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Low Pressure Steam Boiler For Sale

Our Low Pressure Steam Boiler For Sale Designs

fire tube boiler in direct heating
Yongxing DZL low pressure boilers has a highly efficient chain grate that enhances boiler's thermal efficiency. It provides steam at 15Psi.
low pressure natural gas boiler
Our WNS low pressure boiler offers steam strictly at 15 Psi. It has a very low fuel consumption rate and are widely used for heating.
Industrial Steam Boiler
Yongxing LHG low pressure steam boiler is a small industrial steam boiler. It has a vertical burner arrangement and is used in food industries.

Yongxing Low Pressure Steam Boiler For Sale Certifications

  • Certificate
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 2
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 3
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 4

Yongxing Low Pressure Boiler Quality Guarantee

Yongxing provides a top-of-the-line low pressure steam boiler for sale. We have a modern manufacturing department with a highly-efficient inspection team. Each manufactured design passes several inspection tests to deliver only the best.

Our low pressure boiler provides ultra-efficient heating control. It can enhance your product’s quality with 100% consistency guaranteed. We have various designs with different control features. For small businesses, we have a small steam boiler for sale with a simple on/off burner design at the lowest price in the market.

Likewise, we have the best heat-variable setting for large businesses that allows more precise heating control. Plus, we have room for customization. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing departments accept custom designs for our worldwide customers. You can have a perfect low pressure steam boiler for your business at the best price.

In concerns like high efficiency, low fuel consumption, safety, and precise heat control, the Yongxing boiler group should be your best choice. So, click on the send an inquiry and let us discuss more technical details along with the exact price for your custom-designed low pressure boiler.



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Fire Tube Package Boiler Manufacturer
Fire Tube Package Boiler Manufacturer
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Everything About Low Pressure Steam Boiler For Sale


Heating a building or enhancing a product’s quality, a low pressure steam boiler for sale never disappoints. It offers excellent control over heat and yields more profits on them. Compared to high pressure steam boilers, these are less expensive and consume less fuel.

However, one must fully understand these systems to save money on buying and operations. For that reason, we have brought you a detailed guide that includes a low pressure boiler overview and steps to buy the best one. So, keep reading; it is a free article from our boiler experts.

What Is A Low Pressure Steam Boiler For Sale?

The low pressure steam boiler for sale has a low-pressure operation and is engineered to stay within its pressure limit. Generally, these steam boilers limit the pressure to 15psi, and the temperature stays at 250 oF.

The low pressure  boiler has a simple design with fewer safety devices because its pressure does not rise to dangerous levels. Plus, it has a simple operation and won’t require highly-skilled operators – basic know-how is sufficient to operate it. The main difference between a high pressure boiler and a low pressure steam boiler for sale is its operating pressure. More on that later in the article.

low pressure steam generators

Working Principle Of Low Pressure Steam Boiler For Sale

The low pressure boiler for sale produces steam by using the heat of any fuel. Its unique design limits the pressure and temperature while generating steam. As the outside system has lower pressure, the steam flows out naturally and can be used for heating and other purposes. It is noteworthy that the low pressure steam is mainly used for heating.

Low Pressure Steam Boiler For Sale Applications

The modern-day growing industries widely use low pressure steam generators due to their high reliability and cost-saving features. Following are some of the industries utilizing them:

  • Laboratories

The scientific laboratories, either in high schools or universities, use a large amount of air for performing experiments and tests.

In order to fulfill the building air requirements, they need to allow an equal amount of air from the outside. In winter, the outside air can be freezing and damage the laboratory machinery. Therefore, they use low pressure boiler to heat the building. Other heating sources may not properly function since air is below freezing point.

  • Wood Kilns

The low pressure boiler has been extremely useful in drying wood. It increases wood quality by ideally taking out moisture from the inside. The wood mills pile up all the unique woods used for furniture, and the low pressure steam fully dries them. Such dried wood has more demand and is a bit expensive too. So, you can make a decent profit from it.

Used Steam Boilers For Sale

  • Food

In order to remove harmful pathogens, you must heat the food to specific temperatures in a controlled environment. Overheating will impact the food’s taste. In such industries, a low pressure boiler for sale proves to be most helpful. It provides steam at low pressure and at a certain temperature to remove pathogens from food and beverage.

Moreover, it proves useful in sanitizing and cleaning if you add a steam-to-water heat exchanger to your system.

5ton Steam Boiler system

Advantages Of Low Pressure Boiler For Sale

In many industries, precise control over temperature is significant, such as food industries. The food must use consistent temperatures in order for all products to be of the same taste and quality. Such precise control is almost impossible with other heating technologies.

For other heating technologies to achieve such heat control is only possible if the product has high management. Still, you may observe some variations in products’ quality. On the other hand, steam heating has the ability to provide consistent, controlled heat. It improves the quality of your products and yields consistent results.

