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High Quality & Good Price Grate Bars

fire grate bar
Passive bars and drive bars is the mainly part of chain grate stoker. Each set of grate stoker boiler will need at least 1000-10000pcs quantities.
grate bars
It is siutable for any capacity range travelling grate bars. Especially popular in Asia country and South Africa, West Africa and etc.
Pinhole grate bars
Pinhole grate bars fullfill small pins. Have good ventilation conditions. Suitable for biomass pellets combustion and solid fuel combustion.
grate bars
You could see the grate bars has four jaws and long holes. Compare to pinhole grate bars. We increase the hole size to suitable for more biomass.
live core fire grate bar
Inner core bar is flexible. You can move or change it freely. Due to its flexibility and non-disclosure features, it is very practical for small-sized biomass.
grate bars
If yours is a solid fuel grate, then most of the designs are this kind of large fire grate. With this design, any of your large solid fuels can burn well.

Our Grate Bars Certifications

  • Certificate
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 2
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 3
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 4

Yongxing Grate Bars Reliable Quality

YongXing is china’s Top 3 grate bars manufacturer and supplier. You can choose different sizes and types of grate fireplace accessories from our website.

With the different chain grate stoker boilers, you will find they have different fire grate bars. Once you want to repair them, you need first to get their pictures with size. Usually, we could meet 95% of your demand only with our stock.

We also have different fire grate sizes for different boiler capacities, such as 18mm, 24mm for Log burner grate bars, large fire grate, grant fire grate, back boiler grate bar, etc.  Check some of the following sizes for reference.

ModelGrate Bar MaterialFire Grate Size
48# Drive grate bar1.QT450-10.

Heat-resistance 800-900℃

Heat-resistance 1000-1200℃

Hole to hole size 80, Width 48mm
48# Drive barHole to hole size 90, Width 48mm
64# Drive barHole to hole size 90, Width 64mm
64# Drive barHole to hole size 64, Width 64mm
18# Single Driven bars1.HT150. Heat-resistance 400-500℃
2.RTSi5. Heat-resistance 800-900℃
3.QTSi5.Heat-resistance 1000-1200℃
18# Double Driven bars18.5mm*80mm
24# Single Driven bars24.5mm*80mm
24# Double Driven bars24.5mm*80mm
26# Double Driven bars26.8mm*80mm

How to ensure all your grate bars with high and stable quality? Here, Yongxing produces them with established procedures and rules. We will make your grate bar as the following process:

  • Open mold/ or use existing mold
  • Chemical composition analysis
  • Melt
  • Pour
  • Make it clean
  • Machining
  • Dimension inspect
  • Tensile strength test
  • Hardness test

In these chemical compositions, our most commonly used materials are cast iron fire bars, like HT150, HT200, HT250, RTSi5, QTSi5, etc. Take our RTSi5 material, for example. Once you need a fire grate bar that can bear high temperatures up to 1200℃, this kind of material is the best option.

Some customers may need a temperature higher than 1200℃ or need them to work more long lifetime. They are welcome to choose our alloy steel grate bar, with materials of ZG35Cr24Ni4SiN. The side plate also uses ZG35Cr24Ni4SiN. Endplate use QTRSi5.

Meanwhile, If your quantity is large enough, we also support OEM direct on fire bars. Following are the traditional parts that we have. For more models, please click the following fire bras catalog to choose.

Don’t hesitate to cooperate with us, we will always support you with the best fire grate bars. Send inquiry right now.

fire grate bar for back boiler
fire grate bars size 24#
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Grate Bars, Cast Iron Fire Grate Bars For Coal Stoker Parts
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