Automatic Gas fired Steam Boiler 10ton per hour with gas burner

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Posted : 2015-10-20 13:26:37
Item : WNS10-1.25-Q
Detail:Automatic Gas fired Steam Boiler 10ton per hour with gas burner,High quality & Good Price!
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Automatic Gas fired Steam Boiler 10ton per hour with gas burner

    Automatic Gas fired steam boiler 10ton per hour with gas burner

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    1.The body is a shell type full-wet-back parallel-flow three-pass smoke tube structure.With flames burning under slight positive pressure in the large combusion chamber,the combustion is sufficient.Heat load of the boiler chamber is low and the discharge of harmful materials such as SOx,NOx is little.

    2.Corrugated internal furnace and screw thread smoke tube not only improve the strength of structure ,but also improve the effectiveness of heat transmission .At the same time they reduce the effect of heat expansion.

    3.The boiler has big water volume ,large gas space ,and wide load adjustment range .The rational internal equipments configuration ensures the high quality steam output.

    4.The new type thermal insulation material is light in weight,less in heat loss,and also has good insulation properties.

    5.The water level alarm adopts stainless steel electrode bar and Teflon insulation material.It is inserted from the top ,not easy to get dirty ,and has reliable performance and long service time.

    Gas steam boiler facotry with best price,A-class quality and A-class design ability.
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