Vertical Boiler For Sale: In What Ways Do Boilers Differ?

Do you want a fit-in-everywhere boiler for your industries? Then, a vertical boiler for sale will best suit your needs. It has a vertically oriented design that generates high steam at greater efficiency. You can use different fuels as per your need, cost, and availability in your area. More on that later in the article.

They are also called vertical tubular boilers because they have tubes inside. According to the design, the tubes have either water or fire in them. They are compact steam boilers best for low-powered factories or commercial purposes. Let us dig deeper and discover more about vertical boiler for sale. It includes their functionality, construction, types, safety devices installed, and more:

What is A Vertical Boiler For Sale?

A vertical boiler for sale is a type of steam generator in which the boiler vessel is of vertical design. This type of boiler has such a design that the tubes are positioned vertically. Like other boilers, these can be of either fire tube or water tube design which we will discuss later. They are mini steam boilers that can fit in less area despite their tall height.

The vertical steam boiler produces low-pressure steam in fewer quantities. That is why it is usually used where the needed power output is not very large, or the required space is small. Mostly, steam-powered vehicles, steam cranes, locomotives, and other steam-driven machines use vertical boiler for sale.

Parts Of A Vertical Boiler For Sale

Following are the construction parts of a simple vertical boiler for sale:

  1. Fire Hole: The feeder, either a machine or a person, inserts the fuel into the boiler through the fire hole. It is at the back of the boiler
  2. Combustion Chamber: It is where the actual burning of the fuel happens.
  3. Cylindrical Vessel: It is a big vertical shell where the water transforms into steam.
  4. Ash Collector: It collects the residue left from the combustion.
  5. Grates: They are iron bars that allow the combustion air to pass through to aid the process.
  6. Chimney: The gases and other by-products leave the boiler through the chimney
  7. Feed Check Valve: The function of the feed check valve is to control the water flow in the boiler.
  8. Fusible Plug: This mounting device puts out the fire in the combustion chamber. It works when the water level is below the level, helpful to avoid explosions.
  9. Water Level Indicator: As the name suggests, it tells the water level in the boiler shell.
  10. Manhole: A vertical boiler for sale has a manhole to allow a person in the boiler for repairs, maintenance, etc.
  11. Pressure Gauge: A mounting device measures the pressure and alarms if it goes out of the set range.

simple vertical boiler

What Are The Types Of Vertical Boilers For Sale?

The vertical boilers for sale are classified into types according to the design or the type of fuel they use. There are two types of vertical boiler designs:

1.     Vertical Fire Tube Boilers

Vertical fire tube boilers have a unique design in which hot gases and water are in the same big vessel. The gases may pass through the tubes 2 to 3 times to get the maximum energy transfer. They are portable and also need a small floor capacity.

The working principle of a vertical fire tube boiler is very simple. It burns fuel inside the combustion chamber. As a result, it produces hot gases which flow through the tubes submerged in the water. As the gases pass through the tubes, water absorbs the heat energy from them. Thus, high-temperature steam produces and rises due to its low density.

A vertical fire tube boiler has a very simple design and hence requires low maintenance. It is appropriate for small industries and also costs less. But it does not have much higher efficiency, only up to 80%. The steam that the fire tube vertical boiler for sale generates is not high pressure. Handling load fluctuation can also be quite tricky.

2.     Vertical Water Tube Boiler

Unlike a fire tube boiler, this vertical boiler design has water in the tubes. Water tube steam boilers generate steam at high temperatures and high pressure. The vessel containing the water has small tubes for the circulation of gases. The hot gases surround the water tubes for maximum energy transfer.

Water-tube boilers have two types of drums; steam drums and mud drums. Due to its lower density, the steam moves into the upper drum called the steam drum. At the same time, the water is in the lower drum called the mud drum. The cold feedwater enters the boiler from the inlet. As it is heavier, it settles down and allows the hot water to rise. So, there is a conventional water flow in this type of vertical boiler for sale

Vertical water tube boilers are more efficient than fire tube designs. They have the highest heat transfer rate, safe and easy operation, and 90% efficiency. Plus, they are more appropriate for large power industries. Although their maintenance is expensive, the steam generation rate is much higher.

model steam boiler
Difference between water tube and fire tube vertical boiler for sale

According to the fuel, the types of vertical boilers are as follows:

1.     Vertical Coal Fired Steam Boiler For Sale

The coal-fired vertical boiler for sale creates steam by burning coal. Due to its low cost and availability, coal has been widely used for energy purposes. Its basic concept is that the solid fuel burns in the chamber to form hot gases. In general, industries use anthracite coal which can greatly increase efficiency. Anthracite coal is just a name for coal in powdered form

Coal-fired vertical boilers for sale are reliable with a simple and safe operation. Although they are cheap, their combustion is very harmful to the environment. The by-products such as ash and carbon emissions cause a lot of global warming and land pollution.

