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High Quality & Good Price Vertical Boiler

Commercial Steam Boiler, Commercial Boiler Manufacturer
Our vertical steam boiler is designed to easily to operation under low pressure. You can quickly install the vertical fire tube boiler because they are packaged boilers when delivery.
Vertical fire tube boiler can provide heated steam very rapidly for these stable structure and efficient combustion, this type vertical steam boiler is best choice for industrial application.
Commercial Steam Boiler, Commercial Boiler Manufacturer
Yongxing’s vertical modular steam boilers can be fired as natural gas, diesel and oil. These high performance of easy maintenance operation, high efficiency will fully fit your demand
LHS500 kg - 0.7 Steam Boiler
Vertical tube boiler is one of the best boilers of Yongxing. Compact structure, flexible control mode, proven components can ensure the long-term maintainability and reliability.
New Custom Designed Vertical Steam Boiler For Sale
You can tell me your special demand on vertical boiler design. We provide some options about the vertical tube boiler’s material, color, pressure, size and rated efficiency.
Commercial Steam Boiler, Commercial Boiler Manufacturer
Yongxing’s vertical steam boiler is designed to meet CE/ISO certification and can offer rated pressure 145psi and 102psi. Burner can be fired gas, oil or dual fuel.
vertical boiler oil gas boiler for sale
The vertical steam boiler is constructed from durable materials. Additionally, it is equipped with safety features such as an emergency shut-off valve and a pressure relief valve, ball valve and etc.The boiler is also designed with a low-noise design for quieter operation.
This compact design is perfect for any home, making it an ideal choice for those looking to upgrade their heating system. This innovative boiler design is both space-saving and powerful, making it a perfect fit for any place. The wood pellet fuel is clean burning and efficient, allowing the boiler to reach maximum efficiency.
coal wood oil gas simple vertical boiler
This innovative boiler system has been designed to maximize the utilization of biomass energy for heating and other processes. The boiler utilizes vertical combustion technology to ensure maximum efficiency and is designed with a biomass hopper to store and feed the biomass into the boiler.

Our Vertical Boiler Certifications

  • Certificate
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 2
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 3
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 4

Yongxing Vertical Boiler Reliable Quality

You can think of the vertical boiler as a steam generator, which designs vertically instead of horizontally. This design is useful for applications where space is limited, such as ships or other confined spaces. Vertical boilers are efficient, compact, and economical to operate and maintain, providing an effective and reliable source of power.

Our vertical boiler equips with excellent stainless steel boiler trim, Italy Riello or Baltur burners, automatic or hand-feeding biomass hopper, FGR capabilities, and one-button combustion controls.

The boiler units are designed for operation between 100kgs /hr ~ 2000kgs / hr, the vertical steam boiler design has a system max pressure of 0.9Mpa. And our vertical boiler design is arranged to fire your different fuels, either natural gas, #2 fuel oil, or #60, OST180 heavy oil.

Some advantages

1. Yongxing vertical boiler is simple, reliable, and highly efficient. Its lower fuel costs and exceptionally rugged construction can save a significant investment sum.
2. Yongxing vertical steam boiler compact design is shockproof. We promise the boiler you buy with no tubes to loosen or burn out.
3. We offer convenient access to the bottom burning burner. Its solid-state controls make your
vertical fire tube boiler operation trouble-free. Our vertical tube boilers shall be factory-assembled, fully automatic CE and China A-Level.

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Yongxing Vertical Boiler Quality Control

Boiler Drum & Tube Plate
Thread Pipes

Vertical Boiler Definitive Guide FAQ

Our VHF (Vertical Hand-Fired) boiler provides you with start-up, installation, commissioning, and servicing individually. The point is that all your vertical boiler uses skid-mounted packaged types.

So the boiler you buy is simple and inexpensive to install. Once buy it, you will enjoy the excellent whole system working. Following is the total FAQ guide. Read more.

What Is Your Vertical Boiler Name?

The vertical boiler can also be called a vertical steam generator, and the outer pot is “standing”, so it is called a vertical boiler. Conversely, if the shape is “lying down”, it is a horizontal boiler.

