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Muli-model Propane Steam Boiler For Choose

Our propane steam boiler is designed with a large corrugated furnace, the flame can fully fill the furnace, and get better radiant heat. This helps the fuel to burn fully and has better combustion efficiency. You can buy any capacity and model here direct and save money. We always have propane steam boiler for sale in storage.
LHG 1 TPH Vertical Water Tubes Biomass Steam Generator
Combination Boiler And Hot Water Heater is currently a very popular installation method. For greenhouses, green rooms, large hotels and buildings, the combined propane steam boiler is very suitable. You can turn on any number of boilers at any time according to the required temperature for terminal use.
SZS10-2.5-YQ Dual fuel Industrial Condensing Boiler A Class
SZS is a large industrial oil gas boiler, that is partial to industrialization. Propane, gas, LPG, gasonlie can all adapt and burn well. Whether you are a large factory, engineering, or textile factory, you can use this boiler design. The powerful high-capacity hourly evaporation can meet your steam demand of any capacity. Pressure range from 1.25-4.5Mpa.

All Kinds Of Certificate To Promise Your Propane Steam Boiler Quality

  • Certificate
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 2
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 3
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 4

Excellent Propane Steam Boiler Details Review

Yongxing Is a leading Propane Steam Boiler manufacturer. It is an important model of our gas fired steam boiler. While propane is a kind of liquid gas. As liquid gas has more high heat value, the use of this fuel can save you a lot of fuel costs, and its combustion state is better than present oil/gas boilers.

If you choose our propane steam boiler, you will get A class Level product. Yongxing A-Level Boiler pressure traditional range from 0.4Mpa up to 9.8Mpa. As an experience, industrial pressure projects mainly need a max at 5.8Mpa. We will design it into an SZS D model boiler drum high efficiency propane boiler.

szs condensing steam boiler

Whatever you need a propane boiler CE certificate or ISO9001, we all satisfy your demand entirely. Even you request SGS testing or ASME supervision, Yongxing people are all willing to cooperate with you for it. We promise that you purchase the best propane boiler at the same cost level.

Some customers are more favorite of combination boiler also water heater. As an industrial boiler system, Yongxing has successfully installed combination systems. This boiler capacity is usually lower than 1000 kgs/h/600000kcal/hr. You can combine any sets together, once they are≥2sets, they are available to work. Your system could share a water treatment system, gas flue, and chimney, etc. You are freely starting to run any set of propane boilers at any time.

Feel free to contact our salespeople. Just pay a factory price, you buy our outdoor propane steam boiler directly. Send inquiry now!


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Propane Steam Boiler Definition Guideline

Propane Steam Boiler Introduction

Propane Steam Boilers are highly efficient types of equipment that use automatic control systems for heating. These oil fired boilers are highly adaptable to different loading and pressures. Such gas boilers get fueled with propane for greater efficiency and time consumption. Propane is expensive, but the use of propane-fired steam boilers has added benefits that can prove efficient for you.

We discuss all you need to gather about propane steam boilers. You will learn everything from its design to efficiency and how you can select an ideal boiler to fulfill your needs. Here, you will get a detailed description of the gas steam boiler run by propane gas.

What Is Your Propane Steam Boiler Design?

The propane steam boilers come under the category of fire tube boilers. The steam production capability of such boilers is much higher than the other types.

The water is present in the vessel while the tubes carry the fuel. Boiler vessel tubes and the whole assembly work together to steam the water and pump it forward.

We provide you with state-of-the-art boilers in futuristic designs. Keep reading to find out more about the design of propane steam boilers.

WNS oil gas boiler system

Design Of Propane Steam Boiler

The propane steam boilers have two subcategories. They may be horizontal or vertical, depending upon the assembly of the vessel or drum. In the horizontal design, the drum is laid on the ground and contains water. Many tubes coming from the furnace pass through the water in the drum.

When the propane burns in the furnace, the resulting hot gases pass through the tubes. These tubes get hotter and result in the heating of water.

When the water reaches its boiling point, it starts turning into steam. The used gases pass out using an exhaust valve.

However, the steam inside the vessel exerts some pressure on the vessel walls. Hence you need a reliable and protected boiler set up for safety.

Boiler Proprietary Technology

We provide a propane tank steam boiler with a back-combustion chamber that is completely wet-backed. Moreover, it is butt-connected with the tube plate at the back and is 99.9% butt-welded.

That provides the boiler with the lowest stress body and the best reliability. It ensures to keep you safe from any possible damage.

