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Low Pressure Steam Boiler Equipped Chain Grate
Low pressure steam system offer clean steam to industrial process with limited pressure of 15 psig. They are commonly used for heating applications.
DZL4-1.25-AII Chain Grate Coal Stoker Boilers
Low pressure boiler system is designed of a large combustion space to meet your requirements for lower operation cost and higher working efficiency.
Oil Fired Steam Boiler, Diesel Oil Steam Boiler manufacturer
WNS low pressure boilers have made breakthroughs on heating recovery and emission treatment, which meets emission regulations of most countries.
Oil Fired Steam Boiler, Diesel Oil Steam Boiler manufacturer
Yongxing’s series low pressure boiler can be transported as two modular parts. This type will save you lots of installation cost and time at installing site.
Commercial Steam Boiler, Commercial Boiler Manufacturer
LHG low pressure steam heating systems are designed with automatic monitor devices to ensure the safe operations under high temperature conditions.
LHS500 kg - 0.7 Steam Boiler
LHS500 kg Low pressure steam boiler is fire tube boiler with horizontal and modular structure. This design will allow you for easy installation and quick maintenance.

Our Low Pressure Boiler Certifications

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  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 2
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 3
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 4

Yongxing Low Pressure Boiler Reliable Quality

Yongxing boiler group is a large-scale professional manufacturer with decades of experience in the international boiler industry. We are IBR-approved manufacturers of boilers. Plus, we have certifications for installations along with permits for boiler shells. Our stock is full of all kinds of boilers at reasonable prices.

Our low pressure boiler is an efficient boiler that generates steam at low pressure. We sell these boilers at lower prices than other low pressure boiler manufacturers. Our boilers are perfect for your need, whether you need them for your home or your small industries. We also have boilers that have automatic fuel feeding mechanisms for your ease.

Furthermore, our low system pressure boiler accessories are complete to facilitate all characteristics and auxiliary configurations. It has fans, feedwater pumps, electric control cabinets, burners, biomass automatic feed silos, safety valves, water level gauges, check valves, etc.

Not only do we have a low pressure boiler, but we also manufacture top-quality high-pressure boilers. So, if you want a large boiler for your power plant, we have got you covered. These are also available at cheap rates than the market.

Our boilers have safety equipment installed to ensure the secure operation of the boilers. We have highly skilled engineers ready and waiting for your call to repair and inspect the boilers. It would be best if you had regular check-ups and inspections of your device by our capable engineers to prevent boiler failure.

If you want more information about our low pressure boilers, contact us via email or phone at any time you want.

Oil Steam Boiler Manufacturers
Oil Steam Boiler Manufacturers
Oil Steam Boiler Manufacturers
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All You Need To Know About Low Pressure Boilers

Do you want a cheap boiler that will fulfill your requirements for a small factory or building? Then, a low pressure boiler is the best solution. It is not only cheap, but it is the perfect heating equipment for small industries, factories, or commercial use.

Do you have a small space? Doesn’t matter! They are compact boilers that will not take a large amount of space. This type of boiler has very low installation costs and does not require a large amount of fuel to get the desired output. It will not be a burden on your wallet. Below is all the information you may need to know about low pressure boilers:

What Is The Meaning Of A Low Pressure Boiler?

A low pressure boiler is a steam generator or water heater that operates at a pressure of less than 15 psi (pounds per square inch). They form steam at low pressures and low temperatures than other steam boilers. The temperature of the boiler does not exceed 250 F. The hot water pressure in it is always less than 260 psi. That’s why it is also known as a low water pressure boiler.

Low Pressure Boiler Example

Low Pressure Boiler Example These types of boilers are more economical than high pressure steam boilers. It is because creating steam at low pressure boiler psi requires less energy. Moreover, they are less prone to wear and tear and do not require regular maintenance. Such a boiler does not involve a lot of change to the input load, but there are large seasonal variations.

But is a low pressure boiler dangerous? No, you do not need to worry about that. As mentioned before, the boiler takes less energy, so there is little to no danger. Moreover, they have safety equipment installed that prevents the boilers from impairment. It also alarms you if anything goes sideways and sometimes helps you solve the problem.


