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Yongxing hot oil boiler every welding and detail of the coil has been inspected many times. The quality is guaranteed and the maximum operating temperature can reach 320℃.
Vertical industrial oil heaters
If you do not have professional installation technicians, our skid-mounted hot oil boiler system will be your favorite system. All auxiliary machines can be turned on with one button.
The Hot Oil Boiler biggest feature is constant temperature control. Whether it is started or shut down, the supplied temperature is always constant and stable.
Yongxing YLW 3500KW hot oil boiler uses coal and biomass as fuels. as coal-fired boilers have a large loss. We can provide 1 year free Heating Oil Boiler Service.
Yongxing oil gas hot oil boiler efficiency is also very high, basically around 95%. The operating pressure is very low, about 1.0Mpa, but the max temperature can reach 300~320℃.
In order to meet the needs of customers, our hot oil boiler has obtained a professional CE certificate to meet quality requirements. You are welcome to click the inquiry.

Our Hot Oil Boiler Certifications

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  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 2
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 3
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 4

Yongxing Hot Oil Boiler Reliable Quality

As China A class-level hot oil boiler manufacture, we have decades of hot oil boiler experience, and we are very good at design and operate the superior hot oil boiler system.

Yongxing hot oil boiler works with the fuel of light oil, natural gas, diesel, etc. Use the hot oil pump to realize the recycling of the hot oil boiler system.

You will see that the heat energy is returned from the heating equipment and is reheated by the hot oil boiler. This heat energy can be recycled. Makes it possible to obtain a higher working temperature at a lower pressure.

At the same time, the medium heat transfer oil is used to control the temperature of the system with high precision. If you are used in high-precision industries, Yongxing hot oil boilers are your best choice.

For Yongxing’s hot oil boiler, it is widely used in petrochemical, textile, printing, and dyeing, plastics, rubber, food processing, wood processing, asphalt heating, carton production, vegetable dehydration, baking varnish, casting sand mold drying, etc.

If you want a high-level efficiency of hot oil boiler, a very good hot oil boiler service, contact us for inquiry right now!

Yongxing Hot Oil Boiler Reliable Quality
Yongxing Hot Oil Boiler Reliable Quality
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Hot Oil Boiler and Hot Water Oil Heater- The Complete FAQ Guide

Industrial hot oil boiler are devices applied in diverse ways and available in different forms. They serve so many benefits in different industries.

They also help in steam production while helping organizations streamline processes and increase productivity. This article takes a detailed look at commercial hot oil boiler Commercial Steam Boiler and all you need to know before buying one.

Read on.

What Is Your Industrial Hot Oil Boiler and Hot Oil Boiler System?

An Industrial hot oil boiler is a device that transfers heat between the heating fluid and a heat sink fluid. In these types of commercial boilers for sale, the heat sink fluid is referred to as the heating oil, while the heating fluid is known as the burner gas.

thermal oil boiler

With industrial hot oil boiler, the oil serves as the heat-transferring media. Hot oil boiler is used to increase productivity and make the production of hot water faster especially for large industries.

What Are The Types Of Your Hot Oil Boiler and Oil Hot Water Furnace?

Industrial hot oil boilers can be categorized according to the way they are fired. These devices can be fired in different ways, using electric power, diesel oil, biomass, gas, and air. Coal-fired hot oil boilers are also available and applied in industrial settings.

However, the two major types of industrial hot oil boiler are

  • Horizontal hot oil boilers

    Horizontal hot oil boilers tend to consume a lot of space and gives room for better access to devices for easy maintenance. It is built to ensure 100% safety.

hot oil boiler

  • Vertical hot oil boilers:

    This is a fully automatic vertical thermal oil hot oil boiler. It comes with accessories like the oil pump, pressure gauge, storage tank, expansion tank among many others. Vertical hot oil boilers do not consume a lot of space but could have accessibility issues.

vertical thermal oil boiler

Both types of devices differ according to their configuration—factors such as the available space and plant layout influence the choice of either vertical or horizontal boilers.

Get in touch today with us at YongXing boiler group to find out the types of hot oil boilers available for sale.

How Much Does Your Hot Oil Boiler and Oil Hot Water Heating System Cost?

At Yongxing boiler group, we manufacture the best quality commercial hot oil boilers at the best prices. Our hot oil boilers are of the most reliable quality and designed according to clients’ specifications.

Yongxing hot oil boilers will serve you for the longest period as they are made with the highest quality of materials. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs and pricing.

Be rest assured that we have the best pricing system in the industry. And our experts will design a boiler with value for your money.

