High Pressure Steam Boiler manufacturer 1.25 - 3.82 Mpa

  • With Saturate Steam 194-450℃
  • Pressure Range From 12.5bar To 38.2bar
  • Suitable For Large Industrial Power Plants
High Pressure Steam Boiler manufacturer 1.25 - 3.82 Mpa

High Quality & Good Price High Pressure Steam Boiler

Coal Fired Boiler, Coal Fired Steam Boiler China Manufacturer
Yongxing’s high pressure steam boiler can be used in most industrial process with reliable structure and capable of working pressure from 0.2MPa to 6 MPa.
Coal Fired Boiler, Coal Fired Steam Boiler China Manufacturer
High pressure steam generator are three pass boiler with double drum. SZL steam boiler’s have advantages of lower fuel cost, higher efficiency and stable operation.
Oil Fired Steam Boiler, Diesel Oil Steam Boiler manufacturer
8T High pressure steam boiler has structural features of tail condenser and large combustion space, WNS boiler can offer more better service to your company. Yongxing company has made breakthroughs
Coal Fired Boiler, Coal Fired Steam Boiler China Manufacturer
SZL High pressure boiler system can greatly help your business in reducing the energy cost and improving the earnings with many years experience on industrial boiler.
WNS12-1-YQ industrial Gas Boiler Efficiency 94%-98%
As a leading manufacturer, Yongxing’s high pressure steam boiler can be used in many industrial processes with durable structure and efficiency power solutions.
SZL high pressure steam boiler can provide the high-quality steam to your company because of more vaporization space and efficiency circulation type.

Our High Pressure Steam Boiler Certifications

  • Certificate
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 2
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 3
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 4

Yongxing High Pressure Steam Boiler Reliable Quality

High Pressure Steam Boiler Definition

Traditional high pressure steam boiler, also known as natural circulation steam boiler, has the advantages of a high degree of automation, low energy consumption. Yongxing high pressure steam boiler can widely use in various industries because it uses treated soft water as a heat medium, recycling, which is safe and harmless.

As a select high-pressure steam boiler manufacturer, we could supply you with an extensive capacity range with saturating steam 194-450℃. We are your ideal choice in your sizeable industrial power plants and facilities.

With more than three high-pressure steam boiler factories, we could supply you steam at an output of 0.5ton ~ 50ton.

From their design, Yongxing divides them into the vertical high-pressure steam generator, range from 0.1ton ~ 2ton/h. Horizontal high-pressure boiler system, 0.5 ~50ton/h. High-pressure steam boiler psi range from 87 to 554.

Since 1990, Yongxing has made choosing the right high-pressure steam boiler easy. Inquire right now to get the best high-pressure steam boiler in the industry.

High Pressure Steam Boiler manufacturer 1.25 - 3.82 Mpa
High Pressure Steam Boiler manufacturer 1.25 - 3.82 Mpa
High Pressure Steam Boiler manufacturer 1.25 - 3.82 Mpa
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Yongxing High Pressure Steam Boiler Quality Control

High Pressure Steam Boiler manufacturer 1.25 - 3.82 Mpa
Boiler membrane wall
High Pressure Steam Boiler manufacturer 1.25 - 3.82 Mpa
Thread Pipes

High-Pressure Steam Boiler – The Complete FAQ  Guide

High-pressure steam boilers are the most important part of different industries. Let us first understand how these machines work and know the necessary information about them before purchasing.

The following are answers to frequently asked questions about high-pressure steam boilers.

What Is A High-Pressure Steam Boiler?

A high-pressure steam boiler can produce higher pressures and temperatures compared to conventional boilers.

It is used to generate enough heat to create the necessary pressure for producing power. The water that boils or turns into vapor then spins turbines in a turbine generator.

A high-pressure steam boiler can be utilized for applications like power generation, food processing, and oil refining. They have been popular since the late 1800s because of their greater efficiency compared to conventional boilers.

high pressure steam boiler

How Does A High-Pressure Steam Boiler Work?

A piston or turbine moves the boiling water to generate pressure. This pushes down on a column of liquid and creates motion. This movement has an arrangement of pipes attached to it, which hold the rotating arms for the workforce in factories.