Most of the vertical boiler design is for some small boiler products. You can use it in residents, offices, or to meet small production.

Vertical boilers are very different from the boilers on the general steam locomotive, while this kind of boiler is usually horizontal and not vertical.

Nowadays our modern design of the vertical boiler has long been separated from the steam locomotive, alone into different industrial services.

Does Your Boiler Is Simple Vertical Boiler?

Yes, our vertical boiler is a very simple type.

  • You will get a simple and compact skid-mounted vertical boiler.
  • You will buy it with fewer boiler auxiliaries.
  • Your installation is more easy and simple.
  • The simple vertical boiler can operate by connecting the water and electric circuit.
  • Your operation is more simple.
  • One button starts and stops it. Different alarm systems help your boiler keep safe all the time.
vertical small steam boiler

What Are The Differences Vertical Boiler vs Horizontal Boiler?

Horizontal boilers and vertical boilers divide according to the outer shape of the boiler.

Under normal circumstances, the horizontal boiler refers to a boiler product with a larger quality and high work efficiency.

The vertical boiler refers to a small boiler product, which is generally less than 700 kW.

Based on that, the two types of boilers have the following different characteristics.

  • Different heating capacity

Yongxing simple vertical boiler has limited space for fire pipes or water pipes because the external drum stands, and it can only provide a maximum of 2 tons, which is equivalent to a 1400kw boiler.

If a larger boiler is required, you need a horizontal boiler. Because it can increase the number of fire tubes and use the three-pass flue gas flow design to better utilize heat and achieve greater output.

  • Different heat transfer

Vertical boiler exhaust gas stream flows from top to bottom and perpendicular to the heating surface. Its exhaust gas temperature is evenly distributed on the same section;

Boiler heat exchange performance is relatively good, and heating surface uses efficiency is fairly high.

Horizontal boiler exhaust gas flow is horizontal, with the hot air flowing upward, and the exhaust flue gas temperature on the same section is high and low.

Compared with the vertical type, its heat exchange performance is not good, and the utilization effect of the heated surface is not ideal.

  • Different degrees of difficulty in cleaning dust

Normally, a boiler exhaust gas flow is traveling vertically from top to bottom along the boiler heating surface pipe, which causes the ash deposited in the pipe of the upper layer. This is hard to remove and easily deposited on the next layer.

Due to our horizontal boiler’s high flow rate of smoke gas, its ash removed is easily carried into the rear by the exhaust gas, which makes your boiler rear block ash.

0.5t h vertical small biomass boiler wood pellet industrial steam generator for bulgaria

When these two types of boilers encounter the problem of ash cleaning, they can be solved by continuous ash cleaning.

  • Different floor space

Our simple vertical boiler occupies a relatively small area, which solves the trouble of layout and placement of boilers in special places such as urban buildings, buildings, and small production plants.

At the same time, it effectively shortens the length of the exhaust gas pipe and reduces the resistance.

The horizontal boiler needs a relatively large area, and exhaust gas pipes at the inlet and outlet of the boiler are relatively long, which will occupy an area and further increase the system resistance at the rear end of the boiler.

  • Different soda and water cycles

Our vertical boiler height meets the requirements of natural circulation of steam and water, so it can reduce the boiler’s failure points;

Our boilers can also reduce power consumption and save capital investment and expenditure.

working of simple vertical boiler


However, the horizontal boiler is far from satisfying the natural circulation of steam and water in terms of height but requires a forced circulating water pump. Therefore, the addition of a forced circulation pump will increase its power consumption. There will happen damage to the circulation pump, which has to requires regular maintenance later.

vertical stainless steel pump

To solve this problem, Yongxing uses stainless steel feedwater pumps for each vertical boiler and horizontal boilers.

There are very few maintenance problems so that your boiler runs worry-free.

DZL industiral boiler working

To know more about the it, you can refer to our blog follow:

Vertical Boiler For Sale: In What Ways Do Boilers Differ?

What Are the Simple Vertical Boiler Parts?

You will check the equipment of follows:

simple vertical boiler parts

How Are Your Vertical Boiler Fuel Regulations? 

Vertical boiler fuel regulations depend on the boiler types.

