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Industrial gas boiler has the characteristics of a wide range of fuel applications, such as diesel, light oil, heavy oil, natural gas, methanol, etc. can be used as the fuel.
WNS8-1-YQ Industrial Gas Boilers Prices Equipped Horizontal Internal Combustion Type
Industrial natural gas boilers are mainly composed of the boiler body, burners, instruments, economizers, condensers, etc. It has the characteristics of low pollution, convenient operation, etc.
WNS10-1-YQ Industrial Gas Fired Steam Boiler with Three Pass Wet Back Type
Industrial gas boiler adopts a wet-back, wave-shaped furnace structure, and the heating surface is symmetrically arranged, which effectively reduces the heat loss and improves safety performance.
WNS15-1-YQ Industrial Gas boilers Prices with low NOx emission
Industrial natural gas boilers is fully assembled and delivered. Except for water supply, gas supply and electrical connection accessories, the boiler can be quickly installed at the user site.
WNS15-1-YQ Industrial Gas boilers Prices with low NOx emission
Industrial gas boiler achieve high combustion efficiency and low pollutant emissions because comprehensive low NOx control technology, ensuring the environmental requirements.
WNS12-1-YQ industrial Gas Boiler Efficiency 94%-98%
An energy saver and a condenser are designed on the rear of the body to improve the thermal energy efficiency.Industrial gas boiler also have the multiple protection functions.

Our Industrial Gas Boiler Certifications

  • Certificate
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 2
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 3
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 4

Yongxing Industrial Gas Boiler Reliable Quality

Yongxing Boiler Group is the leading manufacturer of industrial gas boilers in China. We also produce coal, gas, oil, biomass, hot water, and multiple fuel boiler. As the main product, the industrial gas boiler can generate high-temperature steam for many different applications.

An industrial gas boiler can use LPG, LNG, and CNG as the fuel. The rated evaporation is 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,10,12,15,20,25t/h, and etc. You can choose a suitable capacity based on your demand.

Our industrial gas boiler efficiency is very high because of the built-in water-cooled tube wall at the flame tube rear wall. It is easy to check the operation of the intelligent control system.

Yongxing industrial natural gas boilers achieve A Class boiler manufacturing license, BR I Class pressure vessel manufacturing license, ISO9001 Certification, ASME Certification, etc.

If the investment cost is your main concern, you can freely pick us. We promise to supply you best industrial gas boilers prices.

The industrial gas boiler can effectively reduce emission heating and improve fuel efficiency as smooth heating surfaces and inner steam circulatory systems. You will save the power cost very much.

Once we receive your inquiry, we shall send you the prices in 24hours. It’s the best choice for cooperation with us for your business.

Yongxing Industrial Gas Boiler Reliable Quality
Yongxing Industrial Gas Boiler Reliable Quality
Yongxing Industrial Gas Boiler Reliable Quality
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What You Must Know About An Industrial Gas Boiler


Being an owner of an industry requires high knowledge of industrial equipment. If you have an industrial gas boiler at your facility, you must read this guide to know all about it. Plus, it will tell you what mishaps you can expect and where to buy the best industrial gas boiler. So, stay tuned till the very end of this helpful article.

What Is An Industrial Gas Boiler?

The industrial gas boiler converts water to steam using gas as fuel. It has compatibility with natural gas, LPG, heavy oil, light oil, etc. The fuel burns inside the combustion chamber and produces hot flue gases. Afterward, the heat of flue gases transfer to the water and raises its temperature beyond the boiling point.

Basically, the industrial gas boiler operation is similar to the pressure cookers. It has a similar closed-vessel design and increases the liquid’s temperature and pressure. The industrial boilers do not just increase the temperature but also pressure. Similar to the pressure cooker, the pressure increases because the heat transfers in a closed vessel.

However, the industrial steam boiler can tolerate much higher pressure than a cooker. It has thick steel plates welded that can endure pressure up to 35 bars.

Industrial gas boiler prices

Oil Gas Steam Boiler

Industrial Gas Boiler Design

The industrial gas steam boiler must have high-strength steel plates designed to handle high pressures and heat. Its weight exceeds 100 tons because durability requires rigid and heavy materials. The main component involved in its operation is the furnace. The inside furnace is a burner that creates flame and produces heat.

The water tubes bundles are inside the furnace. It comes in two designs; a water tube and a fire tube boiler. In the water tube design, the water flows inside the tube, and the flue gases surround them to transfer heat. On the other hand, the fire tube design has a fire inside the tube and water surrounding them. Both are unique and are for specific purposes. More explained here.

