What Is The Boiler Capacity, What Is Boiler Capacity Unit?

1. What Is The Boiler Capacity? And What Is Your Boiler Load Calculation?

When you are ready to buy a steam boiler, You need to know what boiler capacity do I need? Clear follow tips and then make your final decision:

  • Boiler output

The different types of boilers have different boiler outputs. The main forms include steam, hot water, heat transfer oil, hot air, etc.

You need to consider what form of heat energy you want to use to achieve your goals.

  • Boiler Capacity Or Boiler Load

Boilers absorb heat to generator steam, hot water, or hot oil to your production line. Your production will decide how big the boiler you need.

Boiler load mainly refers to the boiler unit of the steam boiler. When you choose a boiler, how many ton/h, kcal/h, kgs/h are the main considerations. There are also commonly used boiler units BHP, btu/h, and lbs internationally.

  • Boiler Pressure

Most industrial boilers operate under pressure. Such as steam boilers, high-pressure industrial water boilers, and thermal oil furnaces.

According to pressure, boilers are mainly divided into low pressure, medium pressure and high pressure. Low pressure is usually used in small household boilers, the pressure is 10-15psi, the medium and high pressure is 16-1000psi, or 0.1~3.83Mpa, temperature between 194°F to 842°F.

You should have to decide what temperature and what pressure you want, then we will suggest the right model.

  • Fuel Fired

As we all know, steam boiler for sale has many kinds of fuels. You can choose oil, gas, coal, biomass, etc.

Please tell us what your most concerning issues are? Is It fuel costs, environmental emission requirements, equipment costs, etc? We will select the appropriate model and introduce it to you.


Low fire tube boiler cost

2. What Boiler Capacity Unit Do You Use?

Different countries will use different boiler capacity units. The following is an introduction to the commonly used expressions of boiler capacity units.

thermic fluid oil boiler

3. How To Calculate Boiler Capacity?

The following is the conversion between boiler capacity units commonly used in the industry.

  • Calculate Boiler Capacity Of Ton and KGS?

If your small steam boiler is 1 ton/h, how many kgs/h is it equal to?

1ton = 1000 kgs.

So a 1ton/h boiler means 1000kgs/h steam boiler.

For a bigger capacity boiler, it is the same.

  • Calculate boiler capacity of ton and BTU?

1ton =12000 Btu (IT)/hour

  • Calculate boiler capacity of ton and lbs?

1 ton (metric) = 2204.6226218 pound

  • Calculate boiler capacity of ton and kcal/h?

1ton = 600000kcal/h

  • Calculate Boiler Capacity Of KW and MW?

1MW = 1000kw.

  • Finally, let us summarize the relationship between them as follows

1 ton/h = 1000 kgs/h = 12000Btu(IT)/hr = 2204.62lbs = 646,500kcal/h

actory Selling DZL Chain Grate Coal Steam Boiler

WNS 1 2 3 4 5 6 8 10ton enough steam output with good steam quality gas and oil boiler

chain grate stoker diagram

If you want to convert faster, please check the conversion tool below.


4. What Is The Boiler Capacity In Ton?

What does the boiler capacity in ton mean?

There are two usages:

  • The first is to measure steam boiler rated output or boiler workability.

T/h is a steam boiler unit that measures the boiler capacity hourly. And MW is a hot water boiler unit hourly.

  • The second is to measure your boiler plant system’s total production capacity.

Suppose the annual output of your condensing oil boiler is 50 tons. This data is based on the addition of the rated evaporation capacity of all your boilers. Its amount has nothing to do with the number of boilers, only the total amount of steam.

In summary, the tonnage of the boiler is the size of the boiler steam and the steam output.

The water in the steam boiler will become dry steam after being heated. According to the standard, the boiler capacity tph we have 1tph, 2tph, 3tph, 4tph, 6tph up to 50tph.

5. What Is The Boiler Capacity In Kw and MW?

KW represents the power unit of the boiler. In fact, the kw is more commonly used.

KW and MW are ordinary mathematical relations. 1MW=1000KW.

