Gas Oil Heater, Gas Oil Fired Thermic Fluid Heater - Free Coil

  • Natural Gas,Light Oil Fuel
  • Output Power: 100,000~10 million Kcal/hour
  • Very Low Pressure,Very Safe
Gas Oil Heater, Gas Oil Fired Thermic Fluid Heater - Free Coil

High Quality & Good Price Gas Oil Heaters

Gas oil heater of YYW series has adopted horizontal three-return coil structure. The design structure has advantages of sturdy, durable and fully burned fuel.
Gas fired thermic fluid heater from Yongxing have various types of horizontal, vertical, manual, automatic etc. You can choose totally customized for your requirements.
YYQW gas oil heater is designed to adapt to multi-fuels for many countries. According to your product needs, the right and suitable fuel can be selected.
Our gas oil heater coil series is a horizontal type boiler. Its inner coil is the heat exchange surface combustion radiation, which improve the thermal efficiency greatly.
YLL thermic fluid heater coil series is a vertical type boiler. Light oil, diesel, natural gas, propane can be burned as fuel to provide the heat.
Thermic fluid heater coil adopt an air heat exchanger or water/steam heat exchanger at the tail, which reduces exhaust gas temperature and thermal loss.

Our Gas Oil Heater Certifications

  • Certificate
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 2
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 3
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 4

Yongxing Gas Oil Heater Reliable Quality

Yongxing gas oil heater also named thermic fluid heater, uses gas, oil, or ethanol as fuel and heat transfer oil as the heat transfer carrier.

The dual fuel heater gas oil heater can be used as a high-temperature heat source for various environments below 350°C.

Yongxing gas oil fired thermic fluid heater is widely used in multiple applications that require high-temperature heating or drying of all walks of life.

Our gas-fired thermic fluid heater features a wet-back internal combustion system with two passes, and the top of the boiler is also equipped with a coil to prevent the flame from directly radiating the back wall.

In addition to increasing radiant heating surface area, our design can improve the boiler’s thermal efficiency.

We support the optional steam generator, producing saturated steam below 1.3MPa for you to use in different projects.

  • Fuel selection: natural gas, light oil
  • Heat transfer medium: heat transfer oil
  • Output temperature: up to 320 degrees
  • Output efficiency: 92-98%
  • Output power: 120-12000 kilowatts
  • Output power: 100,000~10 million kcal/hour

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A Detailed FAQ Guide For Gas Oil Heater | Difference Between Oil And Gas Thermal Oil Heaters


Investing in a new furnace requires due diligence because the right option can save you thousands of dollars. The main factor to consider before buying is fuel compatibility. Knowing the oil heater and gas heater in-depth will help you make an informed decision. It won’t just help you save money on buying price but also on its operation.

So, without any further ado, let’s start from the very start of oil heaters.

What Is A Gas Oil Heater?

The gas fired oil heater has a design that utilizes combustion heat and electricity to raise the temperature of thermal fluids. Compared to the water steam boilers, it uses thermal oil as a heat exchange medium.

Why do people choose these boilers? Well, the gas oil heater can achieve high temperatures at low pressures. Therefore, a large number of industries adopt these boilers for their heat processing needs.

Gas Oil Heater Design

The gas oil heater or thermal fluid heater comes in two designs; vertical and horizontal designs. Both are unique and have particular benefits. The vertical oil heater design is compact and has a large capacity simultaneously. On the other hand, the horizontal design has the highest thermal efficiency and top-quality chain grate stoker.

Oil Heater Explode

Both designs have a control panel helpful in adjusting the operating parameters. Depending on your requirement, the thermal fluid heater comes in different passes design. Either horizontal or vertical structure, it can have 2 – 4 passes. The passes refer to the oil path in the furnace. If the thermal oil flows three or four times, maximum heat transfer will occur and reduce the fuel consumption rate.

Fuel Compatibility Of Gas Oil Heater

At Yongxing, we offer the following fuel options:

  • Natural Gas Oil Heater
  • Coal Fired Thermal Oil Heater
  • Biomass Fired Thermal Oil Heater
  • LPG Gas Fired Thermal Oil Heater
  • Propane Fired Thermal Heating System
  • Wood Fired Thermal Oil Heater

Oil Heater Benefits

The gas oil heater proves to be a costly option if bought from the wrong manufacturer. Therefore, you should buy an oil heating system from Yongxing. We offer the following features with our best oil heater.

  • 100% safety guarantee – The thermal fluid heater inner coil has a larger flow rate. As a result, the pressure won’t exceed its pre-defined limits. Plus, the conical coil has a well-engineered design protecting the furnace and burner.
  • Topquality Manufacture – The stainless-steel tubes and conical coil have been manufactured using a CNC 3D laser cutting machine.
  • Argon Arc Welding – We have used argon arc welding for the overall fluid heater package. Moreover, real-time x-ray imaging has been performed for seams to stop low-quality seams from the production line.
  • Easy-to-Operate – The gas thermal oil heater package includes a complete assembly and installation guide. It makes installation, debugging, and operation more manageable than ever. The control panel can adjust operating parameters with a few buttons. Plus, we offer free installation after-sales service.
  • Lower Fuel Consumption – The gas thermal oil heater has top-quality refractory bricks inside. It ensures full insulation and promotes zero heat loss.
  • On the other hand, the multiple passes design contributes to the low fuel consumption factor more than anything. It helps in maximizing the heat transfer rate. And we provide residue moisture check-up tests before delivering the thermal fluid heater package. It reduces the draining period from 10 days to 2 days.

