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  • Oil Fired Boilers Power range from 1t/h to 20t/h
  • Working pressure from 0.7MPa to 2.5MPa
  • 94% heat efficiency
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Oil Fired Steam Boiler, Diesel Oil Steam Boiler manufacturer
For the oil fired boilers required by the hotel, as it need to be installed in the building or basement, so this oil fired boilers for sale is clean and noiseless, which is very suitable.
As new diesel fired boiler design, we installed an economizer on the top. The overall operating cost has also been greatly reduced. One time investment, quickly recover the cost.
We use well-known brand burners, coupled with condensers or economizers, we will down your oil fired boilers cost and make combustion efficiency particularly high.
Oil Fired Steam Boiler, Diesel Oil Steam Boiler manufacturer
Yongxing 1400kw Industrial Oil Fired Boilers hot water boiler can not only supply water at 95°C at normal pressure, but also realize water supply under pressure water 115°C.
Oil Fired Steam Boiler, Diesel Oil Steam Boiler manufacturer
This oil fired boilers for sale provides 10bar over-pressure water. If your floor is relatively high, you needs to buy a certain pressure boiler to send the heating to high floor.
LHS500 kg - 0.7 Steam Boiler
Because there are many types of oil fuel, many customers will choose to use furnace oil, which is very similar to heavy oil and our best oil boilers can save you a lot of costs.

Our Oil Burning Boiler Certifications

  • Certificate
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 2
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 3
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 4

Yongxing Oil Burning Furnaces Reliable Quality

Yongxing is a leading and global oil fired boilers manufactures & supplier with more than 281 boiler models. With 40 year’s development, Yongxing oil-fired boilers have proved to be the best oil boilers on the market. Each oil boiler is factory direct selling. If you buy from us, you pay the lowest oil-fired boilers cost.

Our oil-fired boilers contain LHS/WNS/SZS different series. The oil-fired boilers usually make a horizontal wetback fire tube boiler with three-pass gas circulation. Yongxing oil-fired boiler for sale electrical power is 1t/h to 20t/h and its working pressure between 0.7MPa and 3.82MPa.

We always believed that technology is the only way to improve the boiler’s quality. With years of investment, we have been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing integrated oil boilers for sale.

In the following days, we aim to become your No.1 oil-fired boiler supplier.
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Oil Steam Boiler Manufacturers
Oil Steam Boiler Manufacturers
Oil Steam Boiler Manufacturers
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Oil Fired Boilers Definitive Guide FAQ

Although there is a general preference for commercial gas-fired boilers, attention is currently shifting to the use of oil fired boilers, especially for companies that have no access to the grid.

This type of industrial boilers offers many benefits; they are cost-effective, efficient, and used prevalently in remote locations with limited natural gas. This oil boiler review takes a detailed look at Yongxing oil fired steam boilers for sale. Read on to find out more.

What Are Your Oil Fired Boilers?

An oil boiler for sale is an enclosed vessel in which water is heated and circulated as hot water, steam, or conduction oil. This type of industrial boiler depends on oil to function effectively. Generally, oil fired boilers are more cost-efficient than gas fired industrial boilers that are connected to the grid and receive a constant supply of gas.

In addition, industrial oil fired steam generators usually come with a tank for oil storage and other auxiliary parts.

How Do Your Oil Fired Boilers Work?

With the oil as your main fuel, commercial Oil Boiler can fire in the boiler burner, and the flame transfers the radiant heat through the furnace wall. All flames and heat travel through in three past.

  • Firing in the furnace is defined as the 1st pass.
  • The reversal chamber collects the high-temperature smoke, this smoke will enter in the 2nd pass, which is the grooved tube bundle area.
  • While smooth tube bundle area is named the 3rd pass. The smoke exchanges the heating and then enters into economizer and condenser, finally exhaust emission from the chimney.

