Pinhole Grate Boiler Long-Lasting Operation

  • Perfectly Designed Pinholes
  • 0% Chance Of Mechanical Failure
  • Custom Designs
  • Highest Thermal Efficiency
pinhole grate boiler

Models Of Pinhole Grate Boilers

Highly Efficient Pinhole Grate Boiler
It is one of the client's favorite pinhole grate boiler. It runs on biomass fuel and has a top-quality pinhole grate system. The pinholes are perfectly sized for providing the right amount of air supply for combustion process.
Industrial Scale Pinhole Grate Boiler
Yongxing industrial-size biomass boiler chain grate has compatibility with vast range of biomass fuels. In addition, you can use coal as fuel if your steam capacity requirement is higher
Modern Design Biomass Boiler
At Yongxing, we have unique biomass boilers design with advanced features. It has efficiency-boosting economizers which utilizes the waste gasses heat.
Double-Drum Horizontal Biomass Pellet Steam Boiler
Our double-drum biomass pellet steam boilers is a perfect design for high steam requirements. It has double drums for storing more water and generating large amount of steam in less time.
Automatic-Feeding Biomass Steam Boiler
Yongxing engineers designed automatic-fuel feeding biomass steam boilers. With its intelligent automatic system, it will automatically feeds the right amount of fuel into the system
Step Grate Biomass Boiler
Our unique step grate biomass boiler is a perfect option for medium-sized industries. It has a new step grate system that improves your combustion efficiency even more.

Our Pinhole Grate Boiler Certifications

  • Certificate
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 2
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 3
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 4

Yongxing Pinhole Grate Boilers Premium Quality

Yongxing boiler group is engaged in manufacturing world top-class pinhole grate boilers with the highest efficiency. We have an advanced research development center where our experts have developed hundreds of efficient boilers.

Unlike others, we guarantee our pinhole grate boilers’ reliability and safety. Moreover, we are also responsible for their shipping and installation.

Our step grate biomass boilers have a long-lasting grate system. The pinholes are perfectly designed to provide the right amount of air supply. It offers you 100% efficient combustion along with the lowest fuel consumption rate.

Yongxing boiler company doesn’t just sell pinhole grate boilers, we also entertain custom design orders from our clients worldwide. We promise you to deliver long-lasting, highly efficient, and super energy-saving boilers directly at your shipping address.

Our pinhole grate boiler has more than 25 years of operation life if maintained well. Plus, it has a 0% chance of showing any fault within its life expectancy.

So, if you are interested in doubling your industry’s profit, send us an inquiry now.

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Pinhole Grate Boiler Must-Know Details

Do you know an advanced boiler chain grate stoker can increase your system’s efficiency by 5 – 10%? You have heard it right. Therefore, we have integrated a pinhole grate boiler in our biomass steam boilers.

Apart from efficiency, it can improve several other factors in biomass boiler which will be discussed in this guide. Furthermore, we have different types of moving grates and stationary grate boilers perfectly designed to double your industry’s profit.

So, without any further ado, let’s start discussing the grate area in boilers.

What Is Meant By Pinhole Grate Boiler?

The Yongxing pinhole grate boiler refers to fixed grate boilers which are only applicable if there is less ash production. It has a stationary pinhole grate system and uses steam jets to remove ash from the furnace. Also, the water tubes inside the furnace and pinhole grate system have been set inclined for an efficient water cycle.

Pinhole Grate Boiler
Pinhole Grate Boiler

As the fuel-burning occurs at the grates, Yongxing engineers have designed pinhole grate bars with highly heat-resistant steel. No matter how high the heat is, it will never melt or change its shape.

In addition, the pinhole grate bars have a perfect positioning close to the water tubes inside the furnace. That’s the reason, our travelling grate stoker fired boilers have high thermal efficiency and low fuel consumption.

And the best part is that our step grate biomass boiler has no internal moving components. For that reason, there are zero chances of mechanical failures. Plus, it is super simple to use this grate system.

step grate biomass boiler

As per our advanced research development center analysis, we have not integrated travelling grate stoker in all of our boilers. For example, in the coal fired chain grate boiler, there is high ash production because the coal produces more ash compared to the biomass boiler chain grate. Therefore, coal-fired and other high-ash boilers use moving grates.

What Is The Main Function Of Grates In Boilers?

Boiler grates are one of the important components contributing to the steam generation process. All the boilers require heat for steam generation. The oil fired steam boiler burns petrol, diesel, or other oils to generate heat. In the same way, coal and biomass boilers burn coal, wood pellets, or other biomass fuels to produce heat.

The boiler systems have different types of grates in order to provide support to the solid fuels. Depending on the boiler type, there are chain grate stoker boiler, vibrating grate boiler, pulsating grate boiler, reciprocated grate, dumping grate, step grate biomass boiler, etc. Each one has its own purpose and unique features.

In simple words, all of them are rigid surfaces for the fuels to burn with different designs. It does not just provide support but also has holes for the air supply and ashes. After burning fuels like coal, the grates of the boilers must have a dumping technique for coal ashes.

However, oil and gas boilers don’t have such pinhole grates because they don’t produce ashes. Pinhole grate boilers only use biomass fuel and are only compatible with it, especially when burning bagasse.

