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The industrial oil boiler can run under the pressure of 0.4-1.25Mpa and obtain a working temperature of 300-320℃. It is more stable than steam boilers, and the heat source is cleaner.
Because heat transfer oil is used as the medium, the temperature heating is constant, our Industrial oil heater will provide super stable heating and exact temperature.
Whether you want your system to work in a full load or lower load levels, our industrial oil boiler thermal efficiency and hot oil temperature can maintain a same level.
Yongxing’s industrial hot oil heater realizes furnace heat transfer in the liquid phase. The heat carrier is 70 times lower than the saturated steam pressure of water at 300°C.
Our Industrial oil boiler has complete operational control and safety monitoring devices. Especially we have explosion-proof door design and automatic alarm device.
Save electricity, oil, water, and cost. The industrial oil boiler's operating cost is meagre, and you can recover the investment cost within 3 to 6 months.

Our Industrial Oil Heater Certifications

  • Certificate
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 2
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 3
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 4

Yongxing Supply You Industrial Oil Heater Reliable Quality

Unlike home use oil heater, Yongxing industrial oil heater is especially for industrial. We can make the efficiency reach more than 90%, and it can provide you with a stable high-temperature heat source under a low-pressure environment.

We use round heads, large volumes, and A-level welding technology to ensure a long service life and a very favorable price.

Yongxing complete set generally includes the following contents: furnace body, expansion tank, oil storage tank, oil injection pump, pressure gauge, liquid level gauge, electric control cabinet, separator, etc. Expansion of oil tanks and oil storage tanks are also produced and processed by our company.

Due to the stable and efficient operation, Yongxing will help you obtain considerable benefits. Under normal circumstances, Yongxing industrial oil heater for sale will help you recover your investment cost in 3months.

Our industrial oil heater is widely used in petrochemical, textile, printing and dyeing, plastics, rubber, food processing, wood processing, asphalt heating, carton production, vegetable dehydration, baking varnish, casting sand mould drying, and other industries.

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Introduction to Industrial Oil Heater

Are you having trouble with your current heating equipment? Have you felt the need for an appropriate system that will provide the required heat transfer? If yes, then an industrial oil heater is the perfect solution to your problem. It will provide you with the necessary heat for your facility, whether it’s a large-scale kitchen or an industrial process.

The industrial heater offers you precise temperature control and consistently generates heat. It provides a powerful and cost-effective solution to your problem. You can rely on them for the production of heat in your industry. Let’s learn more about industrial oil heaters, their functionality, and benefits:


What Is The Function Of Industrial Oil Heaters For Sale?

The industrial oil heaters convert the mechanical energy from the oil into thermal energy. The process takes place in either a closed environment or a processed stream. They use various fuels to burn and generate thermal energy such as oil, natural gas, light fuel oil, heavy fuel oil, etc.

Industries use heaters to increase the temperature of a process or an object where it is needed. For instance, a pipe needs warmth to prevent itself from freezing. Or oil needs heat before using it in the machine.

The oil temperature raises by burning it and thus creating thermal energy. The movement of thermal energy to the required place happens through various forms of heat transfer such as conduction, convection, and radiation.

thermal oil heater working principle pdf

Specifications Of An Industrial Oil Heater

Following are the technical specifications of an industrial oil heater:

  • Power Range: 1 to 15MW
  • Voltage: up to 600 volts, single or 3 phases
  • Pressure Rating: 300-1500 PSIG
  • Temperature: up to 400 C
  • Material: stainless steel, carbon steel, brass/bronze
  • Multiple coils, three smoke passes

Features Of Industrial Oil Heater

  • Yongxing industrial oil heater is easy to install. To shorten your installation time, we will make Skid-mounted industrial oil heaters. You can shorten your installation cycle from 20 days to 5 days.
    Vertical industrial oil heaters
  • Our industrial oil heater heating surface adopts tightly arranged circular coils. Not only the boiler heating surface but also the piping arrangement is sufficient. It can reduce the heat load on the pipe’s so that you can get a safer experience when using the industrial oil heater.
  • To better improve your boiler thermal efficiency in the system, we design the industrial oil heater with heat transfer oil from low (inlet) to high (outlet) to discharge excess gas. Hence, conduction oil flows more smoothly and evenly.

