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Work Yongxing As Your Industrial Gas Burner Manufacturers, You will get commercial and industrial natural gas burners. It can be used with all types of natural gas fuels with a calorific value ranging from 3-30kW/m3.

The range is suitable for use on all makes and types of natural gas heat, steam, and incineration boilers, furnaces, and for process applications.

The burner motor is encapsulated within the burner housing to reduce noise and eliminate the need for expensive acoustic screens. A low NOx combustion head will reduce NOx emissions to 80mg/m3 and variable speed drives (inverters) and digital modulation can be fitted to provide valuable energy savings.

The operation of the natural gas burners can be made even more efficient by fitting the Ratiotronic 3000 digital combustion fuel/air ratio control system.

Commercial andindustrial natural gas burnersare pre-fabricated and fully tested and approved. Full technical details are available on this site packages along with a range of combustion equipment.

Choose Yongxing as your Industrial Gas Burner Manufacturers, You could get following a lot of advantages:

1. More quiet running with light and special-bodied construction and monoblock coupled onto a fan

2. Being able to run in corrosion and acidic places through ‘’static paint application’’ for the burner body and its panel.

3. Quick installation and Serviceability with a special connection system.

4. Designing for Mechanic or Electronic modulation kit on all of modulating products according to customer request.

5. Producing and Running in Accord with European standards EN 676 and CE for gas-burning devices.

6. Service actions can be made without the need to disconnect the burner from the boiler to take the mixing unit down during servicing.

7. Fully closed air damper during the stop of the system to prevent heat losses from the chimney.

8. Opportunity for safe connection of gas leak system and pressure stats thanks to Multiblock connection

9. Opportunity of regulating air ratio from turbulator in the combustion cap

10. Flame control with ionization method. Controllability of ionization current by microampere meter.

11. IP 40/50/55 protection (4: degree of protection against solids) (0:degree of protection against liquids)

12. Opportunity for socket connection for electrical connection and command control.

Industrial Gas Burner Design

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Industrial gas burner

Customized CE-approved Industrial Gas Burner For Asphalt Plant

Different Some Import brand burners, we are a leading Industrial Gas Burner Manufacturers & supplier of Industrial natural gas burners In China.

Yongxing mainly produces High & Low-Temperature burners, with a two-stage/Sliding/Atomization System For Natural Gas/LPG applications. Types of the burner will meet your different requests.

Can You Have Excellent Performance With Yongxing As Industrial lpg Gas Burner Manufacturers?

Yes, Sure. You could get following.

  1. The pilot burner is of a flame retention system. It performs the stable flames even in turbulent airflow can be ensured.
  2. A strong pilot flame can secure the ignition of the main burner.
  3. We have types of burners, for example, gas oil burner, diesel burner, heavy oil burner, and so on,  that will meet your different requests.
  4. Unibody design with aluminum shell
  5. The sliding flange can locate the nozzle according to the status in the boiler furnace
  6. The superior design of the nozzle make sure the best consumption when the burner working
  7. Electrical devices to control the procedure and the safe protection
  8. Delivering in assemble, out of the box

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Industrial Gas Burner 60~7000Kw

Industrial Gas Burner 60~7000Kw

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