High-Efficiency Industrial Electric Steam Generator: Simplified Guide 2023

The problem with conventional boilers is that they need a lot of maintenance. Yet they fail to provide optimal efficiency. Also, the government doesn’t appreciate using fossil fuels to generate heat. Therefore, we present to you high-efficiency electric steam boilers. Not only are they easy to use and maintain, but they are also environmentally friendly.

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Before discussing them, let’s shed some light on what this article will cover. You’ll learn about the working and efficiency of industrial electric steam generator. We’ll wind up the discussion by learning about these boilers’ power consumption and prices. Let’s get going!

What Are Industrial Electric Steam Generator and How Do They Work?

Industrial Electric Steam Generator Definition

An industrial electric steam generator is a type of boiler that generates steam using electricity. Since it uses electricity instead of fossil fuels, it produces no toxic emissions. Hence, it’s green.

The industrial electric steam generator is similar in design and function to the boilers that heat water using gas or oil furnaces. The only difference is its heat source (electricity in this case). It uses electric energy to heat the water and convert it into steam.

Industrial Electric Steam Generator Working Principle

Using thermal energy, an industrial electric steam generator heats the water inside a closed tank. The boilers use electric components to produce energy. This heating element is often found inside the boiler, where it heats the water when you supply the power. The steam produced has applications in various processes, including cooking, sterilization, and heating.

The water level in the boiler is monitored, and extra water is put in as necessary to keep an even supply of steam.

electric steam boiler working principle

This monitoring guarantees that the steam produced has the proper temperature and pressure. Usually, the boilers’ bodies contain the valves and equipment to interact with the electric resistors. So you don’t need a separate system to make the boilers work.

Types of Industrial Electric Steam Generator

Different types of industrial electric steam generator are available in the market. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Electric resistance boilers

These are the most common industrial electric steam generator. They offer precise temperature control. They can be equipped with advanced control systems, allowing for accurate adjustment of the heating elements’ power output. This allows fine-tuning of the steam production to match the specific process requirements. 

2. Electric thermal storage boilers

These boilers use off-peak electricity to heat water stored in insulated tanks. When heat is needed, they release the stored heat gradually, providing a continuous and controlled heat supply throughout the day. Hence, they are a good choice for facilities with varying steam demands.

3. Electrode boilers

Electrode boilers use electrodes to create an electrical current and produce heat. They offer exceptional response times, enabling quick steam production on demand. They can reach operating temperatures in a very short time, making them ideal for applications requiring an immediate steam supply.

4. Combined heat and power (CHP) boilers

They provide heat and power using an electric generator. The generator turns extra steam into electricity. They are very effective for companies with high steam demand and electricity usage.

5. Heat pump boilers

Heat pump boilers use energy to operate a heat pump. The pump collects heat from the air or ground to heat water and produce steam. They are an energy-efficient solution that can be beneficial in moderate temperatures.

Are Industrial Electric Steam Generator Worth It?

To answer this, let’s consider factors, including advantages, efficiency, and power consumption.

Advantages of Industrial Electric Steam Generator

The most prominent advantages include the following:

Electric Steam Boilers Advantages

1. Low Maintenance Cost

Industrial electric steam generator have no moving parts. In contrast, conventional boilers have more moving parts and are prone to breakdowns. Additionally, there’s no need for fuel storage, transportation, or handling of equipment. They also don’t call for routine cleaning of soot or ash.

2. Easy Installation

Compared to other options, commercial electric boilers require less installation work. As no combustion occurs inside the boiler, there is no need for a flue. In other words, a boiler that runs on electricity may be installed anywhere in the facility.

3. High Efficiency

Industrial Electric steam generator have an energy efficiency of almost 98%. Since there are no combustion processes, no heat loss occurs. They can also produce steam on demand and have quick starting times. These factors contribute to energy conservation.

4. Safety

They are safer than fuel-fired steam boilers as they don’t emit toxic pollutants. They can be immediately turned off in emergencies, ensuring safety.

5. Compact Size

Industrial Electric steam generator are excellent for industrial situations with limited space. This is because they are small and can be installed in limited places.

Efficiency and Power Consumption of Industrial Electric Steam Generator

Energy efficiency and power consumption play an important role in the selection of the boiler.

large industrial electric steam boilers

Efficiency of Industrial Electric Steam Generator

Industrial electric steam generator produce steam from water. The process is quite efficient and reduces your electricity bill. Where other boilers lose 20%–60% of their energy, industrial electric steam generator lose 10% during the process.

