler for sale works as a thermal energy producer by burning coal. These boilers produce steam by heating coal present in the chain grate stoker.

This process turns the water available in the coal boiler to become hot, and as a result, it produces steam.

gas fired boiler for sale

As per the gas fired boiler working principle, a WNS oil boiler may be the best solution if you want to produce steam on a large scale. The WNS  gas oil boiler is high-efficiency heating equipment with a fully automatic control system. This oil gas-fired is a three-pass, horizontal, fast assembly fire tube boiler.

fire tube boiler

It comes with a compact structure, small volume, high load adaptability, and low water quality requirements. This boiler features a wet back construction that responds to high temperatures, has strong sealing, and increases the radiation heat transfer area and efficiency.

The SZS boiler is a water tube boiler with double drums and a D-type layout for oil and gas boilers. It offers many advantages, including sufficient burning, no pollution in the emissions, easy operation, installation, etc. Furthermore, SZS series boilers have high thermal efficiency, high output, higher load adaptability, high automation level, and safe and dependable operation.

oil gas boiler

It is a perfect environmental protection product with high efficiency, low energy consumption, and low pollution.

How Does A Gas-Fired Boiler For Sale Work?

A gas fired boiler for sale works as heat energy conversion equipment that burns the heat available in the furnace. A furnace heats the water in the boiler and causes it to evaporate into steam using gas fuels. It can use any gas, such as natural gas, liquefied gas, and municipal gas.

A dual gas fired boiler for sale comes with two main bodies; the boiler shell and the furnace liner.

The right and left parts of the boiler barrel come with two return firework pipes. And the front smokebox in the front of the boiler barrel has a curve shape.

1.     Combustion

During the combustion process, the fuel releases heat. The water’s heating structure absorbs that heat after conversion. A valve in the boiler opens during operation and allows gas to enter a sealed combustion chamber.

2.     Heat Exchanging

A gas fired boiler from sale transfers heat to the water rolling over the heat exchanger by hot jets associated with a heat exchanger within the boiler. This procedure propels hot water coming out from radiators to generate steam.

3.     Heat Recovery

Condensing gas fired boiler for sale is standard on all new boilers. These boilers are available to help with removing heat from the flue gases. Condensing boilers recover heat that the water vapor produces as a product of the heating process.

4.     Reduce Energy Wastage

The heat from the central heating system functions to heat the water that returns to the home. As a result, these technologies help to reduce energy waste by requiring less heat energy

Is Dual-Fired Steam Boiler Available?

When you’re looking for a gas fired boiler for sale, a dual-fired steam boiler is an amazing option. But, can you easily find gas fired steam boiler for sale? Well, the good news is yes!

Due to its huge demand, gas fired steam boiler manufacturers offer various dual-fired boilers. Gas fired boiler manufacturers advise installing dual-fired boilers for the reasons we’re mentioning below.

1.     Convenient

A gas fired boiler for sale is pretty convenient for generating steam on a large scale. The best part of these boilers is that they do not create enough noise, unlike other boilers as the compressor stays outside the building. Also, they do not create enough pollution, making them convenient and comfortable to use.

2.     Economical

The dual gas fired steam boiler price is higher than traditional boilers. However, gas fired boiler operation makes it pretty cost-effective in the long run because you’re paying for two systems.

But the system’s efficiency eliminates the need for two separate systems, making it worth purchasing.

3.     Efficient

When discussing gas fired boiler efficiency, dual-fired boilers result, these boilers are energy-efficient. Also, they offer both heating and cooling system with a dual fuel boiler.

According to the gas fired boiler prices, dual-fired heaters do not affect individual heating systems. They have two-in-one functioning, which minimizes the boiler’s limitations while maximizing its efficiency.

Will Gas Fired Boiler For Sale Lose Its Efficiency With Age?

When you purchase from a gas fired boiler for sale, a boiler’s age is likely a warning itself. A gas fired burner can last for up to 15 years if you care for your gas fired boiler maintenance. An older boiler’s efficiency is lower than modern condensing gas boilers, even if they maintain maintenance.

A modern boiler’s energy savings can pay for themselves in a year or less. If your boiler isn’t up to par, you may need to upgrade it over time. It is best to choose a boiler from a reliable company to save energy and enjoy the latest technology.

