Thermal Fluid Heater, Fluid Heating System Manufacturer

  • Thermal Fluid Heater Very Low Maintenance And Very Long Plant Life
  • Easy Operation
  • No freezing hazard
Thermal Fluid Heater, Fluid Heating System Manufacturer

High Quality &Good Price Thermal Fluid Heater

Yongxing Thermal Fluid Heater Working Principle works simpler than steam boilers. Also it asks more simpler environmental for freeze protection, need less maintenance.
Yongxing vertical thermal fluid heater capacity is 210kw ~ 700kw. All these hot oil boiler working with low pressure around 120~145psi, 7~10bar, but thermal output around 170~320℃.
We have a large number of heat-conducting oil coils inside thermal oil heater, so we can meet your large heating demand. To improve the thermal efficiency, we also installed an air preheater.
It is a vertical coil boiler drum for directly conversion heating, while configure a popular traveling grate stoker as the burning device, to finish the thermal fluid heater automatically feeding.
For environmental protection reasons, LPG fuel has been more used. Yongxing thermal fluid heating system can provide a more stable and lasting heat source.
Except for some steam-essential enterprises, thermal oil furnace can be your first choice of heat source. If you will buy from China, Yongxing A Class & CE quality is very trustworthy.

Our Thermal Fluid Heater Certifications

  • Certificate
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 2
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 3
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 4

Yongxing Thermal Fluid Heater Reliable Quality

Yongxing Thermal Fluid Heaters with natural gas, a light oil, or dual fuel burner, can meet the demands of different industries.

Our boiler design with thermic fluid heater coil, the internal circulation is liquid thermal fluid oil. Unlike steam boilers, you never have to worry about the thermic fluid heater rust, corrosion, boiler scale, pressure, etc.

As China leading thermic fluid heater manufacturer, our boiler had obtained ASME, CE, A Class certifications. The thermic fluid heating system is very adaptable, we could provide customized thermal oil heater equipment and find the best solutions.

Thermal fluid heating systems have revolutionized process heating. It made a huge difference for the large, energy-hungry, and heavily manned plant majority industries.

Thermal fluid heating systems are compact, easy to use, and offer a saving in overall energy demand that is hard to beat.

Unlike a steam system, there is no change of state of the fluid with thermal fluid heaters, so no condensate and therefore no flash steam losses, no blowdown losses, or makeup water demand.

There is no effluent discharge and the systems are completely corrosion free, without the need for expensive chemical treatment. It all adds up to substantial savings for the operator.

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Yongxing Thermal Oil Heater Reliable Quality
Yongxing Thermal Oil Heater Reliable Quality
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Thermal Fluid Heater, Fluid Heating System Manufacturer

Definitive Guide FAQ

Operating Principle
Thermal Fluid Heating is based on a similar principle to a simple hot water system. It consists of a heater connected to carbon steel flow and returns pipework which can provide heat to one or more users or systems.

Instead of water running through that pipework, a thermal fluid – typically specialist mineral oils or synthetic-based fluids are suitable – is used as the heat transfer medium. Different fluids can be used to meet specific process heating requirements, making it a very flexible system.

What is Thermal Fluid Heaters Best Suited to?
Thermal fluid heaters typically operate at up to 350°C at atmospheric pressure, it remains pumpable down to minus 20°C and lowers with special fluids, which makes it a solution suitable for a multitude of applications.

Advantages for thermal fluid heaters

  • Closed-circuit surgery, no loss system 20% to 50 % less energy consumed to transport the same
  • Quantity of heat compared with the steam
  • Easy Operation
  • No water treatment or chemicals required
  • Reasonable and requires no specialist site function so can be sited near the user, meaning substantial savings in specialist plant rooms and distribution pipework
  • Corrosion-free
  • Very secure
  • No freezing hazard
  • Ability to maintain constant temperature controller
  • Cost-effective
  • Very low maintenance and long plant life
  • No liquid effluent generated
  • Ability to operate at high temperatures (up to 350°C in standard form) in a simple closed-loop
  • Lower overall exhaust emissions High combustion and plant efficiency
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