Industrial LPG Gas Burner IP40 3000KW DUNGS Valve

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What Is Your Industrial LPG Gas Burner?

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Industrial burners contain Industrial LPG gas burners and Light oil burners. Different from home use gas burner, you can always use it on commercial.

Industrial LPG Gas Burner Mainly Supply Scope

Normally For an industrial LPG gas burner, you should have follow parts to smooth work.

  1. Burner shell
  2. hinged flange
  3. housing cover
  4. burner motor
  5. air regulator housing
  6. fan wheel
  7. combustion head
  8. ignition unit
  9. ignition cables
  10. ignition electrodes
  11. combustion manager with control unit
  12. flame sensor
  13. stepping motors
  14. flange gasket
  15. limit switch on the hinged flange
  16. fixing screws, gas butterfly valve
  17. air pressure switch
  18. gas pressure switch
  19. solenoid valve for air pressure switch test

It’s ok to use for steam boiler, hot water boiler and any place need thermal power.

Light Oil Burner

Industrial Lpg Gas Burner  includes:

1, lightweight aluminum alloy fan parts;

2, high-performance centrifugal fan;

3, with flow adjusting device of the combustion air inlet;

4, with a variety of boiler flange pair sliding flange, can adjust the burner into the position of the heating furnace;

5, three-phase motor drives the fan;

6, the air pressure switch, to ensure that the combustion air;

7, the gas valve group by the operating valve, relief valve, minimum pressure switch, pressure regulator and gas filter form complete combination;

8, up to the standard of European EN298 automatic control device of the burner and instruction equipment;

What Is Your Industrial LPG Gas Burner Parts Basic Function?

Now our Industrial LPG Gas Burner designed with automatic forced draught, variuos control such as two stage, three stage, or modulation.

They are comply with standard of CE EN676, Nox two emission low level, electronic compound regulation of all correcting elements.

  • The flame sensor

    It monitors the flame during all phases of operation. If the flame signal does not correspond to the sequence of operations, a safety lockout will occur.

  • Air damper

    The air damper control regulates the combustion air quantity for optimum combustion.

  • Mixing head

    Burner adjustable combustion head relative to the full load rating required.

  • Gas butter flay valve

    The gas butterfly valve regulates the gas quantity relative to the control gas pressure.

  • Low gas pressure switch

    If the gas pressure is inadequate, the low gas program is initiated.

  • High gas pressure switch

    If the gas pressure exceeds the set value the high gas pressure switch activates a safety shutdown at the combustion manager.
    The gas pressure switch is inactive during standby. During start-up the gas pressure switch function is delayed by up to 2secs., this is to allow for static pressure to dissipate.

High power 8000kw BQ55 package burner industrial gas burners for drying equipment

Please Introduce Your Italy Weishaupt Design 1000-10500kw Model BQ70 Industrial LPG Gas Burner

Main features:

  1. Easy operation;
  2. Convenient assembly for all parts
  3. Efficient maintenance, cleaning, and inspection;
  4. Critical spare parts adopt renowned brand;
Model UNIT BQ70
Power KW 1000-10500
KCAL/H 860-9030
Natural gas heat value MJ/M3 36
Natural gas consume NM3/H 100-1050
Butterfly valve size DN100
Motor power KW 15
Power supply PH/V/HZ 3/380/50
IP Class IP 40/55
Working temperature -15~40
Working method interval or continue
Control method Z-Sliding two stage
R-Mechanical ratio control
E-Electronic proportional control
Applicable fuel city gas/natural gas/LPG

Industrial LPG Gas Burner Usage:

Supply industrial:

Food drying equipment, curing furnace, annealing furnace, smelting furnace, molten aluminum furnace, central air conditioning, kitchen equipment, drying equipment, food drying equipment, ironing equipment, painting equipment, road building machinery and equipment, textile singeing machine, coating, petrochemical industry, asphalt heating equipment, oven, paint, and other heat energy industry.

Boiler and burner products are widely used in school, bathroom, hotel, factory canteens, and other enterprises steamed rice steam bath and industrial

Two Stage BHG35P Industrial LPG Gas Burner With Capacity 90-358kw

BHG35P is two stage fire burner, with a one-piece design, widely suitable for furnaces, stoves, boilers and etc.

  • Burner capacity: 90-358kw
  • gas flow: 9-35.8m3/h
  • motor power: 0.37kw
  • Gas valve size: 1” or 1(1/4)”
  • Controller: LGB22
  • Air switch: GW3A6
  • Servomotor: SQN70
  • Fuel: NG, LNG, LPG. Automatically two-stage fire (big/small fire) way to control.

