Steam Boiler Economizer - All Things You Need To know

What Does A Steam Economizer Do?

  • Boosts Efficiency Upto 15%
  • Highly Corrosive-resisting Tubes Design
  • Automatic Soot Removal Function
  • 100% Safe And Leak-Free Valves.


economizer 150 finned tubes

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steam boiler economizer
The Yongxing 6-ton biomass steam boiler economizer has perfectly designed cast iron tubes. It has corrosion-resisting abilities and high absorption properties. Therefore, these economizers are the best option for absorbing heat from low temperature flue gases.
steam boiler economizer2
The 15-ton cast iron boiler economizer have high energy-saving properties. It comes with a split type module and have high heat absorption fins. Moreover, its design comply with the national environmental protection standards and is best suited for coal fired, gas fired, and oil fired steam boilers.
steam boiler economizer3
Our 25-ton cast iron design economizers have a perfect design and ability to extract large volume of flue gases' temperature. It comes with cast iron tubes and are perfect for large industries like building materials, petrochemical, dyeing factory, etc. In addition, it has dual modes; dry and wet which makes it an excellent option for improving boiler's efficiency.
steam boiler economizer5
The Yongxing 8-ton flue gas vaporizer have high heat absorption properties. Depending on the feed water temperature, It comes in two types; boiling and non-boiling economizer. The non-boiling economizers come in cast iron and stainless steel fins design. However, the boiling type comes only in stainless steel design because it is best suited for improving boiler's efficiency.
steam boiler economizer6
The 15-ton economizer stack comes with cast irons fins that are designed for catching maximum flue gases' heat. In addition, the feed water absorbs large amount of flue gases's heat due to its round pipe design. Other than boilers, these economizers can also be used in ventilating, air conditioning, power plants, etc.
steam boiler economizer4
The Yongxing 20-ton industrial boiler economizer acts as heat exchanger between the flue gases and cold feed water. Its cast iron fins absorbs the heat from flue gases and warms the cold feed water. Since it stops exhaust gases to exit into atmosphere, these economizers comply with national atmosphere protection standards. In addition, it reduces your fuel consumption and increases boiler's efficiency by 10%. It's a perfect efficiency-solution for large industries like petrochemical, building materials, metallurgy, etc.

Our Steam Boiler Economizer Certifications

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  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 2
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 3
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 4

Yongxing Boiler Economizers Quality Guarantee

Yongxing boiler group co. ltd is one of China’s largest steam boiler economizer manufacturers and suppliers with 40+ years of experience. We have a simple mission of 100% customer satisfaction and have achieved it by providing top-quality service and efficient equipment to clients worldwide.

We have an advanced research department where our engineers struggle to provide you with economizers that last years longer than other manufacturers. Our proficient staff team is always in your reach to help you choose, install, and maintain your steam boiler economizers.

In order to meet our client’s requirements, we offer multiple types of steam boiler economizers designs based on different volumes and temperatures of flue gases. Yongxing engineers have successfully designed economizers that fit almost every boiler’s specification.

However, in general, we offer two types of steam boiler economizers; condensing and a non-condensing economizer.

The condensing economizers are for boilers that use fuel that condenses on extracting the heat from their exhaust gases. Our condensing economizers extract sensible heat from the exhaust gases. Also, it extracts the latent heat and protects your boiler from corrosion when they condense.

The non-condensing economizers are conventional economizers used to extract heat from exhaust gases that do not condense. It’s the best option if you are using fuel that does not condense on heat extraction.

We have researched steam boiler economizers for years and have designed them to increase efficiency by 10 to 15%. To achieve this efficiency, we have engineered the economizer’s tubes section using stainless steel.

It ensures that maximum heat transfer occurs between flue gases and cold feed water. And the stainless-steel tubes won’t corrode with time. Thus, you get lifelong operation life from our steam boiler economizers.

Our keen focus is to provide top-quality products and the best service. If you want help installing the economizer, we have trained individuals who will come to your facility and install the economizer perfectly. Because for us, your satisfaction matters the most.

For more information about our steam boiler economizers, kindly contact our customer support team and refer bottom FAQ Guide.


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Steam Boiler Economizers Detailed FAQ Guide

Do you know Yongxing steam boiler economizers reduce fuel consumption by 5 to 10% and pay for themselves in less than 20 months? Yes, you heard it right! The Yongxing highly efficient economizer is used in boilers to improve steam boilers’ performance and efficiency.

