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Commercial Steam Boiler, Commercial Boiler Manufacturer
According to heat conversion, 600,000 kcal is approximately equal to 2,380,992 btu. We guarantee that you will buy the best cost-effective small steam boiler.
Commercial Steam Boiler, Commercial Boiler Manufacturer
Yongxing’s small steam boiler are basically vertical, and can quickly produce steam within 3-5 minutes. Multiple small boiler can be used together, and selectively turn on and off.
Commercial Steam Boiler, Commercial Boiler Manufacturer
We use high-quality ultra-thick stainless steel shell, very good perfermance. The whole wooden box packaging provides you with the best boiler quality and price.
LHG 1 TPH Vertical Water Tubes Biomass Steam Generator
All of Yongxing's boiler products have obtained CE certification and China's 3C certification. With super-high quality assurance, we are your preferred small steam boiler manufacturer.
Threaded smoke pipes are arranged inside our small steam boiler, and sufficient pipe arrangement makes the heating area very sufficient. It can provide you with overloaded steam.
LHS500 kg - 0.7 Steam Boiler
Our Small boiler outstanding feature is the skid-mounted structure. It can also be assemble into a mobile container, and it can run when connected to water and electricity.

Our Small Steam Boiler Certifications

  • Certificate
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 2
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 3
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 4

Yongxing Small Steam Boiler Reliable Quality

With time, portable small steam boiler is needed by more industries. As we know, the small steam boiler increases the heating fast, produces the steam quickly, is very flexible, and occupies a small area, making it the primary choice for many small enterprises and factories.

Yongxing has developed into the first-class small steam boiler manufactures in China to meet every customer’s needs. Our newest small steam boiler is equipped with a steam separator that can solve steam-water supply problems and assure your pure steam quality.

Before the boiler leaves factory, we configure all auxiliary equipment, including the electronic control cabinet. It is the crucial parts that make the small boiler a high automation degree. You can realize one critical startup automatic speed regulation and control without excessive manual operation. It reduces the difficulty of small boiler system operation significantly.

We design them into a small vertical steam boiler. It will be precisely suitable for your workshop, hotel, greenhouse, or any other place.

Here we promise to send you a whole small steam boiler system, with all auxiliary included. All our small steam boilers for sale are packaged into skid-mounted boilers. Get the quote immediately!


Yongxing Small Steam Boiler Reliable Quality
Yongxing Small Steam Boiler Reliable Quality
Yongxing Small Steam Boiler Reliable Quality
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Small Steam Boiler – The Complete FAQ Guide


A Small Steam Boiler is usually abbreviated as SSB. This is an industrial boiler in which heat is converted into steam with the help of watery tubes.

Then steam is moved to pipes and reaches a point where you can use it to power industrial machinery. A steam boiler’s primary goal is to create, store, and transport steam.

The water heating system is nothing more than a shell and the thermal power released while burning the fuel is transferred to water, where it converts into steam at the necessary heat and pressure.

How Does Small Steam Boiler Work?

The steam boiler’s method of processing is heavily reliant on its application. The framework, even so, is the same in all sorts of steam boilers. The use of steam is motivated by its high health rate and steam boiler capacity to move massive quantities of energy.

Except for water, steam hits more challenging and does not require additional impelling power to push from one point to another inside a pipe.

Small Steam Boiler Main Components

The main aspects of the flow process are heat, pressure, liquid, and gas. Heat energy cannot be transferred to a particular location when ignition occurs in a fireplace or combustion engine.

Compared to a lit match or hot metal, steam is a relatively safe act of transporting energy. As a result, steam is frequently considered a great source of energy.

vertical fire tube boiler
LHG vertical small steam boiler

Small Steam Boiler Ideology

It is analogous to ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), which is located in the human energy loop.

Rather than transporting glucose, an energy-rich solvent, it degrades glucose into numerous ATP molecules. ATP is recognized as the energy currency because it allows energy to be transferred from place to place.

Steam, like ATP, is easily carried and unreliable. Steam can often compress back into the water. The steam turbine then soaks up the water molecule. It is then easily transferred into steam.

A steam boiler is also regarded as a steam generator, is not the same as a steam engine. The boiler is only a component of the steam engine that can be discovered in automobiles, trains, and power stations.

small steam boiler

What Is The Small Steam Boiler Design?

A furnace or firebox is built into boilers. The stove is the steam generator component accountable for the combustion of fuel or the formation of heat energy.

