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Oil Fired Steam Boiler, Diesel Oil Steam Boiler manufacturer
Your industrial hot water boiler are totally automatic. From boiler burner to hot water output, you only need to set the whole system on PLC sreen.
Fire Tube Boiler, 3 Pass Fire Tube Boiler Manufacturer
The whole design hub is the electric control cabinet. When you press the start button, all auxiliary machines will start at the same time.
Unlike retailers, you can purchase all types of hot water boiler heaters from us at factory prices, and there is an after-sales guarantee.
You can make any adjustments to the boiler on the LCD/PLC liquid crystal display. Chinese and English interface, barrier-free settings.
Give you more hot water boiler industrial, you can easily get 30 tons of hot water per hour. Appropriate when you running a large factories.
LHS500 kg - 0.7 Steam Boiler
You can use a small hot water boiler in the tea room, hot water room, especially on the university campus, it has a good CE performance.

Our Industrial Hot Water Boiler Certifications

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  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 2
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 3
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 4

Yongxing Industrial Hot Water Boiler Reliable Quality

Yongxing boiler company is a professional and large-scale industrial hot water boiler manufacturer. We maintain a high-quality standard control system at our facilities. Efficiency, safety, and reliability are the three things we do not compromise on. We provide the most effective solutions for steam generation with little to no environmental impact.

Our industrial hot water boilers are the safest and most reliable heating devices. They provide you with enough heat for your factory. Whether it’s a large- or small-scale application, they always meet your needs. Our boilers are efficient with a tiny carbon footprint. Moreover, our industrial hot water boiler prices are more reasonable than the market.

We create boilers with fire tube design as well as water tube design. Both are the best when it comes to efficient steam generation. Moreover, our boilers have multiple fuel capabilities. It means that the boilers can use different fuels for their operation.

To work with us, you will achieve a one-stop service. Like free selection suggestions for industrial water boiler models, best ship price, reasonable installation & commissioning boiler service, and after-sale repair service.

If you are not clear about the boiler heating you want, just send your hotel area, and our engineer will calculate it for you and suggest a suitable model. Supporting our strong production capacity, you are OK to choose 100kw~ 14MW for any industrial water heating.

Above models package with color, boiler steel design with Q235R for boiler drum and pipes. They give you a very worth product with high quality and best price. Boost us right now!

-Yongxing Natural Gas Boilers Reliable Quality
-Yongxing Natural Gas Boilers Reliable Quality
Yongxing Natural Gas Boilers Reliable Quality
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All You Need To Know About Industrial hot water boiler

Do you need an efficient heating device for your firm? If yes, you should get an industrial hot water boiler. It will solve all the heating problems and provide the highest efficiency to control your fuel costs. It offers enough thermal energy that meets the needs of all firms.

Our industrial hot water boilers are designed to provide easy installation. All parts are easy-to-merge with no complex procedures. They are not only easy to install and maintain but are also up to 95% efficient.

The water boiler is the perfect answer to your energy needs. Whether you require it for commercial or industrial use, it will not disappoint you. The boilers can work at high and low pressure according to your need. Following is all the information you might need to know before buying an industrial hot water boiler.

What Is The Definition Of An Industrial hot water boiler?

An industrial hot water boiler is a heating device that converts mechanical energy into thermal energy. It generates hot water and delivers thermal energy to the whole plant or factory. Industries use these boilers to meet their heating requirements.

The hot water boiler is a big metal container with two basic functions. They are heating water and transforming it into high-temperature steam. Various heating applications use boilers for generating steam in order to function. You can think of it as a concept of a pressure cooker applied on a bigger scale.

Boilers have to withstand high temperatures and high pressures. Therefore, they are mostly welded from thick metal plates. Due to their durability needs, they usually weigh more than 150 tons. Moreover, the industrial hot water boiler also has a reversing chamber. It redirects the flue gases back into the secondary and third smoke tubes. It allows for a maximum heat transfer rate.