Advanced 6Ton steam boiler with big front door for replacing tubes in boiler furnace oil boiler

In the working process, the furnace oil fired steam boiler three-return design makes full use of flue gas heat, which ensures that your diesel steam boiler fuel consumption is reduced to a very lower level.

Either above oil fired steam boiler or oil fired hot water boiler, there are a lot of special places you will like.

Industrial oil fired water boilers make use of a thermostat that triggers the system, telling it when to kick in. The oil is pumped from your oil tank to the combustion chamber.

The oil is usually under a lot of pressure as it goes into the chamber. Once it gets into the combustion chamber, the oil lights the fire. The burning oil does not leave the combustion chamber; rather, the heat generated flows into the heat exchanger and comes in contact with the water.

This heated water is further circulated through pipes and used for commercial purposes in factories, schools, breweries, among other firms.

Yongxing Steam boiler Reliable Quality

What Are Your Oil Fired Boilers Parts?

Yongxing oil fired boilers come with different components that include:

Oil Fired Boilers Fuel delivery system

  • Oil Tank: This oil tank serves as a storage device for your fuel. They come in different designs, colors, and shapes. The oil tank is usually placed underground or above ground.
  • Filter: As the oil flows from the tank to the heating system, the filter sifts out debris and sediment.
  • Fuel Pump: This is what controls the oil’s movement from the tank to the heating system.
  • Combustion Chamber: Usually, the hot oil is ignited in the combustion chamber.
  • Thermostat: This measures the temperature of the space where it is placed and signals the system to kick on.

Oil Fired System Boiler

  • Oil fired boilers’ drum cylinder: the pressure equipment, to generate the heating.
  • Boiler Burner: to fire the fuel (oil, gas, LPG, diesel oil, etc.)
  • Steam Or Water Cylinder: pressure vessel of natural gas boilers, to distribute the steam to valves and pipes. 
  • Water Softener: to soften hard water to ensure gas steam boiler normal working.
  • Condenser: to improve oil-fired boilers efficiency and save cost.
  • Deaerator: to remove oxygen in feed water and ensure natural gas boiler’s water quality.
  • Water Tank: to supply the feed water for natural gas boilers.
  • Pump: including the feedwater pump, circulating pump, deoxygenation pump.
  • Electric Control Cabinet: to ensure automatic operation. An automatic control system equipped PLC to offer the following controls, including combustion, over-hearing protection, over-pressure protection, water shortage protection.
  • Valves and Instruments: to connect the pipe and display operational parameters.
  • Chimney: exhaust emission.

Other parts for furnace oil boilers include drums, shells, headers, boiler tubes, baffles, gauge glass, gage cocks, soot blowers, and economizer.

natural gas boilers

The most important parts of the above oil boilers reviews are that we designed and equipped with a condenser. The condenser is the most different structure.

After using it, we can decrease the temperature to 60-80℃ and recover part of the heat from emission. So, the condenser is another reason why we could make your diesel boiler fuel consumption the lowest.

Meanwhile, our oil-fired boilers can reduce harmful emissions and environmental pollution during heat recovery processing.

Yongxing oil-fired steam generators are also equipped with large furnaces, this design improves combustion efficiency and makes the fuel burn more fully. It enables you to provide for lower NOx emissions. 

Considering both energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, Yongxing Boilers can be used in food industries, textile mills, petrochemical plants, machinery manufacturing factories, and so on.

What Is Your Oil Fired Condensing Boiler Efficiency?

Yongxing oil fired steam generator for sale is highly efficient. According to industrial regulations, commercial oil boilers for sale must have an 86% energy rating. Yongxing condensing steam boiler exceed this rating and have an efficiency of more than 98%.

This industrial boiler for sale is made with high quality and durable materials that are capable of lasting for a long time. This diesel boiler fuel consumption is low. They are truly worth the investment.

Check the following heating travel ways, every recycler is reuse the heat to improve oil fired boiler efficiency.

fire tube boiler efficiency

What Does Your Oil Fired Boilers Cost?