Either water tube or fire tube, the industrial boilers have reversal chambers to maximize heat transfer. The water or fire flows two or three times inside the furnace for increasing thermal efficiency.

Industrial Gas Boiler Components

Key components involved in the industrial gas boiler operation:

  • Boiler shell – The boiler body encloses all components.
  • Deaerator pump – The pump ensures the feedwater flow cycle.
  • Deaerator burner – The burner burns the fuel to produce hot flue gases.
  • Heat Exchanger – The heat transfer takes place inside the heat exchanger.
  • Furnace – The hot flue gases transfer heater to the feedwater inside the furnace.
  • Economizer – The economizer uses the exhaust gases’ heat to warm the cold feedwater.
  • Condenser – The condenser condenses the water vapor in exhaust gases to maximize thermal efficiency.

Industrial Gas Boiler Applications

  • Food and beverage factory
  • Surgery equipment sterilization
  • Application as a rice mill steam boiler
  • Maintaining room or building temperature
  • Laundries
  • Emergency room humidification
  • Educational institutions
  • And many more industries use an industrial natural gas boiler for different purposes.


The gas boiler uses several fuels to produce steam. Following are the fuels compatible with gas boiler industrial equipment:

  • Natural gas
  • LPG gas
  • Heavy oil
  • Light oil
  • Diesel

How Does Industrial Gas Boiler Work?

The fire tube and water tube gas industrial boiler working principle are similar, except for one thing. In the fire tube boilers, the fire or flue gases flow inside the tubes. On the other hand, the water flows inside the tube in the water tube boiler.

Gas Industrial Boiler Working Principle

The gas boilers depend on the fuel to burn. As the fuel burns, it produces hot flue gases. Firstly, the burner burns the fuel inside the furnace. As a result, it produces hot flue gases inside the combustion chamber.

To convert water into steam, the water temperature must reach its boiling point. The hot flue gases transfer their heat to help water reach its boiling point. The water absorbs heat and eventually converts to steam.

The industrial steam must have 0% moisture content. Therefore, the generated steam flows through the superheater. The superheater removes the moisture content and produces dry steam. It is then used for industrial purposes.

Furthermore, the gas industrial boiler has safety valves. They open and allow the excess steam to flow out the system to prevent explosion and other problems. Safety is essential, primarily when the equipment produces high-pressure steam.

Finally, after transferring heat to water, the hot flue gases become useless and must leave the system. However, they still have water content beneficial for us. Therefore, we use condensers to extract the water content and reduce the boiler’s fuel consumption.

After fully utilizing the exhaust gases, it becomes a complete waste. For that reason, the system allows it to flow out through the chimney. The chimney plays a vital role as there are strict rules for emissions. Low-quality chimney pipes worsen the exhaust gases harm and may restrict your boiler use. Therefore, annual chimney maintenance and industrial gas boiler servicing are crucial.

industrial gas boiler regulations

What Are The Types Of Industrial Boilers And Commercial Gas Boiler?

The market has a wide variety of industrial hot water heaters and steam boilers. Following are the different types of industrial boilers:

1.     Condensing Boilers

The condensing boilers can achieve efficiency up to 98%. It has a condenser that uses the exhaust gases’ heat to increase boilers’ efficiency. These are the highest efficiency type of industrial boilers.

2.     Electric Steam Boilers

Electric steam boilers are very small and easy to operate. It has a simple design with no complexity of combustion. It heats through electricity and, therefore, is very easy to maintain.

3.     Fire Tube Boilers

The fire tube boiler has flue gases flowing inside the pipe and water surrounding them. It is the best option for low-pressure steam and hot water requirements. It can fulfill the power needs of 52 – 2200 HP.

4.     Water Tube Boilers

The water tube boiler has water tubes inside the furnace. It is the best choice for facilities with high-pressure steam requirements and heating purposes. The BTU input range is 500000 – 20000000. It is an industrial and commercial gas steam boiler.

5.     Industrial Gas Water Tube Boiler

The industrial gas water tube boilers are widely used for high-pressure steam requirements and a large amount of steam needs. It has a superheater that provides extra heat to produce dry steam.

6.     Commercial Gas Steam Boilers

The commercial gas boiler comes in a fire tube and water tube design. It can produce less steam only for commercial use. However, it can achieve an efficiency of up to 99%.

How Does Heat Transfers In Industrial Steam Boiler?