This diesel steam boiler is equipped with a full-corrugated furnace of large diameter in the combustion chamber.

The furnace has a large space for burning, which results in powerful combustion. All these benefits make our boilers more productive.

There is sufficient radiant room for the boiler to burn propane. That results in higher thermal efficiency. The exhaust gas temperature is low because water absorbs most of its temperature.

The heat losses inside the vessel are minimum, whereas the output is enough with excellent efficiency. These reasons make our boilers best suited for your project.

Multifunctional Design Safety

The back panel of the boiler comes with an explosion-proof device that connects to the furnace to prevent high energy generation.

It works during the deflagration in the combustion chamber when the fuel ignites violently in there. The device can reset by itself and has a fire sight lass and support.

The channel utilizes the change of the combustion flame during activity to manage furnace investigation and repair.

You require a furnace that can be efficient and safe at the same time. We provide efficient boilers without compromising the safety of our clients. Such factors make our design more likely to be used in industries.

The boiler has a manhole at the top that helps with boiler maintenance. It has hand-hole devices at the middle and lower parts of the front and rear ends.

These devices help in the boiler investigation and cleaning of the boiler components.

natural gas boilers

Different Place Of Gas Steam Boiler And Propane Steam Boilers

The gas steam boiler is different from the propane steam boiler. Propane gas is almost twice the price of natural gas.

Using propane gas for burning in the furnace increases the efficiency of the boiler. The propane steam boilers have the same operating procedure as the gas steam boiler.

The only difference arises in the gas provided to the burner.

Propane is much more efficient than natural gas. One cubic foot of propane can produce 2516 BTUs whereas, one cubic foot of natural gas can only reach 1030 BTUs.

These analytics make sure why propane can save us a big chunk of time.

How About Your Propane Steam Boilers Efficiency?

Boiler efficiency, in the most straightforward terms, addresses the difference between energy given (input) and energy yield.

A standard boiler will use more than the underlying initial cost in fuel use yearly. Thus, a minute difference in its efficiency can bring a huge difference in fuel consumption.

When choosing a boiler, you must keep the efficiency factor in your mind. An efficient boiler can turn out as a lifetime saving for you and your company.

fire tube boiler efficiency

Calculate Propane Steam Boiler Efficiency

According to ASME, there are two methods of calculating the boiler efficiency. The first method that we use most of the time is Input-Output Method, and the other is heat loss method.

In the former method, boiler efficiency is calculated by dividing the boiler output by input and multiplying by 100%.

And in the latter one, the efficiency is calculated by considering the stack, radiation, and convection losses. When subtracted from hundred, the acquired value will be our boiler efficiency.

Design That Improves The Propane Steam Boiler Efficiency

Corrugated Furnaces are essential for boiler efficiency. The greater the furnace diameter, the greater will be its efficiency and vice versa.

It helps give great combustion space, complete fuel combustion, and effective absorption of thermal expansion. A large diameter corrugated furnace means a large radiant heating surface.

Along these lines, an External independent condenser can help improve efficiency. They take much of the heat and prevent it from getting wasted in the atmosphere.

Having an Integrated fin-tube economizer will also increase efficiency. It uses the hot flue gases that get combusted by the boiler. The heating surface of the boiler also plays a role in increasing the boiler efficiency.

Having a large surface area reduces flue gas flow rate and increases its resistance. Since the residence time of the flue gases prolonged, the boiler can enjoy much more efficiency from that.

Using an Aluminum Silicate board heat insulation material will also reduce heat consumption. Thus all those design factors play a role in increasing the efficiency of your steam boiler.

Advanced 6Ton steam boiler with big front door for replacing tubes in boiler furnace oil boiler

Equipment That Could Improve Boiler Efficiency

  • Condenser: The boiler condensers use the exhaust heat that is resulted from the combustion of oil and gases. This heat energy is used by the condenser to add to the efficiency of the boiler.
    If there is no condenser in your boiler, the exhaust heat will vanish in the atmosphere without getting used.
  • Economizer: Economizers use the heat generated from the combustion of gases in the form of flue gas. It uses the flue gas of your boiler to heat the water that you feed to your boiler.
    In the absence of an economizer, the cold feedwater may damage your boiler components. Thus, an economizer adds to the efficiency of a boiler.
  • Air preheater: It is the equipment used to preheat the combustion air. If the combustion air fed to the boiler is hot enough, the fuel consumption will be less.
    A lesser fuel consumption means greater efficiency. An increase of 40 degrees Fahrenheit can sack 1% of the total fuel bill.
    Thus, an air preheater is required for an efficient boiler.

propane steam boiler

How Is The Cost To Change A Industrial propane Steam Boiler?