Hot water boiler

Features Of A Good Industrial hot water boiler

An excellent industrial hot water boiler has the following features:

  • High thermal efficiency
  • Can operate on both high and low pressures
  • Maximum steam generation
  • Economic fuel consumption
  • Can handle load fluctuation
  • Be able to start and shut down quickly
  • High heat transfer rate
  • Have necessary control and safety devices
  • Have low maintenance and installation costs
  • Waste removal systems

Applications of an industrial hot water boiler

Hot water boiler industrial applications include:

  • Industrial Laundry
  • Chemical Production Companies
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Healthcare Institutions
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Textile Industries
  • Distilleries and Breweries

What Are The Main Components Of An Industrial hot water boiler?

An industrial hot water boiler has the following components:


The burner is the boiler part that mixes air and fuel for efficient fuel combustion. It is also responsible for starting the combustion process. The burner receives an electronic signal from the thermostat and ignites the fuel. Oil burners have a forced draft along with fuel atomization. On the other hand, gas burners use either forced or natural draft.

Boiler Furnace

A boiler furnace also called a combustion chamber, is where the actual fuel combustion happens. The furnace is usually made up of cast iron to cope with high temperatures and pressures. The combustion process can occur using various fuels such as gas, oil, biomass, or wood. Depending on the type of boiler, we have different industrial hot water boilers with different fuel compatibility.

Combustion needs three things to happen: fuel, oxygen, and heat. By controlling them, you can control the industrial hot water boiler operation efficiently. Oxygen is an essential ingredient needed for combustion. Less air (oxygen) can cause the whole fuel not to burn. It can cause pollution, including carbon monoxide and waste fuel. Moreover, the rate of fuel fed to the furnace also counts. It changes according to the boiler temperature.

Heat Exchanger

The combustion process creates hot gases that give off heat. The heat produced goes to the feed water through the heat exchanger’s internal piping. As a result, the liquid warms up, and the gases cool down. The heat exchanger carries the heat to the water without any direct contact using convection and radiation.

In a water tube boiler, the gases move through the metallic tube walls of the exchanger. Whereas, in a fire tube boiler, the gases move in the tube heating the water in the drum.


This component is responsible for starting and shutting down the process. According to the fluid temperature, it sends the signal to the burner to either start or ends the operation.

Expansion tanks

The expansion tank protects the industrial hot water boiler from high pressures. It makes sure that the boiler is safe during the operation. When the water heats, it rises and increases the pressure. If the pressure increases too much, it can be harmful. So, the air in the expansion tank absorbs it to counteract the high pressure. Due to this, the pressure remains stable.

Supply and Return Lines

Supply lines in an industrial hot water boiler distribute the heated steam to different boiler parts, such as radiators. When the water or steam at the parts cools down, they go back through return lines. They are then reheated and go again by supply lines.


How Does An Industrial hot water boiler Work?

The working principle of an industrial hot water boiler is simple if you have a basic understanding of converting fuel energy to thermal energy. Following are the steps of the working of the boiler:

Fuel Feeding

A hot water steam boiler requires fuel to run. It can be either gas, coal, or any other fuel, depending on the kind of boiler. Firstly, the fuel moves into the furnace. You can feed the fuel either yourself or using an automatic fuel feeding machine called a hopper.


After the fuel is in the furnace, the aquastat sends the signal, and the burner ignites the fuel. The temperature inside the chamber gradually rises. Fuel burns at high temperatures and gives off hot flue gases. The hot flue gases rise due to their low density.

Hot Water Generation

The hot flue gases generated in the combustion chamber move towards the water tubes. Heat transfer occurs when the flue gases come in contact with the water. The water is in either tubes or a large drum. It absorbs the heat from the gases and heats up. Eventually, water heats up to high temperatures.

Multiple Outlets

Unlike most boilers, Yongxing industrial hot water boilers have multiple outlets. Each can be set to different temperatures, so you get different supplies at different temperatures. It is adjustable according to your industry’s requirements.

Heat Economizer

After the transformation of steam, flue gases have a little heat remaining. These gases move into a heat economizer. The heat economizer heats the feedwater by the used flues gases. In this way, the water is already a little heated up before it goes into the boiler. Therefore, it takes comparable less energy to turn into steam. For that reason, there is no heat loss, keeping efficiency at peak.

