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Water Tube Steam Boiler, Water Tube Boilers Manufacturer

Suggested High Quality & Good Price Water Tube Steam Boiler

DZH1-0.7/1.25-T Fixed Grate Wood Pellet Steam Boiler
The feeding method of DZH is manual, so it needs less supporting equipment and the overall price is low. However, the DZH water tube boiler can burn for several hours at a time.
This type of boiler can help you save investment costs on equipment, and our water tube boilers are directly supplied by our factory, which once again helps you reduce costs.
DZL4-1.25-AII Chain Grate Coal Stoker Boilers
Regarding water tube boilers, the biggest advantage is to help you reduce fuel costs. All our pressure parts are made of high-quality boiler steel with a long service life 20 years.
DZL8-1.25-1.6-AII/T 82% coal fired boiler efficiency
Yongxing water tube steam boiler design a larger furnace space than traditional boilers. Especially for biomass fuel, a very reasonable secondary air is beneficial to instantaneous combustion
SZL 10 TPH With Reasonable Biomass Steam Boiler Cost
We can supply a complete system water tube boiler parts. Water supply system, flue gas system, fuel supply, electric control system, dust removal, sewage system, etc.
LHG 1 TPH Vertical Water Tubes Biomass Steam Generator
If you want to purchase a boiler with the least investment and occupy the least land, Yongxing's vertical water tube boiler construction is very reasonable and can meet your above needs.

Our Water Tube Steam Boiler Certifications

  • Certificate
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 2
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 3
  • Biomass Steam Boiler Certificate 4

Yongxing Water Tube Steam Boiler High Quality

Yongxing is China’s most comprehensive water tube boiler manufacturer with mature technology and a team.

Our water tube steam boiler design is unique. Mixing the water, steam, or water vapor flows inside the tube while the flame or flue gas burns and courses outside the tube.

Compared with fire tube boilers, Yongxing water tube boiler for sale can withstand higher working pressure (up to 555 psi) and provide maximum steam output for large heat plants.

We provided the energy plant with many complete sets of SZS2-50 tons, which work very well and provide continuous heating to customers.

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High Pressure Steam Boiler manufacturer 1.25 - 3.82 Mpa
High Pressure Steam Boiler manufacturer 1.25 - 3.82 Mpa
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Water Tube Steam Boiler – The Complete FAQ Guide

Water Tube Steam Boiler is a unique styled boiler that works with fuel burned inside a furnace to heat the water. It’s an advanced approach to creating high-volume steam for extensive application.

Water tube steam boilers seem to be the most commonly used boilers, also referred to as the wet back boiler, effectively replacing several boilers such as fire tubes attributed to lower weight, rapid steam production, custom design, and high efficiency.

Previous water tubes provide the configuration of its single drum by connectors linked by short, base fluid tubes and bent pipes. In this guide, you’ll get the complete details and information about the water tube steam boiler.

The working style and its parts and functions are classified to assist you thoroughly.  Furthermore, we’ll discuss its benefits, drawbacks, and where you can use them proficiently.

What Is A Water Tube Steam Boiler?

A pressurized water tube steam boiler is a heat engine in which water circulates through tubes boiled by the fire from the outside. Within the boiler, fuel is burned to produce hot gas, which heats water in the steam-generating ducts.

Small boilers have completely separate creating tubes in the furnace, whereas larger utility boilers depend on water-filled vents that help compensate the furnace ceilings to produce steam.

What Is The Working Style Of This Steam Boiler?

The water tube steam boiler follows the thermal siphoning working style. It means the heat produced and the burning fuel that encloses the tubes boil the water that flows within them. Moreover, gradually convert it into steam. This is the working style or principle of a water tube steam boiler.

water tube steam boiler drum

What Does A Water Tube Boiler Do?

Water Tube Steam Boiler uses metal tubes that heat the fuels inside it, and resultantly the water starts to boil and eventually convert into steam.

These boilers perform the task efficiently at a large scale by consuming very low fuels. That is why they are quite cost-effective.

Where Does The Water Circulate In A Water Tube Boiler?

Water in the water tube steam boiler circulates in the water tubes that contain the heat in their surroundings. The heat from the surrounding area adds to the temperature and reaches its peak, resultantly water becomes hot.

Where Are These Boilers Used?

Water tube steam boilers can produce concentrated or superheated steam beneficial for industries such as power generation from steam turbines. Furthermore, those other boilers are widely used in process industries such as chemicals, refining, and paper mills.

What Are The Main Features Of A Water Tube Boiler?

The main features of this boiler are given below:

Size and Design

They are typically greater in diameter than fire tube boiler models. According to the hours of steam generation, traditional water tube boiler ranges between a few million pounds to several million pounds. They are skilled at coping with steam pressures as high as 5,000 psi. Their recovery time is extremely fast as compared to its fire tube peers. Furthermore, they are intended to reach intense heat.