The cost of buying and installing an oil fired boiler is usually huge. However, at Yongxing, we work with your budget to provide cost-effective commercial oil fired boilers that can last you a long time.

Ideally, a oil fired boiler cost ranges between $3,800 to $7,500 for buying and installation. Also factor in other miscellaneous expenses like the costs of transportation, maintenance, and buying of other spare parts.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Your Oil Fired Boilers For Sale?

Industrial oil fired boilers for sale have come advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at the Pros and Cons.

Pros Of Industrial Oil Fired Boilers For Sale

  • Oil fired boilers heat water on demand; they are energy-efficient and cost-effective than other industrial boiler types.
  • These type of boilers are the perfect alternative for organizations that has limited access to natural gas supply from the grid.
  • Industrial oil fired boilers can also be used with renewable energy heaters, and the oil supply can be changed at any time.
  • These boilers have a long life span and are capable of lasting for a long time.
  • With same high efficiency with Burnham Mega Steam Oil Fired Boiler

Cons Of Industrial Oil Fired Generators

  • It requires to be checked and maintained annually
  • Industrial oil boilers are now becoming outdated as fuel limited

What Is Your Commercial Oil Fired Boilers Service Cost?

The cost of servicing an oil fired boiler is affected by some factors. Some of which include design, system, and location where the boiler is used. On average, you should budget between $400 to $500.

What Are The Difference Between An Oil Fire Boilers Vs Gas Fired Boilers?

An oil fired commercial boiler system will require a special oil tank to store fuel. This oil is transported through oil pipes and pumps to the combustion area to heat the water.

On the other hand, Commercial Gas fired boilers have the same design as the oil fired boilers, but they make use of natural gas as fuel. Usually, the gas is transported to the burner via a gas train, which comprises a gas regulator and a gas strainer.

How Is Your Oil Fired Boiler Servicing Done?

At Yongxing, our teams of technical engineers are always available to provide oil-fried boiler serving for your organization. Usually, we start by inspecting the boiler, the pipes, and other components to determine what type of serving that needs to be carried out. We also take time to check the oil storage tank, combustion areas, look for signs of leakages.

We will also clean all internal components of boiler casings and test the safety systems to ensure proper functioning. Please note that failure to service your industrial oil fired boiler annually can pose a high risk of breakdown and also lead to the generation of carbon monoxide.

What Are Your Oil Fired Boilers Regulations?

All oil fired boilers have so many regulations that must be followed to ensure safety while in use. These regulations include:

  • An oil fired boiler must be placed 1.8 meters away from a non-fire structure, openings in a fire-rated structure, and terminals of oil fired flue appliances. This industrial boiler for sale should be placed 760mm away from boundaries such as wooden boundaries that are non-fire rated and 600mm away from any screening, not forming part of a boundary.
  • Non-domestic oil tanks that exceed 200 liters must have secondary containment.
  • Oil tanks must have a suitable base that supports the tank’s weight. It must be made of concrete, stonework, or stones.

What Is Your Oil Fired Boiler Maintenance?

At Yongxing, we carry out the best oil fired boilers maintenance too. During this time, our team of technical experts will clean, check and replace all necessary components of the boiler to ensure optimal productivity.

Filer elements are also cleaned or replaced while the tank is checked for water contamination and leaks.

How Long Does Your Industrial Oil Fired Boiler Last?

As mentioned earlier, one of the pros of using an oil fired boiler is that it lasts longer than that other types of heating systems. With regular tune-ups and preventative maintenance, your oil fired boiler should remain in good shape for up to 15 to 20 years.

They, however, start to become less efficient and more expensive to run as they get older. This is why it is recommended that you replace them after 15 to 20 years of use.

What Is Your Oil Fired Boiler Installation?

At Yongxing, we also carry out oil fired boiler installation. We have a team of engineers that will design and transport your industrial boiler to your destination. They also carry out installation services and ensure that your boiler is working with high efficiency.

