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Biomass Steam Boiler

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Coal Fired Boiler, Coal Fired Steam Boiler China Manufacturer
Yongxing DZL type boiler is an automa tic chain grate stoker boiler. Capacity from 12000btu/hr to 120000btu/hr. Bio mass steam boiler pressure valid from 0.7Mpa to 2.5Mpa.
Coal Fired Boiler, Coal Fired Steam Boiler China Manufacturer
Our SZL biomass fired steam boiler wo rks with double drums. It can generator more steam. Capacity from 72000btu/hr to 480000 btu/hr. Support pressure 0.7- 3.82Mpa.
Steam boiler
Yongxing DZH industrial biomass boile rs require to feed fuel by hand. It has a big door to feed all kinds wood pellets or coal.
Coal Fired Boiler, Coal Fired Steam Boiler China Manufacturer
For 2 ton wood fired boilers, we introdu ces DZH or DZL biomass steam generat or. If your wood chip is irregular shape, Yongxing DZH solid fuel fired boilers is suitable for you. Otherwise
Coal Fired Steam Boiler China
Yongxing wood steam boiler support a lot fuels, like wood pellets, wood chips, rice husk, straw and etc.
Coal Fired Boiler, Coal Fired Steam Boiler China Manufacturer
Yongxing wood pellet steam boiler oper ate with pellet sizeφ6XL 30mm. It takes travelling grate furnace. This helps the wood pellet burning high efficiently.

Our Biomass Steam Boiler Certifications

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Yongxing Biomass Steam boiler Reliable Quality

Yongxing industrial biomass boilers use the threaded pipes. Our new design can help you to improve biomass boiler efficiency and reduce energy consumption

Meanwhile,our steam furnace has advanced design. It makes the flame into upside-down “α” shape. Based on this, our boiler can even applicable to very low heat value coal or biomass.

Another main parts is our water tubes use cooled membrane wall. It downs your steam boiler heat loss by improve heat transfer coefficient. For our biomass steam boiler double wing gas flue, Yongxing’s design reduces the boiler tube stress and avoid the tube plate crack.

Yongxing’s welding adopts excellent welding technology (submerged arc automatic) to ensure the welding quality. Besides above, we also take a travelling grate in pellet plant. This is the key points to make DZL& SZL biomass steam boiler automation.

Factory 1
Factory 1
Factory 1
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Yongxing Biomass Steam Boiler Quality Control

Boiler Drum & Tube Plate
Membrane Wall

Coal Fired Boiler tube Ends Welding

We promise the welding of each boiler you buy smooth and no leakage at all.

Double hydraulic test

After welding the inner coal fired boiler furnace, we shall make one time hydraulic test, then we will welding the membrane wall by hand. After that, Yongxing makes the second time hydraulic test again. All these will promise that we become your best quality coal fired boiler manufacturers in China.

Make all the welding 100% NDT test is our daily work

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