The catch is that a boiler is a machine, and like any other machine, a gas fired boiler also loses its efficiency with time. If you have a more than a decade-old boiler, you can consider replacing it to achieve the following benefits.

1.     Modern Technology

Modern boilers are compact and visually appealing. In the universe of technology, there is always something new to learn. The thermostats on modern boilers are available on the internet.

These boilers can regulate the heating automatically according to the temperature. It’s always beneficial to have boilers with the most up-to-date technology.

2.     Energy Cost Saving

Producing steam for big industrial plants requires more energy than small plants. In this case, replacing an older boiler with a more contemporary one can save energy expenses.

It’s worth replacing your boiler if it would save you money on your utility bills. A modern condensing boiler has a 90% efficiency rating. If you live in a typical semi-detached property, you can save pretty good bucks each year on energy utilization.

3.     Discontinued Components

Your boiler may be in good working order, but it is not a good idea to keep it for longer than a decade. If the parts have been discontinued, it would be pretty difficult to repair the boiler if an issue occurs. You’ll be out of options when you may need to replace the parts, so it’s best to replace them after aging.

Will Government Put A Ban On Gas Fired Boiler For Sale?

It is quite disturbing to determine if the government will ban gas-fired boilers for sale after 2025. Well, the answer is, Not at All! The government is not going to ban gas-fired boilers at all. However, it is an update that new industrial built after 2025 will not meet the 75-80% carbon reduction standards.

As a result, new industries will likely use renewable heating technology such as heat pumps. There is speculation that only gas-fired boilers will be available for a hydrogen gas supply in the future. However, no legislative or policy changes have yet been implemented.

Is Electricity A Cheaper Alternative To Propane?

If you want to go cost-effective and energy-efficient, you may be looking to find out what can be the right pick? Whether should you go for electricity or propane? While the two energy sources are similar in many aspects, they are not identical.

Propane is the main energy source, and electricity is secondary. It means that propane may be used the same way it is available. At the same time, you can only utilize electricity once another energy source manufactures it.

It means that producing electricity requires more energy, impacting its purity, efficiency, and cost. To find out more about electricity vs. propane, let’s look at the comparison below.

Dependability You can easily store propane in a container or tank in the company’s storage. Propane is pretty versatile than electricity. When using electricity, power outages are pretty common with electricity.
Efficiency Most Industrialists find propane to help reduce emissions and protect the environment by utilizing this exceptional energy. Although electricity has no emissions, this does not imply that it is completely efficient. Because, as previously stated, electricity is a secondary energy source, the primary source of energy may be less environmentally friendly.
Safety Propane heat also comes with built-in safety features. Propane gas is free from toxins and is safe for the soil or water. On the other hand, electricity is measured in difficult-to-understand “kilowatt-hours,” making it even more difficult to find the number of energy units utilized.
Heating Capacity Propane has double the energy content of natural gas; a 10,000 BTU, natural gas furnace, burns roughly 9.7 cubic feet per hour. Whereas a propane furnace only burns 40 cubic feet per hour. The cost of electricity is quite than gas, that’s why the operating costs of an electric boiler become higher, which makes you pay a good amount to pay for electricity bills. Even if you have a very low-cost energy provider, you’ll likely pay roughly 13p per unit for electricity against 3p for gas.
Maintenance You do not need to inspect every year if you have a propane boiler. Propane heaters do not require enough maintenance or inspection, unlike electric pumps. Every year, you need to inspect if you have an electric boiler. Annual inspections and maintenance prevent your cylinder from becoming an explosion hazard.
Cost-Effectiveness Propane is pretty economical than electricity. Also, the gas-fired boiler cost is pretty low than an electrical boiler. Electricity costs are quite high than gas; due to this, electric pumps cost pretty expensive than propane boilers.


A gas fired boiler for sale can be more cost-effective to produce steam for industrial plants than an electricity-powered heater.

Industrialists require a flawless heating system to have access to produce vaporized steam. Gas boilers are a perfect solution for providing steam for all companies. When you go for a fire tube gas boiler, you won’t have to pay large amounts of money for electrical boiler bills.

Despite all the features, it is important to search for a trusted gas boiler manufacturer. In terms of trust and quality, Yongxing’s name crosses every industrialist’s mind. We have top-quality industrial gas boilers available in different types. Just give us your requirements and we will refer a gas boiler best for your facility.

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