5 Best Reasons To Replace Your Boiler With Industrial Wood Steam Boiler

What makes a buyer smart is the right sense of purchasing the best product. The best product is the one that is low on budget but gives the best performance. An industrial wood steam boiler is the best example of it. It not only gives the maximum rate of heat energy but also consumes cheaper and lesser fuel. 

This is one of the leading reasons that make it the best choice for buyers but this is not it. There are several other countless reasons that force you to choose an industrial wood steam boiler over any other steam boiler. Let us read this article to know a short intro about wood fired boilers and their design to have a better understanding of their working principles. Then we will read the 5 best reasons to replace your boiler with an industrial wood fired steam boiler. Don’t forget to read the last and best reason. Here we go!

Industrial Wood Steam Boiler

Before we move on to the reasons for choosing an industrial wood steam boiler, let’s read a little about the industrial wood steam boiler. It is a biomass boiler that uses wood as fuel. You can use your own industry’s wood waste (if any) and save on fuel costs. 

Wood waste comes in various forms and shapes such as logs, pellets, chips, etc. Similarly, an industrial wood steam boiler also comes in various designs depending upon the consumption of each type of wood waste. They can be wood pellet boilers or wood chip boilers referring to their fuel consumption. 

Design And Fabrication

Wood fired boilers are available in various sizes and dimensions. They also have variations in their combustion chambers, furnaces, and tubes but what makes them the same is their operating powers. These boilers are highly efficient in their operations and give up to a 95% efficiency rate with operating pressures ranging from 180 psi to 350 psi.

Let’s enlist the major components of an industrial wood steam boiler to have a look at its design. The major parts of any wood fired steam boiler include:

  • Wood waste bunker
  • Traveling fuel auger
  • Metering bins
  • Stoker auger
  • Combustion chamber
  • Ash removal system
  • Boiler tubes
  • Economizer 
  • Emission test ports

In any industrial wood steam boiler, the wood waste goes into the wood waste bunker. This wood biomass fuel travels through the traveling fuel auger and lands in the metering bins. These metering bins constantly rotate the wood waste to avoid wood compaction.

In the next step, the waste goes in the stoker auger where it is all set to burn in the combustion chambers. The combustion chamber uses a significant amount of oxygen to start the burning process. The heat produced in the step travels through the boiler tubes to reach its destination. 

Now when the heat is obtained from the wood waste, it is time to take care of the residual ash. There is a proper ash removal system in the wood steam boilers. This system filters out the harmful toxins from the ash before dumping it into the environment.

5 Best Reasons To Choose Industrial Wood Steam Boilers

There are many types of steam boilers used in the industry but the wood steam boiler is among the top boilers. It is easy to operate and use. Also, it has higher efficiency rates than the others but there are still many reasons that can help you choose the right industrial boiler. 

Safer Than Other Steam Boilers

Safety is the first concern of any wood fired boiler manufacturer. As a boiler is a continuous heating machine, it requires proper handling and care to avoid inconvenience or damage. Industrial wood steam boiler has a robust design that enables them to handle extreme temperatures and pressures.  

Wood steam boilers are safer than other boilers because of their dual combustion chamber. These dual chambers allow proper heating while maintaining optimum amounts of oxygen to keep the burning process smooth and safe.

It also includes lambda sensors that manage the inside temperature of the boiler effectively. These sensors keep the temperature at controlled levels thus preventing blasts and internal damage.

Also, these boilers have an automatic ash removal system that prevents the accumulation of ash in the furnaces. This accumulation can result in blockage of internal damages due to excessive heating

Even though an industrial wood steam boiler is a safer option, there are still some suggestions that you can follow for your safety while operating a boiler.

  • Always follow the instructions given with the boiler and never exceed the operating pressures.
  • Keep safety valves in check.
  • Always wear masks and gloves while operating the boiler.
  • Regular cleaning of the boiler tubes can prevent blockages and corrosion.
  • Always check for leakage of steam or fuel to repair it in time.


Today, industries have become a major source of pollution in the environment. That’s why industrialists must look for options that produce less pollution and are eco-friendly for the environment. The industrial wood steam boiler uses biomass fuel in the form of wood.

eco friendly design

Wood waste is a super environment-friendly fuel for heat production as it reduces the emission of greenhouse gas up to 90%. Moreover, wood biomass boiler uses less electricity as compared to other coal or natural gas boilers.

Also when it comes to carbon neutrality, an industrial wood steam boiler is the best option. Carbon neutrality means the efficiency of a boiler in absorbing greenhouse gasses that can pollute the environment. Wood fired boilers are carbon neutral as they use wood as their primary source of fuel.

In addition to these eco-friendly advantages, wood steam boilers are also responsible for the least emission of carbon dioxide into the environment as compared to lignite and natural gas. It emits only 9 to 18 grams of carbon dioxide while lignite’s emission of CO2 is 9 times higher than that.

Easy To Operate And Use

An industrial wood steam boiler is a simple boiler and is easy to operate. It requires minimal maintenance once operated by professionals. It requires only one operator thus reducing manual labor. Furthermore, these boilers have automatic fuel-feeding augers that are connected to combustion chambers. 

Also, its safety control system is highly efficient as it maintains the internal temperature and controls ash removal automatically. In addition, there is no risk of flame lifting or ash backfire. These boilers are also available in different ranges which makes them suitable to carry out various applications without any extra effort. 

Wood-fired boilers use wood fuel which can be available in all kinds of seasons and weather. This means you won’t have to trouble yourself to fulfill your fuel requirement. This fuel is not only readily available, but it is also easily measurable and manageable, generating heat efficiently.

Another major advantage of choosing an industrial wood steam boiler is its self-cleaning system, leading to further easy handling.

Economical Boiler

This can be the top-tier reason to replace your old boiler with an industrial wood steam boiler. Wood fired steam boiler saves you a lot in many cases. First of all, the fuel it consumes is pretty much cheaper than other fuels such as petroleum or natural gas. Also, the amount of fuel consumed is less because wood waste is available in bulk and burns for a greater period.

economical industrial wood steam boiler

Secondly, its purchasing price is also reasonable and budget-friendly. Its price starts from $9000 and varies from model to model. Some companies also offer free operating and maintenance for quite a period saving you dollars.

In addition, industrial wood boilers cost are 30% less than other boilers. It saves your budget on manual labor, operating and maintenance costs, and cleaning services. It also saves you on heating bills by cutting them down by 50%.

To know the exact price, please send us your requirements. We will get back to you with the original price of the product.

Best Quality Steam Production

As promised earlier, here is the most crucial reason to buy an industrial wood steam boiler. The major concern of any industry after the cost is the steam produced by a boiler. As wood fired boilers use biomass fuel, they produce natural and pure steam. This steam is also high-quality, leading to better operations in the industry.

This best-quality steam is highly efficient, with a thermal efficiency rate of up to 95%. This means that your boiler will consume less fuel and will save your hard-earned cash. What else you can wish for? Low cost and more energy production. 


No matter what kind of industry you are running, an industrial wood fired boiler can be your best choice. It has all the super qualities that one considers when choosing an industrial boiler. It includes your safety, low running cost ranging from 40% to 50%. Moreover, it is easy to handle and maintain, resulting in less human labor. 

And the best thing is that it is environmentally friendly and reduces greenhouse emissions while providing you with high-quality steam production. So now that you have considered buying an industrial wood steam boiler, you can contact us to get the right boiler for your industry. 







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