In the unit of the boiler, how much kw is equal to a ton of boiler?

As to accurate conversion, 1 ton = 751.88 kw=0.751 MW. It means 1ton per hour boiler equal to 751.88kw or 0.751MW. We always make it into 700kw.

If we didn’t calculate the heat loss, 1ton boiler is also equal to 646500kcal/hr. And in daily work, we calculate it as 600000kcal/h.

6. What Is The Boiler Capacity Kg/hr?

Save with ton/h, kg/h is also a kind of boiler capacity. For a small capacity steam boiler, we use kg/hr to measure. 1ton =1000kgs

Yongxing have a capacity of 100kgs/h, 200kgs/h, 500kgs/h,700kgs/h,and 1000kgs/h. All of them are vertical fire tube steam generators.

7. Do You Have A Boiler Capacity Calculator?

We have a form where you can quickly inquire about the boiler you want. There are comparison parameters for boilers below 10 tons. Please find it yourself.

Bhp kcal/hr Power Conversion Result Conversion Result Conversion Result Conversion Result
From Symbol Equals Result Symbol Result unit Result Symbol Result Symbol
1 bhp = 8,434.65 Kcal/hr 0.01 tons/h 156.56 btu 28.76 lbs
50 bhp = 421,732.50 Kcal/hr 0.65 tons/h 7,827.98 btu 1,438.15 lbs
100 bhp = 843,465 Kcal/hr 1.30 tons/h 15,655.96 btu 2,876.29 lbs
150 bhp = 1,265,197.50 Kcal/hr 1.96 tons/h 23,483.94 btu 4,314.44 lbs
200 bhp = 1,686,930 Kcal/hr 2.61 tons/h 31,311.93 btu 5,752.58 lbs
300 bhp = 2,530,395 Kcal/hr 3.91 tons/h 46,967.89 btu 8,628.87 lbs
500 bhp = 4,217,325 Kcal/hr 6.52 tons/h 78,279.81 btu 14,381.45 lbs
600 bhp = 5,060,790 Kcal/hr 7.83 tons/h 93,935.78 btu 17,257.74 lbs
700 bhp = 5,904,255 Kcal/hr 9.13 tons/h 109,591.74 btu 20,134.04 lbs
800 bhp = 6,747,720 Kcal/hr 10.44 tons/h 125,247.70 btu 23,010.33 lbs

8. How Is Boiler Capacity Defined?

The boiler capacity is what we usually say is the evaporation capacity, that is, the boiler output. It is the basic characteristic parameter of the boiler.

Steam boiler: it means the quantity or capacity of steam produced by the boiler per hour, expressed as D, and the unit is ton/hour (t/h).

Hot water boiler: Expressed in terms of the amount of heat supplied by the boiler per hour. The heat supply is expressed by Q, and its unit is megawatt and the unit is megawatt (MW).

Boiler model expression method: Generally, it is composed of “the amount of steam produced per hour + the pressure at the outlet of the boiler + the steam temperature”. Such as DZL4-1.25-AII.

9. What Is The Boiler Water Capacity? Is It Same With Boiler Water Holding Capacity?

All boiler water capacity varies according to the design of each company. It is not calculated by a fixed formula, but there is not much difference.

Take an example: The water capacity of a 4-ton boiler is basically about 4 tons of water.

The basic accounting method is:

M is the physical mass, divide mass by density, V=m/density (The density is 1000kg/m^3)

The water capacity should be kept at an appropriate size.

Excessive water capacity will increase the time to start the furnace, but it will have good load stability and will increase safety.

If the water capacity is too small, although it has a good ability to respond to load changes, it will have a strong sensitivity to sudden increases in load, that is, it will drop rapidly, and it will also bring dangers due to water shortage.

Therefore, according to the empirical formula, the water capacity and working capacity of a general steam boiler are basically equal, or the difference is not big.


It is very important to choose the right boiler. A sufficient understanding of the boiler capacity, boiler type, and boiler pressure you need, and choosing the most suitable boiler model for your project will save you a lot of material and financial resources.

Just contact Yongxing sales staff to get the product model and quotation you most want.

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