The boilers’ efficiency depends on several factors, and the boiler economizer design affects it the most. Therefore, Yongxing designs unique economizers for each steam boiler as per its requirement. And the best part is that each of these steam boiler economizers is tested multiple times before bringing it to the supply stock.

If you want to know in-depth details about our steam boiler economizers, we have put together a comprehensive FAQ guide that includes the working principle to the location of the economiser in the boiler. So, let’s delve in and understand the Yongxing unique steam boiler economizers.

What Is Your Steam Boiler Economizer?

Yongxing steam boiler economizers are mechanical devices installed inside the steam boiler to improve efficiency. It has a set of stainless tubes, also called economizer coil, through which the feed water flows and absorbs heat. These water tubes are perfectly designed to allow smooth water flow and are made of highly corrosion-resisting material.

Our steam boiler economizers have high-quality inlet and outlet valves that control the liquid flow. After moving through the inlet valve, the cold feed water in the economizer is in the form of liquid. And since the exhaust gas’s temperature is not enough to turn liquid into steam, the feed water leaves in the form of the same liquid, however, as a heated liquid, not cold.

package of steam boiler economizers

Moreover, these exhaust gas economizers come with a safety valve for limiting the liquid or water pressure. It means that our design is 100% safe from water overpressure or overflow.

Also, our steam boiler economizers have a control valve to control the exhaust flow. Put simply, if you don’t want to pass the flue gases from the economizer, you can close the valve, and the flue gases will exit directly through the boiler’s chimney.

The economizers of boilers are designed to allow flue gases to pass through them. However, in the case of water tube boiler economizers, the flue gases’ ash may stick to the water tubes. Consequently, it will reduce the heat transfer between water and exhaust gases.

In order to tackle this problem, Yongxing engineers have designed scrapers, soot chamber, and gears inside the steam boiler economizers. When the flue gases pass through the economizer, the ash will start sticking to the boilers’ tube. However, the scrapers constantly move up and down on the tubes through gears to remove soot.

When the scraper removes the ash, it will drop to the soot section. So, with Yongxing steam boiler economizers, there is no more soot forming and corrosion.

As for the economiser coil in boiler, it is inter-connected, and water flows through all of it for better absorption. Furthermore, our highly skilled engineers have designed these tubes with materials that have excellent heat conduction properties.

What Is The Primary Function Of Steam Boiler Economizer?

The steam boiler economizers function as heat exchanger devices that transfer the exhaust gases’ heat to the feed water. Mostly, you will see an economizer in steam power station because it increases the steam boiler’s efficiency by 5 to 10%.

The main purpose of economizer in boiler is absorbing the flue gases’ heat. When the fuel produces hot flue gases, the boiler sends it to the economizer. The hot flue gases pass through the economizer tubes, and due to temperature difference, the heat transfer starts.

2T Biomass Wood Chips Fired Steam Boiler with Chain Grate Stoker Low Pressure

The feed water temperature at economizer inlet is usually very low. Therefore, the steam boilers burn a lot of fuel to increase the water’s temperature. However, if the flue gases’ heat passes through the steam boiler economizer, it will increase the cold feed water temperature and reduce fuel burning in the boiler’s furnace.

After passing through the steam boiler economizer, the flue gases leave through the chimney and exit from the system. As per the operation and design of economizers, you will see either a smoke tube or a water tube boiler economizer.

In the water tube boiler economizers, the water flows inside the pipe, and the exhaust gases are on the outer side. And in the smoke tube design, the exhaust gases flow inside the pipe, and the water flows on the outer side.

What Types Of Steam Boiler Economizers Do You Offer?

Yongxing provides two types of economizers in boiler.

  1. Condensing Economizer
  2. Non-Condensing Economizer

1.     Condensing Economizer

Condensing economizers are used to accommodate the fluid generated from the condensing of flue gases. Installing this economizer will improve your steam boiler’s efficiency by 10%. To get the most efficiency from the condensing economizers, you must lower the flue gases’ temperature below their dew point.

