Pellet Fired Boiler, Wood Pellet Steam Boiler 0.1-25 ton

  • High efficiency pellet fired boiler
  • Vertical pellet fired boiler 100kgs/hr ~ 1000kgs/hr
  • Horizontal wood pellet steam boiler 2-50tons/h
Pellet Fired Boiler, Wood Pellet Steam Boiler 0.1 - 25 ton

High Quality &Good Price Pellet Fired Boiler

DZH1-0.7/1.25-T Fixed Grate Wood Pellet Steam Boiler
From the perspective of unit energy price, replacing oil-fired boilers and gas-fired boilers with biomass pellets also has good environmental and economic benefits.
DZL4-1.25-AII Chain Grate Coal Stoker Boilers
We have exported 3 sets of 2-ton pellet fired boiler to tanzania,we had provide good quality and good price steam services for their grain and oil plants.
SZL 10 TPH With Reasonable Biomass Steam Boiler Cost
SZL pellet fired steam boiler is designed based on 40 years advanced technology and experience. It is a horizontal double drum chain boiler drain pipe pellet fired steam boiler.
Commercial Steam Boiler, Commercial Boiler Manufacturer
The vertical pellet fired boiler has a complete range of models, which can produce steam within 3 minutes after ignition, and the pressure can reach 10 kg.
Commercial Steam Boiler, Commercial Boiler Manufacturer
The pellet fired steam boiler is safer than conventional fuel gas steam boilers, with lower operating costs, faster startup speed, and no registration and annual inspections.
Low Pressure Steam Boiler Equipped Chain Grate
Our SZL35 tonnage large steam boiler has a large biomass pellet furnace specially designed for biomass fuel. No matter what shape of biomass, we can all support combustion.

Our Pellet Fired Boiler Certifications

  • Certificate
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 2
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 3
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 4

Yongxing Pellet Fired Boiler Reliable Quality

Yongxing pellet fired boiler is a kind of biomass boiler. It uses a kind of organic biomass fuel. You need to crush the natural waste wood, bamboo slices, grain straw, grain shell, fruit shell, bark, dried animal dung, and so on into combustible biomass pellets.

Pellet fired boiler generates heat after burning biomass particles and heats wood Pellet Steam Boiler, pellet boiler to a specified pressure to produce saturated steam, which can meet your various steam needs.

We mainly produce two kinds of pellet fired boilers. The utility model relates to a small vertical steam generator boiler, a kind of horizontal automated wood pellet fired boilers.

As far as we know, for pellet fired boilers, vertical boilers are more widely used. If you have any requests, just send inquiry right now!

Yongxing Steam boiler Reliable Quality
Yongxing Steam boiler Reliable Quality
Yongxing Small Steam Boiler Reliable Quality
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Yongxing Pellet Fired Boiler Quality Control

Boiler Drum & Tube Plate
Yongxing all drums and tubes will use China GB high standard materials. The welding shall be 100% NDT test and Hydraulic test. We promise all your pellet fired boiler is well quality controlled.
Membrane Wall

Once your Pellet Fired Boiler is a bigger capacity, our factory will use a membrane wall for you. You can catch a higher efficiency with this compact design in the burning furnace.

For pellet fired boilers, we suggest you use the small scale chain grate. For rice husk fuel, we suggest using the Live core boiler grate bar.

Pellet Fired Boiler Definitive Guide FAQ

Our FAQ guide show you some mainly question that customer asked. Please refer it.

What Is Your Wood Pellet Boiler?

Yongxing wood pellet boiler is simply a boiler that burns biomass as fuel. Once your pellets enter the boiler chain grate surface, they will ignite quickly, providing energy to your boiler drum. In less than 30 minutes, you will get steam or hot oil at a predetermined temperature.

Whatever your fuel is, pellets from rice husk, bamboo, wood chips, or corn cob, wood leftovers, our wood pellet boiler is all ok to burn with it.

We provide you with a complete set of auxiliary equipment for the wood pellet boiler. This auxiliary equipment includes an automatic pellets belt feeder, slag remover, FD/ID fan, Secondary fan, etc. If you want, you could get a fully automatic feeding system with a conical silo.


What Is Your Wood Pellet Fired Boiler Design?