  • Natural Gas, Light oil, Or Propane

When you are ready to fire the Natural gas or Light oil gas fuel, you would need the LHS fire tube boiler. We install a boiler oil burner or boiler gas burner in the basement.

LHS500 kg - 0.7 Steam Boiler
Commercial Steam Boilers
  • Coal, Biomass, Wood pellets

Once you decide to use boiler fuel of coal or biomass. Yongxing has designed a chain grate inside the boiler. Leave an inlet mouth to let you feed the wood or coal.

If you choose to use the wood pellets, Yongxing can also add biomass silos beside the boiler to realize automatic feeding.

DZL coal steam boiler

  • Heavy oil or waste oil

Heavy oil and waste oil is special type of fuel. This request high standard boiler burner to meet the system. You have to invest more compare with the above 2 types of fuel. But in the following operation, you save a lot of fuel fees.

For a different kind of fuel, we shall supply you with a special chimney. Your vertical boiler flue has to through the roof of your boiler house.

wns oil gas fired steam boiler installation

What Is the Vertical Fire Tube Boiler?

Yongxing vertical boiler can divide into vertical water tube boiler and vertical fire tube boiler according to the water or high temperature flue gas inside the pipeline.

The vertical steam boiler design difference is that the vertical fire tube boiler will use hot gas to go through the boiler cylinders, while the vertical water tube boiler will use hot water.

Yongxing is a very famous vertical model steam boilers supplier in China Market. Of course, we are exceptional in the vertical boiler and professional in a horizontal steam boiler.

The vertical fire tube boiler is a best-selling type.

vertical boiler structure drawing

Figure. LHS fuel gas vertical fire tube boiler structure diagram

  • Vertical fire tube boiler structure characteristics

The L of LHS means vertical, H means fire tubes, and S means room combustion.

So its structure is a vertical type, fire tube internal combustion boiler. Outside pack with a colored steel shell, while inside tube bundle is a smoke tube, arranged in vertically side by side; Our vertical fire tube boiler inside is a pressure-bearing boiler drum.

A special stainless steel smoke stopper is installed in the smoke tube, a finned tube energy saver is added to the tail, and the heating surface is reasonably arranged.

Your boiler burners will be automatic control, high-end quality, installed at the reserved interface, safe and reliable, and easy to adjust by buttons.


  • LHS vertical fire tube boiler design features

  1. Complete and concise control system

Full English LCD, you only need to set the temperature and heating time, the vertical fire tube boiler will automatically adjust the heat load, water supply, start and stop.

Generally, problems that occur during the vertical fire tube boiler operation can be solved by pressing the button.

If there is a problem that causes the gas boiler to fail to operate normally, the alarm system will issue an alarm in time.

  1. Advanced Combustion Method

Yongxing LHS vertical fire tube boiler adopts the under-burner mode and the two-return structure, so it can fully burn the gas fuel.

In addition, it has a large furnace space, which can store a large amount of steam, and a strong ability to regulate heat load, which can greatly reduce the vertical boiler cost.

  1. Multi-level interlocking protection device
  • Pressure switch protection.

When the pressure monitor detects that the pressure exceeds the pre-set pressure, the vertical fire tube boiler system automatically shuts down and sends out an alarm signal.

  • Low water level protection.

The water level of the vertical fire tube boiler body is lower than the originally set warning water level, the power supply is automatically cut off, and an alarm signal is issued.

  • Safety valve protection.

If the operating pressure exceeds the normal operating pressure, it will automatically exhaust and release the pressure.

  • Beautiful appearance and small size.

The packaging of the vertical fire tube boiler adopts a new type of thermal insulation material. Our outer shell is made of colored stainless steel or SS304 stainless steel plate, which is also light in weight, easy to transport and install, and is not easy to rust and corrode.

What Is Your Vertical Water Tube Boiler?

vertical boiler vertical pipes

Schematic diagram of a vertical straight water tube boiler.

Vertical Water Tube Design:

Vertical water tube boiler shell is two separate parts, the upper part, and the lower part.

The upper and lower ends of the straight water pipe are respectively connected with the upper and lower pot shells.