The steam is then fed into a condenser, cooled, and turned back to liquid form. This allows the process to start over again. The condensed water then travels from the boiler through pipe coils called headers.

The headers are attached to create one large column of cold water. This creates a more efficient distribution of heat, which helps to manage the temperature.

Following is working flow:

high pressure steam boiler system

What Are Some Types Of High-Pressure Boilers

La Mont Boiler:

Lamont boilers are forced convection water tube boilers that use a pump to circulate water. With its economizer, it can use less energy and increase efficiency. It also has a boiler drum, evaporator, superheater, and air heater.

Lamont boiler high pressure steam boiler

Benson Boiler:

Unlike the La Mont boiler, the Benson boiler does not have a steam separator and operates under critical pressure. A forced circulation water tube prevents bubbles in it by compressing the feed water to extremely high pressure.

The compressed water feed makes the water as dense as the steam. This reduces the latent heat in the water to zero, making steam generation easier.

Benson Boiler high pressure steam boiler

Loeffler Boiler:

As a result of the poor heat transfer achieved by the La Mont boiler, the Loeffler boiler was developed. Its water tube circulates water under high pressure, as it does in a Benson boiler.

Loeffler Boiler high pressure steam boiler

Radiant and convective superheaters work together to distribute steam to the turbine in the Loeffler boiler. By burning fuel, thermal energy heats the saturated steam. After passing through the convection superheater, the steam is further heated by the flue gases before passing to the turbine.

Velox Boiler:

In a Velox boiler, high velocity is used to create steam quickly through forced circulation. With Velox boilers, heat is transferred quickly because the gas moves faster than the speed of sound.

Velox Boiler high pressure steam boiler

Velox boilers use gas turbine compressors to send compressed air into the combustion chamber, where more heat is released. Flue gas velocity is then accelerated to the speed of sound due to the increased heat release rate.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Your High-Pressure Steam Boiler?

Yongxing High-pressure steam boilers are high efficiency and excellent to generate a lot of energy. This makes them perfect devices for factories that rely on high temperatures or heavy machinery.

The forced circulation of water in high-pressure boilers increases evaporation capacity and promotes positive circulation of water. This means that these boilers are more efficient in heating and inducing a higher rate of evaporation to create steam.

These boilers also have reduced condensation rates when exposed to cold ambient air, meaning they can operate at lower temperatures. This means they’re able to provide heat during the colder months without having to use an excessive amount of fuel.

Additionally, your steam boiler uses high-pressure steam to heat the water, so all parts of the boiler are heated uniformly.

fire tube boiler in direct heating

Other advantages of high-pressure steam boilers are the following:

  • They require less heat to vaporize
  • Their compact size requires fewer floorspace
  • Scale formation is minimized by the high velocity of water

What Are The Drawbacks In Using High-Pressure Steam Boilers?

They are often expensive and require regular maintenance, which can lead to recurring costs. Another issue with these devices is that some people may be allergic or sensitive to metal fumes from the boiler.

Additionally, a high-pressure steam boiler could also happen explosion when it is used improperly.


Where Can I Buy A High-Pressure Steam Boiler?

 There are high pressure steam boiler manufacturers, online retailers, and brick-and-mortar stores that sell them.

Companies such as Yongxing is not only supplied them but also provide installation services for their customers.


Does A High-Pressure Steam Boiler Require Installation?

 Yes, although many people don’t have the time or knowledge to do this themselves. If you’re unsure about the process, it might be best to hire a professional.

We are happy to provide installation services upon request. Our engineering team is ready to go to your location once the order is ready. Local installation teams may also be hired in some areas.


What Are The Benefits Of Having A High-Pressure Steam Generator

The high-pressure steam generator is a key part of a high-efficiency boiler. It converts water into a high pressure, high temperature, and high-quality steam. This provides heat for various applications such as drying processes or industrial manufacturing.

A high-pressure steam generator will be used to supply clean, dry air through a humidifier and dehumidifier system which provides better quality control of humidity levels. One example of this type of application would be in an animal food production plant.

high pressure steam boiler

Why Is My Steam Boiler Pressure High?

