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Wood fired steam boilers are the most efficient and economical way to heat your industry or business. It's a great option where wood is plentiful, easy to cut and free. When you use wood heat, you can also reduce your carbon footprint by using renewable resources instead of fossil fuels.
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The vertical steam boiler for sale is a type of boiler in which the steam and water are separated by a vertical wall. Water is pumped into the bottom part of the boiler, where it is heated by hot gases rising from below. The steam rises to the top part of the boiler, where it is then used to power machinery or heat buildings.
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HOG fuel boiler has a grate stoker, it is a kind of waste wood boiler that can convert the waste wood into smokeless, high temperature and clean energy.The firebox of the hog fuel boiler adopts vertical and horizontal layout, which can be divided into two parts. The large part is the combustion chamber, and the small part is the ash chamber.

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Yongxing Sell You Best Price Solid Fuel Fired Boiler With Best performance

Are you searching for high adaptability affordable solid fuel fired boiler? You have come to the right place. The Yongxing’s highly-trained Engineers are offering super-efficient boilers which provide the highest efficiency you can ever achieve.

Moreover, it adopts modern technology to provide complete automation control to cut labor costs. And offers an efficient combustion process that not only saves fuel but also provides high thermal efficiency.

Do you want to know how a solid fuel boiler works in detail? Here is a comprehensive guide and detailed FAQs section to help you understand how these boilers work and can save you thousands of dollars.

What Is Your Solid Fuel Fired Boiler?

The Yongxing solid fuel-fired boiler is custom-designed for achieving high efficiency and smooth performance. These boilers are also known for other names like key stoker dual fuel boilers or commercial wood-fired boilers. However, these are all the different names of the same solid fuel boilers.

These solid fuel boilers come with a single drum fire tube and water tube design to enhance heat transfer rates through convection and radiation. It offers a three-pass smoke-tube design and is a wood fired boiler with a highly efficient internal furnace.

Furthermore, it comes in dual options; wet-back and dry back. It differentiates on the basis of the reversal (turnaround) chamber. The reversal chamber allows the flue gases to flow twice through the furnace to reheat water in the boiler and thus, increase the thermal efficiency. Do you want to know the difference between wetback and dry-back boilers? Here is the factor setting them apart:

coal fired heaters

Wetback solid fuel fired boiler:

The wetback solid fuel fired boiler comes with a reversal chamber that is surrounded by water. When the flue gases pass through this chamber, the surrounding water starts to absorb their heat. And that’s how it helps the heated water absorb more heat to reduce the heat load for the furnace.

Dryback solid fuel fired boiler:

The dry-back biomass fired boilers offer a reversal chamber that is covered with refractory. When the flue gases pass through this chamber, it does not allow the heat to exit from the internal boiler systems. It helps maintain the boilers’ furnace temperature and reduce the fuel consumption rate while keeping the efficiency high.

SZS Fire Tube Solid Fuel Fired Boiler

Solid Fuel Fired Boiler Design

These bio fuel boilers have a single drum fire tube and water tube design with chain grate combustion equipment. It has a separate convection and radiation heating area. The convection space is the two furnace wings and the drums’ screw fire tube. However, the water tubes at both sides of the furnace are the radiation heating area of the boiler.

The cylinder’s front and back tube plates are welded to the boilers’ drum. It uses the most efficient arrangement, i.e., the water wall tube, upper drum, and head are arranged in symmetrical order. Plus, it uses a preheater to support combustion and reduce the furnace’s heat load.

Unlike other boilers, the Yongxing boilers use technology like screw fire tubes and arch tube plates to tackle problems like low efficiency, tube plate flaw, water wall tube bursting, low heat transfer, insufficient output, etc.

wood fired boiler for sale system

Solid Fuel Fired Boiler Combustion Process

When the solid fuel drops on the fuel feeding conveyor, it burns and produces a large amount of heat. The burnt fuel moves out through the boilers’ slag exit sections and is removed from the system. And the smoke gas mix with the air, forming a vortex in between the back and front arch of the boiler.

At the arch’s upper section, the hot exhaust gases flow through the convection bank using the smoke windows and then enter into the thread smoke tube. In the end process, it passes through the economizer and dust remover before discharging into the atmosphere.

SZL Water tube boiler wood fired boiler for sale

Solid Fuel Fired Boiler Fuel Feeding Phenomena

Generally, solid fuel fired boilers have two fuel-feeding processes.