Vertical Coal Fired Steam Boiler

Vertical coal fired steam boiler

2.     Biomass Fired Steam Boiler

As the name suggests, this vertical boiler for sale uses biomass as input to generate steam. Biomass is the waste material from animals and plants. These include wood pellets, chips, and other biological waste. It has various models which include:

The biomass vertical boiler for sale are very eco-friendly. They use biomass as fuel which is a renewable energy source and widely available. Plus, biomass fuels are cheaper compared to other fuels. But their operation is not tidy because it creates a lot of dust. Moreover, the use of wood waste can lead to deforestation.

small wood fired steam generator

Vertical Biomass steam generator

3.     Oil Fired Steam Boiler

This type of vertical boiler for sale burns oil to get thermal energy. The fundamental concept is that it uses hot oil for heat transfer to the water. It is an effective solution for commercial applications. Moreover, the fuel is easy to get than other fuels such as natural gas.

The oil-fired boilers are the best option if you live in a place where natural gas is not available. They are very much efficient as they can recycle the gases produced. They are not small steam boilers, so they need a lot of space. Plus, they are expensive and are prone to damage as they are usually installed outside.

4.     Gas Fired Steam Boiler

Gas-fired boilers are replacing coal boilers due to their safe and economical operation. Gas fuels are widely available and effective for steam production. It consists of methane, ethane, propane, and other gases. Yes, propane is expensive, but propane steam boilers have efficiency up to 95%.

This type of vertical boiler for sale is cost-effective and energy-efficient. They do not need any tank to store the gas because it comes through gas lines. Furthermore, their burning is clean, so they are not very harmful to the environment. The downside to gas-fired boiler is its high installation costs and high risk of gas leaks.

What Is The Working Of A Simple Vertical Boiler For Sale?

The working of a simple vertical boiler for sale includes the following steps:

Fuel and Water Feeding

First, the feedwater enters the boiler through the feed check valve. The water level indicator adjusts the level. After that, the fuel, such as coal or biomass, enters the combustion chamber through the fire hole. You can control the amount of fuel fed to et the needed output.

Combustion Process

The next step is combustion. After feeding the fuel, it ignites with a bit of spark, and combustion starts. The temperature of the fuel inside the chamber begins rising. Eventually, hot flue gases form along with fly ash. Due to their low density, they rise to the water tubes. Otherwise, to the tubes in case of a fire tube boiler. The user can also control the burning processes.

Steam Formation

Once the gases forms, they flow towards the water. The feed water absorbs the thermal energy from the gases. The temperature of the water starts rising. When the temperature reaches the boiling point, the water converts into steam. The steam generated is low pressure, but it is then ready for industrial and commercial uses.

Waste Removal and Economizer

The final step is to remove the waste. When the combustion occurs, solid fuel creates waste ash. The fly ash falls in the fly ash hopper through electrostatics. In contrast, the bottom ash falls in the ash hopper. The hopper cools down and recycles the ash.

Moreover, the used flue gases have some heat remaining in them. They flow through the economizer, to heat the cold feedwater. Thus, reducing the furnace load.

What Is The Difference Between Boiler And Water Heaters?

A boiler and a water heater may seem the same to you, but they are not. Although both of their operations may seem similar, their functions are not alike.

Industrial Boilers

The name may suggest that a boiler boils water, but that is not the case. A vertical boiler for sale converts water into hot steam for industrial and commercial purposes. It generates thermal energy by burning various types of fuels for different industries. A boiler can also heat homes. The boilers require regular maintenance and are expensive to set up. It provides more thermal energy or heat than water heaters.