Components Of an Industrial Oil Heater

The components of the industrial oil boiler consist of:

  1. Thermal Fluid Pump: The pump controls the movement of the oil in the heating system. It is in charge of its velocity, its movements away from the burners, and the system’s pressure. Various types of applications need different pumps, such as water-cooled pumps, air-cooled pumps, or API pumps.
  2. Burners: The function of the industrial waste oil burner is to heat the oil to generate thermal energy. Industrial oil boilers come with different combustion chamber sizes according to their heat loads. Therefore, oil boilers have a suitable burner installed depending on the size and power demands.
  3. Control Panel: The control panel helps you monitor the conditions of the industrial waste oil heater. They are an essential part of the heater as they allow you to control the environment keeping the operation safe. Control systems also alert you if the temperature, pressure, or tank level exceeds their normal conditions.
  4. Valves: Valves are made up of carbon steel and control the fluid’s flow and pressure. They work best if they are leak-resistant, have an air-tight seal, and can stand extreme conditions.

thermal oil heater efficiency calculation

Advantages Of An Industrial Oil Heater

High-performance industrial heaters have the following advantages:

  • They have high efficiency, up to 95%.
  • The preheating of the incoming air for combustion
  • They are compact in execution
  • Saves fuels up to 10%
  • Generates power from 1000kW to 15000kW
  • Can use different energy resources as input
  • High temperature up to 400 degrees Celsius
  • Requires low maintenance
  • Safe operation
  • Thick insulating layer around the surface minimizing heat loss

Applications of Industrial Oil Heater

Industrial hot oil heaters find their application in a wide range of industries. They warm excessive amounts of gases or liquids along with a heat exchanger to get the maximum heat. Some of the industries that use heaters are:

  • Reactors
  • Storage tanks
  • Textile industries
  • Petroleum Industries
  • Asphalt
  • Port terminals, etc.

How Does An Industrial Oil Heater Work?

The thermal oil heating system design has a cylindrical shape that consists of coils. The fluid circulates in these coils. The coils are made up of two, three, or four steps as high-speed flow provides better heat transfer and prevents cracking. The industrial oil heater works in three major steps:


The burning takes place in the combustion chamber. Incoming air helps in the better combustion of the fuel. The oil in the tank gets heated up and raises its temperature. Then the burning oil generates high-temperature and high-speed gases. These gases circulate in the coils until they give off all their heat.

Heat Transfer

The hot thermal gases first flow in the outer coil, transferring heat by convection. Then, they move into the inner coil, where heat transfers through radiation. Hence, ensuring a high heat transfer rate of the industrial oil heater.

Heat Exchanger

After transferring their heat, the flue gases leave the coil tubes through the holes. The holes take the gases to the heat exchanger. These gases have some of the heat remaining in them. They heat the incoming air for combustion, thus, increasing efficiency.

hot oil heater in refinery

Are Hot Oil Heaters Energy Intensive?

Clean energy waste oil heaters can save energy and are more economical than other heaters. This is because the energy is not wasted in the air, unlike conventional heater. The energy is instead used for burning oil. You can also control the electricity usage of your electric thermal oil heater by changing the temperature settings. Hence, it enables you to control energy consumption.

In addition to that, the thermostat works better in the oil heater as it controls the oil temperature rather than the environment’s temperature. This is useful as the heater will come on only if the oil temperature decreases below the set temperature. The surface of the heater also has a layer of insulation to minimize the heat loss due to radiation.

Moreover, the oil in the coil radiates the heat at a slower rate. So even if the heater is off, it will still give off heat without using actual energy. Using oil with a larger heat capacity can also increase the efficiency of the industrial oil heater.