  1. Hand Firing
  2. Mechanical Stroke Firing

Hand firing refers to the solid fuel fired steam boilers that require an individual to feed fuel constantly. That’s quite exhausting, right? Since the Yongxing boilers use the latest technology, we use the latest mechanical stroke firing.

hand feeding solid fuel fired boiler

Figure. Hand Firing Steam Boiler In work Shop

The Yongxing wood fired steam boilers use a screw phenomenon through which it feeds the fuel as per the requirement. When the screw pushes the fuel, it lands on a conveyor belt where it burns. The conveyor belt is in motion because we want the burnt fuel to move to the boilers’ slag exit section.

Below the conveyor belt, you get an air supply to push the hot gases heat to the water. When the fuel is fully burnt, the belt automatically moves it to the slag exit section, where it gets wasted. That’s how you get a fully automatic fuel feeding system that can run for days.

How Is Your Solid Fuel Fired Boiler Furnace Design?

The solid fuel fired boiler’ furnace plays an essential role in deciding the efficiency. The Yongxing Engineers have adopted modern techniques to design the furnace parameters so that the boilers’ combustion does not get disturbed. Also, the water tubes are structured to absorb heat efficiently. Here is how the Yongxing boilers’ furnace functions efficiently:

4 ton steam boiler furnace

Large Furnace Volume

For complete combustion, the wood boilers’ furnace must have enough space to store a sufficient amount of fuel and air. Therefore, the Yongxing Engineers have designed large furnaces for efficient combustion. Moreover, the large furnaces help the boiler to tackle thermal expansion problems. And it also enhances the radiant heating surface for achieving high thermal efficiency.

Furnace Insulation

The furnace must be so well covered that it does not lose its heat to the environment for high thermal efficiency. For this purpose, the Yongxing Engineers have completely filled the furnace walls with heat-resistant concrete and refractory bricks. Plus, the furnace has been tested multiple times to ensure that there is no heat leak, air leakage, or heat loss.

Water Tube Design

The wood fired boilers for sale’s furnace drum has water tubes that are filled with water to absorb combustion heat. The high-pressure water feed pump supplies water to the tubes.

For high thermal efficiency, the water tubes are designed using high melting materials to prevent melting. In addition, the water tubes are designed with corrosion-free materials that have a high tendency of absorbing flue gases heat.

water tube boiler efficiency
water tube boiler

What Are The Special Features Of Your Solid Fuel Fired Boiler?

You should expect Yongxing solid fuel fired boiler to be extraordinary and better than others. How so? Here are some of the unique Yongxing boiler features:

  1. Large Furnace areas for complete and efficient combustion.
  2. Induced and forced fan availability to support the air supply.
  3. Easy maintenance, inspection, and cleaning.
  4. Compact and modern design that requires less space.
  5. Uses less fuel and provides high efficiency.
  6. Supports multi biomass fuel without any need of altering the internal system.
  7. The reversal heat passing area for heat recovery.
  8. Large water and steam storage for fulfilling high steam demands.
  9. Fully automatic system that includes warning signals for low and high-water levels, overpressure, etc.
  10. Lower stack temperature at the outlet of the boiler.
  11. The chain grate is designed with material that can resist temperatures as high as 1300
  12. Since the design is compact and safe, it is used as wood burning boilers for central heating in homes
  13. Each nozzle has its own safety valves for additional safety.
  14. It can be used as an indoor multi-fuel boiler

What Kind Of Solid Fuel Can You Use For The Solid Fuel Fired Boiler?

The Yongxing solid fuel-fired boiler has the highest fuel adaptability. It has the technology to support even fuel with low calorific value. How is this possible? Well, the Yongxing highly-skilled engineers introduced unique secondary air design to maintain efficiency even for biomass fuel. Also, this secondary air support helps avoid choking and improves the combustion process. So, you can get massive cuts on fuel costs.

Following are the fuels you can burn in solid fuel fired boiler:

  • Coal
  • Biomass fuel
  • Rice husk
  • Bagasse
  • Coconut Shell
  • Straw
  • Wood pellet
  • Cotton seeds
  • Waste cloth
  • Corncob
  • Peanut shell
  • Palm shell

However, remember that the fuel with a lower calorific value might affect the efficiency a bit. The efficiency may drop to 79% when you use fuel with a low calorific value. And it will reach 83% if the fuel’s calorific value is high. So, it’s entirely up to you to decide on what fuel to use.

Are Your solid fuel-fired boiler Safe To Use?

