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  • Travelling Grate Stoker Capacity Range 2Ton/h~150ton/hr
  • Different Fire Grate Bars For Various Fuels
  • China # 1 Coal Grate Manufacturer
travelling grate stoker

High Quality & Good Price Travelling Grate Stoker

normal chain grate stoker
this type chain grate complete by drive bars, driven bars, and long pins. It is very suitable for AII soft coal and AIII anthracite.
flake type chain grate stoker
Compared with traditional chain grate with normal driven bars, the flake type chain grate stoker system is more suitable for biomass pellets.
Live cor fire bar chain grate
The live core fire grate bars is more better to be used on rice husk, coconut shell, palm shell, and those fuels easy to get cocking.
big shape chain grate stoker
With big shape, long eyes on fire bars, this chain grate stoker shares more better ventilation condition. Help us to improve whole system efficiency.
DZH hand type chain grate stoker
This type chain grate stoker operation is simple. Only need to shake the hand bars by hand. You can use any fuels to feed in.
crossgirder grate stoker
If your project is power station need range upper than 50ton/h, please choose this crossgirder grate stoker. Capacity can get to 200ton/h.

Our Travelling Grate Stoker Certifications

  • Certificate
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 2
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 3
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 4

Yongxing Travelling Grate Stoker Reliable Quality

Yongxing Group specializes in the production of traveling grate stokers. It is a compact and technologically layer-burning device.

You can use it widely in large-scale chain grate boilers(with an evaporation capacity of 20~90t/h) and various heating and drying equipment. For example

It is suitable for burning bituminous coal, lignite, and peat. Biomass parcels such as bagasse, firewood, and rice husk.

The fuel you choose will decide the types of travelling grate stoker. When selecting them, be sure that they have a uniform size.

Like coals: choose them with little detritus; max size≤30mm, and 0-3mm size content<30%. Our travelling grate stoker burn coals at a very reasonable rate.

For biomass pellets, choose size 32x32x (32-80)mm, Or bars type with sizeφ30x(30~80)mm.

These feeding fuels are fully burning out in a travelling grate furnace. With the working of the gearbox, those burnt ash were discharged at the end travelling grate. Your system has a slag removal at the end. It will deliver the ash out methodically.

It works more automated and with high efficiency with boiler auxiliaries. Our design of the giant burning furnace, let your travelling grate stoker working is sufficient & Efficient.

If you buy our travelling grate stoker, you will get a whole system as follows:

  • bracket
  • upper and lower rails
  • furnace chain
  • front shaft with worm gear drive
  • back shaft with wheels
  • rear rail
  • side seal
  • ashing removal device
  • coal inlet chute/coal hopper
  • front damper
  • Clinker dam
  • gas duct

Feel free to send us your Coal or Biomass fuel types. We will glad to choose the model for you. Your company will surely get an excellent travelling grate in pellet plant or coal plant.

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