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Fire Tube Vertical Steam Boiler For Sale

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Energy-Saving Vertical Steam Boiler For Sale
Yongxing energy-saving vertical boiler has extra energy-saving features. It's a perfect choice for people to cut on their energy bills - choose this to increase your industry profits.
Small Sized Vertical Steam Boiler For Sale
Our small vertical fire tube boiler has extra efficient combustion process. It provides very high thermal efficiency at a very low pressure. Although it looks small, it can fulfil your industry steam necessity.
Extra-Safe Vertical Steam Boiler For Sale
We have this new fully covered vertical boiler design that guarantees 100% safety to its users. It is one of the best silent steam beast that can produce large amount of steam in a short period of time.
Modern Design Vertical Steam Boiler For Sale
Yongxing luxury design vertical water-tube boiler has compact and modern-looking structure. It provides easy installation and cheaper maintenance to its users.
New Custom Designed Vertical Steam Boiler For Sale
At Yongxing, you will find wide variety of vertical boilers. But, if you have special requirements, you can order a custom design that suits your industry.
Heating Specialist Vertical Steam Boiler For Sale
Yongxing flawless vertical boilers have wide fuel adaptability. It can burn oil, biomass pellets, gas, coal, etc. It can produce more steam than most large steam boilers.

Our Vertical Steam Boiler For Sale Certifications

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  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 2
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 3
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 4

Yongxing Vertical Steam Boiler Reliable Quality

Yongxing boiler company has been the client’s favourite boiler supplier and manufacturer for more than 4 decades. We supply various simple vertical steam boilers designs. And the raw materials required for its manufacture are run through several tests before approval.

Our highly skilled engineers create each boiler with one objective; to meet your requirements.

Our vertical steam boilers have different models and different price ranges. We have the most affordable steam boiler prices for oil-fired boilers than any other oil-fired steam boiler supplier. We also have the most efficient coal-fired steam boiler for sale than any other manufacturer.

Our top-quality vertical steam boiler produces high-quality steam using advanced technology. Moreover, our boilers are super reliable, simple to use, and highly efficient.

We also have an automatic fuel feeding vertical steam boiler which means you don’t need any extra workers for it. Plus, it comes with a manual feeding mechanism and therefore, is cheaper than others.

In addition to automatic feeding, we have installed advanced exhaust systems that remove ash from the flue gases. Rather than wasting flue gases, we use them to warm the cold feed water before it goes into the furnace – An eco-friendly technique for maximizing efficiency.

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Low Pressure Boiler, Low Pressure Steam Boiler Manufacturer
Low Pressure Boiler, Low Pressure Steam Boiler Manufacturer
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Yongxing Vertical Steam Boiler Quality Control

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Vertical Steam Boiler For Sale In-Depth Details Explained

Don’t have enough space at your facility? Finding a compact industrial boiler? Well, you have come to the right place. At Yongxing, we provide a high-quality vertical steam boiler for sale with an improved and efficient design for producing top-quality steam. Not only improvements in design but also 24/7 customer support to answer your queries.

We have all types of vertical boiler steam engines, each with a distinctive design using various sources as fuels. We manufacture industrial boilers as well as boilers for commercial use. Steam boiler prices vary with each model.

If this is your first time buying a vertical steam boiler, here is everything you need to know about them. Below is the information about various types of vertical boilers that we manufacture.

What is Your Vertical Steam Boiler for Sale?

The key function of any boiler is to generate heat energy via the chemical reactions of the fuel. Then using the heat produced, the water is converted into steam which is a very useful and powerful source of energy. The steam is, then, used for various purposes such as rotating turbines to generate electricity or for heating purposes.

The vertical steam boiler for sale has a vertical chain grate that is specially engineered to fit into small places. The boiler furnace has water tubes in it which use heat to convert water into steam to provide energy. At Yongxing, we have two designs of vertical steam boiler for sale:

1.     Vertical Fire Tube Boilers

As the name suggests, it consists of tubes containing gases that are then submerged into the water in a closed vertical container. In a simple vertical fire tube boiler, the tubes containing the gases are passed into the water. The heat of the gases helps the water transform into steam.

In the vertical fire tube boiler, the water and the tubes are enclosed in the same closed container. Due to this, it lacks in producing steam at high pressure. However, the Yongxing manufactured vertical fire tube boilers are compact in construction, the steam fluctuation can be controlled, and is cheaper than others.

Fire Tube Vertical Steam Boiler For Sale
Fire Tube Vertical Steam Boiler For Sale

2.     Vertical Water Tube Boilers

This type of vertical steam boiler for sale has water in the tubes instead of the hot gases. Combustion of the fuel happens in the furnace that creates hot flue gases. The water in the tubes is circulated around the hot flue gases. Eventually, the temperature of the water increases, and steam is produced.

The density of the steam is less than that of water. So, the steam flows upward and water flows down into a drum called a mud drum. The hot water is transferred into the steam drum which results in the normal flow of water. This water generates more steam, so the feed water supply is decreased. Due to this, the flow of steam is reduced. By reversing this method, we can control the production of steam.

