Why You Need To Buy A Coal Fired Boilers?

With the development of the times, many people think that coal fired steam boiler will be replaced by new energy and fuel gas in the future, but this is not the case.

New energy sources are currently unstable in terms of access, efficiency, and cost, and it will take some time for coal to be completely replaced. Especially fuel gas is always an unstable source of heat, so coal-fired boilers are still the main equipment in the market for some time to come.

In areas where coal is developed, such as China, Indonesia, Thailand, and other developing countries, coal will still be used as the primary fuel.

DZL/DZH coal wood fired steam boiler geneartor

Why Do We Recommend The Choice Of Coal Fired Boilers?

  1. The supply of coal is more stable. In the field of energy, coal is in a leading position. As it is a fossil fuel, it has a certain storage base, stable supply, convenient transportation, strong continuity, and reliability.
  2. The overall benefits of coal are relatively high. Compared to gas fuels, the cost of coal is still relatively low. Natural gas transmission pipelines are expensive to build and potentially risky.

In China, for example, the use of natural gas boilers was strongly promoted 2 years ago, but 2 years later, many boilers had to stop operating due to a shortage of natural gas. Coal-fired boilers can co-exist with biomass boilers to help companies get good production efficiency. In the industrial and electric power industry, coal-fired boilers are highly favored.

  1. Coal fired boiler technology is mature and stable. The development of coal boilers has been going on for more than half a century, and with several technical improvements and innovations, the technology has reached a fairly mature level.

This industry has a number of experienced boiler professionals and technicians who can provide timely and professional service support for coal boiler projects. Therefore, choosing coal boiler technology as a means of heating or industrial heat supply will help you lower the threshold of technology acquisition and reduce risks during operation to a certain extent.

  1. Facilitating industries. A stable means of energy supply is essential in many industrial sectors, especially in heavy industries such as heat, power, chemicals, cement, steel, paper, food, textiles, and other energy-intensive industries. Coal-fired boilers are usually the first choice in these heavy energy fields.
  2. Coal fired boiler technology continues to innovate. Coal-fired boilers now have so many new technologies, mainly to make it burn hotter and cleaner, but also to make better use of heat energy, and to make the system easier to operate.

What Are The Innovations In Our Coal Fired Boilers?

1. There are new energy savers with condenser designs that recycle heat from new sources, making the equipment much more energy efficient. Innovations in condenser design are equally commendable.

Traditional condensers often have problems such as low heat dissipation efficiency and high energy consumption, while the new condenser effectively solves these problems by optimizing the heat dissipation structure and improving heat transfer efficiency.

This not only makes the operation of the equipment more stable and reliable but also brings considerable economic benefits for enterprises.

2. There is also desulfurization and denitrification technology, which can reduce those bad gas emissions and play a great role in environmental protection. In this technology, through a series of chemical reactions, the sulfur and nitrogen compounds produced in the process of coal combustion are converted into harmless substances, thereby reducing the pollution of the atmosphere. This is not only in line with the current trend of green environmental protection but also for the enterprise to win a good social reputation.

3. Coal boiler structure is also improved; the chain grate combustion area is increased, the boiler down water pipe and heat source contact area is increased, the heating area is larger, and the heat energy utilization rate is improved.

First of all, the increased combustion area of the chain grate makes the fuel in the combustion process more full, reducing the phenomenon of incomplete combustion. In this way, it not only improves the combustion efficiency of the boiler and reduces the consumption of fuel, but also reduces the emission of harmful gases, which is conducive to environmental protection. In addition, increasing the combustion area also helps to stabilize the combustion process, reducing the instability of the boiler operation and improving the safety performance of the equipment.

Secondly, the contact area between the boiler descending water pipe and the heat source is increased, which makes the heat energy transfer more adequate and improves the heat energy utilization rate. Increasing the contact area means that more heat can be transferred from the heat source to the water, which in turn improves the thermal efficiency of the boiler. In the actual operation process, this improvement measure has brought significant results, making the boiler, under the same conditions, produce more useful heat to meet the production demand.

4. Many people are concerned about the dust removal effect of coal-fired boilers, the dust removal methods that have been used are, ceramic multi-tube dust removal, cyclone dust removal, water film dust removal, bag dust removal, etc. These dust removal methods can effectively reduce the concentration of smoke and dust emitted from the coal-fired boiler, improve air quality, and protect the ecological environment.