Small water-tube steam boilers could be synthesized and made possible by developing single packaged units comparable to packaged fire tube boiler components.

Super-large water tube boiler modules cannot be produced in packaged form; thus, significant portions are transported to the worksite and assembled.


A traditional water tube boiler unit is composed of several burners mounted on the ceilings, each with the option of firing horizontally or vertically.

In addition, temperature control is observed in many segments of the boiler. These characteristics must be suitable techniques when the boiler includes an embedded superheater whose heat must be governed to produce appropriate superheated steam.

What Are Water Tube Boiler Parts And Functions?

There are four main parts of such a boiler body. They are:

  • A mud or water drum
  • Upper steam drum
  • Water tubes
  • Economizer

Boiler auxiliaries parts have:

  • Fuel feeder or Boiler burner
  • Gas Duct
  • ID fan, Or FD fan
  • Stainless Steel Water Tank
  • Deaerator system
  • Chimney
  • Dust collector and etc.

water tube steam boiler

The parts are briefly discussed below:

Mud or Water Drum

The mud or water drum is linked with the steam drum. Solids and muddy materials can stay in this drum, and sometimes these drums are superheated to recover heat from steam.

Steam Drum

The steam drum stores steam and water and separate them. Steam goes upward, and water goes down to the mud drum.

Water Tubes  

Water tubes are used to extract heat from the fuels and produce steam from them.


An economizer is a heat exchanger that will recover the heat, and it will also increase the efficiency of your boiler.

water tube boiler parts

What Is The Function Of A Water Drum In A Water Tube Boiler?

A steam drum is an essential component of a boiler. At the top of these water vessels, there is a source of water and steam. The drum collects the steam produced by the water tubes and is a separator for both steam and water.

What Is The Water Tube Steam Boiler Operation?

Our water tube steam boiler operation is as follows:

Water accumulates between the two drums via convection, with heat transferring through the banks of ducts. Chilled water flows through precise tubes, while heating water reaches the top of the boiler, and is added to the steam drum.

Saturated steam is derived from the drum’s top and exported to the consumer. It is transferred through a consequent superheater within the exhaust stream to increase the temperature even higher.

When it comes back to the feedwater drum, the water eventually from the base area of the steam drum pre-heats the feed water source.

What Happens In A Water Tube Boiler?

When water passes from the tubes, the external fuels heat the water. The water temperature rises with the help of fuels and is then converted into steam. However, steam drums receive the steam from the water pipes and separate them.

How Long Do These Boilers Last?

Generally, the life span of these boilers depends upon their condition and use. A steam boiler’s standard lifespan is 20 to 30 years if appropriate service and maintenance procedures are followed.

The three most important considerations when replacing a steam boiler are protection, economics, and requirement changes.

What Are The Water Tube Boiler Construction Materials Used?

The water tubes are compelled at a 15° angle. This boiler is produced of a steel frame that is welded on both edges.

Mountings include a water level indicator, a pressure meter, a security valve, and a trench. The water tubes are supported from the lower part and are angled at 15° underneath the shell.

Steam boiler
SZL25ton for Philipines customer

How To Increase The Water Tube Efficiency?

Thermal efficiencies for water tube steam boilers without economizers are typically in the 75-80% range. However, you can improve this water tube efficiency rate by 5% with the help of slight changes in the gas economizer.

water tube boiler efficiency

What Are The Major Advantages Of A Water Tube Boiler?

The major advantages of these boilers are given below:

  • The optimum working capacity of an industrial water boiler is 250 bars.
  • An economizer can increase overall efficiency by up to 90%.
  • It takes up less floor space for the same output.
  • Load variance is easily managed.
  • The frequency of steam generation and the adequacy of steam for appropriate power generation are significantly improved.
  • This is suitable for use in large power plants.
  • The flow of water is well outlined.
  • The design of the water boiler is robust because of minimally sized drums.


Is There Any Disadvantage Of A Water Tube Steam Boiler?

These steam boilers are of considerable size, so these boilers are manufactured for their needs only. Therefore, they are not easily and quickly available.

Repairs and maintenance are not cost-efficient due to their large size. To keep the water tubes working correctly and efficiently, we need to make chemical treatments.

What Are The Main Differences Between A Water Tube Boiler Vs Fire Tube Boiler?

A firetube boiler transfers heat energy and produces steam by passing combustion gas across a series of tubes covered by water in a tanker.

In contrast, a water tube boiler transfers heat energy to generate steam by sending water through a series of lines bordered by combustion gas. The water tube steam boiler, on the other hand, provides a higher temperature range with an extremely low turnaround.

What Are The Major Kinds Of Water Tube Boilers?