Heat energy converts water to steam under constant velocity. Contaminants, pressure, and temperature are all variables that can influence how long it takes for water to transform into steam.

The pressurized steam is often used to elevate a generator or inverter in the production of energy. In the purification of hardware, smaller heating coils are used. To keep the pool temperature stable, you could use steam power.

fire tube boiler vertical tubes

What Are The Applications Of A Small Steam Boiler?

The miniature steam boilers are used in multiple industries. A few of the most common applications of a small scale steam boiler are:

  • Fiberglass manufacturing
  • Rice mill industrial equipment
  • Milk products
  • Biomedical
  • Fabric industry
  • Food ingredients
  • Energy industry
  • Building
  • Guesthouse
  • Medical Centre
  • Hard plastic industries

What Is The Standard Capacity Of A Small Steam Boiler?

Small steam Boilers like Oil Fired Boiler with abilities ranging from 100 Kg/Hr to 1500 Kg/Hr. There are two major types of Fuel Being used in small Industrial Steam Boiler.

  1. Liquid Fuel

Some common sources of liquid fuel are:

  • Heavy oil
  • Light oil
  • Gaseous gasoline
  • Natural gas
  1. Solid Fuels

Some familiar sources of solid fuels are:

  • Pine
  • Briquettes
  • Fossil fuels

Small SteamBoiler For Sale

Our Yongxing Steam Boiler Series’ unique design makes them exceptionally simple to maintain and repair.

Our small steam boiler for sale was created with ease of use, high efficiency, and safe protection in our policy. We have created our Yongxing steam boiler Series with our customers in mind.

They are built with separate tube sections that are pipe union-connected to the steam boiler cylinder and bottom steam headers. To replace a part of tubing, simply unscrew the union and remove the segment of tubing. Yongxing small steam boiler for sale may even be temporarily operated with a pipe section totally removed the combined parts with pipe covers. All tube portions are replaceable and inexpensive.

Our small steam boilers for sale have a high thermal efficiency due to their small size, high pressure capabilities, and efficient design characteristics such as double walled drums for larger thermal mass capacity or single walled drums for the lower weight (and thus easier transportation).

Advantages Of Small Steam Boiler For Sale

  1. The small steam boiler for sale has a huge furnace gall space, more stored steam, and an excellent capacity to respond to load. The user must utilize the steam requirements due to the reasonable design of the built-in steam separator mechanism. The furnace body’s opening manhole, head hole, and hand hole make it simple to clean the furnace gallbladder, making repair and maintenance easier.
  2. Yongxing small steam boiler for sale is outfitted with several interlock protections, including pressure switch protection (if the pressure exceeds the predetermined pressure, the boiler will immediately shut down and sound an alert), and low water level prevention (the water level in the boiler body is lower than the warning level, automatically cut off the power supply and alarm).
  3. The look of electromechanical integration, delicate and unique, compact structure, less area, easy transportation, and installation.

Characteristics of Small Steam Boiler For Sale

  1. No batch annual inspection: According to the regulations, the normal water level water capacity of small pressurized steam boilers is not within the scope of inspection of special equipment, no approval, no annual inspection, no need to hire a licensed stoker, simple and convenient management.
  2. Fast steam: 7 minutes out of steam, electric heating steam generator 3 minutes out of steam.
  3. Low exhaust temperature: low exhaust temperature, heat is fully absorbed, ordinary steam boiler exhaust temperature of about 250 °-  350 °, than ordinary steam boilers, high thermal efficiency, full absorption of fuel heat.
  4. No risk of bursting: ordinary steam boilers have thousands of kilograms of water inside once burst, the energy released per hundred kilograms of water is powerful.

Mini steam boiler

A mini steam boiler is a fuel-efficient heating system that uses a minimal amount of fuel. It is a small-scale steam generator that rapidly creates high-quality hot water. The tiny electric steam boiler is used to heat houses, workplaces, hotels, restaurants, and a variety of other locations.

This sort of mini steam boiler operates on the premise of vaporizing water into gas and then converting that gas into heat energy via electrical heaters or burners. It is also known as an electric water heater or household water heater since it contains an internal heating mechanism that provides rapid hot water whenever it is needed.

Because of its efficiency and dependability, the tiny electric boiler has grown in popularity. This type of boiler is available in a variety of capacities to meet the needs of the user, including 36kw, 72kw, 108kw, 144kw, and 216kw.

