Oil Fired Steam Boiler, Diesel Oil Steam Boiler manufacturer

  • Oil Fired Steam Boiler Delivery In 15days
  • 94% Or More High Efficiency
  • SZS Types Range From 6ton/hr To 50ton/hr
Oil Fired Steam Boiler, Diesel Oil Steam Boiler manufacturer

High Quality & Good Price Oil Fired Steam Boiler

Oil Fired Steam Boiler, Diesel Oil Steam Boiler manufacturer
Oil Fired Steam Boiler can realize remote human-computer interaction and data sharing through the mobile Internet, because application of advanced mechatronics automatic control technology.
Oil Fired Steam Boiler, Diesel Oil Steam Boiler manufacturer
Oil steam boiler can fully absorb the waste heat from flue gas and water vapour. Our gas steam boilers have the characteristics of stable combustion and low NOx emissions.
Oil Fired Steam Boiler, Diesel Oil Steam Boiler manufacturer
Yongxing company has made breakthroughs in core technologies such as staged combustion and FRG flue gas recirculation. Diesel fired steam boiler has reached 96% on combustion efficiency.
Oil Fired Steam Boiler, Diesel Oil Steam Boiler manufacturer
Natural gas, petroleum gas, compressed gas can be used as diesel steam boiler’s fuel, which can be used in hospitals, textile factories, clothing factories,canteens, etc.
WNS15-1-YQ Industrial Gas boilers Prices with low NOx emission
Due to the application of automatic welding technology on oil fired steam boiler, the welding quality is effectively guaranteed. All seam welding is 100% radiographic inspection.
WNS12-1-YQ industrial Gas Boiler Efficiency 94%-98%
Oil steam boiler’s finned tube is made of ND steel or stainless steel, which effectively solves the low-temperature corrosion of steel and improves the reliability and safety.

Our Oil Fired Steam Boiler Certifications

  • Certificate
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 2
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 3
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 4

Yongxing Oil Fired Steam Boiler Reliable Quality

Yongxing oil fired steam boiler is working with different oil, such as diesel, kerosene oil, waste oil, furnace oil, etc. Normally diesel is more widely used, it has more high heat value and supplies more sufficient heat.

Compared with traditional coal steam boiler, Yongxing Oil fired steam boiler prices are more competitive.

Because Yongxing oil steam boiler designs into micro positive pressure, it can run without an ID fan perfectly. Which helps your diesel steam boiler save running costs.

Yongxing diesel steam boiler is more suitable for high-value oil or natural gas, QDW≥16000KJ/N3. With our superior oil-fired steam boiler and combustion system, you will achieve 99.4% high efficiency.

Based on Yongxing boiler group’s strong production capacity, we could deliver most models in less than 15days. Here we promise you that your oil-fired steam boiler is enjoying Yongxing wholesale prices.

Send us the inquiry now, we will send you the lowest oil steam boiler prices immediately.

Oil Fired Steam Boiler, Diesel Oil Steam Boiler manufacturer
Oil Fired Steam Boiler, Diesel Oil Steam Boiler manufacturer
Oil Fired Steam Boiler, Diesel Oil Steam Boiler manufacturer
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Yongxing Oil Fired Steam Boiler Quality Control

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Thread Pipes

Detailed Guide On How To Buy An Industrial Oil Fired Steam Boiler

In the last few years, the use of commercial oil fired steam boilers have been on the increase. This is true for companies that are located far from the grid and do not have access to electricity.

Other firms embracing the use of diesel steam boilers are interested in saving costs that would have been spent on commercial gas-fired boilers. This article takes a detailed look at basic facts to know when buying an industrial steam fired boiler for sale. Keep reading.

What Is Your Industrial Oil Fired Steam Boiler?

An Industrial oil steam boiler is fueled by oil, just like gas-fired boilers that use gas. They are categorized into horizontal oil-fired steam boilers, and vertical oil fired steam boilers.

