Factory Prices Capacity 5t h Heavy Oil City Gas Lpg fired 5ton Steam Boilers

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Posted : 2017-04-26 05:34:20
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Detail:Factory Prices Capacity 5t h Heavy Oil City Gas Lpg fired 5ton Steam Boilers,High quality & Good Price!
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Factory Prices Capacity 5t h Heavy Oil City Gas Lpg fired 5ton Steam Boilers

    Factory Prices Capacity 5t/h Heavy Oil City Gas Lpg fired 5ton Steam Boilers
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    Capacity 5t/h Heavy Oil City Gas Lpg fired 5ton Steam Boilers,with three-pass and fully wet back structure, large hearth and smoke tube design: increase the furnace radiation heat absorption, and reach energy efficiency.


    SN Item Unit Number
    1 Rated evaporating capacity Ton/hr 5
    2 Heating surface area 127
    3 Rated working pressure Mpa 1.25/1.6
    4 Test Pressure Mpa 1.65/2.0
    5 Boiler feed temperature 20
    6 Steam outlet temperature 184/194
    7 Moisture in steam 3
    8 Temperature of smoke exit 230
    9 Boiler designed efficiency 89
    10 Boiler test efficiency 92
    11 Diesel consumption kg/h 332
    gas consumption Nm3/h 375
    12 Flue oil blackness Ringelman 1
    13 Applicable fuel Diesel /light oil/natural gas
    14 Transportation Dimension(mm) 6300x2900x2800
    15 Transportation Weight  (Ton) 14.3ton

    Screwed smoke tube and turnscrew turbolator: enhance the heat transfer effect, it is two times higher than traditional pipe.

    Reasonable internal structure: guarantee the excellent water circulation, the santitatic water and also reduce the fluid drag.
    Matched with world famous burner make the fuel will be burned totally, save energy and meet the environmental requirements.

    High automatic degree: English menu and LCD screen, programmed active, automatic purge, electronic auto-ignition, auto-combustion, flameout protection devices, all these make the operation is much simpler.
    Intelligent control system: programmable control system and touch screen observe and control system and also has the ability of remote control function.
    Working on the condition of without pressure, in addition of hydropenia and overheating protective devices, essentially eliminating the user’s worries. Safe and reliable.
    Intelligent adjustment of heating water and bathing water temperature, the boiler can work according to the setting time and setting temperature.

    1.Boiler burner. 2 Boiler body 3. Inner burning furnace. 4. Control Panel.5.boiler economizer.6.Stainless steel water feeding pump.

    1.Machine Parts
    The brand of the burner is Italy Baltur, we also use Rellio. There are gas burner, oil burner, and oil and gas duel fuel burner. The fuel could be diesel, furnace oil, bunker oil, natural gas, city gas, bio-gas, and LPG, etc.
    2.Main Parts
    Name:Threaded Smoke Pipe
    The boiler use spirally corrugated tube, the thermal transfer efficiency is high. The texture of it is 20# steel, it belongs to low-carbon steel, has high tenacity.
    3.Machine Parts
    Name:Corrugated Furnace
    The combustion chamber is composed of largediameter corrugated furnace, the thickness of corrugated furnace is between10~18mm, large combustion space, and combustion sufficient.
    4.Main Parts
    Name:Electric Control Cabinet
    The electric control cabinet adopts PLC touch screen, you can find the working condition of this boiler, such as combustion state, pressure, water level, and smoke temperature. In addition, the cabinet is used for set up the parameter, record and analyze the operation data, etc.
    Boiler for installation and shipping:

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