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  • Small industrial steam generator
  • Generate steam in less than 3 minutes
  • Requires no active operator
  • Needs no permit to run
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High Quality & Good Price Industrial Steam Generator

Commercial Steam Boiler, Commercial Boiler Manufacturer
Yongxing industrial steam generator is a vertical quick steam generation boiler. With efficiency up to 96%, our steam generator boiler can supply steam in 3-5 minutes.
Commercial Steam Boiler, Commercial Boiler Manufacturer
Yongxing small vertical design boiler has vertical tubes arrangement. It is your best option if you need 0.1tph - 2tph small steam generator.
LHG 1 TPH Vertical Water Tubes Biomass Steam Generator
Our automatic biomass systems comes with automatic feeding device, biomass silo, feed water pump, etc. Plus, our wood pellet steam generator has manual feeding door.
Commercial Steam Boiler, Commercial Boiler Manufacturer
It is a 300kgs/hr vertical oil gas fired steam generator. Due to its advanced design, it needs very small area, low infrastructure investment and provides low-noise operation for hotels.
Yongxing LDR Electric steam generator 0.5tph. The Electric is a very clean energy source and therefore, a better option to be used in food factory, building heating, schools, hospital heating, etc.
Yongxing commercial steam generator use high quality stainless steel tubular heating element with large heat transfer area. All designs are 100% safe and have CCC & CE certificates.

Our Industrial Steam Generator Certifications

  • Certificate
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 2
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 3
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 4

Yongxing Industrial Steam Generator Reliable Quality

Recently, Yongxing has designed the latest industrial steam generators that provide the highest efficiency Its water capacity is generally less than 30 liters and the pressure is typically between 0.01~1.0Mpa.

Our steam generator boiler is a viable option if you require a small amount of steam. The most prominent feature that Yongxing industrial steam generator provides is quick steam generation. It only takes 3 minutes to produce steam.

Generally, a standard industrial steam boiler requires at least 20 minutes to start running. However, our steam generator’s quick steam outlet can help you save a lot of time, fuel, and money.

You don’t need a unique boiler house, it can easily fit in your basement or on your house roof. This kind of industrial steam generator for sale doesn’t require a licensed worker. Once you press the button, it will start to work immediately and can get to 0.4Mpa in seconds.

Yongxing team is eager to be your steam generator manufacturer since we have rich experience in the industrial boiler.

Just send an inquiry about our commercial steam generator, we promise to give you the best industrial steam generator price. Waiting for you 24hours online.

Yongxing Industrial Steam Generator Reliable Quality
Yongxing Industrial Steam Generator Reliable Quality
1 Ton Coal Steam Generator
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Industrial Steam Generator Comprehensive Details


If you have been searching for a steam energy solution, the industrial steam generator and steam boiler may confuse you. Both have one purpose; steam generation. However, both have a unique designs and working principles. So, let’s discover more details about them and see which one fits your industry requirements.

What Is An Industrial Steam Generator?

The industrial steam generator is a simple steam production machinery with only one tube coil. It uses a single-pass conversion technique in which the water converts into steam in a single pass. The water comes and goes into the system through a feedwater pump.

As the fuel burns, the heat of hot gases transfers to the water resulting in superheated steam generation. Its system has no water drum and, therefore, comes with a steam-water separator.

Furthermore, it has a small structure compared to the large fire tube designs. For that reason, it has a quicker start-up. It takes only 3 minutes to generate steam. Thus, saving your money, time, and fuel at one time.

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Major Advantages Of Industrial Steam Generator

  • Efficiency

The steam generator heats up quickly and generates more steam in less time and less fuel. Therefore, it has higher thermal efficiency than most of its alternatives.

  • Affordability

The compact design and small industrial steam generator prices are relatively cheaper than steam boilers. It is available at a lower price and has low operating costs due to low fuel consumption and high thermal efficiency.

  • Permit-Free Operation

It has a simple-to-operate design. Therefore, it won’t ask for a stack or burner license. Plus, an unlicensed operator can run this boiler. It is a significant advantage because acquiring permits and licenses is troublesome.

  • Safety

It has a straightforward design and does not generate flammable gasses. Therefore, the industrial steam generator for sale is safer than other steam-producing machines.

  • Low Maintenance

The steam generator machine is free of the burner. That’s why it won’t require regular maintenance. Moreover, more parts are stationary and have a simple operation. So, these machines require low maintenance and will increase the production line.

  • Operators

All sizes, large and mini steam generators won’t require an on-site operator. Once started, it will produce steam as long as it is turned off or disturbed. As a result, they are saving more than thousands of dollars annually.

Industrial Applications

These systems have applications in numerous industries. They can be used for steam power generation and other steam applications. Following are the common industries utilizing industrial steam generators:

  • Laundries
  • Commercial food and beverage facilities
  • Hospitals and laboratories
  • Asphalt plants
  • Construction departments
  • Tank terminal departments
  • Roofing plants
  • Wastewater management
  • Chemical industries
  • Wood industries
  • Agriculture
  • And many more.

Do You Have Industrial Electric Steam Generator?

Yes, we have top-of-the-line industrial electric steam generators which can produce low- and high-pressure steam. Most steam generators are, in fact, electric boilers. These systems run on electrical energy and produce steam.

Considering efficiency, these electric systems provide 97% efficiency to their users. No steam boiler can achieve this much efficiency. Plus, it is eco-friendly, which means there are zero harmful gas emissions.

Small Electric Steam Generator For Sale

How Does It Work?

Basically, the electric steam generator converts electrical energy to thermal energy. These systems have a heating element through which the electricity flow. As we know, the electric current produces heat naturally. The heating element in this system has a resistor that maximizes the electric heat.

