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Steam Boiler

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Coal Boiler, Coal Fired Steam Boiler China Manufacturer
Yongxing DZL type boiler is an automatic chain grate stoker boiler. Capacity from 12000btu/hr to 120000btu/hr. Bio mass steam boiler pressure valid from 0.7Mpa to 2.5Mpa.
Coal Fired Steam Boiler China Manufacturer
Steam boiler working with double drums and can generator more steam. Capacity from 72000btu/hr to 480000 btu/hr. Support pressure from 0.7Mpa - 3.82Mpa.
Steam boiler
Yongxing DZH industrial biomass boilers require to feed fuel by hand. It has a big door to feed all kinds wood pellets or coal.
Coal Fired Boiler, Coal Fired Steam Boiler China Manufacturer
For 2 ton wood fired boilers, we introdu ces DZH or DZL steam generater. If your wood chip is irregular shape, Yongxing DZH solid fuel fired boilers is suitable for you.
Coal Fired Steam Boiler China
Yongxing wood steam boiler support a lot fuels, like wood pellets, wood chips, rice husk, straw and etc. Especially ok to work for big shapes fuel.
LHG 1 TPH Vertical Water Tubes Biomass Steam Generator
Yongxing vertical boiler operate with pellet size φ6 x L30mm. It takes vertical grate furnace, This helps the vertical small boiler save a lot space.

Our Steam Boiler Certifications

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  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 2
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 3
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 4

Yongxing Steam Boiler Reliable Quality

A reliable steam boiler is a crucial component of every industrial facility. We have an extensive selection of industrial steam boilers for sale, including models that are coal- and biomass-fired as well as systems specifically designed for waste heat recovery. Our goods are made to last for many years while costing as little as possible.

With capacities ranging from 30 to 5,000 liters per hour, our firm specializes in manufacturing a wide range of high-pressure steam boiler and hot water boilers. The best materials and components are used to construct each device to your requirements.

We would be happy to go through your options if you’re wanting to build a high-efficiency, low-maintenance boiler system for your plant, factory, or campus. Call YONGXING at +86 138 4905 0429 to find out more about high pressure steam boiler.

Yongxing is a leading and reputable steam boiler manufacturer in China. During our 40 years of development, we have earned a reputation of being one of the best boiler manufacturers in the world.

We are known for providing durable and high quality products that can last a lifetime. Our team works closely with you to understand your needs and provide different steam boiler diagrams based on your final application.

Ideally, our steam boiler is divided into a fire tube steam boiler and a water tube steam boiler. If you use gas, light oil, or heavy oil for your fuel, we recommend the fire tube steam boiler.

Yongxing LHS vertical steam boiler and WNS/SZS horizontal steam boiler are all designed to meet your requirements.

We recommend our vertical boiler if you need steam less than 1 ton per hour. The fire tube structure has a small footprint, so it is very suitable for small spaces. By doing this, you can save a lot of installation space. Its capacity ranges from 60000kcal/h to 600000kcal/h.

Alternatively, if you prefer coal, wood, and biomass, please choose our LHG Vertical steam boiler or DZL/SZL water tube steam boiler.

All our products are built to support any requirement capacity from 0.1ton/h to 50ton/h, pressure 0.4Mpa to 3.82Mpa. Yongxing steam boilers are certified by the USA ASME, EU CE, CHINA Level A, SGS, and BV.

Our steam boiler systems components comply with Chinese Class A standard, which is equivalent to German ST45.8, Japan STB42, and USA SA106B.

We are concerned with the quality of the products we sell and the superior service we provide. You will get 15 years of service life from our high-quality industrial steam boilers when you choose them. For more information, please contact our team.


Yongxing Steam boiler Reliable Quality
Yongxing Steam boiler Reliable Quality
Yongxing Steam boiler Reliable Quality
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An In-Depth Guide To Yongxing Steam Boiler

As a professional steam boiler manufacturer, we create China Top class steam boilers for industrial uses.

Given our reputation, we receive many questions regarding our steam boilers, how they work, installations, and more. As such, we’ve compiled a list of commonly asked questions for your own use.

What Is A Steam Boiler?

Simply put, every industrial area needs either heating or hot water to function – that’s what steam boilers are used for.

The steam boiler operates various kinds of fuel to generate steam, such as gas, oil, biomass, and wood. It can be divided into two different structures referred to as wet back boiler and dry back boiler. From the view of working pressure, it includes high pressure boiler and low pressure steam boiler.

Industrial always classify and name many steam boilers based on the type of fuel burned. In addition to steam used in daily life, a big amount of steam will be used for industrial purposes.