The most crucial aspect of this type of mini steam boiler is its capacity to produce rapid hot water whenever it is needed, even during peak hours.

mini steam boiler
mini steam boiler 72kw

How Long Can A Steam Boiler Operate?

A steam boiler’s standard lifespan is 20 to 30 years if appropriate service and maintenance procedures are followed.

The three most important considerations when replacing a steam boiler are security, economics, and treatment service.

What Are The Types Of Small Steam Boiler?


Shell type Small Steam Boiler

Our shell-type SIBs, which are the same as domestic furnace tube type boilers, can ignite almost any solid fuel, such as wood, coal, Charcoal, and so on.

It can also ignite any solid fuel such as LDO, HSD, Natural Gas, and so on. All liquid/gaseous fuels are burned instantly by a burner, while also solid fuels are supplied into the combustion chamber sequentially.

The boiler made up of the furnace is used for radiation heat transfer, and the fume tubes are used for thermal conductivity. The space around the furnace and pipes is full of water, allowing the maximum temperature to be subsided into it.

Coil type Small Steam Boiler

Our Coil type boilers, also known as SIBs, are made up of a coil founded by bowing the tubes. These are typically instant boilers that execute on oil or gas fuels and have the burner mounted on the shell finished.

Based on the available space, such boilers can be parallel or perpendicular. Because water flows within the coil tube and fuel gas are on the shell side, coil-type boilers are also recognized as water tube boilers.

As the water tube coils are in immediate communication with radioactivity and heat transfer regions, these boilers are the most reliable.

What Is A Compact Steam Boiler?

A compact steam boiler, also known as a skid-mounted boiler, is a unique and automated boiler. Its packages are small, portable, and easy to install. The structure can be procured from a standard range or custom-built to meet the needs of the customer.

Compact steam boilers

Compact steam boiler built to the EN 12953 standard, this ultra-compact steam boiler can make up to 6000 kg/h of steam. The WNS is great because it has a high efficiency rating of up to 99.08% and low emissions that are already in line with future ASME requirements.

  • Pressures between 0.5 and 16 bar can be achieved using any of the six available output sizes (300-6000 kg/h).
  • Helical heat exchanger tubes with an inbuilt economiser provide a 99.05 percent efficiency rating.
  • Ingeniously designed to work with a variety of fuels and as a multi-fuel burner (oil, gas, biogas, hydrogen).
  • When used in conjunction with our burners and controllers, they meet even the most stringent emission standards.
  • Cleaning, maintenance, and inspection are all made easier with the telescopic reversing chamber.
  • Compact control PLC makes operation simple, and the boiler control panel connects to other automation systems.

Yongxing compact steam boiler offers a series of small atmospheric and forced draft steam boilers that are naturally low in NOx. One of the largest steam boiler manufacturers of packaged boilers offers a naturally low NOx LHG500KGS compact steam boiler.

manufacturing industry-leading compact steam boilers and steam generators that are reliable and highly efficient

Our most popular high-pressure steam boiler is the LHG and LHS series. Vertical tubeless design gives a small, fuel-efficient way to generate a large amount.

The following are the primary characteristics of a compact boiler:

  • Smaller space and compact design
  • The operation is silent, with almost no noise.
  • At nearly all operation conditions, efficiency is almost 100 percent.
  • Maintenance is made more accessible by reducing the interconnectivity of moving parts.
  • All of the units have been wired, evaluated, and are responsible for installing.

gas hot water boiler

Small electric steam boiler

Electric resistance components are used in Vapor Power electric steam boilers to provide rapid, efficient, and cost-effective steam for heating and processing. To maintain the desired steam pressure, the boiler controls automatically energize and de-energize the stages of elements.

Electrified Steam and Water Boilers It is safe and versatile to use Yongxing Packaged Electric Steam in commercial and industrial processes, as well as in residential heating applications.

High efficiency and low radiation losses are achieved by using a vertical design small electric steam boiler, where the heating elements are totally immersed in water and completely insulated. The small electric steam boiler was able to swiftly and effectively attain working pressure thanks to meticulous calculations and design. Using surface heating components that are resistant to melting and softening.

Small electric steam boiler

All of the components are subjected to a pressure and voltage test. Once the power and water are connected, the small electric steam boiler may get to work right away. Thermal efficiency close to 100%—quiet, clean, and more environmentally friendly. NOx emissions are completely eliminated from the atmosphere (nitrogen oxides).

