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Vertical Steam Boiler For Food Industry

The steady development of the food industry maintains the life and health of all mankind, and steam is essential in daily production.
From our analysis of Yongxing boiler’s previous customer cases, the food industry has the greatest demand for steam boilers, of which oil and gas-fired boilers account for the largest proportion.
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Today, with the increasingly stringent requirements for environmental protection, coal-fired boilers have been banned or renovated because of substandard emissions of pollutants.
Biomass-fired boilers and oil and gas fired vertical steam boilers are favored by the food industry because of their remarkable environmental protection characteristics.
For food factories, steam boilers account for the largest proportion of boiler applications.
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Steam boilers in food factories mainly transport steam through pipes, which requires constant steam temperature and pressure, and even the quality of steam determines the quality of food leaving the factory.
Vertical steam boilers are more suitable for the food industry because of their small footprint. For example, high-temperature steam can be used in processes such as high-temperature distillation, high-temperature sterilization, drying food, and steaming food.
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Not only is it limited to steam supply for food production, but some food factories will also be equipped with self-provided power station boilers for internal power generation, or hot water boilers will be used for central heating of their factories, office buildings, dormitory buildings, and so on. There is also a process in some food factories that require hot water boilers for the special processing of food.
Due to the limited installation area of boilers in these places, most customers need a boiler with a small size, high production capacity, and constant pressure to meet the production demand.
LHS vertical oil gas fired steam boiler

Vertical Steam Boiler Suitable For Different Fuel

We have developed different styles of vertical steam boilers, vertical generators, and vertical electric heating boilers according to customer needs. You can run them with various fuels, such as biomass pellets, natural gas, diesel, oil and gas mixtures, etc.
Dual fuel design can not only reduce the operating cost of customers but also better protect the environment and reduce energy waste.
Yongxing boiler, as a manufacturer specializing in the production of vertical steam boilers, has more than 20 years of industry experience in the design and production of steam boilers.
If you have a demand for a small steam boiler in the food industry, you can directly call our Yongxing boiler service number + 86 13849050429, and we will give you a suitable quotation as soon as possible.

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