Generally, If your industry needs a lot of steam to fulfill the operations, you need to buy a large industrial steam boiler to achieve it.

As such, you can use steam boilers for many reasons.

Here are a few examples of different industries and what they used for:

  • Food/Beverage Industry:
    to process and cook meats and other foods that require high temperatures. Additionally used for sanitization and cleaning practices as well.
  • Laundry for Commercial aim:
    Industrial steam boiler uses to clean, press, and iron clothing. The hotel has a large number of bed sheets, quilts, etc. that need to be cleaned, and steam must be used to achieve high-temperature cleaning and disinfection.
    Often hospitals require this too. Patients’ gowns, bed sheets and quilts require high-temperature sterilization and disinfection. Hospitals are usually equipped with larger steam boilers.
  • Production Factories: 
    Steam is also suitable for different factory operations, such as chemicals, textiles, galvanizing, food, etc.

What’s The Difference Between A Steam Boiler And A Hot Water Boiler?

At Yongxing, we supply both steam and hot water boilers. While these boilers work in similar ways, it’s best to know the difference between the two.

  • Hot water boiler has much lower heating temperatures than steam boilers. Steam boiler high heating temperatures to properly turn fluid within the boiler into steam.
  • Steam boilers are much stronger and efficient than oil hot water boiler, particularly for the needed capacity of an industrial environment.
  • Steam Boiler can use both high and lower pressures.

How Does A Steam Boiler Work?

Steam boiler can be complicated, especially when you delve into all the various parts. As such, we’ve simplified how a steam boiler works so you gain a thorough understanding.

How does a  steam boiler work? By employing a combustible fuel source to heat water to the boiling point, steam boilers create pressured steam power. Whether it is a firetube or water tube boiler determines how the water is heated. Their names reveal the main distinctions between the two.

In the boiler compartment, fuel and air combine to heat the water. When the water reaches a high temperature, it then produces steam. The steam then travels to the main steam pipe and is dispersed depending on what the heat is needed for. When the steam cools down, it then condenses into water form again. It then travels back to the boiler area and the process is repeated.


On the other hand, water tube steam boilers involve water running through the tube and the water is heated by the fuel surrounding it. Generally, this requires less fuel to operate and less time to start up as well. When high steam pressures are required, water tube boilers are ideal.

What Types Of Steam Boilers Do You Offer?

At Yongxing, we offer 2 different kinds of steam boilers: fire tube steam boilers and water tube steam boilers. Fire tube steam boilers involve hot gas running through a tube that ultimately heats the water surrounding the tube. We generally recommend individuals to purchase fire tube steam boilers when the fuel input is natural gas, light, or heavy oil.

According to inside the burning conditions, you could get two types of steam boilers: fire tube boilers vs water tube boilers.

Fire Tube Boilers


Natural Gas Boilers are kind of fire tube boilers. Which utilizes natural gas, LPG, and propane as fuel. You have an efficiency rate of 94% or more with it.

Your boiler combustion rate is highly productive. it allows hot flue gas to go through 3 cycles, dramatically increasing its heating efficiency.

Different from the gas-fired boiler, an oil-fired boiler takes light oil, kerosene oil, heavy oil, or waste oil as the fuel. It also belongs to the fire tube boiler.

Although vertical boiler is smaller in size, they fully filled with power. As it is vertical short fire tubes, our vertical boilers can provide heat very quickly.

Our smaller steam boiler is capable of generating steam within 3-5 minutes and is meant for smaller working capacities. We also offer a generous 50% discount on them.

Compared to other commercial steam boilers from different manufacturers, ours are 2-3% more efficient. Given the construction of these boilers, multiple boilers can connect and work together simultaneously.

Water-tube boilers


Coal-fired boiler pipes are filled with hot water that will eventually be turned into steam for your use. For such a boiler where water flows in a pipe, we call it a water-tube boiler.

To save heat, you could buy an economizer and air preheater together to increase efficiency. Our traditional design shall be 84~86% right now.

Wood fired steam boiler is a choice of large wood and a fixed rate. Its mechanization degree is not high, and can not achieve full automation. But as it is applicable to a wide range of fuel and low boiler fuel consumption, and low investment costs, It can meet the needs of many rural enterprises.

With increased advancements in technology, we’ve managed to maximize the potential of our pellet-fired boilers.

Along with the environmental benefits, our SZL-type pellets fired boiler is able to build a big silo and help you to hold a large number of pellets, by which you will realize large heat production.

Electric Steam Boiler

If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly option for your steam boilers, we suggest using an electric steam generator. These electric boilers are smaller and are generally safer to use given it only need electricity to run.

We can provide clients with anything from 4 – 10Bar with low voltage steam boilers.