The vertical commercial oil fired steam boiler uses the cross-flow structure, sufficient fuel combustion, fully automated control of water level and steam pressure. It takes up less space and operates in a stable condition.

The water pipes between the combustion gases are high-speed flowing, the heat convention is good, fast heat absorption, thermal boiler efficiency is high, the heat transfer is good, and the cost for usage is reduced.

The horizontal industrial steam fired generator is a full wet reverse flame chamber. The boiler has 100% butt welding. It has minimum stress, and its quality is more reliable.

What Is Your Oil Fired Steam Boiler Generator Design?

At Yongxing boiler group, our oil fired steam boilers are designed to be of great benefit to your organization and have a maximum level of efficiency, usually above 90%.

Features Of Oil Fired Steam Boiler Design

  • With the scavenging function, the life of the combustion chamber is prolonged.
  • With a unique large combustion chamber, the heated area is increased, which lowered the emission of No2.
  • The front and back smoke tube box use a multistage sealing way, which ensures no leakage of smoke.
  •  Oil Fired Steam Boiler has Large steam volume, good quality for steam.
  • Horizontal structure increases heated area fully transfers heat. Stable operation, high combustion efficiency. The boiler
  • furnace is laid low, ensures a large range of water safety.

Contact us today and we will take time to understand your need before drawing a diagram that shows your specifications. Based on these diagrams, our team of engineers will create a perfect oil fired steam boiler that works for your organization. The boilers also come with added components for high productivity.

What Is Your Oil Steam Fired Boiler Insulation?

Yongxing Oil steam fired industrial boilers have a high insulation level. They are durable, efficient and produce hot water and steam quickly for industrial use.

They have great temperatures with high mechanical loads. You will definitely have a great time using these oil steam generators.

Do You Make Industrial Oil Fired Steam Packaged Generator Boiler?

Yes, we do. At Yongxing boiler group, we have a team of expert engineers that are available to create customized boilers for your industry and business need.

Our industrial diesel steam fired boilers are not just of high quality and durable; They can also be tailored to meet your need and offers maximum productivity. If you need a custom design, kindly get in touch.

How Is Your Furnace Oil Fired Steam Boiler?

We are specialists in furnace oil fired steam boiler. For heavy oil burner, we will use a famous brand with Hofamat heavy oil burner. It normally support heavy oil like follows:

M180 heavy oil

  • Viscosity 80℃ <5
  • Specific gravity 15℃≤0.96
  • Flashpoint opening> 130 degrees
  • Calorific value>10000kcal/kg
  • Sulfur content≤1.0%
  • Moisture and sediment <1.0
  • Ash content ≤0.04%
  • Hydrogen>11%
  • Sodium + potassium<50ppm
  • Zinc <1.0ppm
  • Iron <7ppm

Furnace oil fired steam boiler has many pros,

  1. The price of this type of oil is cheaper a lot than light oil or natural gas burner. This helps your enterprise save much operation fees. The price of one ton of heavy oil is between USD$430-500 per ton. However, the diesel light oil price is around USD$781/ton
    Here please note that sometimes you would also need to install a pilot burner to help the heavy burner start and ignition.
  2. Heavy oil has a high ignition point and flashpoint, is not easy to volatilize. So it has little risk and is more conducive to storage.

We are always happy to help you to choose the right model with high economical. Just send us your oil analysis.

What Is Your Diesel Oil Fired Steam Generator Maintenance?

We also carry out oil fired steam boiler maintenance. Our team of expert technicians takes time to check your oil fired steam boiler to ensure it is in good condition.

They will also replace all the auxiliary components to ensure optimal productivity. The tank is also checked for leaks and water contamination.

All these are done to ensure that your industrial oil boiler lasts for a long time and produces the best steam for your company.


What Are The Pros And Cons Of Diesel Oil Fired Steam Boilers?

