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High Quality &Good Price Industrial Biomass Boiler

Coal Fired Boiler, Coal Fired Steam Boiler China Manufacturer
Our wood chips industrial biomass boilers has a very compact structure. Compared with other boilers, we have a small size and can help you save your boiler room infrastructure investment..
Coal Fired Boiler, Coal Fired Steam Boiler China Manufacturer
Normally, DZL biomass boiler cost is lower than SZL assembly double drum industrial biomass boilers. Yongxing upper boiler and bottom furnace arch is building completed in our factory.
SZL10-1.25-T Traveling Grate Coal Boiler For Sale
Yongxing engineer is willing to customized boiler capacity like 12ton, supply the installation biomass boiler service. With us you had find the best industrial biomass boilers manufacture.
Coal Fired Boiler, Coal Fired Steam Boiler China Manufacturer
Paper mills and wood mills prefer to use hand-feeding biomass boiler types, because they have a lot leftover material and also DZH industrial biomass boilers is not limit the biomass size.
Coal Fired Steam Boiler China
DZH series coal-fired boilers are equipped with wealth of auxiliary configurations, and yongxing's engineers can help you with installation and after-sales maintenance services.
Coal Fired Boiler, Coal Fired Steam Boiler China Manufacturer
Yongxing boiler can be equipped with the biomass boiler control system according to customer needs, such as schneider boiler components or Siemens components.

Our Industrial Biomass Boiler Certifications

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  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 3
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 2
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 4

Yongxing Industrial Biomass Boiler Reliable Quality

We are an industrial biomass boilers manufactures with A-level and CE certification. Yongxing industrial biomass boilers can accommodate your multiple fuels, such as forestry biomass, agricultural biomass, and agroforestry mixed biomass molding fuels and etc.

You can choose industrial biomass boilers combustion equipment, like chain grate stoker, reciprocating grates, fixed grate, and other combustion types. Our biomass-fired boiler can also be individually designed according to your fuel.

Our biomass boiler systems support the combustion of biomass briquettes-fuel, which has some outstanding features: significant ratio (1.0 — 1.27kg/m3), high calorific value (3800~4500 KCAL), volatiles ≥65.6%, combustion rate above 90%.

They can replace coal, oil, and natural gas, to help your biomass fired boiler achieve energy conservation and emissions reduction. Compared to oil or gas boilers, greatly reducing industrial biomass boiler cost.

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Industrial Biomass Boiler
Industrial Biomass Boiler
Industrial Biomass Boiler
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Yongxing Industrial Biomass Boiler Quality Control

Boiler Drum & Tubes
Membrane Wall

Coal Fired Boiler tube Ends Welding

We promise the welding of each boiler you buy smooth and no leakage at all.

Double hydraulic test

After welding the inner coal fired boiler furnace, we shall make one time hydraulic test, then we will welding the membrane wall by hand. After that, Yongxing makes the second time hydraulic test again. All these will promise that we become your best quality coal fired boiler manufacturers in China.

Make all the welding 100% NDT test is our daily work


Industrial Biomass Boiler Definitive Guide FAQ

Since 2020, the global environment has become worse. Frequent wildfires raise the earth’s surface temperature by an average of 1℃. It is urgent to protect the earth’s environmental temperature.

Especially industrial boilers consume large amounts of energy and emissions, in addition to environmental pressures, industrial biomass boilers are also accompanied by an energy crisis.

China and other countries are the same in encouraging the promotion and use of new biomass energy. Currently, industrial biomass boilers have become the first choice for most companies.

No need to worry about the biomass fired boiler fuel sources. You can make biomass pellets from all kinds of organic matter in nature.

For example:

* Wood, herbaceous plants, agricultural biomass, sawdust, corn stalks, wheat straw, straw, soybean stalks, sorghum stalks, cotton stalks, nuts, rice husks, corn cobs, peanut shells, rice husks, paper, and their wastes.

* Cutting, making wood leftovers, wood processing leftovers, trees pruning forestry mixture

* A mixture of the above two.

As this is easy to get, your fuel cost will be very low. Of course, if you can get free wood, your biomass fuel costs could disappear completely.

Yongxing suggests you use mechanical methods (such as cutting, crushing) and compact forming technology, the raw materials are processed into a molding biomass fuel with a fixed shape and size, high accumulation density, and it is easy for you to transport and burn.

Our biomass fired boiler advantages

1. Yongxing’s biomass fired boiler body design adopts a double-boiler water pipe structure, and our biomass fired boiler main combustion happens on the chain grate stoker.

The main two drums are arranged vertically along the center of industrial biomass boilers. Here Yongxing industrial biomass boilers water-cooled wall tubes form the radiant heating surface, tube bundles between the upper and lower drums form the convective heating surface, and biomass-fired boiler economizer is arranged at the rear.

To be a mature biomass boiler manufacturers, this design can provide you biomass boiler systems with a scope of 2-60 tons.

2. In order to fully burn your biomass fuel, Yongxing heightens the traveling grate combustion chamber and arranges the lateral secondary air. These small changes will make your biomass boiler system combustion efficiency as high as 84%+.

Far more than that, our chain grate let the air enter in a separate chamber furnace, with independent adjustment of the air volume, and step-less speed regulation of the grate. In addition to providing you with a high-efficiency industrial biomass boiler, Yongxing also enables you to enjoy a full biomass boiler control system.

3. Our biomass boiler for sale has independent intellectual property rights and adopts a material locking mechanism. With a special feeding device, you don’t have to worry about uneven feeding.

4.Yongxing industrial biomass boilers have a compact overall structure, small floor space, high assembly level, short installation period. We dedicate every effort to reduce your biomass boiler cost.

5. Compared with traditional oil-fired boilers and gas-fired boilers, Yongxing biomass boiler cost are the most economical for you. For details, please refer to our comparison table below.

Analysis and comparison of calorific value, consumption, and cost of various common fuels

(calculated based on 1ton steam boiler)

fuelType Ⅱ bituminous coalLight diesel oilnatural gasSawdustrice huskStrawBiomass shaped particles
Fuel density (kg/m3)12008500.74113012080-100750
Or (kg/Nm3)(Straw-Corn)
Low calorific value (KJ/kg)17693428753559013101126891669718392
Or (KJ/Nm3)(Corn stalks)
Boiler thermal efficiency (%)80959688879090
Combustion gas emissionsCO2955818420730685765950
Market price (USD$/ton)88.891037.040.5244.4481.4844.44118.52
Fuel consumption (kg/h)20066.179.4180200160160
Fuel cost1204622695411048128
OverviewGenerally applicable for 0.5- 60 tons/hour or morehigh costLow pollution but less of heat sourceApplicable to most companies (recommended)Applicable to most companies (recommended)Applicable to most companies (recommended)Applicable to most companies (recommended)

From the above datasheet, you could calculate biomass boiler cost per kWh.

Yongxing biomass boiler price is cheaper than all China same level boiler manufactures. Because of Yongxing no third-party sales department. So contact us right now to get the best price.

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