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Traveling chain grate stoker

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Why Choose Yongxing Traveling Grate Stoker Boilers?

Our company is designing boiler products for the past 40 years. So, we guarantee 100% safety with our products because all products are tested multiple times. Plus, our numerous testing simulations help us to say that you get a 100% working environment. Our massive experience in the field has assured everyone of our rigorous testing procedures, ideal products, and error-less boilers.

Our traveling grate stoker boiler is an ideal option for biomass fuels. It is a versatile, high-performance, and highly customizable boiler that is compatible with different fuels and fuel mixes. Engineers who are passionate about renewable energy and nature supported the design of these products. The traveling grate stoker can be applied to home and commercial properties. That means this unique boiler can be a perfect choice for both urban and rural locations where there aren’t many other energy sources available.

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Traveling Grate Stoker Boiler | The Perfect Boiler For Biomass Fuels


What makes traveling grate stoker boilers so good for biomass fuels? It is their moving grate that does all the wonders! Traveling grate boiler is a proven, efficient technology that industry owners have been using for years in agriculture and transportation firms.

Traveling Grate Stoker Boiler

These boilers have plenty of benefits that make them appealing to many businesses. In simple words, these are a new generation of fuel-efficient and environmental protection equipment.

Design Of A Traveling Grate Stoker:

According to a traveling grate stoker diagram, the design is very different from a normal boiler. The concept of grate and ash pan are different, as well as the firebox and other components that make up a traveling grate boiler.

The first thing to note about these boilers is that they do not have an ash pan. Instead, they use an airtight box (called an “ash box”) to collect combustible matter like wood ash.

It can be useful if you live in an area with no drainage system or water supply available for disposal. Moreover, even if your house doesn’t have electricity, it can be of great help.

As mentioned above, one difference between them and traditional boilers lies in their design. While most conventional boilers have one large stack with multiple fireboxes stacked on top of each other (and sometimes even connected by pipes), these units only have one small unit. Therefore, all its heat gets surrounded by horizontal tubes called pipes, allowing transfer between different parts of your industry when necessary.

Traveling Grate Stoker

The traveling chain grate boiler is a type of heat production unit, but it’s different from the normal boiler. A traveling grate stoker works by using biomass fuel on a conveyor belt. In this way, it can work with solid fuels such as wood chips or pellets. The name “traveling grate stoker” comes from how companies design these to move around the boiler to maximize steam production, fuel combustion, and efficiency.

A traveling grate stoker parts have a retrofit technology that utilizes the original design of an existing steel boiler to heat biomass fuel. The traveling grate boiler uses a transfer belt, which can heat up to two times more wood than conventional stokers.

Traveling Grate Stoker diagram

The traveling grate equipped grate bars allow for more efficient combustion and notably reduces slagging. As a result, it can cause damage to your boiler’s walls. This type of boiler also has an even distribution of heat throughout the burn chamber. So. you don’t have to worry about hot spots or cold spots in your system.

Advantages Of Design:

The advantages of using this type of heating design are:

  • Less maintenance is required since a conveyer belt does most of the labor work by dragging the solid fuel for combustion. The only requirement is just to fill up with fuel every few days and let it do its thing!
  • They’re smaller than traditional boilers, so they fit well into tighter spaces where traditional boilers wouldn’t fit (like basements).

Biomass fuels are a great source of energy. They’re renewable and sustainable. That is why we say, they are the most cost-effective way to supply heat to your industry.

But the biggest benefit is that biomass fuels are excellent for traveling grate stokers because they don’t require additional ignition sources like natural gas or propane.

That means you can use them right out of your woodlot without worrying about them catching fire or producing toxic fumes. On the contrary, we can say that all the heat comes straight from Mother Earth herself!

How Does A Traveling Grate Stoker Work?

To understand a traveling grate stoker working principle, you need to know how the grate moves. The coal reaches the boiler through an auger system that feeds it into the firebox. As it burns and turns into hot coals, a series of fans called “air wheels” or “air screws” push them forward These air wheels move ash out of their way as they start functioning. They also help prevent any unburnt material from building up in between them. Therefore, it minimizes the smoke problems caused later on!

Once the boiler burns all your wood up and turns it into ash (or creosote), a worker removes it from around your boiler using what’s called an Ash Hopper. This hopper sits above ground level, where it can catch all those bits that have fallen off during normal operation.

Furthermore, the worker empties it out onto another conveyor belt, where they’ll go through further processing before ending up entirely elsewhere, like landfill sites.

How A Traveling Grate Stoker Differs From A Normal Boiler

The traveling grate stoker is a more efficient, compact, and flexible steam boiler than the normal boiler. It has a larger furnace capacity and heating surface, so you can burn all types of biomass fuels without changing your boilers during winter.

The stoker-fired boiler working principle allows for greater ease in its operation. Besides that, It is also due to the boiler’s ability to be easily moved around on wheels or tracks as users need.

A traveling grate stoker also differs from a normal boiler because it does not require moving parts. This means there is no need for valves, steam pipes, or pumps, all of which can break down over time. On the contrary, the stoker has a conveyor belt in itself for fuel transportation. Due to that reason, problems within your system, from valves and pipes, involving leaks, drop-down near to zero.