Our team of engineers follows the necessary guidelines and regulations to assure our oil fired boilers’ safety during and after use.

Ideally, the costs of oil fired installation are affected by the location and complexity involved, but you should spend between $700 to $2000 on your industrial boiler installation. Please note that a simple installation can take just a day, but a complex one might take longer.

What Is Your Oil Fired Boilers Design?

At Yongxing, our diesel fired boilers are designed to be highly efficient and have a maximum level of productivity. The efficiency rate is as high as 90%.

To produce a unique design for your organization, we will start by drawing a diagram that suits your needs and specification. Then we will come up with a new industrial oil fired boiler based on our diagram.

These boilers and their components are usually fitted together to ensure easy transportation of heat to the combustion areas.

You will definitely have a great time using our oil fired boiler for industrial purposes. They are durable and worth the investment.

What Is Your Oil Fired Boiler Insulation?

Our oil fired boilers have excellent performance insulation. They operate at a very high temperature and produce hot water quickly. You are definitely guaranteed durability, high efficiency, and maximum productivity.

If you need an excellent high temperature boiler with high mechanical loads, get in touch, and our team of engineers will be here to design one that suits your specification.

What Are Your Best Oil Fired Boilers Types?

For the WNS series, we have many kinds of boilers for sale, like

For more stable heat, we offer various types of industrial oil fired boilers that ensure maximum efficiency and productivity of every organization. Read on to find out the best oil boilers on the market that we have.

  • 0.7MW Vertical Thermal Oil Boiler:
    This Yongxing thermal oil boiler guarantees quality and efficient delivery. It has a maximum operating temperature and uses professional tools to make the coil pipes compact. These tools are also used to install circulating oil pipes in a small space to increase oil recycling volume.
  • 1.8MW Vertical Drum thermal fluid Boiler:
    This is one of the bestselling industrial oil boilers you will find on the Yongxing website. The major feature of this heating oil boiler is that the bottom uses a chain grate as a combustion base while the upper part uses a vertical coil pipe.
    Whether shut down or running, whatever state it is in, the temperature of this commercial oil steam generator is always stable and constant.
  • 2MW Natural Gas, LPG Fired Thermal Oil Heater Boiler:
    Yongxing oil gas heating boiler has very high efficiency: It is the most suitable boiler for large power. It is also designed with so many coils to provide stable heat energy.
    You should give this a try if you have limited access to natural gas and need a unique industrial boiler that suits your business needs.
  • 5MW Oil Gas Thermal Fluid Heater Three Coil Pipes:
    This unique and amazing boiler design is one of the best oil-fired boilers you should have in your organization. Three coil pipes are used in making this thermal oil boiler large in capacity and small in volume.

Do You Make Commercial Oil Fired Packaged Boilers?

Yes, we can. At Yongxing boiler group our team of technicians are available to customize your project and ensures that it suit your need. Our industrial oil fired boilers are of high quality, efficient, and offer maximum productivity, you can request a custom design at any time.


No doubt, Industrial oil fired boilers offer so many advantages. They are perfect alternatives for gas fired boilers. Our boilers is the best way to reduce costs on natural gas and save lots of money on hot water and steam production.

Industrial oil fired boilers can use for sterilization, steaming among many other uses. They do not produce dirt and are eco-friendly. They are also built-in lines with safety codes and standards.

If you are interested in buying highly efficient industrial oil fired boilers, then you should opt for Yongxing boiler groups. Known as one of the best oil fired boiler manufacturers, Yongxing specializes in producing industrial boilers that work in high efficiency of up to 90%.

With over 30 years of experience in this industry, Yongxing remains a reputable supplier produces diesel boilers working with amazing design, features, and auxiliary parts.

Our teams of engineers are available to understand your need and provide a product that best suits your business. Get in touch to find out more about Yongxing Boiler Groups.

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