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High Quality & Good Price Industrial Biomass Boiler

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Our wood chips industrial biomass boiler has a very compact structure. Compared with other boilers, we have a small size and can help you save your boiler room infrastructure investment.
Coal Fired Steam Boiler China Manufacturer
Normally, DZL biomass boiler cost is lower than SZL assembly double drum industrial biomass boiler. Yongxing upper boiler and bottom furnace arch is building completed in our factory.
SZL10-1.25-T Traveling Grate Coal Boiler For Sale
Yongxing engineer is willing to customized boiler capacity like 12ton, supply the installation biomass boiler service. With us you had find the best industrial biomass boiler manufacturer.
Coal Fired Boiler, Coal Fired Steam Boiler China Manufacturer
Paper mills and wood mills prefer to use hand feeding industrial biomass boiler, because you have a lot leftover material and our DZH industrial biomass boiler is not limit your biomass size.
Coal Fired Steam Boiler China
DZH series coal-fired boilers are equipped with wealth of auxiliary configurations, and yongxing's engineers will help you with installation and after-sales maintenance services.
Coal Fired Boiler, Coal Fired Steam Boiler China Manufacturer
Yongxing can equip your biomass boiler with control system according to your needs, PLC panel can work with China Electrical components or Schneide, Siemens components.

Our Industrial Biomass Boiler Certifications

  • Certificate
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 3
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 2
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 4

Yongxing Industrial Biomass Boiler Reliable Quality

We are an industrial biomass boilers manufactures with A-level and CE certification. Yongxing industrial biomass boilers can accommodate your multiple fuels, such as forestry biomass, agricultural biomass, agroforestry mixed biomass molding fuels, etc.

You can choose industrial biomass boilers combustion equipment, like chain grate stoker, reciprocating grates, fixed grate, and other combustion types. Our biomass-fired boiler can also be individually designed according to your fuel.

Our industrial biomass boiler systems support the combustion of biomass briquettes-fuel, which has some outstanding features: significant ratio (1.0 – 1.27kg/m3), high calorific value (3800~4500 KCAL), volatiles ≥65.6%, combustion rate above 90%.

They can replace coal, oil, and natural gas, to help your industrial biomass boiler achieve energy conservation and emissions reduction. Compared to oil or gas boilers, greatly reduce industrial biomass boiler costs.

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Industrial Biomass Boiler
Industrial Biomass Boiler
Industrial Biomass Boiler
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Yongxing Industrial Biomass Boiler Quality Control

Industrial Biomass Boiler Drum & Tubes
Membrane Wall of Industrial Biomass Boiler





Industrial Biomass Boiler’s tube Ends Welding

We promise the welding of each industrial biomass boiler you buy smooth and no leakage at all.

Double hydraulic test

After welding the inner coal fired boiler furnace, we shall make one time hydraulic test, then we will welding the membrane wall by hand. After that, Yongxing makes the second time hydraulic test again. All these will promise that we become your best quality coal fired boiler manufacturers in China.

Make all the welding 100% NDT test is our daily work






All You Need To Know About Industrial Biomass Boiler and Biomass Steam Boiler Manufacturers

A lot of the energy supply from fossil fuels is harmful to the environment and contributes to global warming.

With increased concerns for the environment, industrial biomass boilers have become advantageous due to the reduced effects they have on the environment compared to fossil fuels.

This article takes a detailed look at the industrial biomass boiler and serves as a buying guide for everyone interested in making a purchase.

Read on to find out more!

What Is Your Industrial Biomass Boiler and biomass boilers?

An industrial biomass boiler is a steam or hot water boiler that uses a certain type of fuel.

It can be described as a boiler that makes use of biomass as fuel instead of fossil fuel.

This fuel can be sourced from wood, agricultural biomass, herbaceous plants, sawdust, straw, sorghum stalks, corn cubs, rice husks, etc.

The ease at which the industrial biomass boilers fuel are gotten helps to reduce fuel cost.

