CE Approved Gas Oil Burner For Melting Furnace

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Detail: CE Approved Gas Oil Burner For Melting Furnace

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CE Approved Gas Oil Burner For Melting Furnace

It has the same performance as the Baltur, except for the oil pump, nozzle, solenoid valve, program controller, servo motor, etc., all other accessories are made in China.

Made in China is currently of high quality and has high applicability to ordinary products. Many foreign customers specify to buy burners made in China because they not only meet the needs of production and life but also save money and still have a strong service life, Unitech Combustion.

Yongxing burner offering a wide range of Industrial Gas Oil Burner to our customers. Supply widely range burners appreciated for applications such as welding, soldering, or brazing of cracks, joints of machinery, and others.

In addition, this BH range is fabricated in compliance with international industry standards and norms to ensure the delivery of an error-free range. This gamut can be availed from us at market-leading prices.

Gas Oil Burner Features:

  • Durable and long lifetime
  • High performance, stable flame
  • Resistance against corrosion, high-quality burner shell, raw materials.
  • Easy to install. Open size and fix the screw and nuts, connect with gas, electricity, then it is well working.
  • Compact and quiet
  • Designed to make service easy, the diffuser and electrode assembly can easily be removed
  • Adjustable mixing assembly and combustion head makes set up simple, maximizing the pressure drop across the diffuser
  • Adjustable servomotor ensures that a precise amount of combustion air is delivered
  • The air damper drives to the fully closed position during off cycles to prevent standby losses (position can be adjusted if post purge or continuous blower run is required)
  • Sound absorbing cover and insulated air intake reduce the operating noise
  • The flame tube is a one-piece construction, capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 1,450° F
  • Electrical connections are made using non-interchangeable plugs eliminating connection errors
  • The capacity regulation is controlled through the entire burner range by a single servomotor, which enables the service
  • technician to easily adjust the following positions, positions vary with burner size and versions:controlled shut down (air damper closed)
    ignition gas
    low fire gas
    high fire gas
  • All burner components are easily accessible for service and maintenance works
  • Yongxing Bohui burners are certified to the international quality standard ISO 9001

natural gas burner

Oil gas burner is suitable for load control (temperature, pressure, etc) high accuracy requirement of hot water/steam boiler, hot water boiler furnace, heating furnace, hot stove, baking booth, spraying equipment,die-casting machine, drying equipment, heat treatment equipment.

What Are Your Types Of LPG Gas Burner?

                                             NATRUAL GAS BURNER         EMAIL: bettysun001@vip.126.com
BHG5 3 5.7 30.06 56.3 1N-220V 50HZ 0.11 ONE STAGE
BHG6 3 5.7 30.06 56.3 1N-220V 50HZ 0.11 ONE STAGE
BHG11 4.8 10 48.8 99 1N-220V 50HZ 0.11 ONE STAGE
BHG10 4.8 99 48.8 99 1N-220V 50HZ 0.15 ONE STAGE
BHG17 7 17 69 169 1N-220V 50HZ 0.15 ONE STAGE
BHG20 5.85 20.1 80 200 1N-220V 50HZ 0.37 ONE STAGE
BHG30 6 30 60 300 1N-220V 50HZ 0.37 ONE STAGE
BHG35 9 35.8 90 359 1N-220V 50HZ 0.37 ONE STAGE
BHG34 12 38 118 338 3N-380V 50HZ 0.37 ONE STAGE
BHG40 19 43 185 425 3N-380V 50HZ 0.55 ONE STAGE
BHG50 17 60 169 586 3N-380V 50HZ 0.55 ONE STAGE
BHG20P 5.85 20.1 80 200 1N-220V 50HZ 0.37 TWO STAGE
BHG30P 6 30 60 300 1N-220V 50HZ 0.37 TWO STAGE
BHG35P 9 35.8 90 358 1N-220V 50HZ 0.37 TWO STAGE
BHG34P 12 38 118 338 3N-380V 50HZ 0.37 TWO STAGE
BHG40P 19 43 185 425 3N-380V 50HZ 0.55 TWO STAGE
BHG50P 17 60 169 586 3N-380V 50HZ 1.5 TWO STAGE
BHG60P 25 75 248 738 3N-380V 50HZ 1.5 TWO STAGE
BHG100P 28 101 280 995 3N-380V 50HZ 2.2 TWO STAGE
BHG120P 35 121 350 1200 3N-380V 50HZ 2.2 TWO STAGE
BHG150P 42 144 414 1428 3N-380V 50HZ 3 TWO STAGE
BHG200P 60 202 590 2000 3N-380V 50HZ 3 TWO STAGE
BHG250P 50 253 490 2500 3N-380V 50HZ 7.5 TWO STAGE
BHG300P 66 313 657 3100 3N-380V 50HZ 7.5 TWO STAGE
BHG350P 93 350 924 3500 3N-380V 50HZ 9 TWO STAGE

CE Approved Gas Oil Burner For Melting Furnace

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