Low pressure boilers are often used to supply thermal energy to small-scale industries or hot water to rooms or buildings.   They are generally used where there are no variations in the temperature. These may include:

  • Small Factories
  • Hospitals
  • Office Buildings
  • Schools
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • University Campuses
  • Chemical Reactors


The low pressure boilers have the following advantages:

  • Requires less energy
  • Needs almost no maintenance
  • Does cause wear and tear to the system
  • Less expensive
  • Compact size
  • Lower installation and operating costs

Low Pressure Boiler Prices

Various types of boilers are available at different prices according to their specifications. The prices of these boilers depend upon the design, construction, fuel they use, and size. Prices of boilers start from $1,000 and go over $100,000. Providing the exact cost for each boiler is not possible. So, here is the estimated price range for various types of low pressure steam boilers:

Industrial Automatic Low Pressure Boiler $13,000 – $20,000
Industrial Oil-Fired Low Pressure Boiler $2,000 – $3,000
Electric Steam Low Pressure Boiler $1,000 – $1,700
Industrial Wood Biomass Low Pressure Boiler $25,000 – $100,000
Natural Gas-Fired Low Pressure Boiler $1,000 – $8,000

Low Pressure Boiler Diagram

Low Pressure Boiler Diagram

How Does A Low Pressure Boiler Work?

The working principle of a low pressure boiler is generally the same as other steam boilers. The basic process is similar. The only difference is that the steam generated exits the boiler to the building at low pressure. following are the steps involved in the working of such a boiler:

Fuel Input

First of all, the fuel enters the combustion chamber for burning. The fuel can be coal, biomass, natural gas, wood, propane, etc. You can feed the boiler either yourself or through an automatic feeding mechanism.


After the feeding, the fuel starts burning. As it burns, the fuel temperature inside the furnace begins rising. Eventually, they produce hot flue gases of lower density. The combustion process also creates ash which goes through ash removal systems.

Steam Generation

The hot flue gases generated rise and go towards the water tubes. The water in the tubes absorbs the heat from the gases and transforms into steam. But in a low pressure system boiler, the steam temperature does not exceed more than 250F. The steam pushes out of the boiler at a pressure of less than 15 psi.

What Is A High Pressure Boiler? What Is Its Pressure Range?

As the name suggests, a high-pressure boiler operates at a high steam pressure. The pressure in boilers is more than 15 pounds per square inch. A usual pressure range of such a boiler is normally from 250 psi to 1000 psi. The temperature of the water is greater than 250F. The high pressure boiler is usually made of aluminum steel or cast iron in a rectangular shape.

A high-pressure boiler generates a greater amount of thermal energy. It creates steam at high-pressure and high temperatures. Due to such a higher amount of output, the size of this boiler is quite tall and occupies a large square foot of space. They also have larger carbon footprints that are harmful to society.

As they have a larger output, they mostly find their use in large-scale industries, factory plant processes, and the manufacturing of central heating systems. Furthermore, high-pressure boilers are usually of water-tube design. It is because a fire tube design cannot generate high pressures due to its construction.

low pressure boiler pdf

What Is The Difference Between High Pressure And Low Pressure boilers?

The following table describes the difference between a high-pressure and a low pressure boiler.

High Pressure Boilers Low Pressure Boilers
The steam pressure in these boilers is more than 15 psi The steam pressure in these boilers is less than 15 psi.
The hot water pressure exceeds 250 psi. Water pressure does not go beyond 260 psi.
The temperature in the high-pressure boiler is more than 250 F. The temperature in a low pressure boiler is always less than 250F.
They need regular safety check-ups. They do not require regular safety check-ups.
Used in large-scale industries and power plants Used for supplying thermal energy to small-scale industries, rooms, and buildings
The output generated is high. The output generated is less.
Installation and operational costs are high. The installation and operational costs are less.
High maintenance. Low maintenance.

How To Check My Boiler Pressure?

Most boilers will automatically detect the low pressure and maintain it to an appropriate level. But you can also check it yourself. First, you must find the pressure gauge installed on your boiler. The pressure gauge will have readings from 1 (green) to 4 (red). Then, simply take the reading. If the needle is between 1 and 2 bar, the pressure is normal, and there is nothing to worry about. The pressure gauge looks like this:

low pressure boiler manufacturers gauge

If the pressure in the boiler is less than 1, the boiler will turn off. If the boiler pressure is more than 2, it could cause a boiler breakdown. At high pressures, there is increasing stress on the system, including radiators and other components. As a result, it causes further issues and system malfunction.