There is a large-diameter downpipe, located in the middle of the water pipes bundle, to ensure the free circulation of water on and down the pipe bundle.

The periphery of the water pipe bundle is surrounded by a circular arc furnace wall.

The boiler burner is placed in the lower furnace, and after the boiler is burned in the furnace, the hot gas enters the water pipe bundle from the lower furnace.

top view of the vertical boiler

Under the guidance of the smoke folding wall, the flue gas makes a full revolution around the downcomer, and traverses the water pipe bundles, then enters the flue box and is exhausted into the atmosphere through the chimney.

Yongxing vertical fire tube boiler has a capacity of 0.4 to 1.5 t/h and a steam pressure of 0.7 MPa.

The Components of the Yongxing vertical water tube boiler

  • Boiler end socket
  • Boiler drum
  • Furnace roof
  • Furnace
  • Elbow pies, other pressure parts, etc.

Our vertical water tube boiler chain grate installs at the bottom of the U-shape furnace. The flame directly washes the boiler drum vessel and the inside curved fire tubes.

Vertical water tube boilers are three passes so we put bend water pipes inner the furnace, which increases the radiant heating area.

Our Vertical Water Tube Boiler characteristic

The combustion part of the coal-fired vertical boiler adopts a double-layer grate combustor, which heats up and pressurizes quickly. After secondary combustion of unburned gas, it can fully burn, eliminate smoke and remove dust.

Our boiler furnace has a high water-cooling degree, the furnace temperature is lowered accordingly. So our vertical boiler is more suitable for burning high-quality coal.

Considering adding refractory bricks inner boiler burning chamber, can keep a high level of furnace temperature. Even you are firing poor coal, you can still achieve good combustion.

The vertical boiler has excellent water circulation, all water tubes that wash by the hot gas are cooled by water. So its whole structure is more stable.

The upper elbow is the convection heating area. The fixed grate and boiler drum at the lower part is radiant heating zones. Our vertical boiler furnace has a reasonable structure, smooth flue gas flow, and good thermal conductivity.

Because of the simple and reasonable design, our vertical water tube boiler is easy to operate and maintain. It is the most ideal equipment for small heat-using units.

What Is The simple vertical boiler advantages and disadvantages?

Simple Vertical Boiler Design Advantages

  1. It is a tubeless two-return structure with a central flame.
  2. There is no worry about pipe bursting, avoiding stoppage for pipe replacement and high maintenance costs, and reducing use and maintenance costs.
  3. The water quality adaptability is strong, and the boiler will not be burnt due to fouling.
  4. There is a steam storage room at the top of the boiler, which can provide high-quality steam according to demand.
  5. Vertical appearance, compact structure, beautiful appearance, stainless steel shell, sturdy and practical.
  6. The floor space is small, the whole machine leaves the factory, and the installation is convenient.
  7. The vertical fire tube or water tube structure is adopted, and the smoke chamber can be opened movably, so it is easy to clean the dust, repair, and replace the pipe.
  8. The built-in steel plate can increase the flue gas disturbance area and improve the heat transfer efficiency.
  9. The heating area exceeds that of ordinary small boilers, and water vapor can be quickly produced within 3-10 minutes.
  10. The boiler has a large space for generating and storing steam. When steam is separated from water, the steam leaves the water surface at a lower speed, so the steam is drier and the quality is better.
  11. We are equipped with dust removal handles on the side and bottom, and hand holes are reserved for the boiler. There is a boiler door for dust removal, which can be used for your follow-up maintenance.

Simple Vertical Steam Boilers, Boiler Auxiliaries Advantages

  1. Equipped with a patented product— a black and white water level gauge, the boiler water level is clear and discernible.
  2. Equipped with high-quality safety valves, globe valves, pressure gauges, and pressure controllers to ensure boiler’s safe and reliable operation.
  3. Equipped with a high-quality boiler controller, and strong anti-interference ability, can work for a long time in a harsh environment. Simple operation, high degree of automation, automatic shutdown, and alarm in case of abnormal operation, indicating what makes the failure, making you more convenient maintenance. It has the functions of automatic control of combustion, pressure, and water level.

