Industrial Steam Boiler Installation Cost: A Smart Guide 2023

Is your favorite industrial steam boiler installation cost out of your budget? Is it too expensive and technical to install it? Don’t worry! We got you covered. As one of China’s leading industrial boiler manufacturers, we provide free installation as our after-sales service. Our top-of-the-class installation team will visit your firm and will provide installation services. 

We have years of experience in the boiler industry, so we have all the technical knowledge required for the best installation. An industrial steam boiler is an effective medium to generate heat energy in the form of steam. This steam is used to run different manufacturing tasks in the industry. This is the major reason that it must be installed properly to run your operations smoothly. So, don’t waste your money on faulty installations.

However, if you have already bought a boiler, it’s crucial to understand the cost difference. Here in this blog, we will help you explore the variety of industrial steam boiler installation costs. You will also learn when to install a new boiler while replacing the previous one. Let’s give it a go!

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Industrial Steam Boiler Cost of Installation

Installing a new boiler can cost an average amount of $12,000. It varies from a low cost of $4,000 to a high cost of $15,000. Though this is an average installation cost of an industrial steam boiler, there are still several factors that affect this price: They are:

  • Capacity: boilers that generate more heat tend to cost more.
  • Fuel type: boilers use different fuels such as propane, natural gas, wood, etc. depending upon their supply connection, the industrial steam boiler installation cost may vary.
  • Brand: there are several brands that offer installation services within a similar price range, but some brands may cost more.
  • Installation labor: some boilers need extensive labor to properly install the system. More manual labor means more cost.
  • System type: some boilers are built in a complex way based on their function. Their installation can be complex and tricky, resulting in more costs.

Industrial Steam Boiler Installation Cost By Capacity

Boiler capacity is usually measured in BTU or British Thermal Unit. It is the capacity of a steam boiler to generate heat energy. Your industry’s heat requirement decides what capacity boiler you need. A high-power steam boiler provides larger amounts of heat energy. Here are some of the price estimations based on the horsepower of the boiler.

Boiler Capacity Installation Cost
30,000–45,000 $4,030–$6,180
45,000–68,000 $4,450–$6,840
53,000–79,000 $4,590–$7,050
60,000–90,000 $5,080–$7,800
75,000–113,000 $5,630–$8,640

Similarly, the higher capacity boiler is also larger in size. This means that 5 ton steam boiler will cost more than 1 ton steam boiler while installing.

Industrial Steam Boiler Installation Cost By Fuel Type

Steam boilers use different types of fuels to run their process. The fuels include electricity, oil, natural gas, wood, etc.

All these fuel types require a specific kind of fitting for the proper connection of the fuel. Some fuel types require a complex firing process and require more space.

For example, an industrial electric steam boiler is less complex to install, while a wood fired steam boiler covers more installation costs. These electric boilers are more effective than the latter, but their fuel supply is more costly than wood.

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Here is an average estimation of industrial steam boiler cost based on the fuel type.

Fuel type Installation cost
Electricity  $2,750–$5,000
Gas/propane  $5,080–$7,800
Oil  $5,810–$8,920
Wood  $5,300–$8,300

Industrial Steam Boiler Installation Cost By Brand

Some high-end electirc steam boilermanufacturers only sell their boilers to the dealer rather than to one customer. This makes it difficult to judge their installation price programs. But here, we have made an effort to get a price estimation of installation programs of various popular brands.

Brand  Installation cost
Bryant  $1,500–$4,500
Burnham  $1,700–$5,500
Crown  $1,800–$5,000
lennox $1,700–$6,500
Peerless  $1,400–$7,100
Viessman $1,200–$7,100
Weil-McLain $1,500–$7,500
Williamson  $1,600–$5,500

Industrial Steam Boiler Installation Cost based on Installation Labor

As previously discussed, the installation costs of any industrial steam boiler include manual labor. This manual labor varies from boiler to boiler, considering its size, fuel type, complex or simple structure, etc.

industrial steam boiler installation cost

The laborers are HVAC licensed and experts in their work. They often charge according to the fuel type. For example, electric steam boilers are less complex to install than other boilers and thus require less labor. On average, these HVAC licensed professionals charge  $75 to $200 per hour. Here is a general price range varying with fuel type.