Usually, a low pressure steam boiler has a configurable system to match the industry’s requirements. If not, you can order a customized design that suits your industry’s low-pressure needs. Best low pressure boiler manufacturers offer a custom design service. So, you just have to do a little research or buy from the Yongxing boiler group.

Besides precise heat control, the low pressure steam boiler for sale comes in different sizes and fuel options. At Yongxing, you will find various sizes and fuel options. It includes low pressure natural gas boiler, a 15 hp steam boiler for sale, small boilers for sale, etc.

What Is The Difference Between High Pressure And Low Pressure Steam Boiler For Sale?

In comparing low pressure and high pressure steam boiler, the first thing to consider is that the low-pressure steam moves faster than the high pressure steam. As a result, your industry’s production rate will get quicker.

Plus, you must consider your requirements prior to choosing high pressure and low pressure boiler. If a low pressure boiler fulfills your industry requirements, go for it because the low pressure boiler price is much lower than the high pressure boilers. And it is easier to operate.

Apart from these, the following are the differences between low pressure and high pressure steam boiler:

Low Pressure Steam Boiler High Pressure Steam Boiler
The pressure is lower than 15 Psi in low pressure boilers. The pressure is higher than 15 Psi in high pressure steam boiler.
In a low pressure boiler, the temperature is always lower than 2500oC The temperature is always higher than 2500oC in high pressure steam boiler
The heated water pressure stays below 260 Psi The hot water pressure crosses the 260 Psi line.
These boilers are installed for heating purposes. The high pressure steam boiler is used in power plants and large-scale industries.
The steam output of the same capacity boiler is less in low pressure steam boiler for sale. The steam output of the same capacity boiler is high in high pressure boilers.
Low pressure boiler maintenance is easy and cheap. Plus, it requires low maintenance. High pressure boiler has costly and needs high maintenance.
Running cost is cheaper compared to high pressure steam boilers. Running cost is more expensive than low pressure boiler for sale.
It will not require certified staff and is easy to operate. Also, it asks for less routine check-up. It will need certified operators and permission to run it. Also, it must have a routine check-up.


As the high pressure steam boilers operate at high pressures, it requires extra-safe operation and a routine inspection to be safe from any accidents. Moreover, malfunction needs immediate attention. Otherwise, the system may get severe damage. On the other hand, the low pressure boiler is easy-to-operate and won’t require routine inspection.

How To Buy A Best Low Pressure Steam Generator?

Selecting a low pressure boiler proves to be hard if you aren’t familiar with the systems, especially when buying used steam boilers for sale. Plus, you may end up buying a low-quality product at a high price. Therefore, it is crucial to do due diligence and know factors to consider before buying. Following are some of the essential considerations when buying a low pressure industrial steam boiler:

Check Your Requirements

Find what your facility requirements are before choosing a boiler. If possible, go for a custom design low pressure boiler for sale. Manufacturers like Yongxing will manufacture a low pressure boiler as per your requirements and save you from spending extra cash.


Consider your heating load and get a perfect size boiler accordingly. It will save you from spending extra on unnecessary fuel consumption. For instance, a low pressure boiler with flexible configurations to match extreme weather conditions.


Consider your building’s size or the number of rooms that require heating. In the case of a smaller facility, go for low pressure small steam boiler for sale. It will cost you less save you on spending more on fuel.

In contrast, go for higher capacity low pressure boilers if you have high demand operations. In this case, a low-capacity steam boiler proves to be useless because it won’t provide sufficient heat to the building. Plus, it will consume more fuel.

Control Features

The boiler market is full of varieties. The new era modern low pressure boilers have advanced burner controls and are more expensive than others. However, there are simple control burners too at lower prices. So, choose control features as per your requirements. In the market, there are three types of burners:

  • Simple – It has an on/off feature only.
  • Average – It has two modes; high and low. In the low mode, the low pressure boiler will consume less fuel.
  • Excellent – It has more levels for low and high.

Finally, you should consult professional buyers or experienced buyers who have experience using and buying a low pressure boiler. They can help you choose the best one and will better analyze your business requirements.


The low pressure steam boiler for sale is the best option if you require heat for buildings or products. It can provide controlled heat for all your products and yield consistent quality, especially in the food industry. Other heating technologies will deteriorate your food’s taste or at least disturb the quality consistency.

The low pressure boiler is not expensive a lot. Still, it is a considerable investment, and buying a quality product can double your industry profits. Therefore, it is important you choose the right quality.

Considering the quality, Yongxing has a top-quality low pressure steam boiler for sale. We have a wide variety and also entertain custom design orders. Moreover, we offer a competitive price low pressure boiler with a free installation service at your facility.

We have been the boiler manufacturers and suppliers for over 30 years and have the best reviews on our products. So, get yourself a lifetime low pressure boiler at highly affordable prices.



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