The common flue gas economizers improve fuel consumption by absorbing the flue gases heat. However, it’s not possible for boilers like natural gas-fired boilers. Because for natural gas-fired boilers, the temperature at which the flue gases start condensing is 121oC. Below this temperature, the flue gases will condensate, and the possibility of corrosion escalates.

gas condensing steam boiler
condensing steam boiler

In such cases, the boiler condensing economizers are the best option because it allows the flue gases to cool down below their dew point. The dew point for natural gas exhaust gases is 57oC. This type of steam boiler economizer can absorb flue gases’ sensible heat plus the latent heat of condensed exhaust gas vapours without corroding the boiler.

So, you must pick a condensing economizer for flue gases that start condensing at 121oC. Other economizers will start corroding your boiler’s internal system. As for the condensing economizer calculation for efficiency, it’s very complex and not included in this guide. It’s best if you use a boiler efficiency calculator for it.

high efficiency steam boiler condensing pipes

2.     Non-Condensing Economizers

Non-condensing economizers are conventional stack economizers that absorb the latent heat of the flue gases to preheat water. This economiser of boiler improves the overall system efficiency by 2 to 3%. It does not allow the flue gases to condensate.

Usually, these steam boiler economizers are finned and are installed at the flue gas ducting. These economisers in boilers are specially engineered for the flue gases that can’t be allowed to condensate. Because if condensate, they will corrode the exhaust gas ducting.

These steam boiler economizers are mostly useful for the boiler’s that burn particular fuels having sulphur. The flue gases having sulphurous compounds greatly increase the flue gas dewpoint, and if condensed, they form sulphuric acid, which is extremely corrosive.

So, you must install a non-condensing economiser for such steam boilers because you don’t want your flue gas to condense.

Economizer and boiler auxiliaries

What Is Your Steam Boiler Economizer’s Working Principle?

The working of economizer in boiler depends on exhaust gases. That’s why these steam boiler economisers are also known as exhaust gas boiler economizer. The overall working principle of the economizer is about preheating the cold feed water to reduce the furnace’s load.

In these waste heat economizers, the cold feed water enters through the inlet valve. Afterward, the feed water moves through the vertical tubes of steam boiler economizers to enter the boiler’s combustion chamber.

When the water moves through the vertical tubes, the hot exhaust gases from the furnace flow through them. As a result, the heat of hot exhaust gases is transferred to the cold feed water, and preheating takes place. The heated water leaves the steam boiler economizer through the stop valve.

While the flue gases pass through the steam boiler economizer, the flue gases’ soot starts sticking to boiler economizers’ tubes. For the steam boiler, the soot formation is a negative factor and will reduce the steam boiler economizer’s efficiency.

The Yongxing steam boiler economizers have specially designed scrapers on all the tubes. These scrapers use gears mechanical power to move up and down continuously. At the bottom of our steam boiler economizer, a soot chamber collects the soot dropping down the tubes.

The flue gases continuously flow through the steam boiler economizer’s tubes and preheat the water for the furnace. When the heated water reaches the steam boiler’s furnace, it will not need much heat to change into steam. Therefore, your boiler will start saving fuel.

What Are The Benefits Of Boiler Economizers?

Yongxing steam boiler economizers are perfectly engineered to enhance boiler’s efficiency by 10 to 15%. Plus, the economiser coil in boiler has been designed with stainless steel. So, there won’t be any fear of corrosion. Apart from these, the following are our steam boiler economizers advantages:

  • Our economizer stack has the ability to minimize the boiler’s thermal stresses. As a result, it will enhance your boiler’s lifetime.
  • Yongxing steam boiler economizers have the highest flue gases’ absorbing capacity. Therefore, sometimes they are referred to as heatsponge economizers.
  • Our recovery boiler economizers have been designed to maximize the boiler’s evaporative capacity.
  • These boiler economizers reduce 1% of fuel consumption at every 6oC rise of feed water.
  • The flue gases exiting the boiler are at 370oC to 540o So, Yongxing waste heat economizers absorb most flue gases’ heat without reducing the temperature below their dew point.

How Can Steam Boiler Economizers Improve Steam Boiler Efficiency?

The main use of economizer in boiler is that it absorbs the flue gases heat. Without the economizer, the exhaust gases exit the boiler and get wasted. So, instead of wasting exhaust gases, you can use economizers of boilers to preheat the cold feed water.

When you install the economizer, you use the waste heat from exhaust gases to warm the cold feed water. If you directly feed cold water to the boiler’s furnace, it will consume a lot of fuel to heat it. Plus, direct cold water feeding enhances the boiler’s thermal stresses and reduces the boiler’s operation life.