Industrial Boiler
Industrial Boiler

Water Heaters

Unlike boilers, the only job of the water heaters is to heat water. Their operation is much simpler than boilers. A water heater provides hot water for cleaning, showering, and other chores. They need less fuel and mostly run-on electricity or gas. The installation costs for a water heater for a home are also less than a boiler.

Water heater
Water heater

How Does Steam Boilers Deal With High Pressures?

A vertical boiler for sale is not suitable for high pressures. The high pressures may damage the boiler and halt its operation. A model steam boiler is three main controls to maintain the pressure. They shut down the boiler if the pressure gets too high. These are:

Operator Pressure Control

It shuts off the vertical boiler for sale at a specific point. Let’s say that the boiler is running and the steam pressure is building, but the input load is very low. In such a case, it will shut down the boiler to avoid over-pressurizing. The off-limits pressure may lead to malfunction or an explosion.

Modulation Pressure Control

Its job is to signal the burner if the pressure is above or below the setpoint to modulate firing rates. Let’s say that the setpoint is 70 PSI, and the pressure inside the vertical boiler for sale is 73 PSI. It will then send a signal to lower the firing rate. Similarly, the pressure below the setpoint will tell the burner to raise the firing rate.

High Limit Control

Its function is similar to operation control. It turns off the boiler when the pressure reaches a certain point. The difference is that it does not shut down the boiler if there is a fault. If the high limit control ceases the operation of the boiler, you would have to reset it manually. This allows you to examine the vertical boiler for sale and solve the problem.

How Does Steam Boilers Deal With High Temperatures?

If a steam boiler reaches a high temperature, it can cause damage and malfunction. The pressure may fall due to high temperature and cause the boiler to explode. Therefore, it is crucial to keep the temperature of steam boilers in check. Temperature control in boilers is a tricky task. It depends on boiler load, load fluctuations, airflow, and boiler tubes.

The boilers have fans to deal with high temperatures. Moreover, the exit point of the steam has thermostats that alarm if the temperature is out of range. In worst cases, some boilers have built-in desuperheaters. They spray water to lower the steam temperature.

What Is The Use Of A Water Level Indicator In A Vertical Boiler For Sale?

Almost all vertical boilers for sale have water level indicators for several reasons. It is just the need for safety. So, its absence will not disturb the boiler’s operation.

It has a simple purpose; maintaining water levels in the boiler. Adjusting water levels is crucial due to several reasons, which are:

  • Overflowing
  • Power Saving
  • Eco-friendly.

The water level indicators stop the boiler from overflowing. It signals the circuit to stop water flow when the limit is close. Likewise, it signals the boiler to allow water flow when needed. This function is good for several reasons.

First, the vertical boilers for sale have fully automatic systems with the help of circuits. The water isn’t good for current circuits and will cause one or another problem. It’s the water level indicator that saves these circuits.

Secondly, power saving. The water flows into the boiler through a water pump. In the absence of a water level indicator, the pump may fill the boiler unnecessarily. As a result, the boiler will consume more power no matter fuel or electricity. The water level indicator helps the pump push the required water. Thus, saving power.

Thirdly, the water level indicator helps save water. No matter how large water reserves you have, water-saving is crucial. Why? Because there are some countries where people don’t even get drinking water. So, our act of water-saving may help others.

The water level indicator in a simple vertical boiler for sale promotes convenience. It tells the operator about the inside water conditions. So, it is always important to have one.


A vertical boiler for sale is a type of steam boiler in which the barrel or shell is in a vertical position. It is a small steam boiler. Unlike horizontal boilers, they do not require a lot of space to fit. The vertical boilers are best for homes or industries that need low-pressure steam. It has two basic designs: water tube and fire tube boilers.

The model vertical boiler for sale can burn various fuel types such as coal, biomass, or natural gas. Using coal can be dangerous to the environment, although it is cheap and easily available.

Natural gas boilers are very efficient and are a little eco-friendly. They have lower carbon footprints compared to coal. On the other hand, biomass boiler uses animal and plant waste to generate thermal energy. So, they produce almost zero percent carbon and are highly eco-friendly.

Considering safety, these boilers have extra safety equipment. They have pressure and temperature controllers to prevent boiler breakdowns. Plus, they have various alarms and safety valves to avoid mishaps. Some controls shut down the boiler if the pressure goes out the set range or modulating firing rates. And don’t forget the fans and desuperheaters for controlling the steam temperature.

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