Simple Vertical Boiler Disadvantage:

  1. The maximum production capacity is less than 2ton/h, which cannot support the needs of large projects.
  2. many small factories are producing this type, and it is necessary to carefully distinguish the quality of the product.

The Water Tubes In A Simple Vertical Boiler Are What?

Water tubes in a simple vertical boiler are all vertical straight tubes that go through the water. This water is heated and delivered outside of the boiler, then supply to final users. Usually, these water tubes are going to be vertical, juxtaposed. Your simple vertical boiler will arrange the number of water pipes according to your boiler capacity.

I has a lot of different designs. To promise a long lifetime, Yongxing has been all using new technology. All your pipes are vertical above the chain grate furnace.

How Is The Working Of Simpler Vertical Boiler?

The boiler working has very strong superiority, mainly in the following aspects.

  1. The lower tube sheet is immersed in water, it is not easy to overheat, and the heat transfer effect is good;
  2. Our vertical water tube boiler has a long flue gas flow, and all water pipes are flushed horizontally so that the flue gas temperature is low and the thermal efficiency is high;
  3. There are many water pipes, except for a large-diameter downpipe in the middle, the rest are rising pipes, and the water circulation is reliable;
  4. The rear of the upper pipe plate is at the position facing the flue gas outlet pipe. Because there is no water pipe installed, it should be reinforced with angle plate bracing;
  5. The upper and lower tube plates are surrounded by a round light folding smoke wall and a smokebox, which should be sealed, and always check for air leakage during operation;

What Is Your Simple Vertical Boiler Diagram?

Please see the following Simple vertical boiler diagram 3D format

Simple vertical boiler diagram 3D format

You will have the vertical boiler proper, Water tank, Feedwater pump, FD fan, Chimney, Water level gauge, Valves, and instruments, etc.

What Types Of Vertical Boilers For Sale?

Yongxing vertical boilers can be divided into different categories.

  • According to the purpose, it can be divided into vertical steam boilers, vertical hot water boilers, and vertical boiling water boilers;
  • According to the pressure, it can be divided into vertical pressure-bearing boilers and vertical atmospheric boilers;
  • According to the fuel type, it can be divided into liquid vertical boilers, solid vertical boilers, gas vertical boilers, and new energy vertical boilers.
  1. Liquid fuel vertical boilers mostly refer to oil-fired and methanol boilers.
  2. Solid fuel boilers can be divided into coal-fired boilers and biomass boilers.
  3. Gas fuel boilers can be divided into natural gas boilers, coal gas boilers, and liquefied petroleum gas vertical boilers.
  4. New energy boilers mostly refer to electric vertical boilers.

we divide it according to the types of fuel, and the most used are gas vertical boilers, oil-fired vertical boilers, and electric vertical boilers.

Gas fired vertical boiler

Gas-fired vertical boilers mostly burn natural gas, LPG, propane gas, etc. It has many advantages such as low operating cost, high thermal efficiency, easy installation, and intelligent operation.

However, the prerequisite for using a gas vertical boiler is that the local natural gas pipeline has been opened, and the opening fee of the natural gas pipeline is also required.

Oil-fired vertical boiler

Oil-fired vertical boiler product that burns light oil or heavy oil, that is to say, it burns diesel and heavy oil. This kind of boiler is roughly the same as a gas boiler. The main boiler used is the same, but the burner is used It’s different.

Electric vertical boiler

An electric vertical boiler is a boiler product that burns electricity. It heats the electric heating group in the boiler through electric heating and heats the water in the boiler to increase the temperature of the water to achieve the purpose of hot water or boiling water and steam.

Electric boilers have many advantages such as intelligent operation, high thermal efficiency, safety, and reliability, but the high operating cost is an important factor considered by users.


Can I know Your Vertical Steam Boiler? What Is Your Vertical Steam Boiler For Sale?

Yes, of course, you can learn about vertical steam boilers. A vertical steam boiler means that the outlet of the boiler pipe is steam. Compared with hot water, steam has a wider range of uses.

Our vertical steam boiler has the following kinds:

1. Coal-fired vertical steam boiler LHG

You can use a coal-fired vertical steam boiler.