In Yongxing, there are two kinds of water tube boilers,

  • one is the SZL water tube steam boiler, Click here to know more. the fuel is coal-fired, or the biomass steam boiler.
  • The other is the: SZS water tube steam boiler, usable oil gas fuel.

Except about, There are also three types of these boilers. They are not frequently to use:

  • Simple Vertical Boiler – LHG
  • Stirling Boiler.
  • Babcock and Wilcox Boilers.

Simple Vertical Boiler

This is a particular kind of water tube steam boiler. The axis of position in this form of boiler is symmetric concerning the location.

The core elements of this boiler are the dust hole, griddle, feed verification tap, flame tunnel, heating coils, cross tray, side hole, dielectric plug, liquid gauge, tubular shell, steam storage, repairing pit, pressure sensor, steam slow down tap, security tap, and skylight.

Whenever the water temperature rises and produces steam due to the heating water, it gathers in the boiler’s steam space. Steam is collected until a guaranteed force is defeated and steam is released to initiate the turbine.

Stirling Boiler

This boiler is a kind of steam boiler that aims to produce steam in a broad region of a static factory. This boiler is made up of three steam drums and two mud drums. The steam drums are situated at the surface of the heater.

On the other hand, mud drums are located down at the setup space. These drums are linked together by bent tube banks. When the tubes are transformed, mechanical pressures caused by pipe extension during heating do not affect the system. The two steel drums and tubes that will support the entire system are designed.

Babcock and Wilcox Boilers

This boiler is a perfect line water tube boiler with a steel steam drum. The drum’s edges are connected by a combination of consecutive end headers with a short tube side.

These are positioned at a 15o0 angle to the drum’s horizontal plane. A water level sensor indicates the configuration of tubes aids in water supply, and the way water is moving in the drum.

The water tube steam boiler design’s internal heating tube is a membrane wall with bending pipes, which can be made into a more complex shape. According to the needs, meet the water tube boiler construction of boilers’ various capacities. 

Why Are Modern Water-Tube Boilers Roof-Fired?

The production bank of a roof-fired boiler could consist of two separate rows of shuttered tubes.

These are wider bore tubes that obtain thermal heat from the flame and convective heat from hot gases. The wall thickness reduces the steam/water ratio, preventing overheating.

What Are Water Tube Boiler Manufacturers?

Multiple vendors are selling water tube boilers. However, we have made a list for you to choose the best among various vendors.

  • YONG XING BOILERS GROUP is a China-based boiler company with a wide range of boiling materials.
  • BABCOCK SWANSON is a FRANCE based company
  • BORSIG GMBH is a GERMANY based boilers company
  • BOUSTEAD INTERNATIONAL HEATERS LTD. It is a UK-based company with a  range of boilers.

You can choose according to your convenience. YONG XING is the best choice due to the benefits and reliable services they offer compared to their counterparts.

Why did I Choose Your Water Tube Steam Boiler, Not Other Water Tube Boiler Manufacturers?

1. Choosing our water tube steam boiler means you are free to choose any fuel. 

You can choose all kinds of coal, biomass particles, woodblocks, fuel oil, gas, heavy oil, thermal fuild and so on. 

2. Yongxing’s water tube boiler consists of smaller diameter drums and pipes, which can be decomposed, transported, and assembled on-site. 

As a small amount of water, our water-tube boilers can deal with steam fluctuations more accurately and usually have a better opening and closing degree.

It is very convenient to handle, and it is suitable for high pressure and large capacity water tube steam boiler.

3. Due to the membrane wall and multi-pipe design, our water tube steam boiler has a large heat transfer area and high thermal efficiency, saving fuel costs. 

High Pressure Steam Boiler manufacturer 1.25 - 3.82 Mpa

4. Our water tube steam boiler design directs the heating surface into the water pipe, so the water pipe can expand and contract directly, reducing the drum’s thermal stress and the furnace itself. 

Your water tube steam boiler lifetime is prolonged, and maintenance expenses are reduced. 

5. To provide better thermal efficiency, Yongxing’s water-tube boiler uses superheaters, economizers, and air preheaters. The boiler can reduce the exhaust gas temperature to 100-150 ℃, and the water tube efficiency can reach more than 90%. 

The above-mentioned water tube boiler parts and functions are suitable for large and medium-sized factories and power plants. 


The water tube steam boiler is unique. Yongxing Boilers Group is always concerned about its customers. You can get a reliable water tube boiler with amazing functionalities.

Although there are multiple brands that are selling the same product, no one knows whether the material used is of good quality or not. The water tube steam boilers are larger, so their manufacturing takes time to be prepared.

However, if the modular configuration is used, water tube boilers can cope with their ever-changing demands for steam. This way, your boiler could result in efficient working.

Hopefully, you’ll understand all the basics like its functionalities, purposes, pros, its parts, and types from this guide. Choose your desired boiler once you are done with its basic knowledge.



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