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The 2800kw coal fired thermal oil heater adopts chain grate, and various grate bars can be used according to different fuels. Commonly used are 24cm or scale-type grate bars.
Yongxing’s traveling grate thermal oil heater uses very compact small scales grate bars, it’s tightly connected, does not leak coal, resistant to coking, and has a long service life.
700kw coal fired fix grate thermal oil heater system, manual feeding coal, one time feeding can burn for a long time. Save your equipment costs, and investment costs.
As a scientific research thermal oil heater manufacturer, Yongxing made 1200kw into skid-mounted thermal oil heater system. Our thermal oil heater price is also very reasonable.
Yongxing’s self-developed low-nitrogen burner system makes our thermal oil heater very low NOx emissions. We can meet your stringent environmental protection requirements.
Yongxing's skid-mounted thermal oil heater are all installed on the iron frame base. Our thermal oil heater working principle is only conduction oil as an intermediary to work in cycles.

Our Thermal Oil Heater Certifications

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  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 2
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 3
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 4

Yongxing Thermal Oil Heater Reliable Quality

Yongxing is the leading thermal oil heater manufacturers in China boiler industry. The model YY(Q)W series thermal oil heater, using diesel, kerosene, natural gas, city gas, liquefied petroleum gas as the fuel.

Usually, we suggest using professional heat transfer oil (like YD-320) as the medium, plus a thermal oil circulating oil pump. Your thermal oil heater is working in a liquid cycle with the intermediate medium.

This heat energy will transfer to the final heating equipment. Here, all the liquid medium returns to the heat transfer oil furnace for reheating. This process forms the entire working cycle of the thermal oil heater.

After the thermal oil heater burner ignites, our thermal oil heater system will immediately generate a high-temperature flame.

The flame carries heat into the inner coil to form a radiant heating surface, and then the flue gas rotates forward by 180°C and enters the inner tube, middle tube, and outer tube.

Also, in the interlayer area, once again forming a convective heating surface. At the rear of the mezzanine zone, it is finally discharged into the atmosphere through the chimney.

Because Yongxing thermal oil heater can be installed in modules and is easy to operate and maintain, for you, it will be a safe, effective, and energy-saving ideal heating equipment. Send Your Inquiry Now!

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Thermal Oil Heater Definitive Guide FAQ

Performance characteristics :

1. Yongxing thermal oil heater adopts an advanced control system to control the medium, with high thermal efficiency and convenient maintenance.

2. Because there is no need for excessive auxiliary equipment, our thermal oil heater is compact in structure, saving you more floor space.

3. We design integrates automatic detection, control, and chain alarm prompts. Nobody needs to be on duty when you buy it, which can significantly save your factory human resources.

4. The size matches the burning flame, and the radiation heat transfer rate is high.

5. The thermal oil heater adopts a three-pass round coil structure, with a large heating surface and high thermal efficiency.

6. Under normal circumstances, we will install an air preheater at the end of the thermal oil heater, which dramatically improves the boiler’s efficiency.

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7. The thermal oil heating system’s heat supply can be as high as 320~350℃, and the working pressure is below 1MPa.

8. The diameter and length of the radiant coil are compatible with the burner’s flame, to ensure the regular operation and sufficient cooling of the thermal oil heater coil.

We use professional boiler materials to ensure the high-quality completion of each boiler. Besides, we make a profit to customers and provide the lowest thermal oil heater price to meet your various needs.

Except oil gas fired thermal oil heater, Yongxing also supplies the coal fired thermal oil heater. Welcome to send inquiry right now.

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