The heat transfer in industrial gas boilers is mainly due to radiation. However, convection has a minor contribution too. The burning of fuel results in flame particles and hot flue gases consisting of CO2 and water vapors. They convert water into steam by transferring heat using multiple factors. For example, it involves dust dispersals, carbon particles, temperature differences in 3-D mixing, etc.

Explaining the overall radiation process is a bit complex. Therefore, we use an empirical relation to understand the 3-D mixing process. To calculate the flue gas temperature at the furnace exit and entrance, we use the following relationship:

T = k (H/P)0.25


T = Temperature of Gas (°C)

k = A constant dependent on air supply and the fuel

H = Net heat input dependent on the fuel’s calorific value

A = Surface area of the water absorption region

You can determine the value of k using a pyrometer. Remember to include a general pyrometer error. It can be between 250 to 300 K. On the other hand, you can find the surface area of the reversal chamber through a steam boiler catalogue PDF or boiler specifications PDF.

The overall furnace heat input rate can be determined by:

H = (Furnace exit gas temperature + enthalpy) – heat rejection rate.

What Are The Common Problems Of Industrial Boiler?

The industrial boilers have a durable design. If well maintained, they can last for 20 years and more. However, your industrial boiler operation may fail due to some problems. Following are four problems common in industrial boilers:

1.     Inefficient Combustion

Even if industrial gas boiler cost is less, its inefficient combustion can cost you more. A right air-fuel mixture ratio is extremely important. It decides your boiler’s fuel combustion. For instance, if the boiler’s air-fuel mixture ratio is improper, it will cost you more fuel and produce less heat.

For that reason, it is crucial to buy a boiler with an efficient combustion process. The only way to avoid this fault is by buying from a top industrial gas boiler manufacturer.

2.     Low-Quality Burner

The boiler burner is a vital part of the industrial gas boiler. A faulty burner will not generate proper heat and, in some cases, won’t even generate heat. Therefore, it is crucial to have a quick replacement.

3.     Control Systems

A boiler’s automation system depends upon the control panel. A slight mishap would mean a complete shutdown. Plus, wrong pressure and temperature indications can lead to severe issues. Therefore, it is significant to let engineers repair or replace it at the earliest convenience.

4.     Leaks

Any system operating at high pressures has a risk of leaks. In the case of natural gas fired boiler, it will be either a steam or a gas leak. The steam leak will depressurize the system. Plus, it will reduce the steam amount.

On the other hand, a gas leak can result in explosions. Either steam or gas leak, its treatment is of the utmost importance.

Verdict – Top Industrial Gas Boiler Manufacturer

By now, you must have understood the industrial gas boiler design completely. And the above problems you see can occur at any time. So, how to avoid such mishaps. Four problems one solution; Yongxing.

We have top-class certified gas/oil fired steam boilers. Compared to others, our industrial gas boiler efficiency is higher. We can directly deliver the equipment to your facility along with the relevant steam boiler catalogue PDF. Our boiler’s design has been monitored since the first part of manufacturing. Plus, all our equipment must pass the quality tests before reaching our stock.

What’s the best part? Despite the top-class quality, our industrial gas boiler prices are incredibly affordable and reasonable. So, it is high time you get one for your facility too.

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Industrial Gas Boiler Shipping

After more than 30 years of development, Yongxing has accumulated rich experience in production and management.

Yongxing Industrial gas boiler efficiency can achieve above 94%, higher than the average industry efficiency of 92%. Yongxing has professional after-sales, maintenance, and installation teams.

Let me introduce the way of Yongxing industrial gas boiler transportation.

You can see three parts when you get your goods, the body, the chimney, and the pipe system. The gas steam boiler body and chimney install in our factory.

That you only need to connect the valves, instruments with the body, and chimney before operating normally.

It will shorten the installation time and improve the safety performance.

 As a professional industrial gas boiler supplier in China, Yongxing provides natural gas boilers and technical services based on rich production experience.

At the same time, If you tell us your customized requirements about color, shape, control system, etc, we will make exactly one for you.

We will provide you a list of the parts for auxiliaries, including a dust removal system, electric control system, combustion system, water treatment system, and fan system. 

If the local water is not suitable for industrial consumption, we strongly recommend that you purchase a set of water treatment equipment.

In this way, it can effectively prevent pipeline blockage and extend the industrial gas boiler service life. If a dust-free working environment is required, you can buy a matched dust removal system.

Besides, large furnaces and grooved tubes are designed and equipped on the gas-fired boilers. We can not only increase the fuel heating area but also reduce energy consumption. So your gas steam boiler can operate at a low cost.

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