It can be a vertical-horizontal water pipe or a vertical upright water pipe steam boiler.

Inside horizontal water pipes are directly flushed by the flame, circulating hot water inside.

LHG vertical boiler

Yongxing vertical water tube steam boiler has the most popular design at present. It can obtain the corresponding amount of steam with a small volume.

However, Its shortcomings are also very obvious that the combustion chamber is relatively small. So his workability is limited.

2. Oil Gas Fired Vertical Steam Boiler LHS

For oil and gas vertical steam boilers. Its main design is where the burner is placed.

  1. The burner can be placed on the top.

Steam can be produced quickly, and a small volume and large steam boiler can be realized. But he has a fatal flaw, that is, it is easy to happen crack, not easy to repair. So we don’t recommend it.

  1. The burner is placed at the bottom.

In this way, the heat of the burner is from bottom to top, the bottom tube sheet is in the water, which is not easy to crack, and it is also more helpful for fuel combustion.

vertical gas fired boiler LHS

What Is Your Vertical Hot Water Boiler?

Yongxing vertical hot water boilers include vertical normal-pressure hot water boilers and vertical-pressure hot water boilers.

Vertical atmospheric pressure hot water boiler refers to a hot water boiler without any working pressure, while vertical pressure hot water boiler refers to the boiler under pressure during operation. The main difference is that the outlet water temperature of the atmospheric pressure boiler generally does not exceed 100 ℃ Celsius.

The outlet temperature of the pressure hot water boiler will exceed 100℃Celsius. A normal pressure hot water boiler doesn’t need authority during installation, while the pressure hot water boiler must be filed and inspected by the local department.

The main purpose of a vertical hot water boiler is to produce hot water, which can be used for heating or bathing in winter. We are sure to say that it is an essential boiler product in the lives of residents.

vertical boiler LHG - 1

Advantages Of Vertical Hot Water Boiler:

  1. Vertical hot water boilers generally have minimum size while needing the shortest time to install. Not only can they meet the needs of small living, but they are also easy to operate and have high thermal efficiency. Compared with horizontal hot water boilers, they are an economical boiler product.
  2. The operating cost of the vertical hot water boiler is relatively low. Because its use is more common, the vertical hot water boiler of various fuel types can meet the production needs, which will reduce the operating cost and avoid excessive fuel waste.

Is Vertical Hot Water Boiler the Same As a Vertical Steam Boiler?

They are not the same. Vertical Hot Water Boiler mainly produces hot water, while Vertical Steam Boiler mainly provides steam to users.

Different sizes of space

A vertical steam boiler belongs to a kind of high-pressure vessel. It is heated to turn water into steam, and the steam is compressed to provide heating. Generally speaking, the pressure vessel occupies a smaller area.

The vertical hot water boiler is a pressureless container. Relying on the temperature of hot water to achieve heating, professional hot water boilers occupy a large area but can achieve better safety.

Hot water boilers can also be divided into atmospheric 0Mpa hot water boilers and pressurized 0.1~1.0Mpa hot water boilers. However, the use of atmospheric pressure vessels can better ensure your safety.

CSZL Hot water boiler

Different heating speed

In the working of a vertical steam boiler, because the water evaporates to produce heat, it needs a large amount of heat to burn to ensure the production of steam, so the temperature rises quickly and falls quickly.

However, vertical hot water boilers ensure the temperature by heating water when in use, and the heat capacity of the water is better, so it can better supply heat to maintain the heat.

Different heating ranges

The heat storage capacity of water and steam has a large gap, so high-selling hot water boilers can use transport pumps to transport heat over long distances, with less loss and a large heating radius, up to 50km or more.

However, due to the rapid condensation of steam inside the boiler, the pipe resistance loss is limited, and the heating radius is only 2-7km.

Therefore, the heat supply range that the two types of boiler equipment can withstand is not the same.

Different water circulation modes

Hot water boilers need to continuously supply water to the boiler, while steam boilers have different requirements for water supply. The natural expansion of steam will fill the pipes for steam boilers, while hot water boilers must use electric water pumps to force the circulation of hot water.

Different thermal efficiency

The efficiency of steam boilers is mostly lower than that of hot water.