Among them, ceramic multi-tube dust collector utilizes the principle of inertial collision, so that the soot particles are hindered when passing through the pipe at a high speed and attached to the pipe wall, thus realizing the purpose of dust removal;

Cyclone dust collectors separate the soot particles through the cyclone effect; water film dust scrubbers utilize water film to adsorb and wash down the soot particles;

The bag filter will block the soot particles outside the bag through the filtering effect of the filter material to achieve the effect of dust removal.

5. Coupled with the help of a fully imported PLC intelligent control system, the level of intelligence and automation of coal-fired boilers is also improving. With the help of cutting-edge control systems and sensor technology, the operational accuracy and efficiency of coal-fired boilers can be significantly improved.

6. Specifically, through real-time monitoring of key parameters such as temperature, pressure, and flow rate, the system can automatically adjust parameters such as fuel supply, air volume, and water level to ensure the stability of boiler operation and efficient conversion of energy. In addition, the application of remote monitoring and fault diagnosis systems makes it possible to identify and deal with potential problems in the boiler operation process on time, thus enhancing the reliability and safety of the boiler system.

In general, in the field of energy, the status of coal-fired boilers is not to be ignored. Despite the rapid progress of new energy technologies, the coal-fired boiler, with its stable energy supply, relatively high economic efficiency, mature technology, and the development trend of continuous innovation, in many industries, still occupies a key role in many industries.

Looking ahead, along with increasingly stringent environmental standards and unremitting technological innovation, coal-fired boilers will develop in the direction of more environmentally friendly, efficient, and intelligent, providing more stable and reliable energy security for various industries.

To know more, we sent an example of DZL coal fired steam boilers.

What Is The DZL Coal Boiler’s Design Characteristics?

 For the first type of boiler, we recommend the commonly used DZL chain grate steam boiler.

The core features of the DZL type of coal-fired steam boiler design are a single cylinder, longitudinal plus chain grate design. It is not very understandable, we can combine the following picture to understand.


A single cylinder means that there is only one horizontal cylinder inside the boiler. This is to differentiate it from the double boiler, which has two cylinders, one larger on top and one smaller on the bottom.

Longitudinal, on the other hand, refers to the layout of the boiler’s water tubes. The boiler’s water pipe is a longitudinal, vertical water-cooled wall design close to the furnace chamber, directly absorbing the heat source on the grate, converting hot water into hot steam, and discharging the boiler from the upper horizontal cylinder, providing you with a stable heat source. These water-cooled walls can well protect the boiler’s hearth from high-temperature erosion and also reduce the temperature of the boiler’s exterior.

This design hearth is coal fired boiler working core area, and the interior is a zigzag structure; In this way, the coal can be very fully combined with the air, in this process, temperature control inside the hearth is very important, to prevent high temperature combustion of the grate. So,  the bottom of the boiler is equipped with a blower, a constant flow of fresh air, to achieve the boiler’s high efficiency of combustion.


The high-temperature flue gas of the boiler is discharged out of the cylinder with the flue pipe, but it also carries a large amount of heat, which is wasteful if it is directly discharged into the air, so it is usually equipped with the corresponding energy saver. It is located at the exit of the furnace, which is inside the pipe through the boiler’s high temperature flue gas, While the internal water pipe is flowing softened water, softened water through the heating of high temperature flue gas into a certain temperature of the water source, this part of the water input to the boiler body, will effectively increase the temperature of hot water into the boiler body, thereby improving coal fired boiler efficiency!

Then it is the chain grate. The chain grate allows the coal to be evenly spread on it. It has an automatic speed adjustment box. It allows the coal to be slowly conveyed backward. In this process, the coal will be burned out slowly, this feeding method is very stable, and it can also improve the burning efficiency of the coal very well.

In terms of safety performance, you can also be absolutely at ease. Our DZL grate system is specially equipped with a design that prevents tempering and promotes complete combustion. You can accurately control the operating speed of the grate and flexibly and dynamically adjust the ratio of primary air to secondary air, thus effectively controlling the combustion speed and combustion temperature, and greatly reducing the generation of harmful gases and particles caused by incomplete combustion.

The last aspect. People are more concerned about the clean-up of boiler cinder and the daily maintenance of the boiler. We designed it with an automatic slag remover, after the coal is completely burned, the waste slag in the furnace will be automatically guided to the slag remover. The slag remover is usually equipped with scraper slag or screw slag, which automatically transports the cinders to the outside of the boiler in a fully automatic way.

Of course, there are many other advantages of coal-fired boilers, Whether you need a large tonnage or a small tonnage, then coal-fired boilers are a good choice for you. If you are not sure what structure you need, and how much output you can contact me, and our engineers can customize it for you.

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