There are a variety of steam boilers that we offer for the convenience of our clients. You’ll have a wide variety of steam boilers to choose from depending on what’s more optimal for your needs.

The specifications of each model range in terms of its rated steam capacity, max transport weight, etc.

Additionally, we carry lots of different fuel operating steam boilers. All of our boilers are certified and tested with proof of efficiency and safety as well. Choose these various steam-generating boilers we offer at Yongxing.

How About Steam Boiler Maintenance?

The steam boiler typically needs $373 to $600 in repairs. The cost may potentially climb to approximately $1000 if certain components need to be changed and other variables increase. You should also pay the technician you are working with a minimum cost for their services. The steam boiler price of repairs varies substantially. It might cost $150 or perhaps over $1,000!

There are things you can and should do once a week to maintain your steam boiler if you’re lucky enough to have one of these lovely monsters in your basement. Additionally, there are several tasks that you should leave to your regular service specialist.
When doing your autumn checkup, he will have his own checklist of service items to adhere to. (Making sure the autumn checkup is completed must be one of the items on your to-do list.) Because weekly homeowner maintenance and autumn examinations by a competent technician are not performed, I replace two to three steam boilers each year.

What Are The Parts Of A Steam Boiler?

Each boiler part is meant to increase efficiency and capacity. We list all of the steam boiler parts of the WNS Low Condenser Steam Boiler as an example.

  • Boiler: Where the heat transfer is done between the fuel and the fluid.
  • Water tank: The pre-treated water performed in the water softener is then transferred and stored in the water tank.
  • Water softener: A pre-treatment equipment. This part treats the water to make it less corrosive and removes foreign particles that can lead to difficult build-up to treat.
  • Circulation pump: Pushes the hot water to radiators or other distribution areas. These pumps also bring back any water from condensation.
  • Deoxygenation pump: Removes the oxygen from the water.
  • Feed Water Pump: A particular pump that pumps feed water to the boiler body.
  • Burner: Where fuel source and air are combined together.
  • Condenser: Fueled by gas or oil condensing the water vapor for greater efficiency.
  • Steam Header: It supplies steam to general areas that may need it. It is considered the main steam pipeline.
  • Deaerator: Used to remove oxygen and other gases. This is removed to ensure that corrosion does not occur.
    natural gas boilers

How Is The Steam Boiler Calculation Formulas?

Knowing the steam flow rate helps with understanding the efficiency of each boiler. It puts into perspective how much steam (which is being used to heat an area) can be produced per hour. To calculate the steam rate flow:

Feedwater Mass Flow = Steam Mass Flow/ [ 1 – Blowdown Rate]

For example, our high-quality machines like the one-piece low condenser boiler produce up to 20 T of steam per hour.

How Is The Installation Process?

At Yongxing we have already pre-assembled parts within our factory.

We can then transfer it to the site to complete the rest of the assembly.

We make the installation process to be very simple for your convenience. Better yet, it also saves you time!

How Much Does The Steam Boiler Cost?

The cost of our steam boiler is extremely low. We charge factory pricing for every project we undertake, in order to ensure that every client is able to afford a boiler at an affordable price.

Can I Use This For Residential Purposes?

Yongxing purely makes products according to industrial usage. Industrial steam boilers are much larger in size and have the capability to provide heat to larger spaces. For example, hospitals, commercial buildings, and universities require the use of an industrial boiler to effectively heat a given area and provide an adequate supply of hot water.

For residential areas, Our boilers required are much smaller in size to heat up an average-size home.

What Makes Your Steam Boilers Different Than Others?

1. We offer both vertical and horizontal steam boilers. This helps reduce installation space within the area depending on your needs.

2. Our boilers can support capacity from 100 kgs/h, 5 ton steam boiler, to 50 ton/h and pressures of 4bar to 38.2 bar.

3. Our fire tube boiler heating efficiency is generally 94% or higher.

4. Don’t need water treatment equipment since the boiler comes with its own treatment parts.

5. Boiler outer package stainless steel system helps avoid instances of corrosion.

6. We can customize and design some boilers according to your needs. For example, we offer this service for our electric boilers.

How Do I Make A Purchase?

You can always send us an inquiry asking for a request for a steam boiler. Have a look at our website. There you’ll find a variety of steam boilers that you can choose from – everything from electric to natural gas steam boilers is available.

Once you’ve found one that suits your needs, send us an inquiry and we’ll provide a final quote for you based on your needs. Once you make a purchase, you’ll receive your boiler in less than 30 days guaranteed.

What If I Run Into Trouble With My Steam Boiler?