Our wood pellet boiler designs horizontal single or double boiler drums. On the drum side, erect threaded water tubes, connecting with steam headers at the bottom. Well, on the opposite, inside your boiler drums, they are all arranged with fire tubes to promise pure steam output.

Wood pellet boiler also has a very stable natural circulation. Your whole system is enjoying complete biomass operating procedures.

Below travelling grate, stoker uses various types of fire grate bars to meet your different pellets. Your chain grate combustion chamber is large enough to accommodate a better flame height. It can also support your biomass suspended combustion where need.

What Types Of Your Pellet Fired Boiler For Sale?

We have three types of a pellet boiler for sale.

  • Output steam pellet boiler for sale

Steam is the most commonly used heating medium in industrial production. Especially, our pellet steam boiler, which is currently the most popular boiler in industrial use.

The main reason is that our design can help you realize waste utilization and turn waste biomass into valued fuel. We can achieve low carbon emissions and meet your local environmental protection requirements.

Our most commonly used design types have the DZL chain grate boiler series, SZL series, and DZH series.

  1. LHG vertical pellet fired boiler. Capacity 100kgs/h to 1000kgs/h, pressure 0.09~0.9Mpa.

Equipped with a reasonable automatic hopper and FD fan, your biomass pellets will blow into the furnace. You could install it not only outdoors, but also indoors. If you like, you can also use it for home heating. Compared with ordinary biomass boilers, ours are more energy-efficient and cheaper.


  1. DZL/SZL output range: 1ton/h ~ 50t/h. Pressure between 0.4Mpa(4bar) to 3.82Mpa(38.2bar).

This type of pellet fired steam boiler is a more traditional design. Once your temperature request is between 35°F and 350°F,feel free to choose our steam boiler. Especially if you need a fully automatic steam boiler, these two models are smaller in size, have larger steam output, and take little area. It is the best choice for your investment and installation.

DZL/DZL6-1.25-AII coal boiler
  1. DZH Steam capacity range: 1ton/hr~ 6ton/h, pressure 0.4Mpa ~1.25Mpa. With DZH, you have to send the biomass by hand. Limited by its fixed inactive grate, you could get it with a lower price, but have to slag by workers.
dzh steam boiler system
DZH steam boiler system
  • Output hot water pellet fired boiler

After the biomass pellets burn in the chamber, our pellet fired boiler could use generator hot water by absorbing the heat. It is a type of water tube boiler. Whether you had a low-temperature hot water boiler or a pressure at 0.4-1Mpa hot water boiler, our hot water boiler can satisfy your demand.

The model also has CDZL, CDZH, CLHG, similar to the above pellet fired steam boiler. Their different place is that pellet fired water boiler bears no pressure working.
CSZL Hot water boiler

  • Output thermal oil pellet fired boiler for sale

Pellet fired thermal oil boiler heat the conduction oil inside coils. With the high temperature circulating pump, you can recycle the liquid oil as you want. Its best advantage is getting the most accurate and stable heat source at shallow pressure.

Yongxing produces two return and three return thermal oil boilers.

  1. YGL vertical wood pellet fired thermal oil boiler

Range: 120KW ~1200kw, pressure: 0~0.8Mpa

YGL Two return type has the vertical spiral coil design with fix burning grate at the bottom. It decreases your pellet fired boiler heat loss and down materials cost.

All your thermal oil boilers will equip with high-alumina refractory bricks and aluminum silicate board insulation. All of them will have high insulation properties. We incorporate all intelligent electronic control systems in one panel even if you meet complex operating conditions, making your work easier, safer, and reducing labor.
coal biomass thermal boiler

  1. YLL or YLW three returns horizontal pellet fired hot oil boiler.

Range: 350KW ~14000kw, pressure: 0~1Mpa

Our boiler structure is a horizontal square shape, horizontal Z- coils and thin spiral coils to cooperate.

The special place is the bottom burning device. YLL or YLW works with automatic travelling grate stokers. We allowed you to achieve a bigger capacity of the heat.

How Much Does Your Pellet Fired Boiler Cost?

For the vertical small wood pellet boiler, the price is 2000~12000 dollars.

For horizontal pellet steam boiler, hot water boiler, or thermal oil boiler, the price ranges from 20,000 to 150,000 dollars.