Therefore, it’s best you install a steam boiler economizer, which won’t just enhance the boiler’s life but also its efficiency. Now, you must be wondering how the boiler economizers increase the boiler’s efficiency.

It’s very simple. If you preheat the cold feed water before it enters the furnace, you are reducing the furnace’s load. Heating the cold water requires much more fuel instead of warm water. So, if you preheat the water, you will reduce the boiler’s fuel consumption. At each 6oC rise, you will reduce 1% fuel consumption.

That’s how the economiser of boiler improves efficiency. And not by a small number but increase the efficiency by 10 to 15%.

fire tube boiler efficiency

Can I Use The Steam Boiler Economizer In Thermal Power Plant?

Yes, an economizer in a boiler is used for thermal power plants, too, however, for a different purpose. The thermal power plants generate steam which is then used for electricity generation.

The use of steam boiler economizer does not depend on the power plants. It’s a type of heat exchanger that can be used in any power plant. The tubes are the economizer heat exchanger section where the heat exchange takes place.

But know that the steam boiler economizers depend on the type of fuel used. Some fuels emit exhaust gases that condense when the economizer extracts heat from them. For example, natural gas-fired boilers’ flue gases condense easily. Therefore, you can’t use conventional steam boiler economizers for natural gas-fired boilers.

Furthermore, you should buy an economizer as per your thermal power plant’s volume and temperature of exhaust gases. You must ensure that the economizer you are buying does not extract a large amount of heat which may condense the flue gases.

If you have no idea how to choose a steam boiler economizer that suits your power plant, you can contact our 24/7 active customer support. We will ask your boiler’s specifications and suggest the economizer that maximizes your boiler’s efficiency.


Can I Know The Detailed Design Of Your Steam Boiler Economizer And Economizer Tube?

Yes, we have provided a detailed economizer in boiler diagram that shows the overall economizer’s components and the location of economizer in boiler.


Following are the major components of Yongxing steam boiler economizers and their function:

1.     Vertical tubes

The Yongxing steam boiler economizers have vertical tubes design, inside which the cold feed water flows. When the water flows through these pipes, the exhaust gases pass through them, and the heat exchange occurs. These vertical tubes have been designed using stainless steel. It means that these tubes are safe from corrosion.

2.     Scrapers

Our steam boiler economizers have top-quality scrapers which are installed on each vertical tube. The main purpose of these scrapers is to remove the soot that forms due to elements of flue gases. When the flue gases pass through the tubes, the soot forms on the tube’s outer surface; if the soot stays on the tube’s surface, it will impact the heat exchange process.

Therefore, scrapers are installed that moves up and down on the tube’s surface and remove the soot. These scrapers ensure that the heat exchange process remains undisturbed during the overall economizer operation.

3.     Chain and Gear Arrangement

The installed scrapers require up and down movement to remove soot forming on the steam boiler economizers tubes. Therefore, Yongxing’s highly-skilled engineers have installed a chain and gear arrangement connected with the scrapers. These gears move the scrapers up and down, stopping the soot formation on the tube’s external surface.

4.     Soot Chamber

The steam boiler economizers require a place where the soot gets dumped. Therefore, Yongxing engineers have designed a soot chamber where the soot is wasted. When the scrapers remove the soot, they drop down to the soot chamber and are wasted.

5.    Valves

The Yongxing steam boiler economizers have three valves; the Inlet valve, Safety valve, and Stop valve.

The inlet valve allows the cold feed water to enter the economizer’s tubes. It has a direct connection with the cold feed water supply.

When the water absorbs the flue gases’ heat, it may create some pressure inside the tubes due to expansion. Therefore, a safety valve is installed, opening when the tubes’ pressure increases.

When the water absorbs heat from flue gases, it then exits the economizer through the stop valve. The stop valve provides a warm water connection to the boiler’s furnace.


Yongxing steam boiler economizer is the perfect solution for enhancing your boiler’s efficiency. It reduces the fuel consumption and utilizes the exhaust waste gases heat to preheat the water. Unlike other manufacturers, we have designed special economizers for each power plant.

If you are searching for a suitable steam boiler economizer, you can contact our engineers, and they will refer the economizer that best suits your boiler. If you have any other queries regarding steam boiler economizers, you can contact our 24/7 active customer support.


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