 This could be because there is too much water in the bottom of your tank. We recommend contacting a professional for assistance if you have any problems about fixing this problem yourself.

Another reason might be because the safety relief valve isn’t working properly. It will need to be shut off and repaired as soon as possible if it is operating at high pressure.


What Is A Boiler Flue?

 A boiler flue is the section of pipe that connects a furnace to your chimney or vent. They are typically made out of steel and can be insulated with fiberglass, aluminum, and other materials for better efficiency.

Heating water, boilers is ok to burn fuels such as gas and light oil, creating some harmful byproducts like carbon monoxide. These by-products are emitted outside your building through the boiler flue.

high pressure steam boiler flue

It is common for boiler systems, such as fire tube boiler, water tube steam boiler, low pressure boiler and etc, which all have regular and systems, thus to have a boiler flue. It is essential to protecting the health of people working inside the building.

low pressure steam boiler

Should Steam Come Out Of The Boiler Flue?

No, this is a sign that something may be wrong. This might be caused by too much moisture in the system or the pressure valve may not work properly. That reminds you to repair them soonest.

high pressure steam boiler

How Do I Lower The Pressure On My Boiler?

The pressure on a boiler can be lowered by either using the device’s lever or its control panel. It is recommended that you never operate at higher than 600 pounds per square inch. Doing so could lead to serious problems in the machine, potentially resulting in an explosion.

Keep in mind, however, that every device is different. Before making any adjustments, you must consult a professional to ensure the safety of your machine.

High pressure steam boiler flow guage

Why Is My Boiler Turning On When It Shouldn’t?

 There may be some issues with the thermostat or pressure relief valve inside it. You will need to have these repaired as soon as possible before something else goes wrong.

Does Boiler Pressure Go Up When Heating Is On?

Yes. This is because hot water vaporizes and expands more in a pressurized boiler, thus increasing its volume and consequently pushing down on the piston that creates the steam to power your building’s radiators.

What Is the Difference Of High Pressure VS Low Pressure Steam Boiler?

1. In high-pressure boilers, the heating pressure passes 15 psi, and boiler furnace temperature inside can go over 121 °C. These boilers operate at high pressure, so it is important to ensure safety at all times.

Yongxing high pressure steam boiler could get to 350psi and 554psi, help you to achieve high temperature superheated steam.

The worker who does the high pressure boiler operation must regularly check the pressure gauge, safety valve, alarm system, switches, leaks and etc. Any malfunctions must be fixed immediately to prevent further damage.


2. While in the low-pressure boiler,  its pressure keeps under 15 psi. Highest process pressure less than 260 psi. In addition, the temperature in a low-pressure boiler will not rise above 121 °C.

For this reason, these types of boilers do not need to be checked as often as the high-pressure ones.

Yongxing suggests you our low pressure steam boiler generator LHG or LHS. The working pressure at 13PSI. It is very safe and easy to install, with no need for inspection.

How to choose between a low-pressure steam boiler and a high-pressure steam boiler?

Your choice should be dependent on your needs in the process.

For example, if your steam boiler process is simple and wants steam only as a tool for conveying heat, so you will only need a low-pressure steam boiler in the process. Such as our vertical small steam boiler or steam generator.

While, if the heat required has to be met using a high-pressure steam boiler, you must choose the high-pressure steam boiler system since only it can correctly contribute to your work.

What Should I Considering When I Choose A High Pressure Boiler system?

The only issue at hand is finding which high-pressure steam boiler will take care of steam boiler psi. Here are some tips to help make choosing the right high-pressure boiler system easier:

  1. Have enough steam boiler psi 

Steam pressure measure by psi, bars, or Mpa. For a high steam boiler system, we design at least three bars (0.3Mpa). The reason why we use is that we required to supply your production line effectively clean steam.

Yongxing takes the first importance to ensure that the high-pressure steam boiler pressure is maintained rather than emitted in waves. Otherwise, the steam will not be as effective as it should be.

 2. High-pressure steam boiler accessories

The boiler accessories needed to depend upon your factory. Yongxing engineering suggests you prepare at least one year of boiler parts to ensure that once required. They are always there.