If your boiler’s pressure gauge and automation are faulty, here are the low pressure boiler symptoms to check for the boiler’s low pressure. Some of the symptoms are:

  1. The water is not heating properly.
  2. The radiators are not warming up.
  3. The dial of the pressure gauge fell.

How To Take Care Of Low Pressure Boiler?

Your boiler may be the most expensive thing you own. Therefore, you must take good care of your boiler. You want your boiler to run for a long period and that too efficiently and without failure. If you do not take care of your boiler, problems will arise. And they may not be so cheap to solve. Following are some tips to ensure problem-free operation of your boiler:

1.     Annual Boiler Servicing

First, you must clean the inside of your boiler annually. Scale, scoot, and other residues may be inside the boiler. A little residue of thickness, even 0.03 – 0.05 inches, can help reduce heat transfer by 10%. So, cleaning with brushes or chemicals is a must at least once a year to ensure the efficient operation of the boiler.

2.     Check Insulation

The heat can be lost from any side of the boiler in case you don’t have proper insulation. Insulation is a must for a device if the temperature reaches above 130F. Lack of insulation can lead to greater heat loss from condensing pipes, valves, or fittings. That is why it is necessary for efficient performance.

3.     Maintaining Feedwater Quality

A boiler is only as good as its water. You need to check the feedwater quality regularly. You can do this by measuring the number of minerals dissolved and residuals mixed. Otherwise, the water may become hard and starts scaling. A de-aerator is essential for this purpose. Moreover, you can also buy a hardness detector to measure water hardness. In this way, you can solve the problem before it even occurs.

4.     Prevent Boiler Failure

It is probably the most dangerous failure in areas with hot weather, and you need to avoid it. A high concentration of dissolved solids can cause the matter to precipitate from water and start scaling. This can decrease the efficiency and can cause boiler failure. Boiler blowdown involves draining water from the boiler so that solids do not precipitate and prevent failure.

5.     Maintain Inspection Logs

At last, it is best to keep maintenance logs. It ensures that your boiler is working perfectly without any faults. Measuring the temperature of flue gases, water, and steam pressure daily helps maintain the boiler in an optimal condition. Plus, it helps the boiler to work at full efficiency. And it allows you to diagnose the problem as soon as possible.

Do You Have Low Pressure Steam Boiler For Brewery?

Yes, we have.

Yongxing low pressure steam boiler has a wide range of applications. Our low pressure steam boiler has a wide range of applications.

1. Catering industry, unit canteen(hotel catering, factory canteen, construction site, hospital, school canteen, etc.)

2. Clothing ironing, washing, and drying (garment factory, garment factory, dry cleaner, hotel, etc.)

3. Low Pressure Steam Boiler mainly used for Food processing(noodle products, bean products, pickled products, alcoholic beverages, meat processing, etc.)

4. Drug processing (cooking, steaming, boiling, disinfection of traditional Chinese medicine, etc.)

5. Sterilization (disinfection of tableware, medical instruments, food utensils, high-temperature steam disinfection in farms, etc.)

6. Sauna bath (hotel sauna, sweat steam room, hot spring bath, swimming pool, etc.)

7. Agricultural greenhouse, seed production (heating and humidification of the agricultural greenhouse, plant seed production, etc.)

8. Our low pressure steam boiler is also mainly used for House heating (heating of hotels, guesthouses, factories, and other houses)

Contact us to know more.


Yongxing boiler group provides low pressure boilers at cheap rates, perfectly suiting your needs. These boilers operate at low pressure of fewer than 15 pounds per square inch. The steam temperature never crosses the 150F mark. Yongxing manufactured boilers are perfect for small factories and industries as they do not need a large amount of energy to get the required output. They are small, so you don’t need a very large amount of space for them.

Yongxing company also sells high-pressure boilers for big industries and power plants. They are thermal efficient heating equipment. Although they are a little expensive, these boilers generate steam at high pressures and high temperatures. Our boilers run for a long period, but we insist you have regular check-ups and maintenance for surety.

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