The system has many boiler auxiliaries to assist it in its work, so the above prices are for reference only. We can make different designs and equip auxiliary boiler machines according to your local emission requirements. We dedicated to maximizing your profits.

What Are Your Best Wood Pellet Fired Boiler Prices?

Wood pellet fired boiler’s price will have different price ranges according to different auxiliary machines.

The leading equipment that affects the price is:

  • Fuel Feeder

Suppose equipped with an ordinary lifting lifter or tipping bucket feeder. The price range is $2k~200k.

But you have more choices, such as a screw fuel feeder or a Belt-type fuel feeder. These kinds of feeder help you to realize automatic feeding. Price at $ 3k~250K.

  • Dust Collector

The most significant impact on the boiler system is the dust removal system. Small boilers can choose water film dust removal, spray dust removal, etc. The price of the boiler system ranges from 1.5K to 10K.

Large wood pellet fired boilers can design equipment as your local flue gas emission standards. If equipped with bag filter dust removal, multi-tube cyclone dust removal, and water film dust collector, the price will increase.

Take a 4-ton boiler as an example. You may need to spend $30K~40K to configure the entire system.

How To Buy The Best Pellet Fired Boiler?

If you want to choose the best biomass pellet boiler, you need to compare several points.

  1. Heating Capacity

Different from some small boiler factories, Yongxing is an industrial pellet boiler manufacturer. We could produce you small or large capacity pellet boiler freely.

But please pay attention that we do not manufacturer capacity lower than 70kw. Even we make 70~700kw, which is based on industrial design.

DZL Chain Grate Coal biomass Steam Boiler


2. Product materials for Pellet Fired Boiler

it is easy to produce. So you could buy it anywhere. But it does not mean you can buy the best pellet boiler.

The Boiler steel raw materials quality affects your boiler working life.

A pellet boiler body is all pressure parts so that Yongxing will always buy China Top1 standard boiler steel plates and tubes. Steel plate thickness is 14mm for 1.25Mpa, 16mm for 1.6Mpan, and higher data for 2.5Mpa or 3.82Mpa. The tube’s diameter can be 56mm or 75mm, thickness at 8mm or more.

Every single part will promise your working safety and long running time.

  1. The Pellet fuel

When you choose a better pellet boiler, the essential point is what kind of fuel does it support?

A lot of boilers design only applicable one type of fuel. Maybe you have to decide from wood pellets, wood logs, or wood chips.

While, with our pellet-fired boilers, you do not have these worries. You are welcome to burn any of these fuels together.

Peanut shell briquetting boiler Sawdust Fired Steam Boiler industrial biomass boiler cost
Peanut shell briquette boiler Sawdust, rice husk, melon seed shell and etc

If your fuel is wood pellets, it is ok to feed at the front side from the biomass hopper. If you are wood logs or ample shape fuel, feeding by hand from side doors. We leave you a watching fire hole. It is also used to throw your wood from here.

4. Combustion efficiency

You’d better choose the pellet fired boiler efficiency higher than 80%. At Yongxing, we will provide you with a combustion efficiency of 84% to 86%.

Here, the 86% request you to add air preheater and economizer.

5. Investment cost

A less investment is a crucial concern to buy the boiler system. From 2021, Yongxing has different new designs. They have in common to reduce the boiler’s design volume, reduce more steel consumables, ensure the amount of steam, and reduce the weight of the boiler. Significantly reduce your investment costs.

6. Warranty period

It is better to choose an extended warranty time. We provide you with a 5year warranty for the boiler body.

7. Degree of automation

Buy a total automation pellet boilers.

After your fuel is poured from the truck into the silo, everything left can be automatically loaded, burned, controlled, and slag discharged. The boiler room can be equipped with one boiler worker to check the valve and instrument status in real-time.

Do You Have Pellet Fired Steam Boiler?

Yes, we have.

Pellet fired steam boiler is one of our main products. Yongxing wood pellet steam boiler pressure supports 0.7Mpa ~ 2.5Mpa, which can provide a large amount of sufficient steam for your production line in a short time. This feature cannot be realized by a small biomass pellet furnace. Follow is the type we mainly on sale.

