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Prominent Steam Boiler Designs

oil fired package boiler price
Yongxing oil fired drum design boiler has 94% thermal efficiency. It has proven itself in worldwide industries and have increased their profits.
Vertical package boiler price
Our simple vertical boiler designs have high steam generation ability. With small-in-size and vertical shape, it can fit in any corner of your industry.
Coal/biomass fired package boiler price
Yongxing coal/biomass double drum design has high fuel options. Moreover, its double design fulfills extra steam generation requirements.

Yongxing Quality Certifications

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  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 2
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 3
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 4

Why Choose Us?

Yongxing company ltd is a large-scale professional manufacturer in the international boiler industry. We are IBR-approved manufacturers of steam boilers. Our company has certifications for installation and maintenance along with license permits for boilers and pressure vessels.

We provide our customers with top-quality steam generators with installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement services. We use full pure raw materials that are approved before use.

We have every type of boiler according to your needs at affordable prices with free installation charges. Our manufactured boilers are more efficient, create top-quality, high-pressure, and high-temperature steam than any other supplier. You can also get package boilers with manual or automatic fuel feeding systems.

Additionally, we provide spare parts for the boilers in case you need to replace them. You can get it at discounted prices and an engineer to install those parts and make sure it performs perfectly.

We are available to answer your queries. Feel free to contact us any time.

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Yongxing Quality Manufacturing Techniques

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Boiler Drum & Tube Plate
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Thread Pipes


All You Need to Know About Package Boiler Prices

Do you want a boiler with a free installation service? If your answer is yes, then we should be your first and only option. Not only do we provide all types of package boilers at reasonable prices, but also install your boiler for free. Plus, our package boiler prices are the best among other package boiler manufacturers.

If your boiler is old and rusty and needs repair every other day, you should replace its part or get a new affordable one from us. We have boilers of every model and design at the most affordable prices than the market. And our boilers have automatic as well as manual feeding systems. Let’s discuss package boiler prices of different package boilers specifications.

What Is The Package Boiler Price?

Yongxing boiler company manufactures all types of boilers for every price range and package boiler specifications. The package boiler prices may vary according to your requirement. It also depends on the size and type of the boiler. Giving an exact price for each one isn’t possible. Therefore, we have provided the price ranges for various package type boilers:

Coal-Fired Steam Package Boilers Price

DZL coal-fired package boiler price $4,000 – $85,000
SZL coal-fired package boiler price $4,000 – $80,000
DZH coal-fired package boiler price $2,500 – $50,000
LHG coal-fired package boiler price $2,500 – $50,000.

Biomass-Fired Steam Package Boilers Price

DZL biomass-fired package boiler price $3,000 – $80,000
SZL biomass-fired package boiler price $3,500 – $75,000
DZH biomass-fired package boiler price $2,000 – $52,000
LHG biomass-fired package boiler price $3,000 – $47,000.

Oil-fired Steam Package Boilers Price

Natural gas-fired package boiler price $5,000 – $55,000
Diesel-fired package boiler price $4000 – $37,000
Thermal oil-fired package boiler price $4,500 – $45,000

Electric Package Boiler Price

LDR electric package boiler price $5,000 – $95,000
WDR electric package boiler price $4,500 – $100,000

Wood-fired Steam Package Boiler Price

Wood-fired package boiler price $2,000 – $80,000

You can also get other parts if you do not need the whole boiler. Below are the prices of an economizer and cylinder:

Boiler economizer price $4,500 – $50,000
Boiler machine price $10,000 – $100,000
Boiler cylinder price $1,000 – $3,000

Although price ranges differ, the quality is the same for all of them. We do not compromise the quality of our package boilers despite their low costs. The boilers are still thermal efficient and reliable. Following Is the package boiler diagram:

Diagram of Package boiler price
Package boiler diagram

How Does Package Boiler Work?

The package boiler working principle is divided into four steps:

Fuel Feeding

First, the fuel is fed to the furnace through a fuel hopper. Different fuels can be used such as coal, oil, biomass, etc. Our boilers are equipped with manual and automatic fuel feeding systems.


After feeding the fuel into the furnace, it is ignited and starts burning. Fresh air is let in to aid the combustion. The oxygen in the air oxidizes the coke and gives off the ash and hot flue gases such as CO2 and CO.

Steam generation

The hot flue gases produced are less dense. Therefore, they rise and reach the water tubes where they help transform water into steam. Unlike others, our boilers generate high-pressure and high-temperature steam.

Exhaust system

The remaining flue gases are passed through an exhaust system that filters ash from them. These gases have some of the heat remaining in them. They help warm the feed water through an economizer.

How To Decrease The Procurement Cost Of Gas Steam Boilers?