  1. Safety and long life are ensured by using only electrical components marked with the CE and UL logos.
  2. The small electric steam boiler is easy to use, quick start/stop, large load adjustment range.
  3. Using a flange connection with a focussed beam, each heating element is individually arranged and has a basic structure with great mechanical strength, making it safe, dependable, and easy to replace.
  4. Working methods are adaptable; either manual or automatic operation can be used.”
  5. Improved small electric steam boilerlife with a unique power switching capability that may be adjusted based on the actual need for steam power.
  6. When a small electric steam boiler heating element in a group has a problem, it is possible to immediately cease the operation of the destroyed heating group and turn off the power supply,”

Structure in vertical form, compact and lovely; graceful design; classic color; saves on floor space and is simple to install.”

Small electric steam boiler

How Is Your Vertical Small Steam Boiler?

A simple vertical steam boiler is one with a vertical plane of alignment concerning its surroundings. It could be a fire tube boiler or a water tube boiler.

The Simple Vertical Small Steam Boiler Works

In a simple vertical boiler, fuel is fed into the worktop via the fire hoke, where it burns to generate excess heat. Once power is transformed into slag, it is accumulated in an ash trap. Hot gases start rising over or transfer their heat energy to the surrounding in the cross-box before exiting the boiler via the pipe.

The water begins to heat up, and the development of steam begins. The steam produced as part of heating systems is accumulated in the boiler’s steam area.

Steam is gathered since a certain pressure is reached at which it is released for use, such as operating a turbine or fuel system.

Vertical small steam boiler

Stainless Steel Package Horizontal light oil natural gas steam boiler for paper mill

What Are The Applications Of A Simple Vertical Boiler?

The applications of a simple vertical boiler are as follows:

  • Simple vertical boilers have many applications in railway locos, such as railway boilers.
  • Simple vertical boilers are often utilized in motor vehicles such as steam carriages (steam truck or steam wheel loader).
  • Simple vertical boilers have a very well-known application in steam tractors.
  • A proportion of ships, particularly smaller ones, use a simple vertical boiler to generate electricity for the motor.
  • In some areas of the world, simple vertical boilers are used in steam baboons.
  • Simple vertical boilers have been used in steam excavators and steam scrapers.

What Is The Different Between A Large Steam Boiler And Small Steam Boiler?

What Is A Large Steam Boiler?

The large steam boiler is a special kind of boiler that fires up to a massive amount of fuels, whether liquid or solid, to generate steam from water flowing in tubes. Large steam boilers can be made of bronze, steel, titanium, or tungsten steel. In all variants, the same amount of fuel is burned, but different amounts of steam are produced.

Apart from lava, the Boiler could even burn almost any solid or liquid fuel. However, when using refined products, it is 20% less energy efficient. Large boilers must have water in them at all periods while they are in use. If the Boiler starts running out of water while it is running, it will blow up.

It takes some time for the Large Boiler to overheat before it can make steam at its high capacity. Higher-tier boilers require more time to reach heat energy. Boiler heat influences steam outcome but not fuel or power consumption.

high pressure steam boiler system

Difference Between Small steam Boiler Vs. Large Steam Boiler

Compare to a large steam boiler, Yongxing’s small boiler for sale is primarily reflected in the following.

  • The valves, meters, water pumps, burners, dust collectors, ID fans, FD fans, sub-cylinders, and other boiler auxiliaries are all delivered after the installation well.They are supported by an iron frame and packaged with a template, which promises the small steam boiler you receive is complete, brand new, and can be quickly put into use.
    Commercial Steam Boiler, Commercial Boiler Manufacturer
  • Yongxing tries to set a flow disturbance period inside the fire tube to slow down heat speed, maximize heat gas use, and increase your boiler system’s thermal efficiency.
  • Yongxing’s vertical small boiler for sale has a larger water storage capacity, but the boiler volume is reduced in design. In the industrial and living areas, small steam boilers have higher adaptability.
  • Due to the reduced plates and tube consumables, Yongxing’s small steam boiler price is the lowest among all fire tube boilers.
  • Although the small boiler price is very affordable, the quality is also excellent. Yongxing guarantees that the operation is the same as an ordinary fire tube boiler, with a large combustion chamber, slightly positive pressure combustion, full-extension, and the same threaded smoke tube. 

Here we can ensure the boiler with high absorption strength and meet your thermal expansion needs. The small steam boiler you bought will be super reasonable. 

What Is A Medium Pressure Small Steam Boiler?