What Is Your Hot Oil Boiler Heating System and Design?

At Yongxing Boiler Group, our thermal oil heating system is designed with the YD-340 heat transfer oil medium. This medium specifically improves the hot oil boiler efficiency—the average efficiency of our hot oil boilers is 95%.

The design of our devices is also adapted to keep the pressure low. The average operating pressure of our hot oil boilers is 1.0Mpa. Our hot oil boilers are also designed to maintain an optimal temperature that ranges from 300 to 320 degrees centigrade.

Our boilers have auxiliaries that can be turned on automatically with a single button. The temperature control feature is also notable. With this feature, the temperature of the devices can be maintained at a set point.

hot oil boiler thermal oil heating system

What Is Your Hot Oil Boiler System and the Working Principle of oil hot water boiler heating system?

Our hot oil boiler thermal heating system maintains an optimal thermal efficiency, even with different load levels. We should also mention that the devices are equipped with both safety monitoring and operational control devices.

The heating system also ensures excellent recycling as the heat energy can be reheated after being sent from the heating equipment. The heating system also guarantees the precise control of temperature.

hot oil boiler systems


coal biomass thermal boiler

What Is Your Industrial Hot Oil Boiler Insulation?

The important components of our boilers adapted for the highest insulation levels include the coil pipes, high-temperature thermal oil pumps, building furnace, and thermal oil hot oil boiler frame.

All of our components are designed with the best quality of materials and according to the highest manufacturing standards.

thermal oil boiler skid mounted

What Are The Benefits Of Your Hot Oil Boiler and Oil Water Boilers?

With the design of our hot oil boiler, the highest level of operational efficiency is achieved. As mentioned above, the efficiency of our boilers can be as high as 95%, which is one of the best in the industry.

The low pressure of our hot oil boilers is also notable. Compared to the pressure of saturated steam pressure of 300-degree centigrade water, the pressure of our boilers is 70 times reduced.

We should also mention that the thermal efficiency of our boilers is stable. The temperature of these devices can be set with an automatic control feature.

hot oil boiler coils pipes

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Your Hot Oil Boiler?

The pros of our hot oil boilers include energy efficiency, suitability for long-term use, availability in different sizes and features, time efficiency, and cost-efficiency.

When these devices are applied, the heating time can be reduced up to four times compared to other hot oil boilers. The cost of installing and maintaining these boilers is also significantly lower than those of other similar devices.

On the downside, some possible extra costs could be incurred. The application of combustible fuel sources could also be considered a con of these boilers.

Because of the costs of acquiring and installing these boilers, we are particularly committed to keeping our prices as friendly and efficient as possible.

hot oil boiler on shipping

What Are Industrial Hot Oil Boiler and Hot Oil Furnace Best Suited For?

Industrial hot oil boilers are best suited for application in a lot of different industries. These industries include food, fabrics, and chemical. In the food industry, the devices are applied vegetable dehydration, food processing, and baking varnish.

Applications in the fabrics industry include the dyeing and printing of textiles. Other general applications include asphalt heating, wood processing, petrochemicals, carton production, and casting sand mold drying.

What Is Your Hot Oil Boiler System?

The fuel of heating oil boiler is gas oil and kerosene among others. To understand and know the types of boiler juice that are perfect for your system, simply take a look at the boiler tank and understand the heating oil present inside.

You can also ask your boiler manufacturer for more information.

What Are Your Advantages Of industrial Hot Oil Boiler?

  1. The advantages of industrial thermal oil boilers are in the fact that they have features adapted for peculiar operations. For example, industrial thermal hot oil systems have excellent thermal control.
  2. The industrial boilers have significant operational efficiency, which can be up to 95%. Industrial thermal oil boilers also have peculiar features for both operational monitoring and temperature control.
    We should also mention that the devices can allow the recycling of heat energy, another way in which operational efficiency is ensured.
  3. Yongxing’s hot oil boiler uses the YD-340 heat transfer oil as the medium, and the liquid is circulated for heating, achieving 0 condensation discharge loss. Greatly improve the heating oil boiler efficiency of the system you use.
  4. The hot oil heater works in a Liquid phase to transfer heat energy, the heat carrier pressure is 70 times lower than the saturated steam pressure of water at 300℃. Flexible expansion oil tank. If the temperature in the system rises and falls, the volume needs to be changed, our technical means directly adjust the volume change in operation.
  5. We can eliminate the intervention of air moisture, and the volatile content is zero. Minimize the loss of your running process.
  6. Yongxing hot oil boiler can maintain a stable level of thermal efficiency under different loads.
  7.  It has complete operational control and safety monitoring devices.
  8. Besides, if you buy from us, you can save electricity, oil, water, and so on. The investment will recover in 3-6 months.

thermal oil boiler

Who is The Best Industrial Hot Oil Boiler Manufacturer? 