Yes, the Yongxing solid fuel-fired boiler is designed with high-quality raw materials and with the approval of China Boiler Technical Supervision (CBTS). These boilers come with warning alarms for overpressure, low water level, over-temperature, flame out, phrase lacking, gas leakage, motor overloading, etc.

Plus, it has automatic interlock safety features and PLC automatic control system. It means that the boiler can operate automatically once it starts and can be controlled and operated easily. The overall boilers’ wiring system is safe from the combustion and flue gases heat.

To prevent explosion, the Yongxing coal boiler manufacturers come with overpressure valves that open when the combustion chamber pressure is dangerously high.

Additionally, there are steam overpressure valves that ensure that the steam pressure stays under the pressure limitations. The reliable boiler auxiliaries and intelligent safety features ensure that you and your facility are always safe.

What Is Your Heating Efficiency Of A Solid Fuel Fired Boiler?

The Yongxing hybrid boilers are optimized to achieve efficiency up to 83%. For high efficiency, the boilers’ overall system must be efficient and well-maintained. And our wood boilers have the efficiency standards of the wood boilers USA.

Boiler efficiencies are comprised of multiple sub-systems performance. A complete boiler sub-components performance decides on the boilers’ efficiency. Following are the two factors that have a significant effect on the overall boiler efficiency:

  1. Thermal efficiency
  2. Combustion Efficiency

Thermal Efficiency

The heat transfer rate or how effective the boiler absorbs the heat decides the boilers’ thermal efficiency. For obtaining high thermal efficiency, the Yongxing Engineers have designed the water tubes with high heat-absorbing materials.

Plus, the water tubes material is well-inspected to avoid problems like scale formation, corrosion, etc. And that’s how the solid fuel fired boiler for sale have successfully maintained high thermal efficiency.

Combustion Efficiency.

The combustion efficiency of a solid fired boiler depends on its ability to burn fuel. Two factors decide on the combustion efficiency; the amount of unburnt fuel and excessive oxygen in the exhaust gases.

For reducing the unburnt fuel levels in exhaust gases, the oxygen supply must be enhanced during the combustion process. Therefore, the Yongxing boilers have ID fans installed to support the air supply during the combustion.

However, excessively enhancing oxygen supply results in high enthalpy losses. To tackle this problem, the Yongxing boilers Engineers have introduced automatic oxygen and air detection system. It will analyze the oxygen and air levels in the combustion chamber and will supply as per the requirement.

If you want to calculate the efficiency of boilers yourself, you have two methods for its calculation; Direct and Indirect.

The direct efficiency is simply a ratio of power output to the power input. However, the indirect efficiency includes the calculation of overall boilers’ losses. To find the indirect efficiency, you must sum up all losses and then subtract it from 100%. Note that during losses measurement, the blow-down valve must be kept closed.

Could You Supply A Packaged Solid Fuel Fired Boiler?

Yes, you don’t have to worry about the boiler’s shipping when dealing with the Yongxing boilers group. No matter where you live in the world, the Yongxing solid fuel fired boiler industry can supply the boiler at your shipping address.

Even if you can’t visit our factory, you can order the quote online and provide your contact information. If you are looking for used industrial wood burning heaters, you can ask us online, and we will mail you the details within minutes.

Also, after the shipping, Yongxing boiler group offers the boiler’s installation service. Our experienced boilers installation experts can visit your enterprise and get your boiler ready for operations. For any technical issue, you can contact our 24/7 active customer support team, and they will solve your problem online. If the problem persists, our expert team can visit your facility and solve the problem for you.

How Is Your Solid Fuel Fired Boiler A Lifetime Solution?

The Yongxing highly trained Engineers have analyzed and implemented the parameters that prolong the boilers’ lifetime. From design quality to using top-quality raw materials, all have been calculated adequately for manufacturing highly efficient boilers. Do you have a bad experience with solid fuel fired boilers? We will tell you the factors that may have reduced your boilers’ lifetime and then tell you how Yongxing boilers have handled these problems.

Factors affecting the solid fuel fired boiler’ lifetime

  1. Water Quality

The water circulating in the tubes must be free of dirt, debris, or other elements contributing to corrosive damage. If the water is dirty and has heavy metals like chlorine and salt, you will see corrosive damage and scale forming inside the water tubes. Hence, the efficiency and boilers’ lifetime get disturbed.

  1. Annual Maintenance

Although many ignore the boilers’ annual maintenance, it is crucial to enhance their life. With time, the solid fuel fired boiler’ water must be changed, and the combustion chamber must be cleaned more often. Additionally, the ID fans and economizer work performance decreases because sometimes the dust gets in their way. Therefore, the Yongxing boiler manufacturers highly suggest the boilers’ annual maintenance. If you ignore maintenance once a year, you directly reduce the boilers’ life.