For example, the heating temperature of a vertical pressurized hot water boiler is low. Generally, Hot water boiler’s outlet temperature is between 110-150 ℃. When heating, it is all sensible heat without latent heat.

The vertical hot water boiler has low combustion temperature, low exhaust gas temperature, and low loss; a low temperature of hot water sent out, low heat loss from pipes. There is no need for continuous sewage discharge, and the loss is small;

Of course, the boiler efficiency largely depends on the vertical boiler manufacturers.

Do you Manufacturer Vertical Cross Tube Boiler? 

Yes, we still make the vertical cross tube boiler.

All the tubes were installed horizontally in the boiler drums, water flew inside the cross tubes.

We install them horizontally upper the furnace fix grate, and they will directly receive the radiant heat energy generated when the fuel is burned.

vertical cross tube boiler
vertical cross-tube boiler

Can We Know The Simple Vertical Boiler Construction And Working Principle?

The working principle is to use the heat released by the combustion of fuel to convert it into steam or hot water. The fuel can be coal, putting the coal manually on the grate, which heats up quickly and pressurizes quickly.

It can also burn biomass particles, which are automatically loaded and burned, and produce steam or hot water, which is environmentally friendly and pollution-free.

Or it is a highly environmentally friendly oil-gas vertical boiler, which can equip with oil or gas burners, supports different voltage hertz, and has a lot of different brands to choose from, with high efficiency and no pollution.

Why You Buy Vertical Boilers?

It is a kind of small steam boiler. It includes a vertical steam boiler, a vertical hot water boiler. The capacity is normally less than 2ton/h. It can be used immediately once connect the electricity and water. And the price is low and acceptable to customers.

Reason 1: Vertical Boiler Automatic

Fully automatic: the user just starts the boiler with one button, automatic ignition, automatic feeding, automatic temperature control, automatic start-stop cycle, automatic fault alarm, etc.

Low costs, environmental fuel combustion, clean and gasification automatic operation, simple operation, quick heating, hot enough, no chimney, low failure rate.

Reason 2: Range Of Application:

This boiler is widely used in foods, winemaking, greenhouse (which left greenwood batley vertical boiler), hotels, guesthouses, sauna bath centers, beauty salons, villas, factories, schools, enterprises, and institutions, scouring baths, heating, and drying with hot water.

vertical steam boiler

Reason 3: Vertical Boiler’s High efficiency And Reasonable Use

High efficiency and energy-saving: vertical steam boiler thermal efficiency can get more than 90%, and flue gas temperature to chimney less than 120 degrees Celsius.

  • Environmental protection: can be used anywhere, even in the center of the city.
  • High safety, long life, and high quality: Operating at atmospheric conditions, without any dangers.
  • Self-cleaning and convenient maintenance
  • Attractive design.
  • Easy to install and operate.
  • A pry-mounted boiler. After the whole set is installed, it will be shipped to the customer. Upon arrival, only Connected with water and electricity can be used.
  • Easy to use and operate.
  • Such boiler investment is little, covers an area small, and it is the first choice of small business.

Technical Parameters

LHG series Biomass Pellets Vertical Steam Generator Technical Parameters







Evaporation (t / h)






Quota steam pressure (Mpa)

0.4 / 0.7





Steam temperature (℃)






Water temperature (℃)


Thermal efficiency(%)


Heat transfer area (m2)






Applicable fuel

Diesel / natural gas / liquefied gas / city gas

Fuel consumption

Diesel (kg / h)






Natural gas (m3 / h)


twenty two




Liquefied gas (m3 / h)






City gas (m3 / h)






Air supply pressure (Mpa)






Steam caliber (DN)






Chimney diameter (DN)






Power consumption (KW)






Water capacity of pipe group (kg)







Length (mm)






Width (mm)






Height (mm)






Vertical boiler

Finally, it is a kind of small steam boiler. It includes a vertical steam boiler, and a vertical hot water boiler. It can be used immediately once connect the electricity and water. And the price is low and acceptable.

We will send you the best vertical boiler diagram solution in 24 hours for any industrial boiler design you like. Please send us an inquiry right now!

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