It’s ok to adjust big/small fires according to equipment load, satisfy the high-accuracy control request.

Safety automatically control

  1. Automatic program control the operation, can switch the fire according to the load parameters, to realize the automatic control of gas output;
  2. The accident  realize the flame-out protection by using ion-induced or UV ultraviolet monitoring, to ensure the security and stability of flame;
  3. The configuration of gas pressure and air pressure safety protection switch can easily achieve external chain control at the same time, to ensure the safety operation;

Two Stage Control 80-3500kw Industrial Low NOx Industrial LPG Gas Burner for boilers

Gas boiler cost, why choose a natural gas burner?

  • Automatic ignition, unnecessary workers-nursing
  • Flame adjustable, freely adjusted by air-inlet controller easily
  • All errors readable from the front panel
  • Low NOx burner. Environmentally friendly, exhausting air complies with the requirement!
  • Compact and powerful
  • Quiet operation due to air inlet equipment with sound-absorbing material
  • High performance blower due to specially designed blower geometry and air damper control system
  • Protection class IP40
  • Flexible operation with sliding two stage/modulating operation as standard depending on the type of modulation controller
  • Excellent price to performance ratio
  • Worldwide service network

                                        NATURAL GAS BURNER       



BHG5 3 5.7 30.06 56.3 1N-220V 50HZ 0.11 ONE STAGE
BHG6 3 5.7 30.06 56.3 1N-220V 50HZ 0.11 ONE STAGE
BHG11 4.8 10 48.8 99 1N-220V 50HZ 0.11 ONE STAGE
BHG10 4.8 99 48.8 99 1N-220V 50HZ 0.15 ONE STAGE
BHG17 7 17 69 169 1N-220V 50HZ 0.15 ONE STAGE
BHG20 5.85 20.1 80 200 1N-220V 50HZ 0.37 ONE STAGE
BHG30 6 30 60 300 1N-220V 50HZ 0.37 ONE STAGE
BHG35 9 35.8 90 359 1N-220V 50HZ 0.37 ONE STAGE
BHG34 12 38 118 338 3N-380V 50HZ 0.37 ONE STAGE
BHG40 19 43 185 425 3N-380V 50HZ 0.55 ONE STAGE
BHG50 17 60 169 586 3N-380V 50HZ 0.55 ONE STAGE
BHG20P 5.85 20.1 80 200 1N-220V 50HZ 0.37 TWO STAGE
BHG30P 6 30 60 300 1N-220V 50HZ 0.37 TWO STAGE
BHG35P 9 35.8 90 358 1N-220V 50HZ 0.37 TWO STAGE
BHG34P 12 38 118 338 3N-380V 50HZ 0.37 TWO STAGE
BHG40P 19 43 185 425 3N-380V 50HZ 0.55 TWO STAGE
BHG50P 17 60 169 586 3N-380V 50HZ 1.5 TWO STAGE
BHG60P 25 75 248 738 3N-380V 50HZ 1.5 TWO STAGE
BHG100P 28 101 280 995 3N-380V 50HZ 2.2 TWO STAGE
BHG120P 35 121 350 1200 3N-380V 50HZ 2.2 TWO STAGE
BHG150P 42 144 414 1428 3N-380V 50HZ 3 TWO STAGE
BHG200P 60 202 590 2000 3N-380V 50HZ 3 TWO STAGE
BHG250P 50 253 490 2500 3N-380V 50HZ 7.5 TWO STAGE
BHG300P 66 313 657 3100 3N-380V 50HZ 7.5 TWO STAGE
BHG350P 93 350 924 3500 3N-380V 50HZ 9 TWO STAGE

Pls note: The POWER SUPPLY support 220v~240volt, 380~440volt, 50HZ/60HZ, 1PH/3PH


for boiler





thermal power





Applicable fuel Adjust Method
BQ6 1 175-940 151,000-808,000 17.5-94 1.5 CITY GAS,
Z-Sliding two stage

R-Mechanical ratio





BQ10 1.5 300-1750 258,000-1,505,000 30-175 3
BQ15 2 400-2250 344,000-1,935,000 40-225 4
BQ20 3 500-3500 430,000-3,010,000 50-350 7.5
BQ30 4 500-4080 430,000-3,509,000 50-408 10
BQ35 5 900-4780 774,000-4,110,000 90-478 12
BQ40 6 700-5400 602,000-4,644,000 70-540 13.5
BQ55 8 1000-8150 860,000-7,009,000 100-815 15
BQ70 10 1000-10500 860,000-9,030,000 100-1050 22

Industrial LPG Gas Burner IP40 3000KW DUNGS Valve

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