Your Labor Costs to Install a Propane Steam Boiler

The labor cost to install a new boiler can be up to 2000 US Dollars. For setting up a boiler, you need a professional HVAC expert. These professionals can cost you up to 150 Dollars an hour. Along with that, the shipment and placement costs also add to the labor costs.

The Replacement Cost Of A Propane Steam Boiler

The replacement cost of a propane steam boiler can be ten times the cost to repair it. If the repair cost exceeds 5000 Dollars, you need to replace the existing boiler with a new one. A new propane steam boiler can cost you, depending upon the brand, up to 10,000 Dollars.

The Running Cost Of A Propane Fired Steam Boiler

Propane is an expensive gas, almost two times compared to natural gas. You can install a conversion kit to convert natural gas into propane gas.
These kits can charge you another 100-300 Dollars, depending upon the brand that you choose. For a far-flung area, you will need to deliver propane gas physically to your location. That can cost you extra delivery charges.

Propane Steam Boiler After-Sales Maintenance Cost

The after-sales maintenance cost of a propane steam boiler can vary from around 150-1000 Dollars. These costs depend upon the type of work and the amount of time put into it by the laborers. Propane steam boilers need regular maintenance to work efficiently and last longer.

Retrofit And Upgrade Costs

You can adopt several techniques to upgrade your old boiler. You can install a portable generator in your boiler.
It will help you keep the boiler running in case of the unavailability of electricity. It also increases the sale/demand of your boiler.
Along with that, you can add insulation to your boiler to stop heat loss and increase efficiency. That will hardly cost you about 100 Dollars.
You can install a programmable thermostat for around 150-200 Dollars. It will help you control the boiler remotely.

How Long Does Your Propane Steam Boiler Last?

Commonly a propane steam boiler lasts around 25 years or more. But to keep your boiler working for an extended period, you need to maintain it. You can adopt the following maintenance techniques to keep it running without any issues;

  • All feedwater must be clean and softened water. Using hard water can damage the boiler equipment. Replace the resin for water treatment regularly.
  • Clean the blocked vents and combustion gas supply lines regularly.
  • Check and Change the pipe regularly to help keep the boiler running at full. We could trade and supply boiler parts at our factory price for your project.
  • Clean the condenser and other accessories on time.
  • Keep the water level maintained all the time. You can increase efficiency by descaling the hard water.
  • Fix any small leaks to prevent any damage by the hot leaking gases.

What Are Your Gas Steam Boiler Prices?

Gas steam boiler prices can vary according to different factors. The main factors are:

Propane Steam Boiler Price Different According To Different Design

The standard efficiency LHS-type propane steam boilers have an average price of around 5000 US Dollars. These WNS propane-fired steam boilers will cost you about 30,000 Dollars. There is high-efficiency WNS type condensing steam boilers that have a capacity of up to 25 tons per hour. The estimated price of such a boiler range from 30,000 to 60,000 US Dollars.

On the other hand, there is an SZS type high-efficiency propane steam boiler. It is a double drum low NOx condensing steam boiler with a capacity ranging from 6 tons to 50 tons per hour. These boilers have an estimated average price of 70,000 US Dollars.

We provide all the above boiler types, having low and high-efficiency models with standard boiler accessories at reasonable prices. The price can be different for each model depending upon the additional or advanced components installed in it.

Propane Steam Boiler Price Different According To Boiler Auxiliary

Boilers having different electric panel control systems will have different prices. PLC/Manual and Siemens/Schneider will affect the boiler prices. The best automatic control components, i.e., Siemens/Delixi will be expensive due to their leading quality. There are three types of automatic control devices:

  • Ordinary control components
  • LCD backed components with a menu in Chinese and English
  • Voice-controlled touch screen type components

Different brands will have different Boilers prices. The famous Italian burner brands like Baltur, Riello, Olin, Weishaupt produce high-quality boilers. Chinese brands also have high quality but are very economical compared to Italian boiler burners.

Along with that, equipment and design components, like Economizer & condenser, will affect the price. You can additionally get a feedwater pump, Multi-stage water pump, or Vertical stainless steel water pump. Having a set of these pieces of equipment will boost the price. Also, the water treatment is different for both US fleck or Chinese brands.

Valves and instruments will also influence the price. Getting a set of cast steel valves can be pricy as compared to the normal valves. You can have the option of adding some boiler auxiliary if needed.