Yongxing manufactured a simple vertical tube boiler for sale that can produce high-pressure large amounts of steam in less time. We create water tubes boiler that can be used for chemical processing, refining units, and other industrial applications.

Water Tube Vertical Steam Boiler For Sale
Water Tube Vertical Steam Boiler For Sale

How Do Your Vertical Steam Boiler For Sale Work?

All vertical steam boilers have the same working principle. The heat is produced by burning different fuels such as gas, oil, biomass, etc.  Afterwards, it is used to boil the water in the tubes which then, converts into steam.

Our vertical boiler designs have different parts for a specific purpose such as a feeding system, fuel reservoir, furnace for combustion, water tubes, and an exhaust system.

Following are the steps of the working of a vertical tube boiler:

Fuel Feeding

The first step is to feed the fuel to the furnace. Our vertical steam generators use different fuels. Each one is equipped with a manual and an automatic fuel feeding mechanism to feed the fuel in the furnace. An automatic fuel feeding mechanism fuels the furnace itself as per the capacity without any need of a worker.


After the fuel has been fed, the combustion starts in the furnace by igniting the fuel. There are fans installed to push air in the furnace that helps burn the fuel. The combustion produces hot flue and exhaust gases with a bit of ash. The flue gases then flow towards the water tubes and heat the water.

Steam Production

Afterwards, the heat from the flue gases warms the water in the tubes and transforms it into high-pressure steam. The generated steam might have a little moisture. So, it is heated again to get dry and high-temperature saturated steam. The produced steam is then used for industrial and commercial purposes.

Ash Removal

After the production of steam, the flue gases are passed into the exhaust system. It filters the ash from the gases. Rather than wasting these hot gases, they are taken to the economizer that warms the cold feedwater before it enters the furnace.

What Are The Advantages Of Our Vertical Steam Boiler For Sale?

A simple vertical boiler has a vertical furnace and vertical water tubes.  Yongxing manufactured vertical steam generators have many advantages over any other vertical steam boilers available for sale. Some of them are:

  • It occupies less space as it has a small and compact size.
  • It is very easy to install and replace.
  • The maintenance is effortless and cheap.
  • Operations of our vertical steam boiler for sale are very simple and convenient.
  • Our vertical boilers also have a high-water level tolerance.
  • The furnace has a very large area. Thus, you get high thermal efficiency. Plus, it soaks up the full heat of the flue gases.
  • The process of steam production is very quick and boiler heating is efficient.
  • It produces high temperature, high-pressure, and high-quality steam.
  • The pressure and water level can be controlled. So, you can operate while being 100% safe.

Can You Differentiate Between Horizontal And Vertical Steam Boiler For Sale?

Usually, the steam generators have a similar design. However, we have designed a unique vertical boiler for sale which has a compact design. It has a vertical designed furnace that makes it one of the best industrial small vertical boilers.

Vertical Steam Boiler For Sale
Vertical Boilers Design

On the other hand, the horizontal steam boilers have horizontal chain grates. Therefore, its steam-generation capacity is large.

The horizontal steam boiler has a large furnace, has high thermal efficiency. It has a convenient water supply and low noise. However, it is slow in producing steam and is difficult to install and maintain. Although the vertical steam boiler for sale occupies low space, it produces high-temperature steam very quickly. They are easy to install and maintain compared to the horizontal steam boiler.

Horizontal Steam Boiler
Horizontal Boiler Design

So, which of the two is better? It depends on many factors such as your steam requirement and the space available at the installation site. If the space is not a problem, then the horizontal might sound better.

If you don’t have enough space, then you should prefer a vertical steam boiler design. Moreover, if you want quick, superheated steam, with an excellent exhaust system and high thermal efficiency, our vertical boiler design is best for you.

Can Your Vertical Steam Boiler Explode?

Yes, there is a possibility that the vertical boilers may explode. But if you get Yongxing manufactured vertical steam boiler for sale then you are 100% safe from the explosion.

How so? Yongxing manufactured vertical steam boiler for sale is equipped with water level monitors, pumps, and valves. Also, it has an automatic system that controls feeding, detecting the leak, and setting the alarm off. The chance that our vertical steam boiler for sale will explode is little to none.

But you should be careful with boilers from other manufacturers. There are various reasons for their boiler to explode.

Rusting and overheating may result in pressure valve failure. In addition, poorly designed vessels increase the probability of an explosion.

As they don’t guarantee efficient combustion, the combustible gases may build up in their vessel in the absence of the ignited flame and it may explode. And when using their boilers, you should look out for any leakages because gases leakage can be very dangerous.


The Yongxing manufactured vertical steam boiler for sale has high thermal efficiency with a top-fired burner. We provide vertical fire tube boilers and vertical water tube boilers at reasonable prices than any other manufacturer. Additionally, our skilled engineers have installed an automatic feeding system so that you don’t need a worker.

We manufacture boilers that use different types of fuels to generate heat. It includes oilers that produce oil-fired boilers, coal-fired boilers, biomass boilers, and wood-fired steam boilers.

Furthermore, we have various models of vertical steam boilers, each with a distinctive design. And we also entertain custom design orders to fulfil your boiler’s requirements. So, feel free to contact us for any queries.

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