Some of the merits and demerits of Industrial oil fired steam boilers for sale include the following:


  • Oil fired steam boilers are cost-effective options to gas fired boilers and other boiler types
  • They are suitable for businesses that are far from the grid.
  • They have a high efficiency level and are capable of lasting up to 30 years.
  • Euro-imported burner equipment, quality is stable and reliable
  • Intelligent control system with PLC and touch screen, simple and safe operation
  • Oil Fired Steam Boiler Equipped with new condenser equipment, finned tube type made by ND steel with deoxygenation effect, strong thermal conductivity and greatly save fuel
  • Flow type water treatment design, automatic restoration, and microcomputer operation;
  • Double safety valve design and Double gauge design — backup protection, safe and reliable
  • An automatic control system in burner ignition,  fire off, fire switch;
  • Gas high and low-pressure protection;
  • Gas leakage protection;
  • Automatic feeding water and stop the pump;
  • High and low water level alarm, low water level interlock; stop alarm for high exhaust temperature boiler.

Oil Fired steam boilers residential, home heating oil burners, each part you buy is manufactured carefully.

  1. Boiler with Italy balter burner
  2. The boiler is manufactured by our factory directly, at the best rate. It’s ok to purchase auxiliary according to customer request.
  3. Mainly commercial oil boilers, commercial gas boilers. Quality high as bosch Oil Fired Steam Boiler.
  4. Boiler high efficiency ≥ 92%


  • Most oil steam fired boilers running costs are a little high

What Are Your Diesel Steam Generator Parts?

Yongxing Oil fired steam generator comes with the following features:

  • Boiler Burner: Burner is an important component in the oil steam-fired boiler. It is used to supply heat and create combustion.
  • Heat exchanger: This tool carries heat to the water without having contact with it.
  • Controls: With the control button, you can easily set your temperature. It also helps in boiler safety.
  • Circulator pump: This device helps to push water and steam to the radiators and other distribution lines from the system.
  • Internal pipe: This tool helps to increase heat transfer efficiency using an internal pipe.

natural gas boilers

What Size Of Diesel Fired Steam Boiler Do I Need?

It is very important to know the size of an industrial oil fired steam generator before buying. This is because if you oversize a boiler, it consumes more fuel than necessary and also causes the appliances to have a shortened life cycle.

On the other hand, if you undersize a boiler, it might be unable to meet your industrial need. To understand the size of an Industrial diesel fired steam boiler for your need, consult with Yongxing team of engineers, and we will be here to direct you on what best suits your business.

waste oil fired boiler WNS2-1.25-YQ industrial steam boiler manufacturers

2 ton Oil Fired Hot Water Boiler CWNS Eco Saving Fast Package Horizontal

How Does A Commercial Oil Fired Steam Boiler Work?

Yongxing Industrial oil steam generator is built with state-of-the-art technology. Usually, the water is circulated through the pipes and flows back to the steam generator using a pump.

The boiler water has a temperature sensor linked to the boiler’s main controller. When there is a drop in water temperature, the oil burner is switched on by sending an electrical current to it.

For the combustion, the oil burner pumps oil to a burner nozzle at high pressure via a fuel line from a holding tank. The nozzle makes the oil susceptible to combustion by turning it into small droplets to quickly vaporize.

The oil burner has a high voltage ignition system and an air intake blower to send sparks and air to the fire chamber. The metal tubes in the boiler are heated by the hot gases from the burning oil that pass through.

The water is heated to safe maximum temperature by the hot pipes. And the water is stored in the boiler until the system is triggered into action by the building’s thermostat.

What Is The Design Of The Oil Fired Steam Boiler?

Usually, the steam oil fired industrial steam boilers have two primary designs. There is the water tube and the flame tube/smoke tube, which is also known as the shell boiler.

Water is stored in tubes surrounded by hot gas in the water tube boiler, while in the shell boiler, the tubes are surrounded by water, and hot gas flows them. The hot gas heats the water in both cases.

Advanced 6Ton steam boiler with big front door for replacing tubes in boiler furnace oil boiler

What Is Your Oil Fired Steam Boiler Efficiency?

