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Due to the manual feeding characteristics of the boiler, any shape fuel that can be burned is ok to fill into the boiler. Especially waste wood can support long-term burning.
Yongxing will design you a thermal fluid heating coil 3 layers, and compress all circular coils. All of them is vertical inside, which you can heat them quickly and evenly.
A large vertical thermal fluid heater can be designed as a large capacity, which can save you a lot of costs in terms of equipment and reach your thermal energy.
Yongxing thermic fluid system is very easy to operate. All heat-conducting oil is recycled, because the circulating heat-conducting oil has temperature, it saves your fuel very much.
In addition to stable operating characteristics, our thermic fluid heating boiler promise you corrosion free, 20% to 50% less energy consumed compared to normal industrial steam boiler.
If your fuel has high water content or low calorific value, why not choose our reciprocating grate thermic fluid heater. This grate can be perfectly used for your various types of fuel.

Our Thermic Fluid Heater Certifications

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  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 2
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 3
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 4

Yongxing Thermic Fluid Heater Reliable Quality

Yongxing is an excellent A-class thermic fluid heater manufacturer in China. We have the qualifications for designing and manufacturing Class A pressure vessels, industrial boilers, and qualified thermic fluid heaters.

Yongxing thermic fluid heater has an excellent performance in all aspects and a wide range of applications. Today we focus on introducing you to a thermic fluid heating system.

According to the whole thermic fluid system that burns coal or biomass, our system mainly includes the following components:
1. Thermic Fluid Heater body
2. Oil and gas separator
3. Water storage tank
4. Chimney
5. Cyclone dust collector
6. Water film dust collector
7. Waste heat furnace
8. Hot oil circulating pump
9. High oil tank -or called expansion tank
10. Low oil storage tank
11. Forced Draft fan
12. Induced draft fan
13. Water softener
14. Feed water pump
15. Oil injection pump

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Thermic Fluid Heater Manufacturer - Whole System Supply
Thermic Fluid Heater Manufacturer - Whole System Supply
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Thermic Fluid Heater Definitive Guide FAQ

The main product models include YGL vertical fix grate thermic fluid heater and YLW horizontal chain grate coal fired thermal oil boiler.

thermal fluid heater

YLW thermic fluid heater capacity is mainly in the range of 1400KW-7000KW. Yongxing furnace thermal fluid heater coil adopts close-packed coils to make your boiler have a larger heating area and higher heat transfer efficiency.

The thermic fluid heating medium process designed for you is simple and reasonable. To prevent excess air from entering, we have an exhaust port for you at the highest point.

Also, to burn more fully, our design is very reasonable. Because heat flue gas stays in the furnace for a long time, which improves the heat utilization rate, the actual test can reach 83%-85%. A 7MW thermic fluid heater can save US50,000 Operating costs a year.

thermal fluid heater

Yongxing thermic fluid heater working adopts an automatic temperature control system, which can achieve precise and stable temperature regulation for you.

When your industry is printing and dyeing, rubber, and other industries that require precision temperature control, our coal fired thermal oil heater will be your first choice.

According to different requests, Yongxing thermic fluid heater is beautiful in appearance and good in heat preservation.

To facilitate transportation, we use light-weight heat-insulating materials. The heat loss is minimal, and transportation is very convenient.

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