Fuel type Installation cost
Electricity  $700–$2,000
Gas/propane  $2,300-$2,500
Oil  $2,600–$4,000
Wood  $3,000–$6,000

Industrial Steam Boiler Installation Cost based on System Type

Besides the size, fuel type, brand, and capacity of the boiler, its way of generating and storing heat also decides the industrial steam boiler installation cost. Steam boilers can be a conventional, condensing, system, combi or hot water, depending upon how they store heat. These boilers either use hot water or steam to produce heat. Nowadays, most boilers work on non-conventional methods. They are non-condensing and are highly efficient.

Factory installation

Here is a comparison of installation costs of steam boilers according to their system type. Remember that one boiler can fit into two categories at the same time. For example, your boiler can be both conventional and condensing simultaneously.

Type of boiler Installation cost
Conventional $1,200–$5,000
System  $3,000–$5,500
Combi  $2,600–$6,800
Hot water  $1,200–$8,000
Steam  $2,500–$9,000
Condensing steam boiler $1,900–$7,000
Non-condensing  $1,200–$5,000

How Long Does It Take To Install An Industrial Steam Boiler?

Installing a boiler is a tiring and time taking task. This time can vary from boiler to boiler depending upon its type, size, and manual labor. Installing a brand new boiler for the first time can take up to 6 to 7 days to fit in properly. But if you are replacing your old boiler with a new one, the time period changes depending upon the circumstances.

Here are some examples:

Example 1: changing the type of boiler

If you are just changing the type of your existing boiler, it will need some replacement while introducing new fittings, it will take up to 2 to 3 days to change and replace the parts of the boiler. It will also include more pipework while maintaining proper cleaning of the system.

Example 2: installing a new combi boiler

Now if you want to install a new combi boiler in place of the previous one (the previous one was removed already), it will take only 1 to 2 days as there is no need to introduce new fittings, laying pipework, flooring, etc.

Example 3: changing fuel type 

If you are looking to just change the fuel type of your existing boiler, it will require extra electric work and more plumbing to install new settings. For instance, if you are converting your gas system into an electric boiler, it will take up to 2 to 3 days.

Factors Influencing the Installation of New Boiler While Replacing the Previous One

While talking about the industrial steam boiler installation cost, it is also important to make sure that you really need a new installation. Here are some factors that indicate the replacement of your current boiler.

Life Of an industrial Steam Boiler

On average, a steam boiler works great for 25 to 30 years. If your boiler is already 30 years old, it’s high time to replace it with a new one. The reason is that this boiler will require significant and frequent repairs costing you a lot more than a new boiler.

price of installation


Damaged Stoker

Stoker is one of the key components in a steam boiler. It helps feed the solid fuel inside the furnace. It also provides an appropriate amount of oxygen to help the burning process. If this stoker is damaged or deformed, it will allow massive amounts of oxygen, causing faster depletion of fuel as a result of rapid burning. This is a major symptom of replacing your old boiler with a new one.

Deformed Boiler Drum

Steam flows in the boiler drum and piping with a specific pressure. If the pressure is increased or decreased unanimously, it will deform the boiler drum. This often happens because the changing pressure changes the boiling point and density of the water. This may either shrink or swell the boiler drum making it deform.

This deformation in the boiler drum makes it impossible to keep a significant pressure of the steam. Thus, the density of water keeps on changing, resulting in poor-quality steam. This hints you to buy a new industrial steam boiler.

Leakage in the Pipes

If your industrial steam boiler is producing less steam than before, this probably means that your boiler has leaks in the pipes. These leaks can lead to sudden blasts and explosions due to high-pressure leaking steam. This makes it significant to replace your boiler to prevent property damage or vital boiler damage.

Rusty Boiler

Leakages in some parts of boilers can lead to corrosion. This corrosion can also be the result of chemical reactions and debris accumulation. Although boilers resist corrosion for a large period of time, everything has its limit. Once the boiler is eaten away by corrosion, it will no longer serve its purpose. This is a vital sign to spend on industrial steam boiler installation costs rather than wasting money on its repairs.

Malfunctioned Operations

When a boiler is quite old and has gone through several repairs, it will not function properly in the long run. This kind of steam boiler is unable to keep a stable pressure of steam. This also shows uncontrolled operation and settings. So, it is best to replace such a boiler with a new one.

Some of the companies’ industrial steam boiler installation cost also covers the replacement procedure while installing a new boiler. That is why it is always suggested to discuss these terms with the manufacturers while making a purchase.


Industrial steam boiler installation cost is a matter of great concern for any user. Follow the smart guide given in this blog to choose the intended program for you because the right installation means the perfect working of your steam boiler.

Consider this guide before going to the manufacturers to always step into the right pricing market with confidence. Hope this helps! See you again with a new blog.






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