When it comes to maintenance or repair, don’t be hesitant to contact our team. When it comes to specific repairs on steam boiler parts, you can always contact the team and we can do repairs for free. Regarding maintenance, we supply maintenance every 6 months at your convenience.

This ensures that your steam boiler is highly efficient and functioning to provide adequate heating supply to your industrial areas.

How Do I Clean The Steam Boiler?

The boiler cleaning process is simple but should be performed by a professional. With the convenience , you won’t have to worry as much about cleaning as using other industrial boilers.

Chemical cleaning is an essential part of maintaining any industrial boilers. Generally, both the water and fuel portions must be cleaned. Here are some reasons as to why:

  • When water is heated to a high temperature, minerals from the water start forming around the boiler. As this leads to build-up, it can lessen the lifespan of your steam boiler.
  • On the fuel area, overtime soot can form. As such, this soot must be removed and cleaned in order to make combustion more efficient.

While Yongxing boilers are highly efficient and can prevent the huge accumulation of build-up, these instances are bound to happen. The cleaner the boiler system is, the more efficient the boiler can be. Additionally, the build-up of equipment can lead to possible fire hazards.

What Safety Features Are Included With Your Steam Boilers?

There are many pre-installed features that come with our steam boilers to ensure their safety. We want to make sure our clients have one less thing to worry about when using our steam boilers. Here are some safety features we added to our steam boilers.

WNS one-piece low pressure boiler

Our WNS one-piece condenser boilers have protection devices to help monitor for over-heating, over-pressure, and water shortage. Having these safety features can help avoid cases of hazards within an industrial area.

Another addition that the WNS one-piece boiler has is an explosive-proof door. It automatically rebounds after the pressure relief to ensure that accidents are avoided.

WNS low condenser steam boiler

Our WNS low condenser steam boiler also has water shortage protection and pressure relief protection to ensure optimal and safe usage. Additionally, there is a control panel so you can adjust water levels, temperature, and steam pressure.

How Do You Install Small Seam Boilers?

For the small steam boiler, we will directly make steam boiler installation in our workshop. Once Yongxing skid-mounted boiler arrives at your factory place, it can be used directly once connected to water and electricity.

This implies that we are providing you with a steam boilers system that is convenient, time-saving, labor-saving, and cost-saving.

What Boiler Should I Opt For If My Steam Demand Is Large?

If your steam demand is larger, it is best to use the horizontal industrial steam boiler. Although, in recent years, more users choose to use oil gas-fired steam boilers.

This is due to its good performance, strong adjustability, and low environmental pollution. Its small size is also very convenient for transportation.

SZL 10 TPH With Reasonable Biomass Steam Boiler Cost

Which Is Yongxing’s Newest Design Of The Oil Gas Steam Boiler?

Yongxing horizontal WNS oil steam boiler 600,000kcal/h~15,000,000kcal/h is the newest design with a large-diameter boiler shell. It allows the boiler to have a larger water capacity and provides clean & stable steam for your production.

This boiler is equipped with an economizer in the rear end, with this, the exhaust gas temperature will be lower than 85℃, which can increase the thermal efficiency to 100%.

As we all know, an increase in efficiency is a reduction in operating costs, especially for oil-fired gas boilers.


Can I Have More Information About The Yongxing Biomass Fired Steam Boiler?

Considering customer local environmental protection requirements, Yongxing engineers specially designed the biomass-fired steam boiler.

Like coal steam boilers, it has low operating costs, but the flue gas emissions are more environmentally friendly and more economical to use. To help fuel adiabatic combustion in the combustion chamber, the furnace space was increased.

Peanut shell briquetting boiler Sawdust Fired Steam Boiler industrial biomass boiler cost

Can I Have More Information About The Yongxing Horizontal Steam Boiler?

With a larger steam boiler furnace, Yongxing horizontal steam boiler generates sufficient steam, burns more fully, and works longer.

Whether the DZL single drum or SZL double drum steam boiler, the main body is composed of a drum, left and right headers, and water walls.

The main heating surface is the furnace water wall and some of the drum and the inner threaded smoke tube convection tube bundle.

steam boiler drum
SZL20ton for paper mill

How Many Parts Does The Steam Boiler Auxiliary System Have?

The steam boiler auxiliary system has five parts:

  • Boiler body, Steam boiler
  • Economizer
  • The flue gas system
  • The dust collector system
  • The pipeline system

The first four parts have been manufactured in our factory. It can be transported to the installation site for assembly, greatly shortening your installation cycle, and ensuring the quality of steam boiler installation.


We are willing to offer you a complete steam boiler system. This helps your boiler work with higher efficiency, fewer failures, and Less maintenance. Get your quote now!

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