Industrial Biomass Boiler can be Vertical/horizontal industrial biomass steam boiler, Vertical/horizontal biomass hot water boiler, and Vertical/horizontal biomass thermal oil boiler.

What Is Your Industrial Biomass Boiler Efficiency and Industrial Boiler? 

Yongxing Industrial Biomass boilers are highly efficient.

When installed correctly and maintained, they offer more than 90% efficiencies and significantly help you to cut down on fuel costs.

In addition, our industrial biomass boilers are environmentally friendly and eco-friendly. They produce fewer emissions than fossil fuel and leave you with a neat and sustainable environment.

Furthermore, these industrial biomass boilers can last you for a very long time. They also come with auxiliary features and are incorporated with preventive maintenance practices.

How Does Your Industrial Biomass Boiler and Commercial Biomass Boiler Work?

Industrial biomass boilers work by heating up the water inside the boiler.

The water is then transmitted to consumers through pipes. When condensed, water goes back to the boiler to be heated again.

Industrial biomass boilers are used in an attempt to reduce carbon footprints. The carbon existing in biomass can be found in the natural carbon cycle while fossil fuels are not.

When burnt to produce fuel, fossil fuels constantly add carbon to the environment making straw pellet boiler better.

In addition, industrial biomass boilers are cost-effective. They require more space than the regular industrial boiler due to the compulsory extra fuel equipment.

Coal fired boiler system

What Is Your Industrial Biomass Boiler  and Biomass Boiler Design?

Yongxing Industrial Biomass steam boilers have great design, with unique features and functionalities. They ensure high thermal efficiency and have a traveling grate stoker.

These industrial biomass boilers also have different fire grate bar shapes, they are environmentally friendly and reduce gas pollution.

All Yongxing industrial biomass boilers are made with high-quality materials that ensure that you get an excellent value for your investment. They also offer up to 90% efficiency.

What Are The Types Of  Industrial Biomass Boiler and Industrial Boiler?

There are different types of industrial biomass boiler and they include:

This is the most efficient type of industrial biomass boiler and it functions automatically. Woods used in these boilers are usually chipped or in form of pellets.

They are kept in a large silo and transported into the combustion chamber of the boiler automatically.

These woods are fed into the chamber and regulated by laser and computer controls.

To ensure that the temperature and pressure are maintained, the system goes on and off automatically.

These types of industrial biomass boilers are also easy to use.

This type of industrial biomass boiler is more suitable for large establishments like farms. They are very similar to the fully automated biomass boiler, but they are less expensive.

These industrial biomass boiler do require more work from an operator than the fully automated biomass boiler.

Their holding tanks are smaller but they come with an attached tank that can hold more wood and need to be refilled manually.

DZH manual type biomass boiler

Pellets are a form of processed wood. They are more expensive but offer a higher level of efficiency.

Usually, pellets are fed into the boiler from the grain-type hopper where they are stored with gravity.

The storage system for this type of industrial biomass boiler is smaller because the wood pellets are condensed, this helps to reduce cost.

The industrial biomass boiler is most efficient in places where the pellets are close to the facility and where there is limited space for storage and transportation.

Industrial biomass boiler (1)

  • Combined heat and power (CHP) Industrial Biomass Boilers

In this type of system, biomass is used to generate power, and in the process, heat is produced as a byproduct.

They are quite expensive due to their high-pressure operation, and they require a trained operator to always be on site.

The industrial biomass boiler type makes use of wood waste like wood chips in generating power.

Places like hospitals and prisons that require energy and heat can employ this system as well as manufacturers of wood products who use a heat and power combined system.

They may also qualify for Government Feed-in tariffs (FiTs), Renewable Heat Premium Payment, and Renewable Heat incentives.


This is a good option for people who can easily access firewood. In this industrial biomass boiler, the woods are fed in by hand.

When used optimally, biomass log boilers are cost-efficient for large properties and people with reduced budgets.

Do You Carry Out Industrial Biomass Boiler Installation?

Sure we can.