Yongxing Industrial oil-fired steam boilers have high efficiency of up to 90%. These commercial boilers for sale have an energy rating of 90%. They are built with premium quality materials that are not just durable but also capable of lasting for a long time.

In addition, this industrial diesel steam generator has low fuel consumption; they are worth the money spent on buying them.


How Do I Vent Your Industrial Oil Fired Steam Boiler? 

Direct venting is the best way to vent a commercial oil-fired steam boiler. With direct venting, there is no need for a chimney.  Before the combustion begins, the device needs a switch for air-flow proving to help confirm the presence of the required draft. In addition, discharge fittings pass through the walls of the combustible to reduce the effects of wind on the combustion product venting.

The benefit of this type of venting is that it helps you save money. It also has a potential for increased efficiency.

What Are Your Oil Fired Steam Boiler Prices?

Industrial oil steam fired boilers are usually expensive. However, when compared to gas fired boilers, they are a cost-saving option. These steam boilers are quite a few in the market at the moment.

You should plan to spend about costs of $2,500~$9,000 on buying one vertical oil fired steam boiler. At the moment, the average cost of a horizontal Industrial steam generator for sale in the market is between $10,000 and $105,000. In comparison, the minimum cost is $2,500 for a very small type.

All above is for the new oil fired boiler cost. As we are a boiler factory, so sometimes you can also get used steam boiler price if lucky.

Please note that these oil steam generators come in different sizes, designs, and features for you to choose from, and that is why the price varies.

Feel free to get in touch with our team of engineers, and we will help you make the perfect choice for your need based on your budget too.

Yongxing Steam boiler Reliable Quality
commercial steam boiler

What Is Included In Your Diesel Fired Steam Boiler System?

At Yongxing Boiler Group, our oil fired steam generator is made up of a burner, a water boiler, radiators and/or convector, and pipes.

Usually, the boiler heats the water, which turns it into steam; the steam is transported through the pipes to each room’s radiator and/or convector.

This enables the spreading of the heat from the steam throughout each room. The steam then cools down and condenses back to water which is returned to the boiler for heating again.

The radiator is a heat transferring device with exposed pipes for steam transfer, while the convectors are heating devices with partially shielded pipes for heat transfer.

How Is The Working Of  Your Oil Fired Steam Boiler?

Our Industrial diesel steam fired generator works perfectly well. It is well built to the extent that when the thermostat detects that the room temperature has gone below the normal, it sends a signal to the heating system.

Furthermore, when the oil burner is at work, heating oil travels from the tank to the burner through the pump and ignites the combustion chamber.

How Long Does An Oil Fired Steam Boiler Last?

At Yongxing, our industrial oil fired steam boiler’s average life span is between 20 to 30 years with proper maintenance.

All our products have the right elements to ensure the safe functioning of the boiler. Our team of engineers carries our proper check on intervals and provides you with a guide on how to maintain these steam generators.

How To Buy The Best Oil Fired Steam Boiler?

As there are too many models and types, you may ask that which oil fired boiler is the best? And how to buy the best one?

If you are interested in buying an oil fired steam boiler, some of the factors please put in mind.

  • Boiler Level

First, pay attention to the boiler level, it directly affects the quality of oil fired steam boiler production. You could find that A class is China’s best quality level. Especially Double A level, it requires boilers and pressure vessels all get the A certifications.

United State will need an ASME certificate, and the EU needs CE, etc. To better support customers of the EU, we also get through the CE certifications.

  • Boiler efficiency

Oil fired steam boiler efficiency could get to 94% or 96%. If it is lower than this efficiency, that must be an old design and has a high operation cost.

There is also another choice for a low NOx condensing steam boiler. It has high efficiency of 99%~100%, exhaust gas temperature can down to 86℃.