 Medium pressure steam boilers operate at pressures ranging from 150 to 650 psi. These usually are power generation plants that require the steam procedure.

Because of steam consumption and deterioration, makeup cost is higher in intermediate boiler plants. In any particular instance, you can also use essential substances to meet water purification needs.

How Do You Clean A Small Steam Boiler?

Open the sifting valve with caution; do not unlock the boiler storage tank. Fill the boiler with water slowly until water flows into the container.

Preserve this level of water, so you are merely able to continue glancing. Commence the boiler and let the excess water sift and permeate into the bucket.

Does Small Electric Boiler Belong To Small Steam Boiler?

LDR Electric boilers also belong to a small steam boiler, it can be implanted in small-sized apartments or houses to provide warm water for your water heater as well as combined heat and power use (generally via an indirect cylinder for your domestic hot water requirements).

The most frequently involved boilers heat water with gas or oil, whereas an electric boiler heats the water with an electric or multiple elements.

Electric steam boiler

Small Steam Boiler Usage

LDR electric small steam boilers are a common choice for apartments and houses where gas is not even an alternative and oil seems unrealistic or prohibitively expensive. There is limited availability of Domestic Hot Water (DHW) they can generate quickly, so we always suggest using an implicit hot water cylinder for the domestic hot water, particularly if the house has a shower.

The small boilers, i.e., from 0.5 kW to 15 kW outcomes, are obtainable in 240 volts, uninterrupted power supplies; after 15 kW, the parts require three-phase consumption. They are frequently used in new construction homes and apartments because they are less costly to install and maintained.

How About The Small Steam Boiler Price?

A steam boiler costs around $3,500 on average. Price of a single vertical high pressure gas oil LPG fuelled steam boiler. $3,890.00/ Set. 1.0 Sets (Min. Order).

There are several wonderful things on sale, like the Mini Liquid Fuels LPG small steam boiler pricing system 100L Water Heater for Home Use. You may get it for a very low price, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money on it!

What Is The Average Electric Small Steam Boile Price?

A 72 kW electric steam boiler costs around £3,500 on average. Smaller boilers are less expensive to buy and operate, but they may not be as productive as bigger models, costing up to £5,500.

What Are The Advantages Of Electric Steam Boilers?


  • It can be combined with PV modules to save even more energy.
  • Electric Central Heating Boilers are inexpensive to purchase because they lack a gas valve, fan, atmospheric pressure flips, ignition PCBs, activation leads, electrode materials, or stoves, lowering the cost.
  • Yearly or any other maintenance is not required.
  • When talking about rented properties, there should be no need for a yearly Gas Safe Diploma.

Cheaper to install

  • Installing an electric boiler is straightforward than installing a gas or oil boiler, making it faster and less expensive. Additionally, since there are no disposal gases, an electric boiler does not require pipes, a flue, or a furnace, making installation extra expensive.
  • The boiler does not need to be mounted on an exterior wall.

High efficiency

  • Electric boilers do not lose energy via waste gases or fuels because they do not require fuel combustion to generate heat.
  • This results in 99 percent manufacturing efficiency in many situations, roughly equivalent to 89 – 95 percent with most gas or oil boilers.


  • Because no components are moving in an electric boiler, it is almost tranquil.

Light and compact

  • Because they do not produce waste gases and thus do not require any flues or chimneys, the component is far more small and light, giving you more versatility in configuring it on your property.
  • Consequently, they are much more diverse in terms of areas on the estate where they are located.

Easier to maintain

  • There is no need for a landlord gas safety license every year.
  • Except for gas and oil boilers, which have more fundamentals, electric boilers do not require annual maintenance to keep them running.


  • However, there is no such threat of carbon monoxide poisoning to the people who live on the estate.
  • There is no need for CO detectors.
  • When RCDs and MCBs safeguard the boilers, they are entirely safe. No condensate pipes to freeze up

electric steam boiler system


Small steam boilers have numerous qualities over other large water tube or fire tube boilers. To prevent complete pipe destruction, it is preferable to purchase high-quality steam boilers, elements, and tubes for your business or home, such as puddles and storage facilities. Recognizing the structure and processing of their steam boiler is critical to ensuring its efficiency and safety.

When there is a problem with a small boiler system, it is better to seek proper assistance and adhere to the safety process in both its service & maintenance deadlines. Always trust a worthy small steam boiler manufacturer for your steam boiler.

Yongxing Boilers Group is an excellent source for your choice. Avail of this great opportunity and get our services.

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