Procurement costs of gas steam generators can be reduced by avoiding, tail spending. Tail spend are the unofficial expenditures, that are not included in the contract. Finding and terminating the sources of tail spending can reduce procurement costs. Moreover, proper training of the employees also aids in decreasing these costs.

Upgradation of the inventory system also helps in reducing the procurement cost. Although it has an initial cost, it will prove to be helpful in the long term. Furthermore, the procurement cost of a gas steam boiler can also be decreased by making sure that the company is not getting undermined by the supplier. Ensure that the company holds power regarding the supply chain.

Yongxing company takes steps that decrease the procurement costs of a gas steam generator. We computerize our inventory and purchase records. Moreover, we hold workshops for the training of our employees that also helps in reducing the procurement costs. We also maintain a good and healthy relationship with all of our suppliers.

What Is The Package Boiler Price For Installation Or Replacement?

The installation costs depend on the type and the size of the boiler that you are setting up. The normal installation cost for a simple one is around $2000. But if your boiler is large then it will increase up to $5000 and more.

But you can avoid all of these installation expenses if you get a Yongxing manufactured boiler. Yes, that’s right, we provide free installation every time you buy from us.

The replacement costs are also dependent upon the type of boiler. It depends on whether you are replacing the whole boiler or just part of it. If you want an economizer or other parts you can get it under $5,000. If you just want your boiler to be replaced, then it will need about $4000 for a standard one. But for a higher model, it will cost up to $7000.

Why High Pressures Are Not Suited for Fire Tube Package Boiler?

High pressure is not suitable for fire tube boilers because the vessel does not respond well when subjected to high pressure due to its large area. It takes a lot more time for the steam pressure to rise due to the large quantity of water.

As compared to the water tube package boiler, it is difficult and more time-consuming to create high-pressure steam.

This is because the tubes containing the steam and the water are in the same big vessel. So, controlling the flow and pressure of the water is difficult in a larger area.

What Is An Externally Fired Boiler?

An externally fired boiler is a type of boiler in which a furnace is located outside the shell. It means that the combustion of the fuel happens outside the body. In an externally fired boiler, steam generation and fuel combustion happen in two different parts of the boiler.

The fuel is fed into the furnace that is mounted outside the boiler shell. The hot flue gases are produced in a different container than the water tubes. They travel from the furnace to the water tubes due to their less density. Then the water absorbs the heat and transforms into steam.

All water-tube package boilers are externally fired boilers. Other examples of the externally fired boiler are the Stirling boiler and Wilcox boiler

What Are Boiler Mountings? Why Are They Important?

Boiler mountings are mechanical components that are installed on the boiler for its safety. These gadgets save it from harm like over pressurizing, vacuum shell collapse, pumping backflow, low water, and dry running. Moreover, they assist in managing the steam generation cycle. Some of the necessary mountings are:

  • Water level gauge
  • Pressure gauge
  • Safety valves
  • Steam stop valve
  • Vent valve
  • Feed check valve
Package boiler price
Our Boiler Mountings

What’s its importance? They are necessary devices to make sure that the boiler is working securely and smoothly. In addition, they are important because they help operate the boiler without any danger of damage. A boiler may not function properly without mountings.

Lack of proper maintenance and cleaning leads to breakdown and other faulty accidents. Without these mountings, the boiler may get damaged. Plus, an explosion may happen that may damage machinery and put lives at risk. Likewise, a shell could collapse in the absence of mountings. This can impact a boilers’ efficiency.

All these accidents can be avoided if the mountings are installed on the boiler.

What Is Gauge Glass In Packaged Boilers?

Gauge glass is a transparent glass through which you can see the fluid level in the container of a package boiler. It is a level indicator that is fitted on the boilers’ tank. It gives a visual representation of the quantity of water in the vessel.

Gauge glass helps maintain the water level in the tank. The controller can check the amount each time and control the flow for a safe operation.

Furthermore, gauge glass has two parts. The upper one is connected to the steam side of the boiler. The lower part is attached to the water part of the package boiler. When the pressure on the steam and water part becomes equal, you can observe the water level from the glass.


Yongxing boiler manufacture provides you with every type of package boiler you need. We supply water tube boilers as well as fire tube boilers at reasonable prices than the market. We also have coal-fired, oil-fired, natural gas-fired, biomass-fired, wood-fired package type boilers of different capacities.

We will provide free installation every time you buy from us. Moreover, the rates of our package boiler for sale are $2000 – $3000 less than other package boiler manufacturers. We provide every price range starting from $2,000 and going up to $100000. The costs may exceed this range according to your requirements. However, all boilers are available with high thermal efficiency and are super reliable that creating top-quality steam.

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