What Is Your Pinhole Grate Boiler Manufacturing Process?

The pinhole grates are one of the most sensitive areas in the boiler systems that is subjected to constant wear, high temperature, corrosion, etc.

Therefore, we have experienced individuals who control the manufacturing process of pinhole grate boilers from scratch. All the processes must pass their designated test in order to complete their production.

Pinhole Grate
Pinhole Grate

According to our research scientists, we use pure and most-suited raw materials for designing our pinhole grate boilers. The manufacturing process includes:

  1. Mold – Our grate’s production starts from specifying a mold for it. For our pinhole grate boilers, we have particular molds. However, if you have different requirements, we will design a separate mold for you.
  2. Chemical Composition – We have expert chemists who control the chemical composition of our pinhole grates. They perform multiple tests to ensure that the chemical composition of the raw material is perfect for design grates.
  3. Casting – After the raw material passes the chemical composition tests, we pour it into its particular mold.
  4. Cleaning – Yongxing engineers ensure that the mold is clean and there is no impurity that will mix with the pinhole grates.
  5. Dimension Testing – When taken out of the mold, the designed pinhole grate is further sent for machining and dimensional accuracy.

So, after all these processes, our engineers will install the grates into the boilers.

Can I Customize The Pinhole Grate Boiler? How To Get the Customized Pinhole Grate Boiler?

Yes, Yongxing highly-skilled engineers provide customized pinhole grate boilers. We have a separate expert team for manufacturing grate bars as per client requirements.

However, we suggest that you check our ready-made high-quality pinhole grate boilers. They can improve your biomass boiler’s efficiency and will provide life-long service.

Pinhole Grate Boiler
Customized Pinhole Grates

Still, if you wish to order a custom design, our skilled engineers will design top-quality pinhole grate boilers as per your requirements.

In addition, we will install your new grating system into your steam boilers along with technical help.

What Are Your Travelling Grate Boilers?

The travelling grate boiler has a travelling grate installed inside the furnace. It is specially designed for granulated solid fuels of medium size.

The boilers’ grates highly depend upon the fuel used. For instance, solid fuels like straw pellets, olive cake, coal, wood pellets, coal pellets, etc., are compatible with travelling grates.

Put simply, any solid fuel with high ash content and medium humidity is compatible with travelling grates.

Yongxing engineers use cast iron for designing these grates. It moves using electric current and the best part is that you can control the moving grate speed.

If you want to know what are travelling grate advantages? Here is how this grate benefits its users:

  • It has an automatic cleaning feature reducing labour cost
  • It produces low exhaust emissions – a step towards a green environment
  • It comes with an automatic fuel feeding mode
  • It can be easily installed and has convenient maintenance
  • It is a perfect option for fuels with low melting points.

When To Replace Or Repair The Grate Of Your Pinhole Grate Boiler?

The grates are very sensitive boiler components that usually reduce your boiler’s efficiency. However, how do we know that our boiler’s grate is faulty? Here are some signs telling you that there is a problem with your boilers’ grate:

1.     Pinhole grate holes are filled

The grate of the pinhole grate boiler has holes for the air supply. When the fuel ashes are stuck in the grate’s holes, your boiler air supply reduces.

For combustion, it is very important to have a sufficient air supply. Otherwise, the fuel doesn’t burn properly and your boiler’s fuel consumption rises.

When you observe that your pinhole grate boiler’s fuel consumption is more than usual, check the condition of your grate.

If for some reason, the holes were getting filled with ashes, it is time you replace or repair your grate before it starts damaging other components.

2.     Damaged wall and hanger of furnace

The pinhole grate holes are the most important section of your grate system. Most problems occur due to the poor design of pinholes. These holes must be perfectly sized for the right amount of air supply.

Sometimes, other manufacturers design uneven holes. As a result, your furnace gets a high air supply which will create positive pressure inside.

Due to high positive pressure, your boiler wall skin heats up beyond its temperature limit. For that reason, your combustion chamber starts to show crack and air leakage starts.

In such cases, you should replace your boiler’s grate before it gets more serious.

3.     Unbalance combustion

The grates are flat surfaces designed to support solid fuel. The pinholes grates have holes for the air supply. If for some reason, the holes are giving an uneven supply, you will start observing unbalanced combustion.

On the grate surface, you will see the fuel burns on one specific point. It means that the other area on the grate surface isn’t getting much air. Consequently, your boiler’s steam generation process slows down.

Therefore, you should replace or repair the boiler before it starts affecting your production line.

On the other hand, if you don’t want these faults in your grate systems, you should order Yongxing pinhole grate boilers.

We have top-quality designs and tested grate systems that will provide undisturbed life-long operation. Our boiler’s life expectancy is more than 25 years.

So, it is a one-time investment. it’s better if you choose China’s best boilers manufacturers; Yongxing boiler group.

Final Thoughts

Yongxing pinhole grate boilers have a top-quality design with super-efficient pinhole grates.

We have different models of pinhole grates with dimensions best suited for industrial biomass boilers. If you have a particular dimension or design request, our skilled engineers can manufacture as per your request.

For more information about pinhole grate boilers, contact our highly responsive support team.

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