Moreover, it helps save space when storing their equipment outside or in storage sheds away from home. As a result, this makes it possible for owners who live far away from their farmsteads easy access to manage products.

Technical Specifications Of A Traveling Grate Boiler

Technical details are one of the main things that distinguish the grate boiler from other options. These details can be of many aspects. However, experts mainly assess the difference between a boiler on two terms. Both of them have a brief summary below.

  • Boiler capacity. kW and horsepower, or HP is the unit to measure the boiler capacity.
  • Power output (furlong per hour). This number is usually stated as “mph.” A furlong per hour indicates the amount of steam produced by the boiler every hour at sea level temperature and pressure.

Technical Details Of Our Traveling Grate Stoke Boiler:

DZH Coal Fired Boiler Rated Steam Capacity: 0.5 t/h to 6 t/h

DZH Coal Fired Boiler Rated Working Pressure: 1.25 MPa

DZH Coal Fired Boiler Saturated Steam Temperature: 194 Degree Centigrade

DZH Coal Fired Boiler Heat Efficiency: 83%

DZH Coal Fired Boiler Design Fuel: Coal Biomass Fuel

DZH Coal Fired Boiler  Max Transport Weight: 9000 kg to 26000 kg

DZH Coal Fired Boiler Max Transport Dimension ( L x W x H ) ( mm ): 3300 x 2000 x 2656

Features Of A Traveling Grate Boiler

A traveling grate boiler is an efficient, high-output boiler that the owner can install in almost any commercial or industrial environment. It uses a series of cast iron plates connected to a single shaft, which allows the boiler to move around as needed. This feature makes it both versatile and portable.

The traveling grate boilers also have other features that make them attractive for various applications: They’re highly efficient, so you don’t have to worry about running out of gas or having water boil over; they’re lightweight and easy to install.

The travel grate stoker boiler is ideal for biomass fuels. It’s designed to burn biomass fuels, like wood and straw, which are great renewable energy sources.

The traveling grate stoker boiler has high efficiency and low emissions rate. Moreover, it also offers the flexibility to use either coal or biomass as the primary fuel source in your system. Therefore, depending on your needs at that time, you can change your choice.

In addition, the owner can install the unit in any room of your business as there is no hard and fast fact for placement. That is the reason that makes it portable enough to use anywhere you choose!

Why Is A Traveling Grate Stoker Ideal For Biomass Fuels?

Traveling grate stokers are ideal for biomass fuels because they allow you to burn biomass in a way that maximizes efficiency and minimizes waste. When you’re looking at a traveling grate stoker, it’s important to consider the following:

  • The grate stoker allows you to heat the air and fuel at the same time, preventing any combustion from occurring in your furnace. This means that your furnace will use less fuel and produce less pollution than natural gas or other fossil fuel combustion
  • Biomass fuels are renewable. This means they can be grown or harvested locally and used in your business. As such, they have no negative environmental impact on the land they use. Moreover, their transport is easy as workers can transfer them from place to place without causing damage or harm.
  • Biomass fuels have a lower ash content than oil or gas (up to 90%). That means when burned in an efficient boiler such as ours at high degrees. It eliminates the need for expensive slag removal equipment. That is why you’ll get all the benefits of low sulfur without any extra expense from this boiler!
  • These stokers increase biomass material calorific value than fuel which is 1 kg/kg vs. 0.9 kg/kg in sequence. So if you want the heat from your stove but don’t want anything else, like carbon monoxide coming out too quickly, this one might be perfect for you!
  • Companies designed the traveling grate stoker to reduce emissions from combustion and ensure that the emissions remain within the generator. The traveling grate stoker also has a high capacity to handle biomass fuels with low moisture content, which makes it ideal for biomass fuels such as wood chips.

Applications Of A Traveling Grate Stoker Boiler

Firms designed the traveling grate stoker boiler to use biomass fuels, such as wood chips and straw, to generate heat and steam. The boiler is also ideal for processing steam or power generation. This type of boiler is commonly used in many industries that require large amounts of hot water for their processes and equipment.

Its usage applications include:

  • Heating buildings, industrial equipment, and other structures with warm water or steam produced by this type of boiler;
  • Making potable hot water from municipal waste streams through an integrated renewable energy system that uses solar panels & wind turbines. That is how it helps generate electricity from the sun & wind;
  • Traveling grate boilers ideally work in steel mills, coal mines, and power plants. They are also perfect for the heating and cooling of facilities in hospitals and schools.
  • Traveling grate stokers are helpful for both stationary and mobile applications. They produce steam for sewing machines or other production processes in stationary applications. In mobile applications, provide steam to heating coils or chilled water systems.
  • Powering up transportation fleets such as ships at sea or offshore oil rigs with readily available fuel sources like algae. Individuals grow these on farms offshore where there are plenty of resources near shore and further out into deep oceans. Therefore, the fuel does not remain the problem in these areas with a travel boiler in place.

Final Thoughts

The traveling grate stokers or traveling chain stokers are perfect designs to save on fuel. It provides the highest fuel efficiency while handling the waste of solid fuel to prevent polluting the environment. We have different types of traveling grate stoker boilers in stock. All are unique in their design and ideally designed for specific industries. If you have unique requirements, don’t hesitate to choose our custom-design features. We have 24/7 active customer support team to help you with all queries.



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