LHG Coal Biomass Steam Generators

Yongxing has developed a biomass pellet generator to introduce foreign advanced combustion technology design. We develop it mainly in consideration of environmental protection.

Our steam generator has the characteristics of reasonable structure, large heating area, full combustion, no pollution, low emission, and so on.

Its feeding system adopts a mechanical motor screw automatic feeding device to realize mechanized fuel supply and is equipped with a flue gas recovery energy saver.

Various emission indicators are lower than the national (GB13271-2001) “Boiler Air Pollutant Emission Standards”, Our equipment is an ideal product to replace electricity, oil, gas, and coal-fired steam boilers.

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Fully automatic control of vertical steam boiler, exempt from inspection, biomass steam generator, electric heating steam generator

Modern biomass steam generators are much more advanced in operation and application.

First of all, they adopt a fully automatic power system, so you do not need to apply for a boiler license in use.

The furnace body is equipped with a built-in steam-water separator, which solves the problem of steam carrying water, and further ensures the saturation purity and quality of steam.

The high degree of automation, personalized design, all procedures are concentrated on one button, which is convenient for each operator and saves business costs.

Coal-fired and biomass-fired steam generators have low operating costs and can save 40%-60% of operating costs compared to oil, gas, and electric heating boilers.

Yongxing supply you a high-efficiency, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly thermal energy equipment.


  1. Economic and energy saving:

Using a new generation of biomass pellet fuel can save 30% to 60% of operating costs compared to oil, gas, and electric heating boilers.

  1. Efficient operation:

Adopting the two-pass design of flue gas, the second optimization of oxygen-enriched and full combustion, and the thermal efficiency of professional economizers can reach over 86%.

  1. Low carbon and environmental protection:

Through reasonable design, Your final biomass fuel is semi-gasified and combusted, achieving smokeless and complete combustion.

The emission indicators are all lower than the standard value requirements of the first-class area ‖ in the “Boiler Air Pollutant Emission Standards” (GB13271-2001).

Among them, the emission of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides is almost zero, which is lower than that of oil (gas) boilers.

LHG coal biomass steam generator


  1. Safe and reliable:

Pressure (temperature), water shortage adopts multiple interlocking protections, and the boiler runs stably, safely, and reliably;

  1. Simple operation:

The screw conveying system is adopted to realize automatic fuel supply, which greatly reduces the labor intensity and makes the boiler use more humane.

LHG series steam generator technical parameters
model LHS0.2-0.7 LHS0.3-0.7 LHS0.5-0.7 LHS0.7-0.7 LHS1-0.7
Evaporation (t / h) 0.2 0.3 0.5 0.7 1
Quota steam pressure (Mpa) 0.4 / 0.7 0.7 0.7 0.7 0.7
Steam temperature () 150/170 170 170 170 170
Water temperature () 20
Thermal efficiency(%) ≥95
Heat transfer area (m2) 7.2 10.8 16.5 23.4 34.1
Applicable fuel Coal, Wood, Biomass pellets, Wood chips, Wood Logs, and etc.
Steam caliber (DN) 25 25 40 40 50
Chimney diameter (DN) 219 219 273 273 325
Power consumption (KW) 0.85 1.1 1.3 1.5 1.7
Water capacity of pipe group (kg) 25 29 29 29 29
Dimensions Length (mm) 1300 1400 1600 1800 1800
Width (mm) 1150 1250 1450 1650 1650
Height (mm) 2400 2500 2500 2600 2800

Superior WNS Oil Gas Steam Boiler For Different Industry

Yongxing steam boiler in the food factory is mainly used for distillation, extraction, disinfection, drying, curing, cooking and other processes.
You could uses the Oil Gas Steam Boiler to heat the petroleum and increase its fluidity.
In the chemical industry, fermentative tank, reaction kettle, sandwich pot, mixer, emulsifier need to be equipped with steam boiler.

Customer Cases

This is a  brewery factory, one-time purchase of 4 steam generators.
For steam generators, there are certain requirements for water quality, so the factory also purchased softening water treatment equipment.
For plants with higher requirements, we recommend that you invest in filters together, which will make your steam cleaner.

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