Applications Of Gas Oil Heater

Gas thermal oil heaters are widely used in industries. They are used for:

  • Power production
  • Separators
  • Heating Lubrication Oil
  • Glycol/Water Heaters
  • Heating Crude Oil
  • Steam Piping Systems
  • Freeze Protectors
  • Educational Institutes
  • And used for many other purposes.

How Does Gas Oil Heater Work?

Getting full performance from a gas fired oil heater requires understanding how to use an oil heater. Moreover, it saves you from most dangers of oil heaters because you will know about its operation anomaly. So, here is its working principle.

Gas Oil Heater Working Principle

The gas thermal oil heater’s primary function is raising the temperature of thermal oil flowing inside the tubes. It uses the heat of flue gases produced by the burning of fuel. The heater inside has high-density insulation to prevent heat loss.

Its burner has been sized to fit the furnace perfectly. It burns the fuel and product hot gases. The heat of flue gases does not leave the system with the help of high-density refractory bricks. As the hot flue gases produce, it starts circulating the two coils, and the heat transfer occurs.

The coil design differs depending on the thermal fluid heater model. It may have two, three, or four steps. The high number of steps means high heat transfer and fewer chances of cracking.

In the start, the thermal oil circulates the outside coil, and heat transfer occurs through convection. Afterward, it circulates the inside coil, and heat transfer occurs through radiation. As a result, the thermal fluid heater attains the highest thermal efficiency.

The front cover inside part closes the flue gases between the coils and general collector. It has holes for connecting both of them. Besides that, it closes the furnace where the burner is installed. And it has a manhole that makes its maintenance easier.

As the flue gases completely transfer their heat to the thermal oil, it becomes a waste gas that requires removal. Therefore, it vents through the chimney allowing more fuel burning and producing new flue gases.

However, the thermal oil returns to the thermal fluid heater after transferring its heat to the desired system. Reheating starts, and the loop goes on.

Catalytic heater oil and gas

Is Oil Heater Better Than Gas Thermal Oil Heater?

Both gas and oil heaters are similar in function; oil heating. However, they are very different in terms of price, fuel consumption, and overall efficiency. So, in the gas heater vs oil heater fight, which one wins and can benefit your industry. Let’s find out.

Gas Heater Vs Oil Heater

Following are the considerations you must keep in mind before buying an oil heating system:

  1. Efficiency

The oil heating system furnace efficiency depends on its AFUE rating (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency). It explains how much fuel converts to useful heat. In other words, it tells us whether the heater fully utilizes the fuel or not. On the basis of this factor, researchers reveal that oil fired heaters generate more heat. However, the gas fired thermal fluid heater has higher efficiency.

  1. Safety

Nothing is more important than your safety. If you consider safety, oil-fired heaters are safer because gas leakage is common. Be it natural gas, LPG, or propane heating fuel; all are highly flammable gases. It requires more care and can surround the facility before you even notice the smell.

On the other hand, the oil fired heater leakage is easily noticeable. It can caution anyone due to its visibility to the naked eye. The gas is only apparent when you have a keen smell sense. However, it is crucial to know that oil and gas are highly flammable and require extreme caution.

  1. Maintenance

The thermal fluid heater has a long life, and the maintenance prolongs it even more. Both oil and gas thermal oil heaters require regular maintenance for maximum performance. However, oil heating furnaces need more frequent attention than gas furnaces.

For instance, the oil produces more soot and needs cleaning frequently. In contrast, the gas thermal fluid heater has cleaner burning and thus, requires less maintenance.

  1. Price

The oil-fired heater’s initial buying price is less than the gas thermal oil heater. However, the natural gas oil heating system has more advantages over the oil heating furnaces. Let’s consider the fuel price. The oil prices fluctuate more and can cost more if increases. On the other hand, the gas prices are far more stable.

In the conclusion of the gas heater vs oil heater, we say it isn’t about the heater type. It depends on your requirements and fuel availability. However, the above comparison will help you make an educated decision.

Best Oil/Gas Thermal Oil Heaters

Still, if you are confused about choosing between an oil and gas heater, it is best to go for Yongxing oil heating systems. We have models that have dual fuel compatibility; gas and oil. So, the comparison isn’t necessary anymore.

Besides the dual-fuel option, our oil/gas thermal oil heaters provide the highest thermal efficiency. It has top-quality refractory bricks ensuring 0% heat loss. We have three pass and four pass designs that use fuel’s heat entirely. So, hurry and get your hands on the best oil/gas thermal oil heater at the market’s lowest price.

Yongxing Gas Oil Heater Structural Features

  1. Our gas fired oil heating system uses micro-positive pressure operation to improve your boiler combustion intensity and reduce its volume. It can help you eliminate air leakage in the boiler furnace and flue and achieve higher thermal efficiency.
  2. Using EDA technology, we calculate the oil heating system furnace body’s structural dimensions and the flue gas flow rate in detail and make full use of the flame and flue gas heat exchange.
    We ensure that the oil heating assembly you purchase is reliable and thoroughly cooled. Of course, it can also improve the gas fired thermic fluid heated system’s thermal efficiency and help you increase your income.
    YY(Q)W Oil Gas Fired Thermal Oil Boiler-2
  3. The cylindrical design and the use of a fire-resistant cotton insulation layer can reduce the oil heating package outside temperature. Our exhaust gas temperature will be lower than the national standard of 50℃.
  4. Regarding burners, we can use imported burners from many internationally renowned brands to adapt to various application scenarios to ensure quality and safety.
    At the same time, you can also equip with our brand burners. Our brand burner is all installed famous components, let you enjoy high quality and excellent price.

  5. Yongxing recommends that you prepare an extra thermic fluid heater coil to facilitate your later maintenance, which can repair in time when needed later. If it is an oil and gas heater coil, Yongxing is willing to provide you with free coils.

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