Are Industrial Oil Heaters Safe?

The industrial oil boilers come with security features that ensure that the process is safe and secure and does not pose any threat. They are significantly less likely to leak or explode from high pressures. Oil heaters are not corroded easily and have little to no chances of machinery failures.

The oil heaters have mountings that ensure their safe operation. It has a flow switch that prevents overflow of the fluid and an oil level switch to see the oil level in the tank. The industrial oil heater also has a thermostat that controls the temperature and alarms if it exceeds the range. Also, safety valves are there to make sure that the heater does not become over-pressurized.

Furthermore, the oil’s combustion does not occur until the pump is running correctly or if the fuel flow is less than the minimum flow level. It also alerts if the temperature, pressure, or fuel level exceeds the set range.

How Are Propane And Heating Oil Different?

Propane and oil are different fuels that industrial oil heaters use to generate thermal energy. Propane is a constituent of natural gas, whereas oil is the refined form of crude oil. Propane gas is clean and more economical than oil. It is also non-toxic and, therefore, not harmful to the environment.

Although burning oil is harmful to the environment, it generates more heat. It produces 139,000 BTUs, whereas propane creates 91,500 BTUs of heat. Hence oil is more efficient than propane gas.

As propane is a gas, the heaters using propane gas can go on for a longer period without requiring any cleaning. Also, heating oil generates more emissions and gases harmful to the environment. On the other hand, propane gas has fewer emissions and is environmentally friendly.

How To Buy Best Industrial Oil Heater?

There are many factors you must consider before going shopping for hot oil heaters for sale. Here are the essential factors that will help you in purchasing an ideal industrial oil heater:

Heating Applications

The application for the heater with the context of the environment and factory will help you decide the suitable type of heater. The heater for the high-temperature and high pressure will be different from the one that operates at low temperature and pressure. Knowing the use of the heater will prove very helpful to you in the selection process.

Compatibility With Existing System

Before buying any heater, it is better to consider your current equipment. If you are only replacing some of the parts, then you must keep in mind that they should perfectly operate with the existing apparatus. However, if you plan to replace the whole system, then it is not an important thing to consider.

Required Size

Size is an important factor that you must consider before selecting any heater. You need to buy the oil heaters that are best suited for the available space. If you are only replacing some of the parts, you need to ensure they will fit right in the area.


Price or cost is the most significant thing to consider in purchasing an industrial oil heater. Thermal heater oil prices vary according to the models and sizes and thermal oil heater manufacturers. You should not only take into account the cost of the heater but also its installation and transport costs. Select the best heater in your price range that has higher efficiency and fits you in the long term.


Yongxing manufactured Industrial oil heaters provide you with the best heaters that are highly effective for every situation. We sell boilers with various designs and specifications according to your need. Our heaters are safe and secure in operation and have a high heat transfer rate.

Yongxing heaters come with already installed mountings that ensure security and effective operation of the heater. Our heaters have heat exchangers along with boilers at reasonable prices than other oil heat exchanger manufacturers in the market. We also have environmentally friendly propane heaters. Although they generate less heat than oil heaters, they are available at low rates.

About Our Company

With decades of manufacturing industrial oil heaters, the chances are that we have the ideal heater for you according to your requirement. Yongxing Company is well known in the market for the manufacturing and design of efficient industrial heaters. Our products are engineered with full care and practicality by highly skilled engineers. They will eliminate your problems and provide the best solution.

The key benefit of buying the Yongxing heater is its high efficiency of up to 95%, depending upon the quality of fuel and economizers. Our heaters are available in vertical and horizontal designs. You can also request custom designs according to your requirements at lower costs than other hot oil heater manufacturers.

Purchasing a new boiler can be a complicated task due to the many options available. You must consider the heating applications, the design and size you require, its compatibility with the existing equipment, the price, and installation costs. Yongxing boiler company have the most economical boilers of different sizes for various applications.

Feel free to contact us for your queries or to learn more about our products.

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