Waste Removal

The combustion process may sometimes end in the formation of ash, depending on the fuel, called fly ash. Fly ash is the ash that rises with the gases. It goes into the fly ash hopper by using the process of electrostatics. Likewise, another type of ash, called bottom ash, settles down on the surface of the chamber. It falls into the bottom ash hopper where it is processed for recycling.

What Are The Different Types Of Industrial hot water boilers?

There are two types of industrial hot water boilers according to their design. They are:

Fire Tube Boiler

In a fire tube boiler, the flue gases move through tubes. The tubes and the water are in the same big container. They have a very simple design and require less maintenance. These boilers have low costs and low efficiency of about 80%. Load fluctuation is also tricky for them. Fire tube boilers are not appropriate for low pressures. Therefore, they are common in small industries only.

Fire tube boilers have two, three, or four passes of the combustion gas. The gas first passes through a tube of large diameter. Then they take two, three, or four 180-degree turns and pass-through smaller tubes than the previous pass. If the industrial hot water boiler has an even number of passes, it has a flue connection at the front of the boiler. On the other hand, if there are an odd number of passes, the flue connection is at the back end.

fire tube boilers

Water Tube Boiler

A water tube boiler has a design that the water flows inside the tubes. This type of industrial water boiler generates steam at high as well as low pressures. It has several water tubes in the vessel. The flue gases circulate in the same vessel.

The water tube boilers are more efficient than fire tube boilers as they have a high heat transfer rate. There is a conventional flow of water and steam in the boiler. Moreover, they are very safe and easy to operate. Many large-scale industries prefer using these for their higher efficiency and fast production.

water tube boiler

The industrial hot water boilers are also classified according to the type of fuel they use:

Coal Fired Industrial Hot Water Boilers

A coal hot water boiler uses coal to generate flue gases. Coal has cheap rates and is easily available. That’s why they are widely used for energy purposes. Burning solid fuels such as coal forms coal powder and gases. The coal boilers are simple and reliable. However, the carbon emissions are high, which means they are very harmful to the environment.

Oil Fired Industrial Hot Water Boilers

It has an oil burner to burn various types of oil, resulting in thermal energy. The oil hot water boiler is an efficient alternative to natural gas if you live in an isolated place. Also, oil is easy to get than other types of fuels. So, it is your best choice if you previously had gas fired industrial hot water boilers.

Let’s not forget that these boilers also recycle the resultant hot gases. For that reason, you get the lowest fuel consumption and lower fuel costs. However, they are big and require a large space. Also, they are a little expensive.

Gas Fired Industrial Hot Water Boilers

Gas fired hot water boilers burn various gases to generate heat for water. They can use either natural gas or propane. However, propane boilers are more efficient. They are replacing other boilers due to their safe and economical operation. Plus, they are small in size because they do not need any tank to store the fuel as the gas comes from gas lines. What’s even better? They are less harmful to the environment compared to oil and other boilers.

What Are The Various Safety Devices Installed On The Boiler?

The industrial hot water boiler has mounting devices that ensure its secure operation. These devices prevent boiler malfunction and alarms if anything goes wrong. Following are the various boiler safety devices:

  1. Safety valve: It relieves the internal pressure in case the system pressurizes.
  2. Water level alarm: It alarms if the water level is too high or too low
  3. Pressure gauge: It tells the pressure of the boiler. If the needle is at 1 or 2, it is safe. Otherwise, the pressure is too high or too low
  4. Flame failure alarm: It alarms about ignition failure
  5. Smoke density alarm: It tells if the smoke is black and harmful by measuring its density
  6. Vent Valve: It avoids imploding of the boiler with high pressure by releasing the air out of the system
  7. Feed check valve: It controls the water flow into the boiler from the feed pump
  8. Water level indicators: It shows the water level in the tank at any point


The Yongxing manufactured industrial hot water boilers are the ideal solution to your thermal energy needs. You can use our boiler for your homes, factories, and industries. This boiler has designs with different fuel compatibility. They are efficient water heating devices that have a maximum heat transfer rate.

Yongxing boilers are instant hot water boilers that can quickly generate hot water. We have different designs available including water tube boilers and fire tube boilers. Our boilers also have safety devices to maximize the users and firm’s safety.

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