Knowing Exactly What a Water Tube Boiler And Fire Tube Boiler is

Knowing Exactly What a Water Tube Boiler And Fire Tube Boiler is

Many companies and businesses will reply on boiling systems that have to perform very well on a 24hour/7day basis.
In traditional, there are usually very large and heavy boilers because of the industry that they are used in. There are two types of steam boilers mainly used: the fire tube boiler and the water tube boiler. These two types are basically constructed the same way but one will use water while the other will use fire in order to perform.
Depending on the work of the actual company will determine the type of boiler that they are going to need to employ. You will find that the water tube boiler can be used in several, which include pulp and paper, construction, industrial, electric power, nuclear power, and environmental.
One of the top-selling manufacturers in China of these types of boilers is the YONG XING BOILER GROUP CO., LTD.  A popular model that YONG XING boilers manufacturers are the model LHS1-0.9-AII and WNS1-1.25-YQ fired tube boilers. These 2 models are created and ready for use in the factory when it is ordered;
This fire tube boiler LHS1-0.9-AII has a boiler horsepower of 64HP and can produce about 1000kg/h of steam per hour. It has a 130 PSI design pressure and can be fueled by either natural gas or by Number 2 light oil. You will find that it has a Baltur low NOx burner. The main benefits of this boiler are that it is equipped with water conditioning equipment, a motor control center, and header, economizers, and a heat recovery system. If this small boiler is not needed, then Yongxing Boiler Group can make your request. Boiler capacity available ranges from 0.1ton to 40tons, equal to 6.4 to 2560 Boiler Horsepower.
Our Yongxing Boiler company also has a water tube boiler that has a Boiler horsepower of 128 and will produce 2000kgs of steam each hour. This water tube boiler is actually a complete boiling plant that is equipped with a coal feeder, slag removal, dust collector, economizers, duplex feedwater pumps, and breaching operations and etc. Other specifications of many of these models include structural steel supports, a heat recovery system, a blower motor that has VFD control, stairs and catwalks for easy access, and a motor control center. These steam boiler models are really a very small part of us, and you could click our catalog to view more different sizes and types that are available.
To know more about the boiler capacity Unite, check the following website to know more:

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