Don’t look down on these boiler accessories. If you can replace them on time, they can help you save a lot of money and maintenance effort. Yongxing is willing to supply you with boiler parts anytime at our best factory price.

  3. Check the size of the package.

Yongxing dedicates to making all the high-pressure steam boilers into small packages. They are explicitly designed to down the shipping cost purposes, while our high-pressure steam boiler also proves to be significant water content, enough steam output, less raw materials cost.

 4. Look at the construction quality

The boiler drum and pipes determine the life span of the high-pressure steam boiler, so Yongxing ensures it makes special boiler steels 20g. The high-pressure steam boiler main parts are tough enough to endure bumps and scrapes. 

How Hot Is High-Pressure Steam?

High-pressure steam temperatures would rise from 121°C up to 648°C.

Do Some Boilers Require A Water Line?

 Some high-pressure steam boilers do not need a line. They can still operate without this feature once you have a supply of water on hand.

What Are The Main Tasks Of High-Pressure Steam Boiler Operators?

If you are a high-pressure steam boiler operator, it is your responsibility to:

  • Regularly inspect switches, valves, and safety devices
  • Beon the lookout for leaks or problems
  • Prevent further damage by fixing problems immediately
  • Prevent corrosion and scale in the boiler by maintaining the proper chemistry

How Can I Confirm If My Boiler Is Leaking?

If you notice any water coming out of the boiler or around it, this means there is a leak. Look for signs of wet spots on your playground and dripping pipes to locate where the problem may be occurring. Once found, contact professionals right away as these leaks are usually serious.

How Can I Detect Missing Insulation?

Missing insulation may not be visible, A better way to detect it is using a thermal imager. You can get it from a plumber or other professional if your building doesn’t have one.

What Should I Do When The Tank Is Not In A Firing Sequence?

Drain the tank for a few seconds to test the float chamber. If the water level is low, the system should automatically activate.

How Often Should I Have My Heating System Checked?

A high-pressure boiler system should be checked at least once a year. In the event of an emergency, it is recommended that you contact our company as soon as possible.

What Common Problems Do Steam Boilers Have?

● Irregular or infrequent maintenance

Problems with boilers are often caused by inadequate maintenance. A lack of inspection can result in minor problems being overlooked, which creates worse problems in the future.

Reminder: the cost of regular maintenance is dramatically lower than the time and profit lost due to a broken boiler.

● Missing Insulation

The efficiency of the system is reduced when there is no insulation. Insulation helps keep heat in the system. When the heat dissipates, more fuel is required to maintain the proper temperature and pressure.

When your energy bills rise without your boiler use increasing, the system may be lacking insulation. We recommend calling a technician to inspect it.

● Water and Safety Probes Breaking

Like pipes, probes submerged in water can become encrusted with scale. One of the reasons to treat your tank water is due to this coating on probes.

The boiler may automatically shut off if the probes cannot accurately measure the water temperature or pressure. Meanwhile, a faulty safety control or sensor could also prevent the boiler from shutting itself off in an emergency.

● Random Shutdowns

In case of a malfunction, the heating system automatically turns itself off. Never try to restart the system on your own if the system shuts down for safety reasons. This could result in devastating consequences for you and those nearby.

● Slow Pressure Build

In most cases,If your system has a leak of pressure, the pressure data will going down.  A leaky steam pipe prevents the system from working in stable pressure.

It is best to begin your inspection by checking all valves. These places are likely to suffer from small, unseen holes that could alter the pressure.

fire tube system-1

What Are The Standards Of Your Steam Boiler?

We can supply China A class steam boilers as well as CE, SAA, and ASME certified. Also, the DOSH and IBR can be produced.

Do You Have A Warranty Service?

Our coal-fired boiler has a body warranty for 12 months. Meanwhile, our Yongxing WNS/SZS natural gas boilers and oil-fired boilers have a body guarantee of 5 years.


The high-pressure steam boiler is an efficient way to provide heating or an energy source for a building. Feel free to contact us to know about the process of buying or installing one of these boilers. Get Your Price Now.

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