  • Main Boiler Auxiliaries

The boiler auxiliary is the main factor that affects your boiler lifetime. The part that has the most relationship with the boiler would be:

  1. Feedwater pump
  2. Boiler burner
  3. Water softener
  4. Electric cabinet
  5. Valves and instruments, that may include steam valves, ball valves, high-pressure vessel mass, high water volume, efficiency level, quick startup times, and low footprint.


fire tube boiler

    Fire Tube Boiler

In this equipment, Yongxing supplies you Italy balter boiler burner, stainless steel water pump, US fleck water softener, China famous electric cabinet.

Another key parts look small but have very important positions, that is the boiler valves. This is an easy-wearing part and has to change them every 1-2years traditionally. But don’t worry, Yongxing offer you cast steel boiler valves, it has at least 4-5 years of long life service.

  • Easy to maintenance

Whatever type of boiler, it should be easy to maintain. Yongxing steam boiler has an active front and back door, making it easy to maintain inner and outside.

Others include low heat flux and high surface area, ease of cleanout, effective turndown, ease of maintenance, and large steam disengagement area.

Do not just opt for any industrial oil fired steam boiler for sale you see out there. Instead, you must take time to ensure you are making the right investment.

Speak to our team of expert technicians at Yongxing boiler group, and we will be here to provide a detailed guide on how to buy the best oil fired steam generators.

What Is Your Industrial Oil Steam Fired Boiler Installation?

At Yongxing Boiler Group, we do not only produce the boilers, but we also help you install them at the location of your choice. Our team of technicians will transport the boiler and carry out all types of installation services to ensure high efficiency and insulation.

We follow all the required safety protocols and regulations on oil fired boiler installation and use. Ideally, you should be looking at spending $700 and $3000 for this service. Simple installation can be carried out in 24 hours, while the complex one takes more time.

What Are The Types Of Your Oil Fired Steam Boilers?

Our oil fired steam generator for sale includes the following:

  • LHS1-0.7-T 600000kcal/h Best Small Steam Boiler Price: This is one of the most cost-effective oil steam boilers to buy in 2021. It guarantees a heat conversion of 2,380,992 btu.
  • WNS3-0.7-YQ Oil Gas Small Steam Boiler For Sale: This vertical small steam boiler can produce steam just in less than 5 minutes. It is perfect for different types of businesses and also cost-effective.
  • Best Performance Small Boiler Price 1,190,496btu/h 0.5T: This high-quality boiler offers excellent performance. It comes in a wooden box packaging to provide great quality.
  • Oil Gas Fired Vertical 800000btu/h Small Boiler For Sale: This is a threaded smoke pipe boiler. It has a great pipe arrangement to make the heating area highly sufficient.

What Is The Reason You Buy Our Oil Fired Steam Boiler?

For international trade, the shipping cost for goods is a big investment. Considering this, our oil fired steam boiler has a very small volume.

As the wet back structure, Yongxing oil-fired steam boiler can hold more water. Although It has a small volume, it can generate a big volume of saturated steam for your production line.

If the boiler water capacity less than 20 tons, Yongxing uses WNS single drum three return design, at the same time, it is equipped with energy-saving equipment, further to improve efficiency save fuel for you.

When the water capacity is greater than 20ton, we use the SZS boiler.  SZS is a two-cylinder gas or diesel fired steam boiler, upper cylinder plays the role of water supply, distribution, soda water separation, and continuous sewage discharge. The lower cylinder can be connected to the upper and lower pipes for continuous sewage discharge.

In order to improve the boiler combustion efficiency, Yongxing can also increase the finned tubes, increase oil fired steam boiler heating area, and heat transfer efficiency.


No doubt, oil steam boilers are an excellent alternative to gas fired industrial boilers. They are used in firms like textile, chemical, hospitals, hotels to produce steam and hot water. These boilers are designed in line with IBR and ASME codes for the total safety of the equipment.

If you need a custom-made industrial diesel fired steam boiler that meets your business need, get in touch with Yongxing Boiler Group. With over 30 years of professional experience, we remain your one-stop shop for all industrial oil fired boilers for sale.

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