We have a team of experts with the right experience to carry out all types of industrial biomass boiler installation. We do not only biomass steam boiler manufactures and sell these boilers. We also transport them to the location of your choice, install them, and ensure they are working properly.

You can trust us to carry out a perfect job on all your industrial biomass boilers installation.

How Much Does Your Industrial Biomass Boiler Cost?

Like other industrial boilers that come with different features and functionalities.

Industrial biomass boiler cost depends on its features like the storage size, types of boiler, and fuel type.

The average price for a wood pellet biomass boiler is $1,499, while oil-fired and gas-fired are $3,999 and $6,999, respectively.

Ideally, you should be looking at spending $2,000 to $5,0 00 to buy and install an industrial biomass boiler.

Other extra costs that may pop up include the cost of installation, transportation to site, maintenance charge, among others.

For more details on the cost of our industrial biomass boiler, do get in touch, and we will take this discussion a step further.

What Does Your Biomass Steam Boiler Cost Per kWh?

Just like the industrial biomass boiler cost, the cost per kWh of this boiler also differs.

The average cost per kWh of the wood pellet boiler is 4.11p/kWh, while that of oil-fired and gas-fired biomass boilers are 6.5p/kWh and 3.9p/kWh, respectively.

Compared with traditional oil-fired boilers and gas-fired boilers, Yongxing’s industrial biomass boiler costs are the most economical for you. For details, please refer to our comparison table below.

Analysis and comparison of calorific value, consumption, and cost of various common fuels

(calculated based on 1ton industrial biomass boiler)

fuel Type Ⅱ bituminous coal Light diesel oil natural gas Sawdust rice husk Straw Biomass shaped particles
Fuel density (kg/m3) 1200 850 0.741 130 120 80-100 750
Or (kg/Nm3) (Straw-Corn)
Low calorific value (KJ/kg) 17693 42875 35590 13101 12689 16697 18392
Or (KJ/Nm3) (Corn stalks)
Boiler thermal efficiency (%) 80 95 96 88 87 90 90
Combustion gas emissions CO2 955 818 420 730 685 765 950
SO2 11.8 14.2 / / 0.2 0.1 /
NOx 4.3 4 0.5 1.1 1.3 1.2 1
Market price (USD$/ton) 88.89 1037.04 0.52 44.44 81.48 44.44 118.52
Fuel consumption (kg/h) 200 66.1 79.4 180 200 160 160
Fuel cost 120 462 269 54 110 48 128
Overview Generally applicable for 0.5- 60 tons/hour or more high cost Low pollution but less of heat source Applicable to most companies (recommended) Applicable to most companies (recommended) Applicable to most companies (recommended) Applicable to most companies (recommended)

From the above datasheet, you could calculate industrial biomass boiler cost per kWh.

Yongxing’s industrial biomass boiler price is cheaper than all China same level boiler manufactures. Because of Yongxing no third-party sales department.

How Are Your Industrial Biomass Boiler Manufactured and how to Choose the Biomass Steam Boiler Manufacturers?

In manufacturing our industrial biomass boilers, metal removing, casting, forming, welding, heat treatment, and other destructive and non-destructive testing facilities are carried out.

A detailed drawing of the boiler according to the specifics of the user is submitted for approval to the Boiler directorate.

Once approved, all raw materials are inspected, and the material certificates are verified.

If materials were not purchased by the manufacturer directly, a physical and chemical test is conducted on various materials.

Inspections are also done at various stages of the manufacturing process, and the directorate gets to witness a hydraulic test at 1.5 times the boiler’s pressure.

If the tests are all successful, the industrial biomass boiler can be dispatched by our team of technicians. They also help you install commercial biomass boilers at your chosen destination.

Which Industrial Biomass Boiler For Sale At Yongxing?

Some of the industrial biomass boilers for sale by YongXing Boiler Group include the following:

This is a forced circulation chain grate boiler created by YongXing Boiler Group.

YLW Biomass thermal oil boiler uses biomass fuel which is eco-friendly and has less emission when compared to fossil fuel.