You can add a stainless steel water tank, Feed oil tank, Installation materials, and Water filter. If these auxiliaries are added, the price of your gas steam boiler can be high.

What Propane Steam Boiler Capacity Should I Choose?

The heat generation capacity of a boiler is proportional to the heating surface area and the amount of heat transfer. Enhancing the surface area will increase the steam generation in the boiler.

In terms of tons/hr, a 1 ton/hr oiler presents a boiler that can produce 1 ton of steam in an hour from water. The steam generated or the boiler capacity is measured in BTU (British Thermal Unit).

So, a general principle is that in winter, you need 50 BTU per square foot. Multiply that by your total squared area, and you will get the boiler capacity that you need.

You need to choose the boiler capacity according to your work status. If you need a continuous, large-scale supply of heat or steam, then please get a large propane steam boiler.

If you need to adjust the heat supply to increase or decrease according to the real-time situation. Then you can install multiple small steam boilers in parallel.

While choosing your boiler, consider your house place and order the boiler model according to the size of your boiler room.

Also, keep in mind the temperature or pressure you want to reach. When the temperature and pressure are high, be sure to choose a propane steam boiler that can bear pressure.

Do not use a propane steam generator. Only a regular steam boiler can meet the needs of industrial pressure.

We provide square modular steam boilers or small vertical steam generators to meet your needs. The following boiler types can work to meet the operating requirements or install multiple in parallel:

Propane Steam Generator Small Capacity:


The LHS-type propane fired steam boilers are fast generating boilers having low capacity. They require a small housing space since they have a vertical design.

The LHS steam generators are compact with a large steam chamber. It generates high-quality steam with remarkable stability. Such steam boilers can detect the water level to keep it protected.

Thanks to the advanced technologies, the risks of any hazardous activity are minimum in such boilers. The LHS-type boilers are reliable and are equipped with pressure relief valves, pressure gauges, and controllers, etc. Such boilers are best used in textile, cement curing, disinfecting, and chemical industries.

There are different LHS boiler models available, all having thermal efficiency of more than 92%.

You can get a steam generating capacity of 100-1500 kg per hour or 6.4-96 BHP. You can produce a maximum pressure of 4-10 bars using this boiler.

Propane Steam Boiler Big Capacity:


WNS boilers are highly efficient, having a thermal efficiency of up to 95% or more. It adopts advanced equipment and components.

They have a greater steam production capacity than the LHS models. WNS type boilers have a capacity ranging from 1 ton to 20 tons of steam per hour (1.4-14MW).

Such boilers can get to a maximum pressure of 1.6 MPa inside the vessel. They are mainly used in the textile, heating supply, and garment industries.

WNS Low Condensing Boiler

The WNS low condensing boilers are equipped with condensers to increase the thermal efficiency of the boiler.

They work to provide the highest efficiency and reduce emissions to the fullest. The pressure drop inside the vessel is also low. The toxic emissions in these boilers are also lower as compared to the other models.

The NOx emissions are a maximum of 30mg per cubic meter. They have an advanced automatic control system for your ease.

The WNS low condensing boilers have a steam generating capacity of 12 tons. You can consider choosing that type of boiler for your project if you need maximum efficiency.

Such boilers are thermally efficient, having a percentage of more than 98%.


The SZS propane fired steam boiler is a double drum boiler. It has a D-type layout with lower emissions of harmful gases. The SZS type boilers occupy small spaces and fully combust the gases.

Such types of boilers are highly efficient with a safe and durable design. SZS type boilers have a capacity ranging from 4 tons to 90 tons of steam per hour (2.8-63MW).

Such boilers can get to a maximum pressure of 3.82 MPa inside the vessel. They are mainly used in the textile, paper, and food industries.


This guide would have given you an insight into what propane steam boilers are and what they do. You will now be in a position to choose the ideal boiler for your project. We discussed everything related to boilers, i.e., their efficiency, designs, gas boiler for sale and their costs, etc.

We provide quality boilers whose quality speaks for itself. We have decorated our boilers with unique front and rear smoke boxes with an easily opened double-opening door.

Our boilers are tested to provide a characteristic strength against pressure and temperature. They additionally have multiple control safety for water temperature and pressure inside the boiler.

It also has over-smoke temperature safety, making sure the boiler remains sound during its operation.

The propane steam boiler is an ideal choice for your project. You can get the maximum output from it in the least amount of time possible.

We make sure to come up to your expectations and provide you with the best boiler available.


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