When the heat produces, it transfers to the water tubes. As a result, the water temperature rises, and steam generation occurs. In most electric boilers, the used steam condenses back to the liquid and returns to the boiler system. This way, the cycle goes on and on.

Is There A Difference Between Industrial Steam Boiler And Steam Generator?

Usually, people consider industrial steam boilers and steam generators the same thing. However, that’s not true. They are very different in size, capacity, operation, and applications. Therefore, we have pinpointed the differences in the table below in order to get rid of this confusion.

Difference Between Industrial Steam Boiler And Steam Generator

Steam Generator Steam Boiler
Produces low-pressure steam since it is a small steam generator compared to the steam boiler. Large pressure vessels for high-pressure steam generation.
Requires no permit for operation, and an unlicensed operator can run it. Requires licensed operator and permit to run this boiler.
Comes only in a single pass design. Comes in variable passes that include 2-pass, 3-pass, and 4-pass steam boilers.
No water drum is present in these systems. The water drum is present in these systems.
Smaller tube diameters compared to industrial steam boilers. Larger tube diameters compared to the steam generators.
Takes less than 3 minutes to produce steam. Takes usually 20 – 30 minutes to produce steam.
Cheap operation compared to the steam boilers. Costly operation compared to the industrial steam generator
No on-site operator is required to run this system. Requires an active operator, not applicable to all industrial steam boilers.
Consumes less fuel since it produces a small amount of steam and is a small industrial steam generator for sale. Consumes more fuel since it produces a large amount of steam is a high pressure steam generator.

How Many Types Of Industrial Steam Generators Are Available?

There are various models available in the market and divided upon many factors. For instance, according to size, there is a small industrial steam generator for sale, a mini steam generator, mini electric steam boiler, portable steam generator, etc. However, generally, you will them divided on the fuel factor. Following are industrial steam generators available at Yongxing:

No matter what the fuel is, the steam-generating system design is similar. Plus, we have vertical designs which are the best fit for small places. Moreover, our steam boilers have a top-quality feed pump and forced draft fan built-in to boost their efficiency. The best thing about our boiler is a fixed grate.

Our small wood fired steam generator has a bottom fuel feeding system. It has compatibility with any biomass fuel available at your place. However, the oil or diesel steam generator has a bottom burner system instead of fuel feeding. If you prefer an oil and biomass steam generator, we have room for a custom order.

If you buy our steam generator, we will provide more benefits to your industry.

To keep your boiler on an average water level, provide high-pressure steam to users continuously. Our steam generator boiler installs a water-filling pump, and the pump will automatically refill water. No need to watch its work continuously. 

small wood fired steam generator
Small Wood Fired Steam Generator

Yongxing steam generator has triple pressure automatic protection function. It makes the equipment safe and reliable.

One Protection: 

If the pressure gets to the upper limit, our steam generator will automatically cut off the heating power. 

Conversely, if it reaches the lower limit, the boiler controller will automatically switch on the system power. Our steam generator boiler design ensures you constant output of steam and pressure.

Double Protection:

Yongxing’s pressure controller can cut off the heating power in case of an accident of internal steam pressure.

Triple Protection:

Our steam generator boiler safety valve can release pressure to protect your boiler.

Yongxing boiler configures automatic protection against water shortage. We can protect your boiler heating element, prevent water dry burn and damage.

If you have high-quality requirements for steam, our biomass small steam generator is an ideal option. Yongxing wood pellet steam generator has a multi-chamber structure, steam processes by two-stage transition chamber, saturation significantly increases, and cold air discharge device installed to ensure the steam quality. 

Yongxing industrial steam generator pack with stainless steel 304. It has wonderful features and is more durable than boilers from other manufacturers.

What Are The Components Of an Industrial Steam Generator?

It has a simpler design and has fewer components compared to steam boilers. Following are the essential components of the industrial steam generator.


The furnace is where the fuel burns and produces heat to convert water into steam. It has a high-quality refractory cover to stop heat transfer from the environment to the system and vice versa. Moreover, it has a robust design in order to tolerate high pressures and temperatures.

Single Pass Tubes

The water flow throughout the tubes. When the fuel burns, the hot flue gases produce and transfer heat to the water tubes. As a result, the water temperature rises and converts into steam.


It is important to understand the steam must be dry. Otherwise, it will damage the system you are providing steam to. For this reason, superheaters are installed. When the steam generates, it contains moisture content that must be taken out. The superheater heats the steam further to take out moisture content from it.


The waste exhaust gases contain some heat. It will be a waste if it is left out of the chimney. Therefore, the economizer is installed. The waste exhaust gases transfer their heat to the economizer before leaving through the chimney. In return, the economizer heats the cold feedwater to lower the fuel consumption in the furnace. Usually, it increases the steam generator’s efficiency by 5 – 10%.

Air Heater

It is a known fact that combustion requires air. The air coming from outside is cooler and will decrease the high temperature of the furnace. Therefore, the air heaters are installed. It heats the air before allowing it to go to the combustion chamber.

Final Thoughts

The industrial steam generator is widely used equipment in various industries worldwide. It produces steam economically and fulfills the industry’s requirements. However, you must buy the best quality available to get top-quality steam.

Yongxing is China’s certified industrial steam generator manufacturer and supplier. We have top-class systems that provide efficiency of up to 97% in electric steam boilers and 94% in the steam generator. These systems produce top-quality dry steam in less than 3 minutes and consume significantly less fuel. If you have any particular requirements, contact our enthusiastic support team to get complete information about our custom design service.

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