Power Consumption of Industrial Electric Steam Generator

An industrial electric steam generator’s power usage can vary greatly depending on its size and usage. Generally, they use more electricity than other boilers. This is because they need a lot of energy to heat the water and create steam.

Kilowatts (kW) or megawatts (MW) are the units to measure the boiler’s power usage. Small industrial electric steam generator for small business use may require 5 to 10 kW of power. While large industrial electric steam generator can use several hundred MW of electricity,

Most industrial boiler operators spend more on electric energy than on oil and gas. Although these boilers are expensive, they have advantages that compensate for their high prices. These include low maintenance requirements, easy operation, and no emissions.

How to Reduce the Power Consumption of Industrial Electric Steam Generator?

The following are some tips for reducing how much power industrial electric steam boiler uses.

1. Keep High Insulation in Your Boiler Room

Handling the boiler room’s insulation reduces heat loss during the operation. By minimizing heat loss, the insulated boiler room helps to maintain a higher level of thermal efficiency. This means that a larger portion of the heat energy is retained and utilized within the system, resulting in improved energy efficiency. Thus, the heat energy usage will increase, and you will need less power to meet users’ needs.

2. Modifications to the Environment

To achieve an optimal heating environment and minimize power usage, it is important to consider the arrangement of your heating facility. The heating system is positioned or designed in such a way that the generated heat is efficiently transferred and supplied directly to the space requiring heating. By ensuring that heat is delivered directly to the facility, heat loss can be minimized, resulting in reduced power consumption.

3. State of the Electric Boiler

Your electric boiler should have a certain level of regulation and control. The working load in the boiler should change automatically to meet the user’s needs or changes in the environment. When the demand temperature is high, the operating load can increase. Similarly, when the demand temperature is low, the operating burden can be decreased. This reduces how much energy the boiler uses.

Choosing the Right Industrial Electric Steam Generator for Your Industry

Want to choose the right boiler for your needs? Here are the factors you need to consider:

1. Efficiency

 Efficiency is a key consideration when selecting an industrial electric steam generator. A high-efficiency boiler will help lower operating costs and reduce energy consumption. Consider the electricity costs in your area to ensure the chosen boiler provides a cost-effective solution.

2. Steam Demand

Select a boiler with a capacity that can meet your specific steam demand. It’s crucial to ensure that the selected boiler is neither too small, resulting in insufficient steam production, nor too large, which may lead to inefficiencies and higher costs.

3. Space Needs

Consider the dimensions and physical requirements of the boiler, such as clearance areas and access for maintenance. Choose a boiler that can be easily accommodated in your facility without causing disruptions to other operations.

4. Safety

A boiler with various safety features will be the best option for you. The features include pressure and temperature sensors and automatic shutoff. Prioritize boilers that comply with relevant safety standards and regulations.

Industrial Electric Steam Generator Price

The cost of the boilers depends on various factors, including boiler size and steam requirements. Yet, the general range of the price is mentioned below.

Size of Boiler (kW) Cost ($)
200 7,000 – 12,000
400 15,000 – 20,000
600 25,000 – 30,000
800 35,000 – 40,000
1000 44,000 – 50,000

Industrial Electric Steam Generator Manufacturer

The cost of an industrial electric steam generator may vary among manufacturers. Getting boilers from reputable boiler manufacturers is the best way to get the most out of your investment. Even better if you take one that specializes in making boilers. 

high-efficiency electric steam boiler

Installing these boilers in industries requires the help of an experienced engineer. This guarantees safety in the design, installation, and operation. So it’s best to get in touch with a reputable manufacturer. 

You can contact us if you’re looking for a high-efficiency electric steam boiler. We handle everything, from ordering to delivering to installing, as a free after-sales service.


Industrial electric steam generator have the potential to be your next purchase. Initially, you might find them expensive, but you’ll see the value when you begin to enjoy things like low maintenance and high efficiency. There are various electric steam boilers available. Depending on your requirements and budget, you can choose the best fit for yourself. The requirements include steam demands, space availability, Power consumption, etc.

To ensure you’re getting the most out of your purchase, contact reliable electric boiler manufacturers. Luckily, we’ve got the best electric steam boilers on the market. Call our professionals to land your ideal boiler at affordable prices now!

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