This unique boiler has a new type of heating system that consists of an upper body and a lower chain grate. The boiler can be adjusted to a precise temperature that suits your needs.

It also has a perfect operation control stem and a safety monitoring device. The YLW Biomass thermal oil boiler is simple to use, convenient and is cost-effective.

In addition, all YongXing Boiler Group Biomass Thermal oil boilers do not produce dirt or waste grass while in operation.

Rather, industrial biomass boilers have good heat transfer performance, a high-efficiency level.

  • SZL industrial biomass boiler

This is a double drum for industrial biomass boiler with a chain grate. It makes use of clean energy biomass that is environmentally friendly.

This boiler does not produce gas and smoke when under combustion.

The SZL industrial biomass boiler comprises two parts, the upper body boiler, and the lower combustion part.

The fuel is burned in the combustion chamber and discharged to the air through the dust remover-induced draft fan and chimney.

This industrial biomass boiler has a high efficiency level and reduces fuel cost and water generation.

Other advantages of the SZL coal/biomass fired boiler include stable operation, perfect protection function, and high automation.

  • DZL Automatic & DZH Manually fired Coal/Biomass Fired Boiler

This Industrial Biomass Boiler has a single-drum vertical chain grate boiler for fuel. It uses all types of fuels.

It is a biomass-fired boiler with a large heating area and high thermal efficiency.

DZL coal/biomass fired boiler is also a horizontal three-return water-fire tube boiler with high efficiency and enhanced energy-saving combustion technology.

Some of its performance characteristics are include reduced energy consumption and high thermal efficiency due to the threaded pipe heat transfer system.

Heat transfer coefficient and its effect is improved by applying membrane water wall structure. This can also reduce heat loss.

In addition, the tail flue has a dust collector that ensures that the dust emission meets the requirements for environmental protection.

Also, the chain grate surface is made stable and reliable with an added unique safety ring, a new type of small-scale type grate used by the chain grate.

This biomass heat conduction oil boiler is a forced circulation vertical biomass boiler produced by Yongxing Boiler Group.

It uses biomass particles for fuel and heat-conducting oil as a medium. Usually, the circulating oil is forced to conduct the liquid phase circulation via the circulation oil pump.

Then it transfers the heat energy to the heating equipment and back to the heating furnace to be reheated. This low boiler pressure has a better heating temperature in the liquid phase up to 340 degrees and high-temperature performance.

The merits of the YGL Biomass Thermal Oil boiler include good heat transfer performance and high heat utilization.

Others include safe and reliable operation, convenient operation and maintenance, and perfect protection.

coal biomass thermal boiler

What Is Your Industrial Biomass Boiler Service?

At YongXing Boiler Group, we offer full industrial biomass boiler installation services.

From industrial biomass boiler design to manufacturing, installation, and maintenance, we are here for you. Our team of experts will take the time to listen and understand what you need.

Then, we will manufacture the industrial biomass boiler to suit your business preference. Our professionally trained technicians will also install this boiler at the destination of your choice and ensure that it works nearly 100% load at the designed industrial boiler capacity.

Other services offered by YongXing Boiler Group include Industrial biomass boiler repair, sales, upgrades, sales of spare parts, maintenance, and training, among others.

Just get in touch, and we will be glad to deliver a customized industrial biomass boiler for your business.

What Are Your Industrial Biomass Boiler Pros And Cons?


  • The amount of Carbon emission produced by industrial biomass boilers is small compared to that of fossil fuels.
  • They are good for local businesses as biomass can be sourced locally.
  • They have highly sophisticated combustion systems. This makes the combustion efficiency high.
  • They can integrate properly with other heating systems.
  • They require little maintenance.
  • Some of the industrial biomass boilers can be fully automated.


  • The cost for installation is relatively high
  • Some of the systems will require human input at a high level.
  • The fuel must be periodically delivered.
  • They may not be suitable for small spaces as they require a large amount of space.

What Kind Of Biomass Can We Use For Your Industrial Biomass Boiler?

Since 2020, the global environment has become worse. Frequent wildfires raise the earth’s surface temperature by an average of 1℃. It is urgent to protect the earth’s environmental temperature.

