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Detail: 400t/d Leaning reciprocating grate Municipal solid waste incineration boiler, High quality & Good Price!
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  • 400t d Leaning reciprocating grate Municipal solid waste incineration boiler
  • reciprocating grate

Reciprocating Grate & Boiler #1 Supplier In China

Yongxing is a leading manufacturer of reciprocating grate combustion systems. You will buy china’s top 3 quality here and price cheap 1/3 compared to EU products.

Traditionally, if you purchase our reciprocating grate boiler, you are enjoying the following advantages:

1)  Compared with a normal chain grate stoker, Our reciprocating grate is more suitable for your low-quality coal with combustion water, higher ash content,  low heat value (12560kJ/kg), and usually coking.

2) You will get a lower black smoke grate. As we set enough air quantity and air furnace to down your ash carbon content into 18%~20%. This result is 5%~10% lower than the hand-firing furnace.

3) You are choosing a more simple structure, which is easy manufacturing, low metal consumption, and low power consumption.

Check our following workshop pictures.

Leaning reciprocating grate

So you may ask:

How Is Your Reciprocating Grate Design?

Our reciprocating entire burning surface is composed of a fixed grate and an active grate. Their proportion is half to half.

We will design your fire grate bars into a stair type that has a slope between 15~20°.

The fixed grate bars are settling at a fixed moving rate, then we weld them in the inclined slot steel bracket.

Above left active grate bars are embedded in the activity grates. They are placed on our two ends rollers of the fixed grate.

All the two sides of the active grate are connected by a rod.

Leaning reciprocating grate

How About Your Reciprocating Grate Combustion?

Yongxing Leaning reciprocating grate combustion is similar to travelling chain grate.

Your coal or biomass comes down from the system top, it moves slowly down the sloping grate from the front, meanwhile, the air is supplied from below.

Your heat mainly comes from the coal fire furnace, which is the same as the chain grate. The combustion experience dry, volatile, burnt, and cinder. Our combustion process also has an extent.

What Is The Best Pro Of Your Traveling Grate Boiler

The best pro is that you could choose any type of fuel to fire on the reciprocating grate.

Our boiler is always doing the relative motion of the grate and coal. It allows your fuel to stay a long time on the grate surface, it is better for drying, ventilation and etc.

When the activity grates backward push, it will push some new coal to the upper part of the combustion coal.

In opposite, when your activity grate goes forward, it also lights part coal back to bottom combustion coal. Every second’s combustion has new coal to involve in.

Reciprocating Grate Boiler

What Is Your Advantage Compared To Chain Grate Stoker?

Our fire condition is similar to that of a hand-burning furnace but superior to the chain grate stoker furnace.

In the process of being pushed, your coal is constantly squeezed, which can destroy the coke and ash.

At the same time, that coal will slowly rollover, making the coal seam lose and smooth, which is conducive to combustion.

What Is The Grate Area In Your Reciprocating Boiler?

Simply put, it is the area of the grate surface that supports fuel combustion.

The bigger the effective surface, the better fuel combustion.

Reciprocating Grate Combustion System

Leaning reciprocating grate

Leaning reciprocating grate


Yongxing makes you a reliable partner. Our annual output reaches 2,000 tons, and we have rich experience in production and design. Please send your thoughts and we will tailor products for you.


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Best Quality Step Grate

The bottom frame is made of high-quality Q235R boiler plates. The bottom will be connected with the hydraulic rod.
Your reciprocating Grate combustion system has fix grate and active grate two part. This hydraulic rod are drive the active grate to move back and forward
Except hyraulic control, you could also choose the gear box control. It helps you save more money on investment.


Yongxing has different types of grates. Like traveling grate stoker, flake type chain grate stoker, reciprocating grate. Our reciprocating grate furnace adopts alloy steel bars to make the world’s best quality while competitive price.

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