  1. Fuel Used

You must use the fuel mentioned in our solid fuel fired boiler PDF for the proper combustion. Other fuels may have chlorine, alkali, or heavy metals that, when burned, produces corrosive elements. Since the fuel’s heat passes through the water tubes, the highly corrosive element will corrode the tubes from the outside.

Moreover, such fuels have incomplete combustion characteristics, which results in producing high CO concentrations, heat flux due to flame impingement, and forming of dangerous deposits. Therefore, you should only use the fuel mentioned in the boilers’ manual. Other fuels will impact the boilers’ lifetime.

Now, you must be wondering how you can extend your boilers’ lifetime? Here are some of the suggested practices you should consider while using the boiler.

Factors that extend the solid fuel fired boiler’ life

  1. Annual Professional Maintenance

You should hire a professional to inspect your boilers’ performance and maintain it once a year. If you are using Yongxing boilers, you should ask our maintenance experts and schedule maintenance. Since the Yongxing boiler group are the manufacturers, they know their equipment best and offer excellent maintenance service.

  1. Water Treatment

With boilers’ you can’t just use any water. The regular, untreated water may have contaminants that can reduce the life span and efficiency of your solid fuel fired boiler. Such water might do corrosive damage to the boilers’ system. Even a thin scale layer can reduce the boilers’ efficiency by 10%. Therefore, many enterprises use a water treatment plant for treating the water. The treated water will enhance the efficiency and life span of the boiler.

  1. Use Of Preheater

Every equipment has its operation life; the same goes for the combustion chamber. The least we can do is operate in a way that enhances the furnace life. For this, the Yongxing boilers’ manufacturers have provided a preheater that shares the heating load with the furnace. The preheater helps maintain the temperature of the furnace, thus, decreasing the furnace load. If you have been using Yongxing solid fuel fired boiler, you must have noticed that our furnaces last much longer than others.

Now let’s move on to the section where you will learn how to operate for increasing boilers’ lifetime.

Operating Measures For solid fuel fired boiler

  • Provide enough water supply
  • Use high-quality fuels
  • Regularly clean the ash removal slag
  • Make sure that the FD and ID fans are on
  • Provide adequate fuel supply
  • Use treated water
  • And always keep an eye on any alarm signals.

How Do You Control A Solid Fuel Boiler Quality?

Yongxing Engineers are always focused on improving and controlling the boilers’ quality to meet customer expectations. Here is how we have managed to reach almost every China industry.


Our highly skilled engineering teams back up all the boilers’ designs. At the initial stage, our Engineers design the drawing of boilers. The drawings are then inspected by China’s State Bureau of Technical Supervision (CSBTS). When the CSBTS mark our drawings to be safe, then the boilers’ manufacturing starts under the 24/7 supervision of experienced Engineers.

Raw Materials

For the design to be robust, our raw material inspection team double-checks the raw material’s quality. Our certified inspection officers check the material’s quality at the factory’s entrance. If the material passes the quality test, only then it is transferred to the storage for production.

If you have any doubts, you can ask us for SGV, BV inspection reports, energy efficient test reports, quality certificates, energy audit reports, etc. The Yongxing boilers’ quality meets international standards and has ISO 9001 and CE quality certificates.


For leak-proof welding, we have a team of experienced welders along with senior welding experts. When the parts are welded, it is kept in a controlled environment where the welded parts remain intact in a warm and humidity-free atmosphere.

When the welding process ends, we further examine the welded parts using magnetic tests, x-ray detection, penetration test, ultrasonic flaw detection, etc. If any of the welding quality tests fail, the parts get returned to the welding team for re-welding. Furthermore, we run the hydrostatic test to ensure that there is no water and air leakage at welded joints, even in the case of expansion.

After-Sale Services With Our solid fuel fired boiler

We can supply the boilers anywhere in the world. Just give us your shipping address, and the boiler will reach you safe and sound. When the boiler reaches your shipping address, you get the boilers’ operational manual along with installation procedures.

If you have no experience installing the boiler, you can get the help of our professional boilers’ installation experts as after-sale service. To get the most out of our boilers, we suggest you let us install the boiler at your facility.

Also, you can contact our 24/7 active support team for any technical issue from all over the world.

Yongxing Steam boiler Reliable Quality
Yongxing Steam boiler Reliable Quality
Yongxing Steam boiler Reliable Quality
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