Especially industrial boilers consume large amounts of energy and emissions, in addition to environmental pressures, industrial biomass boilers are also accompanied by an energy crisis.

China and other countries are the same in encouraging the promotion and use of new biomass energy. Currently, industrial biomass boilers have become the first choice for most companies.

No need to worry about the industrial biomass boiler fuel sources. You can make biomass pellets from all kinds of organic matter in nature.

For example:

  • Wood, herbaceous plants, agricultural biomass, sawdust, corn stalks, wheat straw, straw, soybean stalks, sorghum stalks, cotton stalks, nuts, rice husks, corn cobs, peanut shells, rice husks, paper, and their wastes.
  • Cutting, making wood leftovers, wood processing leftovers, trees pruning forestry mixture
  • A mixture of the above two.

As this is easy to get, your fuel cost will be very low. Of course, if you can get free wood, your biomass fuel costs could disappear completely.

Yongxing suggests you use mechanical methods (such as cutting, crushing) and compact forming technology. The raw materials are processed into a molding biomass fuel with a fixed shape and size, high accumulation density, and are easy for you to transport and burn.

Why We Choose You As Our Industrial Biomass Boiler Manufacturer? 

  • Yongxing Boiler Group is a reputable industrial biomass boiler manufacturer and the best you will find online or offline.
  • With over 30 years of experience, YongXing Boiler Group manufacturer industrial biomass boiler with CE and A-level certification.
  • These industrial biomass boilers use a double-waiter pipe structure, and the main combustion occurs on the chain grate stoker.
  • The combustion chamber has an increased efficiency as high as 84%+.
  • Yongxing’s industrial biomass boiler also eliminate the worry of uneven feeding; they occupy a small space and are cost-effective.
  •  Yongxing’s industrial biomass boiler body design adopts a double-boiler water pipe structure, and our biomass-fired boiler main combustion happens on the chain grate stoker. The main two drums are arranged vertically along the center of industrial biomass boilers.Here Yongxing industrial biomass boilers water-cooled wall tubes form the radiant heating surface, tube bundles between the upper and lower drums form the convective heating surface, and biomass-fired boiler economizer is arranged at the rear. To be a mature biomass boiler manufacturers, this design can provide you biomass boiler systems with a scope of 2-60 tons.
  •  Our boilers can take biomass fuels such as agricultural biomass, agroforestry mixed biomass molding fuels, and forestry biomass.
    To fully burn your biomass fuel, Yongxing heightens the traveling grate combustion chamber and arranges the lateral secondary air. These small changes will make your biomass boiler system combustion efficiency as high as 84%+.Far more than that, our chain grate let the air enter in a separate chamber furnace, with independent adjustment of the air volume, and step-less speed regulation of the grate. In addition to providing you with a high-efficiency industrial biomass boiler, Yongxing also enables you to enjoy a full biomass boiler control system.
  • The Industrial Biomass Boiler for sale has independent intellectual property rights and adopts a material locking mechanism. With a special feeding device, you don’t have to worry about uneven feeding.
  • Yongxing industrial biomass boilers have a compact overall structure, small floor space, high assembly level, short installation period. We dedicate every effort to reducing your biomass boiler cost.


Industrial biomass boilers are cost-effective ways for organizations to reduce the cost of fuel and hot water production. These boilers make use of biomass which is environmentally friendly and readily available for use.

Industrial biomass boilers are a great choice for everyone, they do not produce smoke, dirt, or waste. This article has provided a detailed guide on all you need to know about industrial biomass boilers.

If you are interested in buying an Industrial biomass boiler, it is vital to choose a reputable seller like YongXing Boiler Group.

With many years of working experience, Yongxing Boiler Group offers you the best value for your money. We will work with you to understand your need and create a design that is perfect for you.

In China, we are the authorized manufacturers of industrial biomass boilers. We also transport our finished products and get them installed at your final destination.

Get in touch today and our team of experts will be waiting to hear from you.



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