  • Capacity 100~2000kgs/h, LHG Vertical steam boiler.
  • Steam output 2t/hr~30t/hr, DZL/SZL travelling grate stoker pellet fired steam boiler.

1T DZH DZL Fire Tube Chain Grate Biomass, Wood Pellet Steam Boiler to Replace the Coal Fired Steam Boiler

Do You Sell Small Pellet Fired Boiler?

Yongxing has a small pellet steam boiler, range from 1200btu(IT)/hr to 18000(IT)/hr.

Or hot water boiler at 100kw to 700kw per hour.

Can I Use Your Pellet Fired Boiler As Combined Boiler?

Yes, of course, you can.

Suppose you need a 2ton/hr steam boiler, you can choose two 1 ton vertical small steam boilers to work at the same time.

Our 2sets 1ton/hr vertical steam boiler system covers an area of less than 10 square meters, which is 1.3 of the conventional horizontal chain grate steam boiler.

Your wood pellet boiler cost will also be greatly reduced. But the limitation of the small pellet steam boiler is that the pressure is less than that used in the 1Mpa.

Usually, you can use it in community hotels, home heating, laundry, food factories, luggage factories, carton factories, clothing factories, medical and sanitary disinfection, bath centers, spas, and other places.

vertical small steam boiler

If you are for industrial use, then we recommend that you purchase our chain grate stoker wood pellet steam boiler.

Yongxing horizontal automated wood pellets boiler is very suitable for this kind of biomass pellets, our pellet fired boiler uses an automatic chain grate to help you realize automatic feeding and automatic slag discharge, and you can reduce the expenses of 1 or 2 workers.

Do You Sell Pellet Fired Hot Water Boiler?

Yes, we also sell pellet fired hot water boilers.

Except for traditional CDZL, CSZL, CSZL hot water boilers, we also have CWNS type pellet fired hot water boiler.

Yongxing design a new technology that the CWNS fire tube hot water boiler could connect with pellet burners. Maybe it hears new for you. But actually, it is simple.

Just configuration a wood pellet burner instead of the oil/gas boiler burner will be ok. It could help you operate with more pros as follow.

  • More automatic and clean
  • Comparing with other types of biomass hot water boilers, it saves you fuel 50%.
  • Compared with coal boilers, it also saves 30%.
  • CWNS fire tube hot water boiler is smaller in size
  • Longer lifetime, etc.

pellet burner

Are You Wood Pellet Fired Boiler Manufacturers?

Yes, we are a leading and professional wood pellet boiler manufacturer in china. Quality level No.A. Give you a very assured product and perfect after-sales service. Our service is always online 24/7.

Does Your Boiler Support Pennington Fuel Pellets?

Yes, we support it.

When you buy the pellet fired boiler, the limit for fuel is only the size.

Be sure you control the Pennington Fuel Pellets size under 60mm. Our boiler will easy to fire them in the boiler combustion furnace. The large furnace supports all kinds of pellets with high or low LHV.

Different from coal fuel, pellets are very easy to burn out in a short distance. So Our engineers design a broader and shorter travelling grate stoker that is suitable for pellets characteristics.

How Does Your Froling Pellet Fired Boiler Working?

Like other pellet fired steam boiler, our fooling pellet boiler finally serves you with pure steam, hot water, or even high-temperature hot oil.

Your froling pellet is ignited once they get into the boiler chamber. Plenty of heat is complete to fill the combustion furnace. Then they are delivered to tube bundle and water drum.

The ultimate heat supply to your different projects by a different medium. Just choose the suitable medium to make your purpose.

Do You Supply Residential Pellet Boiler?

No, we do not supply a traditional residential pellet boiler.

But Actually, ff your house has a few hundred square meters, you can use our boiler for heating. Yongxing is always focusing on industrial pellet boilers for more than 40 years. Till now, our smallest capacity has been reaching 100kg/h, or 100kw/h.

To work with Residential Pellet Boiler, It is economical, various pellet and coal applicable, and immaculate with a dust remover, easy to maintenance, etc.


No matter what pellet fired steam boiler you want, we can design according to your needs, increase, decrease or adjust boiler auxiliary machines to meet your various request. So wait for what? Pick up your phone or open the mailbox. Please contact us!

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