The best hot oil manufacturers design products that cater to the needs of clients across different industries. These devices are dependable, reliable, and suited for long-term use.

At Yongxing, we are committed to the manufacture of the best quality thermal oil boilers. We have developed these devices for decades and understand what it takes to design the best hot oil boiler  irrespective of the industry.


We offer comprehensive services, and all our products are designed according to the highest standards and subjected to thorough quality control. As thermal oil boiler manufacturers, we consider ourselves to be the best in the industry, serving clients in China and all over the world.

What Are The Best Industrial Hot Oil Boiler and Oil Hot Water Furnace Available For Sale?

The best industrial thermal oil boilers possess core qualities that guarantee efficiency. Some of the high-quality devices include the Yongxing 700 KW Skid-mounted Hot Oil Boiler System with extensive auxiliaries. The particularly notable features of this device include the one-button control of the auxiliaries.

YLW coal or pellet fired termal oil boiler

Another high-quality boiler is the Yongxing YYWQ1400kw Accurate Temperature Control Heating Oil Boiler that has a stable temperature control feature. The feature is important for keeping optimal temperatures of about 320 degrees centigrade stable.

YYW(Q) hot oil boiler

What Is Your Industrial Hot Oil Boiler and Hot Water Oil Heater Price?

Cost and process efficiency are two of the most important features of our manufacturing process. A model is different, so the price is always different. However, the average price is US$25000 dollars for model YYQW120KW ~ YYQW7000KW。

We are focused on keeping prices efficient and friendly. While we cannot give you a specific price for our industrial boilers because they are custom products, we can assure you that we will manufacture the best quality product at the best prices.

Reach out to us to discuss your custom needs, and we will deliver just what you need to optimize your operations.  We should also mention that research has shown our client’s operations are optimized with our boilers such that returns are gotten within three to six months.

What Is Your Industrial Hot Oil Boiler Service?

Yes, we offer industrial oil boiler servicing. For example, Yongxing YLW 3500KW heating oil boiler comes with free servicing for up to one year. All our products come with warranties. These warranties range from one to five years. In this period, we provide the best quality of after-sale services.

Our clients can easily get in touch with our sales team during the warranty period to get the required repair service. Our after-sale services extend beyond the warranty period. We will send an in-house team to our clients or partner with other local highly skilled service providers.

Yongxing thermal oil boiler servicing also includes helping clients find auxiliaries, whether at the factory price or free.  This is part of our commitment to ensuring the long-term application of our products.

What Is Your Industrial Hot Oil Boiler Efficiency?

Efficiency is one of the core features to consider when choosing industrial thermal oil boilers. Users should always look for the efficiency of a boiler before getting it, as it is a sure indication of the influence on the productivity of operations.

The most efficient boilers have a high efficiency of about 90%. The average efficiency of our thermal oil boilers is 95%. The efficiency of our boilers is guaranteed with the peculiar design features.

Our thermal oil boilers are manufactured to specifically meet the needs of clients. We serve clients in different industries, developing boilers that drive significantly improved productivity.

Do You Offer Industrial Hot Oil Boiler Installation?

We offer installation services for all our products, including thermal oil boilers. Our installation services are available to clients from all over the world. If the client is close to our industry, we send teams from our factory.

If the client lives far away from our factory, we partner with local service providers to offer the installation services. We offer installation as part of our comprehensive services because of the importance of proper installation in ensuring the efficiency of boiler systems.

Do You Offer Packaged Industrial Hot Oil Boiler For Sale?

We manufacture custom as well as readymade boilers for sales. Our readymade boilers are available in different forms and suited for operations in different industries.

Clients can discuss their peculiar needs with us or simply choose the readymade options available. Irrespective of whether it is ready-made or designed according to peculiar client needs, we ensure maximum efficiency.

Our quality control and general design features are in line with the highest standards and achieve maximum productivity.

So, yes, you can get packaged industrial hot oil boilers according to your general and peculiar needs.

hot oil boiler packaged


Industrial hot oil boilers are important devices for achieving maximum productivity across the globe. In this article, we have highlighted all of the details you should know about industrial hot oil boilers for sale.

As industrial oil boiler manufacturers with four decades of experience under their belt, we understand the importance of making informed decisions about boilers that is why we have provided this guide for all our clients. Get in touch today to find out more about our hot oil boilers.

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